Anorak | Amanda Holden wins Britain’s Got Talent with the Hollie Rose show

Amanda Holden wins Britain’s Got Talent with the Hollie Rose show

by | 6th, February 2012

AMANDA Holden has had a baby. The birth of a child is a joyous thing and the red-tops do not overstate the arrival on planet Earth of Hollie Rose:

The Sun (front page): “HOLDEN the baby – First pic of Hollie Rose”
The Mirror (front page): “HOLDEN THE BABY”

Of course this is not really the first picture of Hollie Rose. This is the first picture of Amanda Holden holding Hollie Rose. Holden is the cougar judge on Britain Got Talent, the pushy head girl telling the hapless amateurs at the school of showbiz where they are going wrong and, with any luck, reducing them to tears.

It’s all about the presenter. Holden invests in her role as expert here to help your lowly lives by presenting her child for us to gaze upon.

The Sun reports:

A friend said last night: “Amanda wanted to release a happy picture to say, ‘Don’t worry, I’m back, I’m well again’.

Holden was unwell when she gave birth. A year earlier she lost a child in the later stages of pregnancy. All upsetting for her, of course. But was it so worrying for us proles, the slack-jawed masses whose own lives are so lumpen and flat that a star’s dead unborn child can spice it up with emotion? If Holden is brave the rest of us are pathetic.

Holden carries the epithet “brave” in all papers. She might be. But underlying the message it’s all about increasing audiences for Britain’s Got Talent and Amanda Holden. It’s her sympathetic back story.  And if that makes you cry and wilt at home in front of the telly, so much the better. It’s interactive manipulation. It really is that cynical…

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