Anorak | Sweden sells cardboard box duvets and pavement linen

Sweden sells cardboard box duvets and pavement linen

by | 7th, February 2012

PEOPLE who want to sleep in linen designed to look like cardboard boxes and pavement can head to Stockholm’s NK store. From £75 you can make your bed look uncomfortable. Anorak’s suggest knitting sheets from carrier bags and relocating your bed to the oven or bathroom. Our advice: free.

Anyhow, in the dust of a rap idea, a vested interest group has found cause to be offended. Yvonne Borg, a spokesperson for Stockholm Stadsmissionen – which aims to help homeless people in the city – says:

“Those who give money to the homeless, they get a good feeling in their body. But to lie down in these sheets. I don’t think that feeling is particularly pleasant.”

Yvonne… It’s not the street. It’s a bedroom. Easy mistake. But here’s a tips: curtains.

Jorgen Eriksson, who works for NK, then tops that nonsense with:

“You don’t buy it to sleep soundly at night. You buy it to show awareness.”

The Tooth Fairy is no on-message. So too the Bogey Man, the Sand Man, Father Christmas and anyone else who comes into you bedroom of a night…

Meanwhile, this chap’s happy as pig in muck.

Spotter: Karen

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