Anorak | After a child is savaged to death it’s time to kill Romania’s stray dogs

After a child is savaged to death it’s time to kill Romania’s stray dogs

by | 8th, September 2013

17531296 After a child is savaged to death its time to kill Romanias stray dogs

STRAY dogs are a big issue in Eastern Europe. In Bucharest, Romania, Ionut Anghel, a 4-year old boy, was fatally mauled by stray dogs last Monday whilst on a trip to the park with his grandmother.

The stray dog population of the Romanian capital is estimated to be around 64,000 according to city hall sources. The Matei Bals hospital for infectious diseases says it has treated 9,760 people for dogs bites this year, of which a quarter were children.

So. Should strays be rounded up and killed?

Romanian president Traian Basescu says  “dogs should not be put above humans”. He wants the dogs dead. It would be hard to think of anyone who lives in Bucharest who doesn’t want stray dogs gone.  Bucharest council says it will stage a referendum to let the people vote. The vote must be a foregone conclusion. Right? Maybe not.

A group called Friends of Homeless Dogs notes:

A new animal protection law was launched in Romania in 2008, according to which no healthy animals should be put to sleep. The law supports spaying and neutering the dogs in order to control the stray dog population. This however has led to a situation where there are heaps of dogs in dog pounds that won’t be put down. 

Another group called Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti – “RSDP Registered Romanian charity acting for the stray dogs of Ploiesti, Romania” - blames the grandmother (pictured above):

A little child of 4 years old was left unsupervised by his grandma for 45 minutes during their stroll in a park in Bucharest. Many things could have gone bad for a 4 year old baby left unsupervised for as long as 45 minutes. He could have been targetted by a pedophile; he could have fallen into an open sewer; he could have walked into traffic; he could have been kidnapped for the black market, for adoptions, child sex trade or for organs.

Blimey! Looks like the child got off lightly.

Time reports:

According to animal welfare authorities, some 1,100 people were bitten by stray dogs in Bucharest in the first four months of 2013.

Far less were abducted by a open sewwr full of organ harvesting paedos…

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