Anorak | Hospital displays items removed from inside patients: needles, salt pots and a remote control (photos)

Hospital displays items removed from inside patients: needles, salt pots and a remote control (photos)

by | 4th, February 2012

A HOSPITAL in Sibenik, Croatia will bedeck its walls with a collection of items harvested from inside patients over the past 80 years. Items include: needles, buttons, coins, animal bones and a metal communist red star. The harvest is a potted history of Croatian life.

However, disappointingly, the wall will not feature objects surgically removed from the anus. That collection features: remote controls, salt pots, sex toys and deodorant cans. The Austrian Times says, these items worked their way in and upmost cases accidentally sitting on them”.

This is encouraging news for anyone who has ever had trouble locating the remote control. You just need to get undressed and straddle the sofa. Forget the eyes. Looking is best down with the anus. Also know, that although too much such salt is bad for you, hiding the pot on the edge of the toilet seat was always an accident waiting to happen…

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