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15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

by | 27th, January 2014

I COMPLETELY understand that the “sex sells” approach makes sense for certain consumer goods:  sports cars, cologne, and alcohol go hand-in-glove with sexually evocative marketing.   It has its place within our consumer culture.  That being said, sometimes it’s completely unnecessary.  (Let’s be clear: not “unwanted”, just “unnecessary”.)

In decades past, when the family pocketbook was primarily ruled by men, you had the “sex sells” tactic occurring a lot more often and in places that seem strange to modern sensibilities.  Back then, it was easy: men’s tastes were and are completely predictable.  Just insert a little cheesecake, and you have a willing male consumer in the palm of your hand.

Today’s consumers come in both genders, and are not so easily swayed.  Let’s have a look back to a time when the “sex sells” approach was applied to everything from antacids to snow blowers: sexual advertising where you least expect it.



057 The Monarch Marketing Mate Catalog 15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

Monarch Marking Mate Fall 1971 Catalog

Do we really need a Playboy bunny outfit to sell an office labeler?  I’d imagine this would go over badly in today’s climate; however, in ’71 it was the men who’d be managing the stores and buying such products.  Maybe it makes sense for its time – something to consider for all the adverts in this list.



ace comb ad 15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

Question for Ace: Was it really necessary to have a topless chick in your comb advertisement?  I get that they’re trying to tap into the hippie vibe, but was this seems a tad gratuitous.



3552840500 a585a499b2 o 15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

From LIFE magazine, January 1970

“It’s the one thing a man never turns down…. A second helping of rice.”

Hmmmm. I wasn’t thinking of rice – unless this is some sort of code word.  In which case, try to avoid the “sticky rice”.



4019853663 d97887b152 15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

Okay, a packet of condoms deserves this treatment… but an effervescent stomach pain reliever?



LEAK PROOF 15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

No need to use Google Translate.  It says: “We have every expectation that this fully nude woman will inspire you to buy our batteries.  Other brands may last longer, but ours has a naked chick.”



bowling 15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

Boot polish is the least sexy thing on Earth; yet, this boot polish advert makes it all about the boobs.

Oh, wait.  Did I just say boot polish was the least sexy thing on Earth? Correction: Make that Ammonium Sulfate.



fbjUvJybPr2xqhtcca9y6Qzgo1 500 15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

I doubt I’ll ever need any, but I’m off to buy some ammonium sulphate right now!  In fact, I’ll take two bags, please.



6a00d83451ccbc69e2011571557b2f970c 15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

The Thermodor advertising execs obviously heard the product they were trying to sell was “stacked” and simply couldn’t help themselves.



1952 15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

This power mower ad is a famous example. The advert appeared in House Beautiful magazine in April 1952, but the following month the woman’s dress had somehow become slightly longer.  Who ordered her skirt to be repainted? Advertising mythology blames the account client’s wife.  No one knows for sure.



4185362613 927264b72f 15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

If you’re wondering why a woman would be shoveling snow in a bikini, you’re thinking too much.  Just let the “sex sells” technique wash over you; submit to its power.



pipe welding 15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

I understand.  The vast majority of welders are men.  I get it.  Cleavage on the manuals seems to be stepping into the gratuitous zone.

Note: I’m still searching for Mother of All Senseless Sexual Adverts  – The Regal Gas Chlorinator Gal.  Legend has it that the ads in trade magazines would feature a nude lady caressing her gas chlorinator with the naughty bits covered by conveniently placed banners.  Those interested in seeing the uncensored version could send a postcard to the company.  If you have an example of this advert, please submit the link and put this legend to bed.



sabrina 15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

Good grief.  Words fail me.



5307317347 05318ee1ce b 15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

This reminds me of the old Price Is Right and other game shows where the models caressed, stroked, and laid upon the prizes, turning innocent wares into red hot commodities. Formerly plain canned goods became phallic dynamos in the deft hands of old-school game show ladies.   A sad little dinette set was transformed into glorious porn furniture, a jar of car wax became an illicit lubricant, etc. Unfortunately, sexualizing game show prizes is a lost art.


14. FUEL

6441429103 c8bdddf909 o 15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

Not only does this make me want to fill my tank up at this station, I also want to renounce my citizenship and move to Japan.  I want to live in a place where ads like this don’t seem strange.


15. NUTS

pilk8 15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

To those unfamiliar with the product, it seems really strange to have such explicit marketing for nuts – until you realize they are primarily sold in pubs.  Then it makes perfect sense, I suppose.

The babe board (pictured above (more here)) was a stroke of genius: a display of the Big D girl obscured by packages of peanuts.  As people purchased the packs, the picture would become more and more revealed. It never featured nudity, but did sell a hell of a lot of nuts.

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