Anorak | An apple a day gives you diabetes – ban fructose before we all die

An apple a day gives you diabetes – ban fructose before we all die

by | 14th, February 2012

THE  latest from the foods idiots is that we’ve an epidemic of diseases being caused by our consumption of sugar. And not just any kind of sugar, no, it’s a special kind of sugar that’s killing us all.

Last week, a trio of American scientists led by Robert Lustig, professor of clinical paediatrics at the University of California, published an article in the journal Nature, outlining the toxic effects that sugar has on humans and arguing for governmental controls on its sale and distribution. While the authors come short of labelling sugar a “poison” outright, in a 2007 interview with ABC Radio about excess sugar consumption, Lustig said: “We’re being poisoned to death. That’s a very strong statement, but I think we can back it up with very clear scientific evidence.”

That evidence has been growing – particularly in the western world, where consumption of sugar is increasing rapidly. Globally, sugar consumption has tripled in the past 50 years. But, it turns out, the greatest threat to human health is one type of sugar in particular: fructose.

It’s all there isn’t it? The calls for banning and regulation, odd scientific claims, the identification of a particular bugbear…standard practice for the modern world.

There’s really only one problem with it. It’s insane basically.

Fructose is a natural sugar. Yes, natural things can indeed be poisonous, this is true. Fructose however is not. The claim instead is that it does odd things to our livers, makes us all fat and that’s why we all get diabetes.

Except, except, sugars are named after where we note them in nature. Lactose is the sugar in milk for example. Fructose is the sugar in fruit and root vegetables. Now let’s add in a little evolutionary history: we’re descended from fruit eating monkeys, yes? We’re all on board with that idea?

So the claim is that the very thing that our ancestors have been eating for the past 50 million years is what is killing us?


Yes, these people are mad. They’re arguing for government controls and regulation on the sales of apples and bananas. They must be, for they’re just packed full of fructose: as is orange juice.

And so the food scares come full circle: they’ve disappeared so far up their own fundament that now they’re claiming that fresh fruit kills us. Bonkers.

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