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Facebook diamond ring winner in social media nightmare

by | 15th, January 2013

WHEN Skillens jewellers in Castlewellan, County Down, Northern Ireland, ran a competition on their Facebook to win a diamond ring, 9,000 people entered. A winner was chosen:

The jewellers Facebook page showcased the winner and her husband. People wrote in to congratulate her. She replied. Only, she replied from the “Skillens” Facebook page. It looked like she was an admin on the Skillens Facebook page.

This site published a screengrab of that original site:

Skillens responded to the furore by posting this denial:

‘Mrs Lynda Speers is not an employee now or at any time. Any real customer will know this, I only employ one full time member of staff in the picture, who was not allowed to enter.

After Linda collected her prize, won fair and square, a small number of people took it upon themselves to ruin her good fortune and make comments claiming all was not right with the win. This was grossly unfair, and had Lynda crying her heart out during Sat, I tried to delete these people who seemed to be a vindictively harassing her. When Sunday evening came she contacted me again, very distraught, I was exhausted and needed to sleep for a few hours, so I offered to add her as an admin to delete posts that were unfairly taking shots at her. Instead Lynda, not realising that her post for the next for hours would appear as Skillens decided to answer rather than delete and hence to my surprise when I checked here late that evening, a total mess had started, when all I wanted to do was protect her from further nasty comments by inconsiderate people.

Lynda won fair and square. She was not an existing customer and a total stranger. WE exchanged phone numbers and I asked her to let me know how she was enjoying the ring in the future.

She is currently being cared for by family who fear for her health, that the stress of all this will cause a heart attack or the like.

Lynda has had her moment of joy robbed from her from the moment she won by people who have been extremely mean. This must stop, she is a very decent lady, and going thorugh a mini nervous breakdown it would seem, yet has done no wrong. Any existing customer knows my staff, and knows this is a witch hunt.

This was to be the first of four give aways this year, which you all had a chance of winning. However in a few days time when people have had a chance to read this I shall remove the page as all it has done is cost me time money and heartache.

It’s not hard to wish someone well, I ask you search your hearts and ask yourselves what if it had been me that won?”

A spoof Facebook page has been created. The original one has bene deleted.

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