Anorak | Argentina cranks up rhetoric over Falklands – losers decry militarisation

Argentina cranks up rhetoric over Falklands – losers decry militarisation

by | 8th, February 2012

THE United Nations has failed in Syria. Will it now succeed over the Falklands Islands? Argentina plans to complain to the United Nations over Britain’s “militarisation” of the situation in the Falklands. President Cristina Kirchner told her military and veterans shouting “Malvinas! They belong to us!”:

“We will present a complaint to the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly, as this militarisation poses a grave danger to international security.”

She adds that Britain “is once again in the process of militarising the south Atlantic.” Flight Lieutenant William Wales is on six-week your of the South Atlantic. HMS Dauntless — a Type 45 destroyer on its maiden mission – is heading down south.

Kirchner adds:

“We cannot interpret in any other way the deployment of an ultra-modern destroyer accompanying the heir to the throne, who we would prefer to see in civilian attire.”

She goes on:

“We have suffered too much violence already to be attracted to military games and wars. No land should end up being a trophy of war.”

So say the losers.

“It is an anachronism that in the 21st Century that there are still colonies: there are only 16 cases (of colonisation) in the whole world, 10 of them are English.”

English? Is Scotland an English colony? She adds:

“We continue to assert that you can’t blame the Argentine people for a dictatorship’s decision, in order to refuse to comply with what the United Nations has ordered, to sit down and negotiate and talk.”

So says the losers.

Thirty years ago, we saw pictures of the Royal Marines of Naval Party 8901 surrendering outside Government House in Port Stanley. Argentina had invaded the Falklands. Would Britain allow her soldiers to be humiliated? No. What would we do now..?


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