Anorak | Karen Matthews – she’s back for fame and a Big Mac

Karen Matthews – she’s back for fame and a Big Mac

by | 24th, March 2012

KAREN Matthews, mother of missing-then-found Shannon Matthews , is back in the news. The mum-of-seven staged a fake kidnapping of her daughter Shannon to get a £50,000 reward offered by national newspapers. A hungry media lapped up the story of the missing child. Dewsbury had its own Our Maddie. But Shannon was in Michael Donovan’s flat. ‘Uncle Michael’ was in cahoots with Karen Matthews. He was jailed for nine years for kidnap and false imprisonment. Earlier this month, Donovan was released on licence. Karen Matthews got eight years. Now she’s getting out.

Dewsbury Reporter : “Exclusive: Karen Matthews won’t come home to Dewsbury Moor”

On March 25, the paper reported:

KAREN Matthews is expected to be released from jail within weeks but she isn’t likely to return to Dewsbury.

Karen is expected to finish her eight-year sentence for kidnap and false imprisonment of her daughter, Shannon, next month. This Wednesday it was the fourth anniversary of Shannon being found. “I know for a fact she is not coming back,” Ms Bushby said. “As far as I’m aware she will head for a halfway house.” She also rubbished tabloid newspaper reports of Karen having a boyfriend waiting for her in Cyprus and that the jailed mum plans to head straight for The Jeremy Kyle Show when she is released from prison in Derby.

Ms Bushby said: “It’s nonsense. She won’t be able to make any money from her crimes.”


BRITAIN’S most hated mother Karen Matthews will soon be freed but has no plans to go back to her old life on a “grotty” estate because she’s “too good” for it.

What? More hated than Cherie Blair? Vanessa George? Sarah Ferguson?
Matthews will be released from Foston Hall Prison in Derbyshire within the next fortnight but is unlikely to return to Dewsbury. An insider said: “She’s made it clear to everyone that she thinks she’s too good for the place. “She’s changed her appearance and has no intention of going back to the area she came from. She says it’s a grotty hole and the people are trash. It’s a bit rich coming from a woman who did what she did but she was deluded enough to kidnap her own daughter, so nothing surprises us about Karen.”
Odd that the “insider” should be unnamed. Maybe they are inside the Daily Express.
The Examiner finds a name:
Julie Bushby, a neighbour and former chairman of the local residents’ association, said: “I know for a fact

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  • Emma

    My only hope for Shannon Matthews (and actually every single one of Karen Matthews’ children) is that she has found a degree of comfort and stability. I have no interest in knowing her identity or where she is – and neither should anyone else.
    As for Karen Matthews – I wouldn’t waste keyboard time.

  • dairy

    it is really irritating though, that this nasty piece of work chooses to hint at “new information” just at the time of her pending release from prison, in a blatant attempt to obtain monetary offers from the press for her dubious claims… if the information was genuine, she would have come out with it while inside, so that by the time she did get out, they would be banged up, surely….? young Shannon is well rid and I too hope she is making a better life for herself far away from this nightmare of a so-called parent….

  • J

    I confess to wondering about Shannon and where she is. But I have no désiré for anyone to find out. All that matters is that she and her siblings are happy, well and cared for. It’s such a shame. Karen couldn’t go back to Dewsbury now. If anyone in the street recog wised her she’d be beaten up. She will hv e new identity and have had internalw ork done?

  • Emma

    I believe she has a new name but there is no injunction protecting her identity. She does not have a new identity as it would be given to someone on the witness protection scheme.

  • coolandcalm

    I think we have to make some allowances for Karen Matthews…. she is of low IQ and had a pretty awful upbringing herself and I doubt for a moment it was all her idea.
    She is to have contact with her children so I think she should be left alone and not baited by the media which is already offering all manner of incentives to get her out in the open.
    Time to let the professionals do their jobs with both her and her family. The bigger picture of the next generation is far more relevant………

  • J

    Oh I see

  • Emma

    I hear all those arguments and have some sympathy C&C. I confess to being conflicted when it comes to people who have learning difficulties and their ability to parent. Particularly when they have suffered apalling parenting themselves. But the fact of the matter is much of the time they can’t parent effectively and I think social workers are often pilloried for trying to take kids from loving parents or intervening too harshly.
    The reality is these kids often end up being neglected and then become risks themselves by creating havoc in their communities by offending and anti-social behaviour. I am a firm believer that ‘loving your children’ should not necessarily be the deciding factor in whether you are admonished or not.
    Karen Matthews was known to social services and I am of the belief that none of those children should have been living with her (this does not mean I think they should not have had contact with her). I will accept that much of these problems was down to her own dysfunctional background but you simply cannot leave children to repeat the same pattern.
    However, I agree that she should be left alone. I feel Leveson has had some effect on the press and may have already reined in some excesses. If the only thing it achieves is a watering down of the pitchfork mob, then it will have already exceeded my expectations.

  • J

    Will she see all of her children?

  • J

    You think they should’ve have still had contact, Why?

  • J

    It just makes me weep. How mothers, like this, their child will love them unconditionally. Learning difficulties, you’ll take the child, but hurt it, make it suffer, don’t care and you are lucky.