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  1. Will Muhammad Shahid Nazir, 31, aka £1 Fish Man, deliver the Christmas Number 1?

    ... WILL Muhammad Shahid Nazir, 31, aka £1 Fish Man.... Nazir, who sings his song at Queen’s Market, Upton... (comment match)

  2. Muhammad Shahid Nazir: The One Pound Fish Man sings to the UK Border Agency

    ... Shahid Nazir's One Pound Fish song has less chance of... THANKS to the X Factor and James Arthur, Muhammad... finding his soul. And the chances of Nazir singing his... (comment match)

  3. One Pound Fish Man Muhammed Nazir wins free trip to Pakistan

    ...SO. Goodbye Muhammad Nazir, the Pakistani who... deportation system that Nazir is removed while the likes of...’t that the Jimmy Savile defence? The BBC says: Shahid... (comment match)