Anorak | What was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s involvement in the Lord Lucan mystery?

What was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s involvement in the Lord Lucan mystery?

by | 13th, December 2012

PA 14872330 What was Arnold Schwarzeneggers involvement in the Lord Lucan mystery?

WE all heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s murky, secretive life when he sired a lovechild after humping his housekeeper (photos), but what’s all this about Arnie and Lord Lucan?

Well, one staggering site claims to have a link.

Of course, Lord Lucan vanished after the death of his children’s nanny, Sandra Rivett. With that, the conspiracies started and an ex-Flying Squad officer alleged that that the 7th Earl of Lucan, paid a hit man to kill his wife. AND ALLEGEDLY the hit man was ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER.

You heard.

The site claims that the nanny was “bludgeoned to death by an iron bar wrapped in surgical tape” and that, this couldn’t possibly be a professional who did it, “but for ultra- strong body builder Schwarzenegger it was the obvious weapon of choice.”

Apparently, Arnie has previous as it “was also a weapon he used to terrify London gamblers who owed debts from unlucky nights at casinos whilst working in London as a debt collector” while he lived in the “Forest Hill area of London was where he chose to live due to the close proximity of the many gyms used by body builders.”

It continues:

“Both Lucan and Schwarzenegger knew each of each other through gambling circles and the perfect solution seemed to be that in return for the Earl sorting him out a Green Card through his contacts he would kill Lady Lucan. The plan went horribly wrong. Sandra Rivett was not expected to be on duty and was allegedly killed in error. Lucan emerged from hiding in the house to face his wife who was coming down the stairs to investigate the commotion. In blind panic he tried to kill her and despite being covered in blood, she escaped and raised the alarm stating that her husband had tried to kill her.

“Schwarzenegger was waiting in the car they planned to set alight after Lady Lucan’s death thus eradicating all evidence of the murder and they drove to the Maxwell-Scott’s house in Uckfield in East Sussex. The only witness to the attack on Rivett was Lucan, and the muscle bound weight lifter couldn’t afford to allow the real story to come out. His career would be destroyed and he could look forward to a long time detained at her Majesty’s pleasure. Lucan was near hysterical and could not be trusted to keep quiet.”

Amazing eh?

“In a cold and callous attack Schwarzenegger allegedly drove away from Uckfield and then murdered Lucan and dumped his body in the site chosen to hide the remains of Lady Lucan after her murder. The terrified muscle man then drove the car to Whitehaven to catch a ferry out of the country. The car was finally found by police near to the ferry terminal and Schwarzenegger went on to prosper both as a Hollywood actor and later as the Governor of California.”

So there you have it. A completely barking claim which is most likely to be far more exotic than the boring, boring truth.

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