Anorak | Boris Johnson takes the Coke-free Mike Bloomberg marijuana challenge

Boris Johnson takes the Coke-free Mike Bloomberg marijuana challenge

by | 12th, June 2012

JOHN Stewart asked Boris Johnson to expland on mayor Bloomberg’s attack on fizzy drinks. Would Boris place greater penalties on an ounce of marijuana or a large Coca Cola?

London Mayor Johnson has said:

I honestly don’t yet know if the New York mayor, Mike Bloomberg, is right to be banning big cups of sugary drinks. I have no idea whether Coca-Cola has a case when it claims there is absolutely no connection between children guzzling sugary drinks and children getting fat. What I can say with confidence is that we in the West have a fatness problem…


If we could reduce the consumption of sugary drinks, and release some children from the captivity of fatness, might that not be worth exploring?


 He is the 11th richest man in the US, with wealth of $US22 billion, and yet he still cares about the size of paper cups and childhood obesity.

Yeah. Bloomberg’s rich, but he’s still so bothered about other people want to drink that he wants to limit their choices.

What an utter twat…

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