Anorak | Manchester United’s Louis Van Gaal Rewrites His Quotes And Says Arsenal’s Welbeck Is Sub-Standard

Manchester United’s Louis Van Gaal Rewrites His Quotes And Says Arsenal’s Welbeck Is Sub-Standard

by | 22nd, November 2014

ARSENAL and Manchester United play each other in the Premier League today. So the paper crank up news of a storm. News is that Manchester United thought Danny Welbeck, the player they sold to Arsenal, was rubbish.

The Sun leads with the rather confused punning headline that “NONE OF US RATED WEL”.  The headline invited the response, “Rated well at what – football?”



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The story runs:

LOUIS VAN GAAL claims Alex Ferguson and David Moyes agreed with him that Danny Welbeck was not top class… Asked why he sold Welbeck, LVG said: “He was not a line-up player, he was more a substitute. He was already that with different coaches — and then with Mr Van Gaal the world is changing? No, the world is not changing. They are the facts. They are not my facts, they are the facts of Danny Welbeck.”

Louis Van Gaal talks about himself in the third person. He calls himself Mr Van Gaal.

Run, Danny. Run!


The Telegraph is more succint, telling Danny Wellbeck: “You’re Just a Sub”.


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The Van Gaal quotes are no less odd:

“For Welbeck, it was a very good decision because as a line-up player, he develops himself much more. And if it was the right decision for Manchester United, it is dependable on how we play, how we score and in what position we shall finish in the league. But after that you cannot say it is a very good decision or not because we are in another process to Arsenal. They have a manager who has been there for 18 years and the playing style in 18 years is the same…”

Right-oh. But as Mr Van Gaal said in the summer:

 “When we survive the first three months, it will be the same as for me as it was at Bayern Munich…”

Bayern won the German Double in Van Gaal’s first season in charge.


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