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Why choose UPVC front doors?

by | 3rd, May 2012

Why choose UPVC front doors?

A feature which has overtaken household designs, UPVS windows and doors are now intrinsic features of most if not all modern homes. Even older properties have upgraded to this material of the years, recognising the numerous benefits which it offers to homeowners looking strong style features on a budget.

Firms such as Safestyle UK stock a range of these items at very affordable prices. If you need a new door, or simply think it’s time for a change, then a UPVC door is a more ideal choice than you might realise.

What is UPVC?

In short, UPVC is plastic. Based on polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, the material is a cheap option that is surprisingly flexible. Much cheaper than natural wood, UPVC plastic is just as strong and reliable. This is why UPVC front doors are so popular; sacrificing nothing in style yet reducing your expenses vastly.

Furthermore, it is a practical choice. It is easy to clean and is not prone to chips and damage like untreated wood. Essentially it is easier to manage and maintain a high quality appearance, which is never a bad thing for your front door.

Customisable colours

Traditionally, UPVC doors are imagined in a plain white design, and nothing else. Yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. Thanks to the versatility of UPVC there is an almost limitless range of colour options. After all, the front door needs to fit with the house in question and sometimes bright white isn’t an option.

Furthermore, if you’re worried about the unnatural look of UPVC, then don’t worry.

These composite doors also come in a wood design, mocking the grain and various shades of wood, from light birch to dark oaks and mahogany. Similar to laminate flooring, you can have a door that looks like it’s made from wood but is much easier to manage and afford.

Front door designs

Of course, you may also be wondering how these front doors differ from other doors. Typically, a front door utilises a window or glass design that allows light in as well as the option of expressing more about the style of your house.

In this aspect, UPVC doors to not fail, coming in a range of glass designs to fit any building. From simple, stained designs to more ornate details, your front door can be as passive or as loud as you desire. Combined with the choice of colours, it is easy to see just how flexible an option these doors are becoming.

In conclusion, there are quite a few reasons why UPVC composite doors are becoming so popular. More than just a cost-effective route, these doors are a practical choice, providing an easy to clean and maintain door that has none of the damage issues of wood.

Likewise, its range of styles, colours and glass options ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice anything that would be found with its wooden counterparts. In short, it has everything you need or want, and all available without breaking the bank.

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