Anorak | Global warming makes coral reefs grow

Global warming makes coral reefs grow

by | 7th, February 2012

IS Global Warming good or bad for coral reefs?

The largest living structures on Earth and the millions of livelihoods which depend upon them are at risk, the most definitive review yet of the impact of rising carbon emissions on coral reefs has concluded. – Science Daily December, 2007


If you thought you had heard enough bad news on the environment and that the situation could not get any worse, then steel yourself. Coral reefs are doomed. The situation is virtually hopeless. Forget ice caps and rising sea levels: the tropical coral reef looks like it will enter the history books as the first major ecosystem wiped out by our love of cheap energy. – David Adam, Guardian, 2009


New research has found some coral reefs in the Indian Ocean are growing at an unsustainable rate due to warming water temperatures. The Australian Institute of Marine Science says the most southerly reefs on the West Australian coast, have increased their growth rates by up to 23 per cent. Principal research scientist, Janice Lough, says that’s not sustainable. “Corals are already responding rapidly to the environmental changes that we’re imposing upon them.” – ABC. February 2012

Such are the facts…


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