Anorak | A teenager recalls the Moon Landing (in analogue)

A teenager recalls the Moon Landing (in analogue)

by | 6th, January 2013

Teenager Moonlanding A teenager recalls the Moon Landing (in analogue)

WHEN man landed on the moon, Dinah Hall was being ignored by Ian.

There’s nothing like teenage diaries for putting momentous historical events in perspective (Banalities and bathos, 31 December). This is my entry for 20 July 1969. “I went to arts centre (by myself!) in yellow cords and blouse. Ian was there but he didn’t speak to me. Got rhyme put in my handbag from someone who’s apparently got a crush on me. It’s Nicholas I think. UGH. Man landed on moon.”
Dinah Hall
Lustleigh, Devon
If you want it to matter, keep it analogue…
Spotter: Guardian

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