Anorak | Tory MP Mark Pritchard presents most stupid reason to ban same-sex marriage: ethnics are not gay

Tory MP Mark Pritchard presents most stupid reason to ban same-sex marriage: ethnics are not gay

by | 3rd, January 2013

CONSERVATIVE MP Mark Pritchard digs deep and produces the worst reason to precent same-sex marriage. An idiot writes:

The Conservative parliamentary party should be more representative of the population. It is good news that in recent years the Conservative Party has made steady progress in increasing the number of its ethnic MPs. In 2005 just two Conservative MPs were from Britain’s ethnic minorities, in 2010 the figure had risen to eleven.

Two? We counted five Jewish Tory MPs in 2005. Were Jews not an ethnic minority before the Tories got all modern?

…It would be misguided if the Party hierarchy were again tempted to set itself on a collision course with Conservative Associations by attempting to fast-track favoured ethnic minority candidates over equally talented white-British candidates.

And then this:

It is also politically naive to think that by merely increasing ethnic representation within the Parliamentary Party and rushing to diversify the ethnicity of government Ministers that Asian and Afro-Caribbean voters across Britain will experience some sort of ‘political epiphany’ and suddenly begin voting Conservative. It is also patronising. I never met anyone on any doorstep from any ethnic group who has said they were more likely to vote Conservative if they saw more Black or Asian faces sat on Conservative benches. The Conservative Party needs to communicate in the social and economic languages of Britain’s ethnic minorities not fret about learning a myriad of mother tongues.

‘Cos the efnicks don’t speak Ingleesh?

And then the clincher:

The Party could also shelve its misconceived same-sex marriage plans. Apart from antagonising the Tory grassroots and traditional Conservative voters, Number 10’s decision to press ahead with a Bill is likely to alienate large parts of the very same ethnic and religious groups the Party says it needs to attract to win the next general election. The Bill is self-defeating, divisive, and could inadvertently breed intolerance. To proceed regardless would show the Conservative Party as out of touch with many in the Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu and Christian communities – many of whom are Asian and Afro-Caribbean.

Some of them night even be gay!

That from the man who says “tokenism” is “patronising”.

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