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The Worst Celebrity Statues, EVER!

by | 24th, February 2014

RECENTLY, you may have seen the terrible depiction of Kurt Cobain in statue form, in Aberdeen (the American one, not the Scottish one). The statue, below, features Cobain looking like a wino busker, crying.

Actually crying. Because Kurt was so sensitive. Maaaaaaaan.

Of course, most people’s memories of Kurt where a little more fun and energetic, rather than the maudlin monstrosity that is roundly being mocked by the whole internet.


kurt cobain The Worst Celebrity Statues, EVER!

Of course, Kurt Cobain isn’t the only famous person to get a statue of themselves. Crucially, he’s not the only famous person to have a UTTERLY DREADFUL statue cluttering up the world.

So with that, let us look at the most horrible celebrity statues ever!



Walter Johnson


123394 v1 The Worst Celebrity Statues, EVER!


Walter Johnson was not a disgusting baddie from the Silent Hill games, but rather, “Big Train” Johnson was one of the finest baseball players to ever grace the game. To capture his amazing bowling technique, the sculptor here, decided to… well… make a monster!



Princess Diana


diana The Worst Celebrity Statues, EVER!


England’s rose, is seems, is so serene and wonderful that, any attempts to recreate her will only end in disaster. Presumably, the sculptor behind this one couldn’t see what they were doing because they were too busy weeping.



Oscar Wilde


A Conversation With Oscar Wilde The Worst Celebrity Statues, EVER!

Well. What can you say about this ghoulish creation which is dedicated to Oscar Wilde? It looks like a monster made from pasta is rising up from a coffin, ready to devour all in its way. Terrifying.



Ted Bates


ted bates The Worst Celebrity Statues, EVER!


Ted Bates is a legend at Southampton FC. He’s pretty much done everything at the club so, when he was honoured with a statue, everyone was pretty happy. Until they saw it. Look at the state of this troll! Mercifully, the statue has since been changed.



Michael Jackson


jacko The Worst Celebrity Statues, EVER!

When Fulham FC erected a statue for Michael Jackson, everyone burst out laughing. While the resemblance isn’t too shabby, the whole thing is hilarious. Typical nonsense from Mo Al Fayed.



Paul McCartney


macca The Worst Celebrity Statues, EVER!


At The Hard Day’s Night hotel, there’s this absolute treat of a statue of Paul McCartney outside, which captures his delightful mullet forever, and ever. The whole thing is a train wreck, from the feet up. However, there is something oddly charming about this, bass in the air and all.

And get a load of these gems.

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