Anorak | Shannon twins wanted Frankie Cocozza charged with ‘sexual harrassment’

Shannon twins wanted Frankie Cocozza charged with ‘sexual harrassment’

by | 1st, February 2012

IN this week’s OK!, Celebrity Big Brother fans can catch up with their fave housemates, who survived the nightmare. We meet Frankie Cocozza, Denise Welch, Michael Madsen and the Shannon twins.

So. Denise Welch, what did you gain from your time in the Celebrity Big Brother house? Says Denise, 53:

“I learnt that not everyone is the same as me.”

” I’ve learnt that you can’t please some, people all the time…”

Frankie Cocozza. OK!: “You went into the house hated by the public, how do you feel?”

FC: “Fuck knows…”

What are you up to?

FC: “I want to go out and do unlimited amounts of drink and get fucked as much as possible”

What advice did you get from home?

FC: “My mum and dad were like: ‘Please go in and show everyone how nice you are’…”

OK!: Have you had sex as a 19 year old?

FC: “No. I’ll be doing that tonight”

What are your views on women?

FC: “I sleep with them because I love them but I don’t respect them. I can say: ‘Oh I shagged that slag.’ But that’s the way I talk to my mates.'”

Karissa and Kristina Shannon:

Karissa says her sex tape is in her past and now she’s aware of “setting an example“… (photos NSFW)

Kristina on Frankie Cocozza and Kirk Norcross: “Not one sexual comment. I feel like they are our little brothers.”

Gareth Thomas:

GT: “…the twins started screaming that they wanted to leave. But when they didn’t get their way, they decided they would press charges on Frankie Cocozza for sexual harrassment!”

Michael Madsen:

What do you think of Denise Welch?

MM: “She even asked me to fuck her on the last night. I was repulsed.”

More barrel-scraping antics next year, readers…

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