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Blitheringly stupid idea: eliminate VAT on home heating

by | 13th, February 2012

I DO wonder sometimes whether anyone actually engages brain any more. For some of the ideas that get passed around are so amazingly stupid that I just cannot believe that people are suggesting them. Take this one today for example:

Value Added Tax (VAT) on household energy bills must be scrapped to prevent pensioners having to choose between heating and eating, campaigners and charities claim.

Dear Lord that’s appallingly stupid.

You’ll have noticed that we’re ever so slightly worried about this thing called climate change, yes? That we’re rigging the entire energy market so as to stop using fossil fuels? Piling the costs onto ‘leccie bills so that people arte forced to pay for renewebles?

The some collection of weebles come along and say that we should reduce the tax on energy?


What we actually want to do is scrap the current concessionary rate on home fuel. Whack it up to the full 20%. That will encourage us al to use a little less energy, get a little more insulation: that way we’ll get just that little bit closer to not boiling the planet.

And those oldsters in fuel poverty? Hey, have you noticed, we’ve just got a whole bunch more tax cash from everyone in the country. We can give a bit of it to those who cannot afford fuel, can’t we?


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