Anorak | Prado museum finds another Mona Lisa

Prado museum finds another Mona Lisa

by | 1st, February 2012

IS this an early copy of the Mona Lisa? It’s been found at Madrid’s Prado Museum. The Prado’s experts have cleaned it up and now say the portrait was made at the same time as Leonardo da Vinci produced his masterpiece. It was made in the same room. You cannot argue with the experts who declare that there are now two Mona Lisas.

That tiny portrait in the Louvre, the one surrounded by rope and rows of people with cameras, is cracked and dirty. The one at the Prado is as clean as the day it was made.

Mona Lisa 2 will soon be loaned to Louvre. It will hang in the same gallery as Mona Lisa 1. Then it will return to Madrid, to a museum that will able to boast that it contains the Mona Lisa.

Anyone else interested in having a version of the Mona Lisa in their local gallery can buy a version here – and hire Old Mr Anorak, our patron, who, for a fee, can prove that he was in the room when Da Vinci painted his classic wall hanging. (Cash only.)

Meanwhile, in London… (spotter @dannywallace)

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