Anorak | Rochdale Asian Rape Trial attracts racists and violence

Rochdale Asian Rape Trial attracts racists and violence

by | 24th, February 2012

PAIGE Chivers and Charlens Downes: Anorak’s look at the missing Blackpool girls in the news:

Yahoo News : “Grooming Trial: Girls ‘Plied With Drugs'”

Grooming? The 11 Rochdale men on trial in Liverpool Crown Court are charged with various counts of rape and acts of physical and sexual abuse against children. They all plead innocence.

In the comments, Tim says:

This is rife in northern English towns with Pakistani populations,but it gets swept under the carpet.Look at the poor girl from Blackpoool.

Is that what happens when the police fail prejudices out?

Another named Cub812 adds:

And yet again the police did NOTHING….This happen in Blackpool… 60 girls were abused ( Raped ) and the police knew about it and did nothing for reasons of Political Correctness. In other words they could have put a stop to this happening but cause the ones that did this were Muslims they did nothing…..Look up Charlene Downes who was thought to have been killed and put in Kebabs and fed to the public ( nice job police ) some of these girls were as young as 11….Charlene was 14 also missing is Paige Chivers 15 …. So whos to blame the ones doing this to OUR CHILDREN and the lazy police. ….The police that were involved should do some time in prison, or at least lose there jobs….. When is a police man/woman going to do the job WE pay them to do PROTECT US and our Children….

There is no proof that Charlene Downes and Paige Chivers are dead, let alone any Muslim was involved in their disappearing. Most British sex offenders are lone white men. Demonising all Asians and Muslims is more akin to a blood libel than a campaign to end child abuse. Also, what the police know and don’t know has been sullied by their lamentable investigations .

A commentator named font oak writes:

If white men were raping Muslim girls, there would be rioting and murders etc. Maybe it’s time we took to the streets to protest at this disgusting bunch of animals.

The Daily Mail duly reports:

Mob of 200 youths pelt police with bricks and smash up shops ‘in anger at on-going sex grooming trial’

Police were pelted with bricks and other missiles last night as hundreds of youths went on the rampage. Takeaways were targeted in an evening of disorder understood to be linked to an on-going trial of a suspected grooming gang at Liverpool Crown Court. A mob of around 200 youths congregated in the centre of the Heywood area of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, last night as trouble began. One shop-owner told how he was abused by a group of youths , who call him a ‘dirty b*stard’. 

Go on:
Zeeshan Khokhar, 23, owner of Bits n Pizza, a take-away on Market Street, said he was verbally abused, though his shop was not damaged. Mr Khokhar said ‘white friends’ came to his shop to protect him as trouble began brewing.

He said: “It started about 4pm, kids banging on windows. They were shouting, “Why are you still open you dirty b*******?”.The police came and told us to shut up shop. We are just doing business. Our white friends, they came here and they are protecting us and customers were standing outside our door. They said we have just come to keep an eye on you. But it’s not good, it hurts and we are very worried about what’s going to happen.”

Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney says :

“Greater Manchester Police, in conjunction with its partners and communities, is aware of the tensions in the borough that have come about because of an on-going court case in Liverpool. I understand that there will be concern following this evening’s events, and to offer reassurance there is a significant police presence in the area this evening… We ask that the community acts responsibly during this difficult time. We are monitoring social media sites and ask anybody who is concerned or has information to share with us to go either through their local neighbourhood policing team, Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or by GMP using the 101 service.”

Inspector Steve Clark, GMP’s neighbourhood police inspector for Heywood adds:

“There were a number of young children out this evening and I would like to ask that their parents are conscious of this in the coming days and weeks.”

 In court an alleged victim is telling the jury:“I called him a b*****d so he grabbed me by the throat and called me a white b****.”
The IBTimes reports:

Far-right group the English Defence League (EDL) has denied any involvement in a mob’s violent rampage in Rochdale

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  • Leejay7

    As regards this site saying no proof about Charlene Downes, perhaps you would care to to refute this link from todays (Feb 24th 2012) copy of The Daily Star

  • Tom Jones

    I do not agree with demonizing individual Muslims, but Islam itself is a huge problem. Islam breeds monsters of men who, without Islam, could be decent people.

  • Lara

    Islam is not the problem. It is an individuals interpretation of the Koran that is the problem. The other big problem is idiots who think like Mr Jones above.

  • LeeJay7 – the police lied and mishandled the investigation. They lied. There is no proof that Charlene Downes was murdered. There is proof that the police stuffed up.

  • Leejay7

    No proof Charlene was murdered? So why did 2 men appear in court charged with her murder? Link is from Evening Standard Dec 2011

    When will you stop twisting the facts to suit a liberal stance. The facts are there, the facts can easily be found with a simple internet search. Try searching on Google for Labour 25 it makes interesting reading regarding paedos too/

  • People should realize that those who run this country care very little for the white working class.
    Those protests are legitimate,yet everyone is condemned as racists to frighten them off.
    Cowardly local politicians and jobsworth policemen sell their souls and lie about ‘community cohesion’ being good and the ‘racists’ won’t divide Rochdale.
    I will not eat from these specific ‘Asian’ takeaways,I will not use ‘Asian’ taxis and I do not buy from ‘Asian’ shops.
    Thats my choice and I reccommend others do the same.
    Don’t give them a penny.

  • K jones

    EDL 🙂 this is England time for a change in this country