Anorak | Man refused Dunkin’ Donuts home upgrade puts toilets on his lawn

Man refused Dunkin’ Donuts home upgrade puts toilets on his lawn

by | 16th, October 2013

Dunkin' Donuts row house

TO Augusta, Maine, to see David Labbe’s garden of loos. Mr Labbe hoped to sell his property to Dunkin’ Donuts, who would have erected a drive-through eatery for people too lazy to get out of their cars to buy deep-fried sugar and fat.

But with the deal agreed, Augusta officials blocked the sale. Mr Labbes’ neighbours were pleased.

Mr Labbe sought revenge. Overlooking turning his home into an abattoir or maggot farm he has stuck a load of toilets up on the edge of his lawn facing the road. The bogs are filled with pink chrysanthemums and yellow lantanas in two. That’ll teach them. Mess with Mr Labbe and see what you get. Yeah. Flowers in bowls.

He says:

“I’m going to line the whole street with toilets. I figure I can put almost a hundred up in there… They [the neighbours] pissed me off, I’m going to piss them off now.”

The neighbours’ revenge seem horribly simple. A simple sign saying “Free toilets next door” should suffice. People, you know, will take a dump pretty much anywhere



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