Anorak | The Huffington Post Sideboob slot makes all women sluts

The Huffington Post Sideboob slot makes all women sluts

by | 3rd, December 2012

side boob huffpost1 The Huffington Post Sideboob slot makes all women sluts

THE Huffington Post is the Daily Mail’s Left-leaning sister. Both organs don’t like women much. The Huff Post’s Mehdi Hasan writes:

“And consider the newspapers’ treatment of women and minorities, which Leveson also – and rightly – highlighted in his report. On women, he wrote that the tabloid press often fail to show “consistent respect for the dignity and equality of women” and have a “tendency to sexualise and demean” women.””

Of course, some women enjoy being objectified. A point illustrated on the Huffington Post’s article:  “Carine Felizardo Crowned Top Buttocks Of Brazil In Miss BumBum Pageant (PICTURES)”.

Carla Buzasi wrote on the HuffPost:

“The fascination with bodies, celebrity or otherwise, isn’t exactly something new, of course, and shows no sign of abating. But here’s a thought: why don’t we just stop?”

The biggest viewed pages on the Huff Post are the sideboob photos. Jon Stewart parodied the feature:

We’ve been out of the office for a couple of weeks and when on vacation the only thing I keep up with is the latest in ‘sideboob’ watching. That’s why obviously I read the Huffington Post, my one-stop source for all things sideboob.

But lest you think it was all about looking at fit women and picking holes in their appearances, Rhoades Alderson from HuffPo’s commuincations tells the Guardian:

Our editors created this page as a little bit of a joke on ourselves and the phenomenon. It’s a silly take on the silly side of celebrity culture and our coverage of it, which we believe our women readers get and appreciate. I hope this helps put it in the right context.

Yep. It’s not ogling. It’s irony. Get this for irony:

Selma Blair’s Sideboob Is On Full Display As Actress Goes Braless During Shopping Trip (PHOTOS)

The 40-year-old actress flashed some serious sideboob while out shopping in West Hollywood on September 29

She did not flash. She did not pose saucily. Those stylised, sex-bomb magazine photos are about consent. The Page 3 Girls, models or Coco Austin want to be seen. We publish them. Make of them what you will. What we won’t do is publish paparazzi shots of women just popping out to the shops or walking down a street ready to be attacked by a paparazzi and their columnist. The Mail had its feature on Creepshots to show it’s disapproval of them. The pap-hiring tabloid featured photos of young – perhaps underage (not that the Mail minds that) – women being covertly photographed. The women did nor give their consent.

Remember when the Mail said on 8 September 1997, eight days after the death of Princess Diana:

Mail leads the way in banning paparazzi pictures.

The proprietor of the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Evening Standard announced last night that his papers will not in future purchase pictures taken by paparazzi Viscount Rothermere, chairman of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc said: ‘I am, and always have been, an admirer of Diana, Princess of Wales, and nagged my editors to protect her so far as they could against her powerful enemies. In view of Earl Spencer’s strong words and my own sense of outrage, I have instructed my editors no ‘paparazzi’ pictures are to be purchased without my knowledge and consent.’

Back to the Huff Post’s look at Selma Blair irony-laden “flashing“. Let’s see if the readers are in the joke – and these comments have all been approved:

Jesstersg - You can see more exposed breast meat at any church on Sunday, that was a let down.

 just mee –  From the pictures I saw in this article I gotta ask, WHAT SIDE BOOB? They are so insignificant in size, I practically saw nothing.

Ho-ho. Funny stuff. Don’t ogle the women and fantasise about them. Just criticise their bodies and bitch. Let’s see the entire ironical article – just one of hundreds on the HuffPost:

Selma Blair may be a mommy, but the newly single star isn’t afraid to show those California men what she’s got.

She’s not going to the shops. The young mother is out to seduce men with her body.

The 40-year-old actress flashed some serious sideboob while out shopping in West Hollywood on September 29. The “Anger Management” star risked having a wardrobe malfunction as she left the Marc by Marc Jacobs store, pushing the front door open and allowing onlookers to get a sneak peek at her assets.

As said, she flashes nothing. She opens a door. A man with camera took loots of photos. She did not “allow” him to. He just did it. She did not offer him a “sneak peak”. She was not begging for it. She is not a slut:

Blair may not have known that her striped dress showed off a bit too much, but she didn’t appear to care.

Too much? Or not enough? She does appears to care. In the photos she is unsmiling.

She ended things with her boyfriend of two years, fashion designer Jason Bleick, 42, last month. The couple have a 14-month-old son, Arthur, together.

YES! She’s available.

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