Anorak | Will Jean Michel Jarre be the next French tax exile in London?

Will Jean Michel Jarre be the next French tax exile in London?

by | 2nd, January 2013

GUIDO’S claiming an exclusive, that Jean Michel Jarre is going to be the next Frenchman fleeing from the 75% tax rate.

I’m not entirely sure about that: not all of Guido’s exclusives have turned out to be entirely and wholly true over the years.

What I think is much more fun is that the French Constitutional Council has just declared that 75% tax rate to be illegal. Because it’s unfair you see?

How about that then? A legal declaration that high tax rates on the rich are unfair?

Sadly, it’s not actually that the tax rate itself is unfair. It’s because it applies to individuals. And in France it’s the household that is the normal taxable unit. So they’ve pointed out that two people earning 800k each won’t pay the new tax rate, while one person in a two person household earning 1.6 million will. Treating households differently: unfair.

But back to M. Jarre. If he is leaving France at least he can console himself with the idea that he’s already divorced Charlotte Rampling. You know, he’s already separated from the best thing the country has to offer: the best looking Englishwoman of her generation.

Photo: Electronic Music – France – Jean-Michel Jarre – London Docklands – 1988. A vast image is projected onto the side of a tower block in London’s Docklands last night during preparations for pop musician Jean-Michel Jarre’s laser and fireworks rock extravaganza.

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