Anorak | Calls for Coronation Street to be banned after spate of murders

Calls for Coronation Street to be banned after spate of murders

by | 11th, February 2012

THE “Corrie Copycat killer” is the story of the killer who copied Coronation Street’s murder plots and killed for real.

Its the Daily Mirror’s front-page news:

In a chilling imitation of Street villain John Stape, the teenager beat his victim, doused her body in petrol and set fire to her house

Ban Coronation Street now! At Nottingham Crown Court, a Corrie fan is being sent down for murder:

Existing in a fantasy world of TV soaps, violent films and sick websites, a schoolboy descended into a twilight world of horror.

Hold on a moment. The killer was interested not only in primetime soaps with unlikely storylines but also “sick websites” and “violent video games”. Had he stay tuned, this impressionable lad could have watched the TV news, which is chock full of violence and death. He might also have been exposed to: Tom & Jerry, Six Nations Rugby, newspapers and angry rap music.

Finally, unable to tell fact from fiction, he copied a murderous storyline from Coronation Street and beat a woman to death.

Being unable to tell fact from fiction is what the soap strive for. Shows written by fiction writers and acted by actors end with health warnings “if you have been affected by anything on tonight’s show who can call a phone number and get help “.

Shaun Smith, prosecuting, told Nottingham crown court:

“You will hear about a young man who immersed himself in a fantasy world; fantasy words he wrote, television drama, films he accessed by the internet. He did that to such an extent that boundaries between real life and fiction became very, very tragically blurred.”

Might it be that this young man sought out things that confirmed the images in his head and his native predeliction to violence?

Police found the boy’s computer was packed with violent scenes from soaps including Hollyoaks and Emmerdale and also contained clips from the notorious torture film Saw and controversial TV shows such as Trial and Retribution.

Cray-zee stuff. Hollyoaks! What a nutter. Anyone who thinks that’s real needs sectioning.

Four days before the brutal slaying he wrote a graphic story about a man killing a woman with a hammer. And police experts found he had accessed a file entitled “How To Get Away With Murder” on a violent and pornographic website and also looked at documents named “If You Could Get Away With Murder Would You Kill Someone” and “People Who Got Away With Murder in Shows”.

All, as we know, scripts used by Coronation Street writers. It’s a slippery slope. One minute you’re reading about murder the next you’re imagining Tracy Barlow stoving a builder’s head in.

There have been 91 deaths in Coronation Street as part of the storylines to entertain the masses. The picks of the bunch – as told by

1961, 11 September:  Ida Barlow – Ida left a husband, Frank and two sons David and Kenneth when she was knocked down by a bus

12 October,  Colin Appleby – Only weeks after marrying Christine Hardman, Colin met his end in a car accident

1964, 27 January:  Susan Schofield – The local residents had been campaigning for a zebra crossing but it was too late for little Susan who was knocked down by a lorry

11 May,  Sonia Peter s – Sonia was in a car near the viaduct when a train came through it. She was due to marry four weeks later

4 September:  Harry Hewitt – Harry returned to Weatherfield for the wedding of Elsie and Steve Tanner. He never made it because his van broke down and he was crushed to death by a van when the jack slipped

1968, 28 September:  Steve Tanner – Steve Tanner was found dead at the foot of the stairs in No11. It was later discovered he was murdered and Len Fairclough was chief suspect. The following year the real killer, Joe Donelli, admitted to the crime

1969, 5 November:  Reg Ellis – Reg drove the coach to Windermere and was killed when it smashed into a tree

1970, 8 April:  David Barlow – David was killed instantly in a car crash in Australia

12 December,  Joe Donnelli – Joe confessed to the murder of Steve Tanner then shot himself dead in No5

1971, 27 January: Valerie Barlow – Val was electrocuted by her dodgy wiring on a hair dryer plug. She left Ken and their twins Peter and Susan

1975, 29 January:  Lynn Johnson – Lynn was being beaten by her husband. She had been murdered by her husband Roy when she was discovered dead in Len Fairclough’s kitchen

9 July:  Martin Downs – Bet’s son Martin was killed in a car crash

1 October:  Edna Gee – Fred Gee’s first wife Edna was killed in a fire at the Mark Britain warehouse

1977, 21 February:  Janet Barlow – Janet died of an overdose in the front bedroon of No1 when Ken refused a reconciliation

1978, 11 January:  Ernest Bishop  Ernest died after being shot in a wages snatch at Baldwins factory

1979, 7 March:  Driver – The driver of the wood lorry who died at the wheel as it overturned into the Rovers window injuring Mike Baldwin, Betty Turpin and Alf Roberts

1980, 30 July:  Renee Roberts  Reene was killed in a car crash when she was learning how to drive

7 December:  Len Fairclough – Len was killed in a motorway accident returning from a date with his other woman

1985, 3 June:  Don Ashton – Don visited Mike in the Rovers and left a brief case there accidentally. That evening he drove his car into the canal. The case had £4,000 in it

1986, 6 January:  Pat Bradley – Jenny Bradley’s mother Pat was killed when she was knocked down by a car

1987, 23 November:  Joan Lowther – Joan, the wife of Dr Lowther died of a heart attack following the raid on her home, where Hilda Ogden was cleaner

1989, 11 January:  Eddie Seddon – Sally’s dad was killed in a lorry crash

15 February:  Brian Tilsley – Brian died after being stabbed to death outside a night club

8 December:  Alan Bradley – Alan was knocked down by a tram in Blackpool

19 July:  Tim Arden – Killed in a car accident on his return from his mother-in-law’s funeral. He left a daughter, Victoria

Sandra Arden – Killed in a car accident with her husband Tim

1993, 12 February:  Lisa Duckworth – Knocked down by a car in Coronation Street, she suffered brain damage that killed her

1995, 31 May:  Samir Rachid  Died after getting beaten up, his organs were used for donors including his step-daughter Tracy

21 July:  Clifford Duckworth – Killed in a car accident in Spain with his wife Elsie.  Elsie Duckworth – Killed in a car accident in Spain with her husband Cliff

1997, 14 February:  Joyce Smedley – Knocked down and killed by Tony Horrocks

7 April,  Derek Wilton – Suffered a heart attack during a road rage attack

8 October,  Don Brennan – Drove Alma Baldwin’s MG Midget into the viaduct

1998, 11 October:  Anne Malone – Freshco’s manageress Anne Malone was locked in a supermarket walk-in freezer whilst she was attempting to implicate fellow manager Curly Watts in a blackmail plot against Freshco. She froze to death but Curly’s name was cleared

18 November,  Des Barnes : Des died in hospital of a heart attack following an attack from drug dealers. They were visiting his stepson Tony Horrocks and Des was injured whilst trying to protect him. Natalie, his wife of just four weeks was devastated

Between 4 and 6 February:  Tony Horrocks – The remains of a body were dicovered on a building site in Victoria Street in March 2000. They were badly decomposed and originally though to be the 100 year old remains of a victim of Fred Elliott’s murderous grandfather, Bernard Cartwright but they were eventually they were found to be drug dealer Tony Horrocks’. He had been beaten around the head and his body dumped in a cellar. Fellow drug dealer Jez Quigley was eventually charged with his murder.

24 September:  Judy Mallett  Judy received a superficially slight leg injury as a passenger in Vera Duckworth’s car when it was involved in an accident. No one realised that Terry had sold Vera an unroadworthy ‘cut & shut’ vehicle. Over the period of a week, the injury formed a clot with travelled to her lungs, and she died of a pulmonary embolism whilst pegging out clothes in the back yard of No9. Husband Gary was away as Best Man at Ashley Peacock’s wedding, and Judy died whilst her twins were crying for their mother inside.

200, 7 June:  Alison Webster – Alison never led a particularly happy life, weighed down by both her and her parent’s guilt over the death of her younger sister when Alison was still a child herself. After Kevin Webster brought her back to Weatherfield at Christmas 1999, it seemed like a new start- she was pregnant and they married. However the late pregnancy and birth of Jake Webster was complicated, she passed a Group B Streptococcus infection onto him and he died the same day. The burden of Alison’s guilt proved too much, she cracked and walked out of the hospital with newly-born Bethany Platt. Kevin finally found her, but in the depth of her despair she ran into the path of a lorry. No one knows if it was a deliberate act or just a terrible accident.

15 September:  Jez Quigley – After testifying against him in Tony Horrocks murder trial, a rather upset Jez had Steve McDonald beaten up and left for dead. Jim McDonald found his son just in time, and as he was being treated in hospital administered his own beating to Jez. Admitted to the same hospital, a battered Jez started to smother Steve with a pillow in intensive care but one of Jez’s broken ribs punctured his lung and spleen and he collapsed, dead, on top of Steve.

12 October:  Dean Sykes – Linda Baldwin’s younger brother who got totally out of his depth when he held up a till at Freshco’s supermarket with a handgun. Instead of the expected few pounds he found himself locked in the supermarket with hostages and hoping he could raid the safe and escape with thousands. As the seige developed, police surrounded the building, and after he shot at a hostage they stormed it. Dean was shot by police markswoman Emma Taylor, and died in the ambulance on the way to hospital.

2001, 11 February:  Susan Barlow – In late 1987 Susan fled from Weatherfield and her marriage to Mike Baldwin. For 12 years she managed to keep the birth of their son Adam a secret, but when Mike found out accountant Susan panicked and tried to run again this time to Ireland. En route to the ferry at Holyhead her car ran off the road and into a fence on the M6 near Preston; Susan was killed but Adam survived. Susan was buried in Weatherfield, next to her mother, Val Barlow.

2002, 2

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