Anorak | The Daily Mail’s interest in ‘curvy’ underage girls

The Daily Mail’s interest in ‘curvy’ underage girls

by | 30th, January 2013

 The Daily Mails interest in curvy underage girlsTHE Daily Mail loves underage girls. But it’s only for reserch, honest, M’lud. Here’s what the paper’s Steve Biddulph had to say this January:

Sexualisation — the forcing of a sexual identity onto a child — was a term originally applied in cases of child sex abuse. Today, it’s a problem that’s seen in every primary school, and few girls escape it… Never before has girlhood been under such a sustained assault…Something has been happening to poison their lives.

In December 2011, Sonia Poulton wrote in the Mail:

We all know that sexualisation has been going on for decades but the past 10 years or so, has been an explosion of monstrous and epic proportions.  More recently, still, the ante has been upped in matters of turning our children into sexual beings, and the sooner the better by all accounts.

So far the Mail has appreciated the legs of Leni (8); the “curves” of Elle Fanning (14); the midriff of Chloe Moretz (15); “sexy” Lourdes (15);  ”risque” Chloe Moretz’s older looks; and 14-year-old Kendall Jenner’s “flirty” clothes.

But it’s not pervy. As Christopher Tookey wrote in 2010 of the film Kick Ass:

The movie’s writers want us to see Hit-Girl not only as cool, but also sexy…Paedophiles are going to adore her. One of the film’s creepiest aspects is that she’s made to look as seductive as possible.. She’s fetishised…As if that isn’t exploitative enough, she’s also shown in a classic schoolgirl pose, in a short plaid-skirt with her hair in bunches, but carrying a big gun…Underage sex isn’t a laugh.

You can see photos of unsuspecting underage girls at school in the Mail’s gallery of “creepshots“.

You might laugh…

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