Anorak | Lord Janner: Iffy evidence, Jews, Ernest Saunders, victims without question and magic

Lord Janner: Iffy evidence, Jews, Ernest Saunders, victims without question and magic

by | 20th, April 2015

Lord Greville Janner: a look at reporting on the Labour peer accused of child abuse. His family maintain his innocence.

The Daily Mirror has nothing say on Janner. The paper has been hot on the story of Westminster VIP paedos. But not a word today. And there’s not a not a word on Janner in the  Daily Star and Daily Express .

The Sun (page 11) : “Did Janner get his senile trick off Saunders?”

That question is asked by columnist Kelvin Mackenzie. Is he saying that Janner, a member of the magic circle, has curable dementia, like Ernest Saunders?

MacKenzie recalls Ernest Saunders:

You may just remember he was the Guinness chief executive jailed for five years for manipulating his company’s share price ahead of a takeover. The reason Mr Saunders became famous in the late 80s was not due to his “crime” but because he was freed by the Appeal Court after serving only ten months of his sentence as he was diagnosed with pre-senile dementia associated with Alzheimer’s…

Miracle upon miracle, the symptoms soon disappeared and in no time at all he was in good enough shape to take up his business career again.

Saunders’ recovery was, indeed, remarkable. But what of Janner, who has Alzheimer’s disease?

[he] won’t ever face a court because that idiot Alison Saunders, who runs (for now) the Crown Prosecution Service, believes that his dementia is too advanced for him to have a fair trial.

It is.

I don’t believe a word of it.

That’s quite a claim.

If he is that bad, how is it that Janner chose to stay a member of the House of Lords rather than retire by sending a SIGNED request to extend his leave of absence from Parliament literally a FORTNIGHT ago? Janner was first diagnosed with dementia — let’s hope it wasn’t by the same doctor who examined Saunders — back in 2009 but continued to go to the Lords until his home was raided by plod 16 months ago.

(As an aside, Lord Janner is a Jew. And that Guinness trial featured Jews. Lord Mandelson wrote :

“The plot to push up Guinness shares in the closing days of the bid for Distillers was orchestrated by leading City figures who were allowed to go free, showing once again how the British establishment can protect its own…

Iranian Jew Lord Alliance, who initially planned to spend £2.5million on Guinness shares but pulled out, wrote: “Of the four people tried and sentenced, three were Jews and the other, Ernest Saunders, had a half-Jewish father (which was good enough for both the judge and jury).”

He added: “An informed source recently told me that a leading Conservative minister warned a big party donor to stand clear because ‘we’re going after the Jews’. That alone justifies an investigation.”


Private Eye, 14th February 1992


Gerald Ronson convicted, along with Guinness boss Ernest Saunders and business partners Jack Lyons and Anthony Parnes noted :

“If you look at who ended up in court and who should have been in court that’s a whole other story. They threw the four disposable people to the lions and the establishment members were left untouched. In life, you come through things like this and it makes you stronger and hopefully wiser. If you don’t learn from it, you’re stupid.”

Anti-semites attacked Janner from the off .

Janner’s daughter, Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner has said the allegations led to the family suffering “putrid, toxic anti-Semitism”.

Speaking to The Huffington Post UK in October, she said: “It has been dire. “The Janner family has experienced the most putrid, toxic anti-Semitism. It is extreme stuff. It is beyond comprehension. Vile, vile fascist anti-Semitism. This is full on lunacy. And it reminds you that it is there.”

She’s right. Some of the anti-Semitic stuff out there is nutzoid and vicious. Would the Establishment parade the accused Jew to save themselves? And who is the Eastablishment? The race is to say you are not part of it. But aren’t all journalists on national newpsapers, all politicians whatever their hue and all lawyers part of The Establishment?)

Back to the story.  Barrister Blogger looks at what other believe people more medically trained than Mr MacKenzie:

Four doctors, two instructed by the defence and two by the prosecution, have concluded that Janner is suffering from Alzheimers disease. Their findings are summarised by the CPS in this way:

“Lord Janner is suffering from a degenerative dementia which is rapidly becoming more severe. He requires continuous care both

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