Anorak | Dog ‘adopts’ wild boars

Dog ‘adopts’ wild boars

by | 16th, February 2012

HEAR the one about the French bulldog that “adopted a newborn litter of six German wild boars”?

It’s the kind of joined-up Franco-German harmony we’ve gotten used to. One days the pigdogs will rule Europe (again). But the best bit about this story is the word “adopts”. Did the dog fill in forms, and undergo credit and criminal checks?

The eight-year-old dog, called Baby, lives as a pet at the Lehnitz animal sanctuary in Brandenburg. She pricked up her ears when the six little pigs were brought in – she has previously adopted kittens, rabbits and even a raccoon, sanctuary worker Norbert Damm told The Local.

Baby is Dr Barknado. Damm adds:

“Baby went straight to them; she has an amazing mothering instinct. She has adopted cats, rabbits and a raccoon in the past.”

A Bay looking after babies. This cannot end well…

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