Anorak | Harry Potter hates the Lib Dems and wants to pay loads of tax

Harry Potter hates the Lib Dems and wants to pay loads of tax

by | 6th, February 2012

WE live in a world where we look to fictional wizards for political guidance, such is the rousing failure of our politicians to engage us all. And so, with baited breath, we look to Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, who wants to talk about grown-up things.

What’s this?! It appears that Radcliffe has made a dramatic U-turn on his support for the Liberal Democrats! He thinks they’ve become “unviable” since leader Nick Clegg formed a coalition government with the Conservatives!

Talking to Attitude Magazine, the palest wizard of them all looked back on the year in politics, saying:

“Nick Clegg has become a whipping boy. He has been totally used by the Tories. Anything they don’t want badly reflected on them, they reflect on to him. It’s very unfortunate when you think how impressive he was in those pre-election debates. But he has made so many concessions”.

This is something of a climb-down after Radcliffe was one of the party’s leading celebrity supporters. Looking toward the 2015 election, Radcliffe said he is now backing Labour leader Ed Miliband, saying:

“I really like him. He speaks for what I believe in. I think he’s genuinely left-wing, and will act as such if he gets in”.

But what about paying loads and loads of tax on your estimated $30 million fortune?

“I think, if you make a lot more money than most people – like I do – you should pay more tax and subsidise people who work just as hard as you, but don’t earn as much”.

There you have it. Che Potter has spoken. Nick Clegg has lost his only friend. Now, he’ll have to stop believing in a fictional wizard and turn his attention to the church because… well… they’ll take anyone at the minute. Swapping Harry Potter for Jesus isn’t too big a leap, mercifully.

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