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33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

by | 21st, February 2014

FLASHBACK to May 1964. We’ve trawled the archives to bring you a look at life in that month. All captions are the original AP and PA ones, written in the style of the time.

PA 18705654 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

A Contra Costa County sheriff’s deputy looks at scattered wreckage of Pacific Air Lines F-27 turboprop that crashed yesterday killing 44 persons, May 7, 1964. The twin-engine transport disintegrated on impact when it dove into the rolling hill area 40 miles east of San Francisco. The plane was on a flight from Reno, Nevada to San Francisco, California.

PA 17873163 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Chimpanzee Winnie enjoys a drink straight from the teapot during rehearsal of the popular chimpanzees’ tea party held at London Zoo.
Date: 28/05/1964

PA 17321525 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

PA 17149841 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Smoke from burning fuel blankets area around the fourth turn of Indianapolis Speedway, May 30, 1964 in wake of crash and fire involving several cars.

PA 15995773 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

A State Department security person holds one of the more than 40 microphones found in the American Embassy in Moscow when walls of the building were torn down in April 1964. On display May 19, 1964 at the State Department in Washington are other listening devices uncovered in other American embassies behind the “Iron Curtain.”


PA 14395889 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

– In this May 4, 1964, file photo, AP Saigon correspondent Malcolm Browne, home on leave, looks over teletype copy at the AP offices in New York, following the announcement that he won a Pulitzer Prize award, for international reporting. Browne, acclaimed for his trenchant reporting of the Vietnam War and a photo of a Buddhist monk’s suicide by fire that shocked the Kennedy White House into a critical policy re-evaluation, died Monday night, Aug. 27, 2012 at a hospital in New Hampshire, not far from his home in Thetford, Vt. He was 81.

PA 13557706 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

The XB-70A is rolled out for the press, making its first public appearance from the North American Aviation hangars in Palmsdale, Calif., May 11, 1964. The plane is 184 feet long and has a wing span of 105 feet.

PA 12054918 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Teenaged girls, after waiting through the night at the Forest Hills Music Festival ticket office in New York, are still waiting on the sidewalk, on May 1, 1964, waiting for tickets to go on sale for concert scheduled by the Beatles in August. The ticket box was due to open at Eleven a.m. The mop-haired British singing group will be on their second visit to New York when they appear at the Forest Hills stadium.

PA 11869914 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

en-year-old Marne Smith of Seattle may have come up with one of the most unusual inventions of the season. It all came about two years ago when her mother, Alice G. Smith complained of a “crick” in her neck after sunning herself while lying on her stomach on a chaise lounge. Marne suggested that her mother cut a hole in the chair. The young inventor models her innovations in her back yard just to prove it works in Seattle, Wash., May 24, 1964.

PA 11317345 1 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

These are the prize winning coiffures in a contest in Munich, Germany on May 1, 1964. They were designed for evening wear and hairdressers said anyone with a little time can copy them.

PA 11291213 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

New York City’s Museum of Modern Art reopened on May 26, 1964, after a five month shutdown for a $5Âœ million expansion. It now sports two new wings to provide additional space for departments of prints and drawings, architecture and design and photography. Each of these departments now has its own gallery. The day before the grand reopening program, the museum was a beehive of activity as workmen went about last-minute cleaning and dusting chores to get the new hall ready for the distinguished visitors. A museum electrician ringed by dancing nudes glances apprehensively over his shoulder lest one of them should bump his ladder while he changes a spent light-bulb. The painting is “Dance” first version by Henri Matisse. (AP Photo/Robert Goldberg)

PA 10888500 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

PA 10880890 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Sixteen year-old Pop singer Millie tries out Slingball, a new ball game having its first UK public demonstration at Battersea Pleasure Gardens. With her are Australia cricketers Barry Jarman [right] and Bob Cowper.


PA 10464953 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Masked National Guardsman with their bayonets held at the ready surround the jeep of Brig. Gen. George Gelson, head of the guard unit, as Stanley Branche, chairman of the Committee for Freedom Now, left, and Mrs. Gloria Richardson, left, stands beside him in Cambridge, Maryland on May 11, 1964. The guard had to disperse a crowd of approximately 300 who tried to march toward the arena where Alabama Gov. George Wallace was speaking.

PA 10372617 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Teddy Polchak of Bronx, N.Y., a visitor at the New York World’s Fair on May 2, 1964, only appears to be losing his hero sandwich to the dinosaur in background. The slight-of-lens was accomplished outside the Sinclair exhibit on the fair grounds where life-size models of the extinct reptiles are a principal attraction.

PA 10209145 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

The dynamite blast that removed the last sand barrier for a diversionary canal for the Nile Rivers, around the Aswan Dam in Aswan, Egypt on May 14, 1964. The explosion was set off by Soviet Premier Khrushchev, Egyptian President Nasser, President Aref of Iraq and Yemeni President Sallal. The diversion of the river will allow completion on the Aswan Dam and construction of a huge electric power plant, after which the Nile will be rerouted to its old bed to create a large artificial lake above the dam.

PA 10020335 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

From orphanage to Broadway-that’s the shaggy dog story of a real-life shaggy dog. Her name is Harrison now shown May 16, 1964, but nine months ago she was a nameless mongrel in the Bide-A-Wee Home with little to look forward to except, at best, a gentle owner. She is a hit on Broadway and boasts among her friends Robert Horton and Inga Swenson, stars of the musical “110 In The Shade.” Harrison was taken from the orphanage on approval to try out for a part in the show. She made such an impression on the cast and crew that when her original part was deleted before opening night a new “walk on” was written in. she also has a home now. She and stage manager May Muth share a spacious apartment a short walk from the Broadhurst Theatre-where the play is running. Miss Muth also now owns Harrison. Since her debut on Broadway, Harrison is in demand for TV parts and commercials. She has her own agent and has even auditioned for a movie bit. Harrison uses charm instead of method in her acting. She has received no formal training but her behavior both on and off stage is that of a veteran. Her performance in the musical is natural and unaffected. She just has fun. Just to prove that her success hasn’t gone to her head, Harrison takes unusual delight in barking at mounted policemen’’s horses along Broadway it’s the one owner comments.

PA 10019513 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Unnoticed by most of the other passengers on the Central Line underground train, West Ham United manger Ron Greenwood holds the Football Association Cup, wrapped in a red cloth, as he takes a corner seat at Tottenham Court Road Station, in London, on May 4, 1964. Greenwood was taking the Cup back to West Ham after he and his team had watched a special West End showing of a Cinemascope colour film of highlights of Cup Final at Wembley on Saturday. West Ham beat Preston North End 3-2.

PA 9432121 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Robert Shelton KKK leader speaking to group at McComb May 30, 1964

PA 9218290 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev laughs at his mistake in first identifying this ten pound Cornish cock as a hen during his visit to the British Agriculture Fair in Moscow, Russia on May 28, 1964

PA 8658970 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Afghan boys, men, and women, who have bare feet and wear long outer garments called an abaya or chador, shop at a market place in Kabul, Afghanistan, in May 1964.

PA 8658406 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Drummer Ringo Starr is seen holding a sandwich in a scene from the Beatles’ film “A Hard Day’s Night,” in May 1964.

PA 7422632 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

The hook of a crane is attached to the 25 tonne stone No.23 in the outer circle at Stonehenge. The stone, which fell over in 1963, was lifted clear by the crane and put into a timber cradle until its re-erection.

PA 7214284 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Rhode Islanders attending the campaign conference of democratic Women in Washington on May 1, 1964 were guests of Sen. and Mrs. Claiborne Pell, D-R.I., at their home in the capital. What had been planned as a garden party had to be held indoors because of the week-long rains. Group from left: Mrs. Nuala Pell; Mrs. Anne McGeough, Mrs. Constance Savard, Sen.Claiborne Pell and Mrs. Kathleen McDonald. Mrs. Pell is wearing light colored sleeveless dress standing at left of group.

PA 6668412 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Johnny Kidd (real name Frederick Alfred Heath) shown here with an eye patch with the rest of the band.

PA 6403552 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders performing on Ready Steady Go

PA 5581437 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

The modern fad for having as much sound and light as possible on your scooter reached the Epsom Downs for Derby Day. Proud owners of this laden-down Vespa scooter are Roy Young and Linda Jarvis.
Date: 31/05/1964

PA 5581403 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Long haired and leather clad rocker girls who were witnesses for one of the 50 youths who appeared at Margate Magistrates Court Kent on charges arising from yesterdays Mods v Rockers clash. L-R: Linda Hunt, Christine Sanders, Annabelle Etherington.
Date: 18/05/1964

PA 5581325 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

A family shelter behind a windbreak undeterred by the invasion of Mods descending on Margate beach. Mods clashed with Rockers in the second day of violence which saw two youths stabbed.
Date: 18/05/1964

PA 4963436 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Worcestershire v Australia

PA 4951413 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Greek opera star Maria Callas, left, rehearses the title role of Bellini’s “Norma” for the gala production at the Opera House, Paris, May 22, 1964. Italian opera star Fioenza Cossotto, right, portrayed the role of Adalgisa. (AP Photo)
Date: 22/05/1964

PA 1626527 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Safely through the traffic outside Buckingham Palace, mother duck and the ducklings march on – under police escort- to St James Park and the peace of the lake.
Date: 04/05/1964

PA 1463066 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Concert pianist, Joseph Cooper, who is to play at this years Bath Festival is in constant rehearsal. He is pictured using a dummy key board even while taking a bath at his home in Surrey.
Picture date: 11th May 1964. former BBC “Face The Music” presenter, Mr Joseph Cooper. The 88-year-old pianist and broadcaster died yesterday morning August 5 2001 at the Nuffield Hospital in Guildford, Surrey, after a short illness, a friend said. He is pictured at his home in Surrey before performing at Bath Festival.

PA 674034 33 Classic Photos I Found From May 1964

Soccer – FA Cup – Final – West Ham United v Preston North End
West Ham United captain Bobby Moore carries the FA Cup down the steps after his team’s 3-2 victory, followed by teammates (top to bottom) Ken Brown, Johnny Byrne, Peter Brabrook, Eddie Bovington and Geoff Hurst
Date: 02/05/1964


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