Anorak | RBS’s Disgraced Fred Goodwin was ‘risk’ adviser to the Queen

RBS’s Disgraced Fred Goodwin was ‘risk’ adviser to the Queen

by | 5th, February 2012

NICE little twist on the scourging of Fred “The Shred” Goodwin, former head of the Royal Bank of Scotland comes in Scotland on Sunday today.

It seems gagger Fred (super injunction on the fact he was bumping the uglies with a senior staff member, female, while helping preside over the collapse of his empire) was an adviser to the Queen AND Prince Charles long after he was forced to resign when the UK government took over 80 per cent of the RBS. The full tale is there if you follow the link above.

The in-joke is he was an adviser on risk management…the one thing analysts of the RBS banking disaster say was the bank’s worst failure..risk recognition. It was alleged at a Treasury meeting, as the banking situation reached crisis point, the then Sir Fred was locked out of the meeting on what to do because he had no idea how much money was urgently needed to stop his bank foundering.

The SoS does not say why Fred was so happy in the adviser role he hung on to until just before he was stripped of his knighthood.


The Queen’s Silver Jubilee Trust (balance just under £40m) and a charity aimed at helping youngsters and the Prince’s Trust (first formed from funding from the Silver Jubilee Trust) and also a charity aiming to help a wide varity of projects has an annual income of just under £40m)… were created by money donated during the Silver Jubilee Year 1977…35 years ago and also the year the rapturous winning Scotland fans broke the goalposts at Wembley and nicked the turf.

Every single penny came from millions of cash-raising projects and events organised by the Queen’s subjects.

Mayors, Council Chairman, company heads and community groups worked their little socks off to raise funds for the Queen’s Jubilee Fund which became the Trust and spawned The Prince’s Trust after the Queen said she wished to create it for her then bachelor heir Prince Charles.

Fred would have loved that; spending the public’s money. Let us understand that one thing when Fred takes risks or advises on risk..none of his money is at risk. It turns out it was all ours.

He’s totally brilliant at that.

Banking swine don’t particularly care which trough they are emptying.

Adulterous staff shagger Goodwin may not have taken cash…just the kudos and that’s just as valuable having scored the disgraceful and massive pension he did when shown the door.

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