Anorak | Mila Kunis talks about sexy pics getting hacked off her phone (photos)

Mila Kunis talks about sexy pics getting hacked off her phone (photos)

by | 6th, March 2012

kunis Mila Kunis talks about sexy pics getting hacked off her phone (photos)HACKERS have kept us all in titillating images for some time now, gawd bless ‘em. The celebrities they’ve stolen photographs from haven’t been too happy initially, but oddly, have enjoyed the fruits of their stock being raised. Kim Kardashian? She’d be anonymously wealthy if it wasn’t for a certain sex-tape. Scarlett Johansson was… well… people just wanted to see her boobies.

In the fallout from the ScarJo snaps, we heard rumours that we would be getting shots of Justin Timberlake (for the ladies/gays) and nudies of Mila Kunis (for the boys/ladies/gays).

But what does Kunis think about it all? Well, she wants to plant an attractive imagine in our minds while retaining an air of dignity. Or something.

She’s adamant that the alleged hacker accused of illegally accessing her email account couldn’t have swiped any n00dz because she’s never had to “send naked photos” of herself. Of course she hasn’t. She’s Mila Kunis who absolutely everyone fancies.

Talking to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Kunis said:

“My email that hasn’t been valid in over three years was hacked. They got a photo of me. I’m not naked or anything. I was covered in bubbles, eating… I don’t send naked photos. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Imagine. Mila Kunis wearing nothing but bubbles. Eating. Eating a steak and kidney pie. With bubbles on. You know that a pie in the bath is the most seductive thing any human can do. As such, she feels sorry for Johansson who didn’t have bubbles or a pie. Correctly, she summarised: ”The sad thing is, she shouldn’t even have to explain who it’s for.”

We’re too busy thinking about pies now.

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