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The photograph Adolph Hitler banned

by | 9th, February 2012

ADOLPH Hitler was so vain. He once banned this photograph from being published. The snapshot features the Führer dressed his smart lederhosen and leaning against a tree. Socka are pulled up, reassuringly. Hair is parted to the far right. The moustache is macho. The badges and shiny buttons mark the outfit out as a Nazi original.

It was taken in the 1920s by his personal photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann. How Adolf liked to pose for his close personal friend Heinrich. Adolf was so coy. So inhibited. But when Heinrich was there, he was gay and carefree.

After the war, Hoffman’s photos were published in the 1950s memoir, Hitler was my Friend. Now it’s been translated into English.

But there is something about Adolf’s pose that transcends language. It was he, after all, who wanted all gay men and Jews to wear a symbol on their arms. It was, as we know, to avoid confusion. Adolf had a thing for Gay Jewish gypsies and never wanted to make that mistake…again. How he searched for that one special man with the three badges on one arm. How neve did find him. But he had his friend Hoffman, and how he loved to capture Adolf up against  the wood…

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