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Press TV: EU bans Iran’s funniest broadcaster

PRESS TV has gone. EU sanctions against Iran have resulted in the death of Press TV.

Press TV is upset:

It also shows that the European Union does not respect freedom of speech, and spares no efforts to silence the voice of alternative media outlets.

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Why Jody Sabral Left Biased Press TV

JODY Sabral was a reporter on absurdly biased Press TV, the Iranian state broadcaster. She left. Why?

Sabral writes:

My four-year relationship ended with Press TV on October 17, mainly because there has been a deliberate attempt to suppress information on the Syrian uprising. It’s one thing to take a position on the news you report, but it’s another to completely ignore a story of interest to the public. It’s well known that Iran politically backs the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, but I was shocked to learn of the extent to which Press TV could be used to propagate propaganda.

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Lauren Booth Censured Over Press TV Mavi Marmara Bias

LAUREN Booth, working for Press TV has fallen foul of Ofcom, the UK’s media standards authority. It seems that the coverage of event son the Mavi Marmara was not all that impartial.

Press TV: Laughing At George Galloway

Press TV: Neda Soltan Was Killed By Mossad And Michael Jackson’s Doctor

George Galloway Spots Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Invisible Suit

Press TV is an Iranian international news network, which broadcasts in English.

Highlight of the show – and get a load of that set:

Lauren Booth: “Israeli commandoes…committed a massacre of innocent civilians sailing aid ships to the besieged Gaza strip”.

Kevin Ovenden (Viva Palestina): “[Israel‟s] inhuman and illegal blockade of the people of Gaza…This was the use of lethal force for political ends”.

Bahjat El-Helou (Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights): “[Israel] is a state above the law”.

Yousef Al-Helou (Press TV correspondent): “Israel‟s piracy in the Mediterranean Sea ended with a massacre”.

Haidar Eid (Political analyst): “The martyrdom of the supporters of the Palestinian people on the freedom flotilla”.

Lauren Booth: “This was obviously a barbarous attack on civilians…One thing is certain: As Turkey buries its murdered citizens and in Britain we welcome home our brave and injured, the brave men and women on those ships, in one move, have shifted world opinion against Israeli apartheid”


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Daily Express hate TV repeats – broadcasts Ben Hur

WHAT’S on the telly at Christmas? The Daily Express is worried:

“Christmas viewers will be deluged with almost 100 hours of repeats. A Sunday Express study of the 2012 schedules found that a staggering level of old series and re-run films will be broadcast by the three main channels over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day…”

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Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani: Iran TV Teaches Oppressed Women How To Kill A Man

SAKINEH Mohammadi Ashtiani is on that organ of grinding bias, Ahmadinejad’s invisible suit, fantastic comedy, gravediggers for dead Americans, and spin PressTV.

Keen to prove to the world that Ashtiani is a wrong ‘un deserving of a good stoning to death, she popped up on the telly to show the folks at home how she sedated her hubby and better allowed her lover to kill him.

(Takes notes, woman of Iran. There will be Questions later. Lots of them.)

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Comic Relief Does The Celebrity Cull: Barlow Down, Cole, Cotton And GMTV Press On

DAY one on the celebrity Celebrity Relief (surely, Comic Relief? – Ed) Mount Kilimanjaro climb.

Gary Barlow, the substantial Take That frontman, is down. He has, as the Mirror observes,” broken down “in agony”.

While Barlow screams, “Go on, leave me!”, and his agent negotiates a twelve-part Living TV special about his suffering, the rest go on.

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Free Speech: comfortable students want Universities to censor free expression on Yik Yak

In the US of A, universities are clamping down on uncensorsed chatter.

Chapel Hill, N.C. — The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is considering banning a smartphone app that some say encourages hate speech, but other schools say free speech among students needs to be promoted. Yik Yak allows users post anonymously to a local bulletin board, and those posts can be seen only by people in a certain geographic area.

“People have been saying some very racist, very hurtful things,” said Ashley Winkfield, a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill who has kept a running tab of “yaks” that she finds troubling.

I find Winfield troubling. She’s a censor. If the law is broken, then Yik Yak can let the authorities know. But she’s a bansturbator.

During the height of the “Black Lives Matter” protests on campus last fall, for example, one person posted, “I really hate blacks, I’m going home where there aren’t any.”

Another poster said, “the way blacks are acting right now kind of justify a slavery.”

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Celebrity Big Brother is TV’s moral compliance show: only the most intolerant survive

big bro


Big Brother should come with an “Approved by the Ministry for Morals” sticker. The good get to win; the bad get to lose. The bigots are shunned and mocked; the enlightened get loved and panto.

This series has seen the back of Jermy Jackson (who he?) for alleged groping; Ken Morley for alleged racism; and now Alexander O’Neal for alleged homnphobia, his crime calling the immensley dislikable Perez Hilton a ‘f*****’. That’s ‘faggot’ in Sun-speak, the paper also telling us that Morley used the “N-word”, which turns out not to be ‘nigger’ but ‘negro’

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Watch a thick-thighed woman steal a TV by hiding in up her dress

tv theft


To Guapiles in central Costa Rica, where a woman is stealing a TV set by smuggling up the dress she is wearing.

Shop assistant Jacint Ramirez Callas, 25, is astounded and a little impressed:

“She did it so quickly no one had time to notice or react. And having watched the video it is amazing that the TV doesn’t fall out from between her legs. She must be a pro or have very thick thighs.”

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Who Replaces Andy Townsend at ITV Football: hooting simpletons, ‘better’ bores and other options

RAPTUROUS cheers broke out across Britain yesterday as ITV confirmed that Andy Townsend’s contract won’t be renewed when it expires in the summer.

Andy has been in-and-around ITV Football for over a decade now, including his much maligned ‘Tactics Truck’. He’s best known for ending every single sentence with ‘Clive’, stating exactly what’s happened a full 3 seconds after viewers have watched the incident AND replay of the event.

Quite simply, it is mystifying how Townsend held a job for so long on television. Then again, ITV also gave Jim Beglin a wage. At all. ITV are, of course, batshit mental.

Also on his way out is the nice, but ultimately ineffectual presenter that is Matt Smith.

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Tabloid tropes: in 2014 Daily Express readers were living longer

Tabloid tropes: we’ve seen that 2014 was a big year for Madeleine McCann news (surely no news – ed), Alzheimer’s cures, Big Brother and miracles in diabetes. 2014 is also the year when the Daily Express realised that the best way to stop its readership falling is to keep its readership alive for longer.


 Daily_Express_2_1_2014  Daily_Express_Weekend_11_1_2014

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Bad News: ITV want the Premier League highlights back

THERE’S nothing quite as morbid and depressing as watching football coverage on ITV. In Adrian Chiles, you have a man who looks like pudding doing an impression of. the. slow. concentration. of. Tim. Love. Joy. and in Andy Townsend, you have a man paid huge sums to point out things that have happened in play, a full 5 seconds after the viewers at home have already noticed.

Then there’s Clive Tyldesley, who can’t be arsed learning the names of foreign played (notably, James Rodriguez) and who is in possession of a faux-grandiosity that is as irritating as it is insincere.

So, the bad news is that ITV are hoping to steal the Premier League highlights from the BBC and Match of the Day. You can almost hear U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’ striking up and Matt Smith blankly looking into camera.

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Watch And Titter As First iPhone 6 Buyer Drops His New Toy On Live TV

TO Australia, where an Apple fanboy who queued to buy an iPhone 6 is showing it off to the excited Press. His hand shakes as he touches the genuine cardboard box and peels the lid off:




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Funny Not Found: TV Guide Adverts For Terrible Comedies

IF you ever start to get depressed by the current TV offerings, take a look at the comedies airing in the States in decades past.  Here are 15 adverts from TV Guide which will have you counting your blessings.


TV Guide Advert (1)


I’ll admit, sometimes I’m not in the mood for quality storylines and character development.  There are days where I’ll pass on Mad Men and Game of Thrones in favor of something mindless.  But even in those dark hours, I will never – I repeat, NEVER – opt for Gary Coleman with a Mr. T haircut.  This is where my proverbial line in the sand is drawn.

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All Broken Up Inside: The Five Most Shocking Character Deaths in Cult-TV History




WILLIAM Shakespeare once wrote that “the valiant taste of death but once,” while cowards die “many times” before their actual demise.

Audiences of cult TV classics might also be said to die many times too, especially if they watch and re-watch beloved characters die in their favorite genre programming.

Over the years, a number of beloved series characters have been unceremoniously offed by series writers, only to leave grieving audiences in shock at their passing.

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From Movies to TV: 10 Tragic Failures

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) 1986 TV Adaptation “Fast Times”

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
1986 TV Adaptation “Fast Times”


MOVIES adapted for television series aren’t necessarily terrible; in fact, the outcome is often quite good. The Odd Couple and M*A*S*H* both had great translations for the small screen. Even Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, a dark drama by Martin Scorsese found an interesting niche in the sitcom universe via Alice.

Unfortunately, for every success, there are a sizeable number of failures. This is where I come in and deliver up ten tragic examples of where a movie was adapted for television yielding regrettable results.


Animal House (1978)
1979 TV Adaptation: “Delta House”, 13 episodes

When you remove the bawdy humor from Animal House, you’re cutting out its heart. It’s like removing the dancing from Singin’ in the Rain. Crass jokes and irresponsible humor were the lifeblood of the original film; to clean things up for prime time TV was a mistake of epic proportions.

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Bored Panda: Lonely Scarlett Is Given A TV To Watch




THIS might well be the most depressing story of the year. Having removed two pandas, Macy and Qianqian, from the Yunnan Wild Animal Park, China, Scarlett was alone.

The experts were amazed when Scarlett became listless. They played with her. They talked to her. But nothing worked for the only panda in the cage.

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Through a Glass Darkly: 5 Horror Films and TV Episodes about Mirrors



THE painter Pablo Picasso once asked who can see the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter.

Popular horror films and television programs have long highlighted all three possibilities, but focused most intently, perhaps, on the mirror.

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A Vital History of Captain America at the Movies and on TV



WITH Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) shattering box office records this weekend, it is an opportune time to recall that this iconic Marvel superhero — and symbol of non-ironic Americana — has not always been treated very well by Hollywood.

In particular, the 1970s and 1980s proved a difficult span for the patriotic Cap, who had made a career in his Marvel comic-book of smashing Nazis and communists.




But first, the 1944 Republic serial, Captain America, created a new character and origin for the superhero.

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5 Sci-Fi TV Series Scuttled by Second Season Changes


WE might accept as axiomatic the belief that patience is a virtue. However, over the decades, several notable and even celebrated science fiction TV series have failed to live up to this ideal.

Instead of demonstrating patience and prudence, their makers have instead demonstrated radical impatience, and — after promising first season sorties — instituted sweeping changes that, in some cases, threw away the baby with the bath water.

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The Darrin Factor: 6 Upsetting TV Character Replacements



IT shouldn’t be a big deal when a familiar actor or actress is abruptly replaced on a TV show. Yet audiences are often unable to cope.  I suppose it’s due to the fact that a subconscious connection is often developed between audience and actors.  When, suddenly, an interloper appears in his or her place, all hell breaks loose.

The textbook example is Darrin from Bewitched: when Dick York was replaced by Dick Sargent audiences were left confused and disoriented.  What happened to Samantha’s husband?  Did she remarry, or did she magically transform his physical appearance?  What in the name of all that is holy is going on?!?

The problem is compounded when the original character was particularly beloved.  Audiences got used to the “New Darrin”, but sometimes the shoes are just too hard to fill.  Here are a few examples of when replacements had a particularly tough time filling in.  Television audiences are an unforgiving lot.




Jenilee Harrison (as Cyndi Snow) replaces Suzanne Somers (as Chrissy Snow)


threes company
Somers, in a mad grab for cash, demanded more money and the network execs dropped her like a bad habit.  The very nature of the show demanded that there be a third roommate.  Enter Jenilee Harrison, a Los Angeles Rams cheerleader with no acting experience.  Not surprisingly, it was nothing short of an abject failure.  The following season, Jenilee was let go, and Priscilla Barnes (as Terri Alden) took over for the final seasons (1981-1984). Priscilla succeeded where Jenilee could not primarily because she didn’t play a similarly imbecilic character, but had a good head on her shoulders.  However, nothing ever captured the magic of Suzanne Somers – “jiggle TV” at its finest.




Linda Thorson (as Tara King) replaces Diana Rigg (as Emma Peel)


In season six of The Avengers, Linda Thorson replaced Diana Rigg (a replacement herself). It would prove to be the show’s last season. American audiences didn’t seem to care, and French audiences actually preferred the replacement; however, British viewers would have no part of the change.  Linda was roundly thrashed by the press as being a poor substitute – all looks and no brains, a damsel in distress rather than a strong heroine.

Some of the criticism was well-founded – Linda was very inexperienced as an actress and she got the part because she was the girlfriend of then-producer John Bryce.  However, I think it’s clear the criticism was pretty unfair.  Linda did a respectable job, and the show was already slipping before her arrival.  I’m not sure who could’ve replaced Rigg and saved it. The show failed because it became dependent on US audiences, and it was lined up against Laugh-In (a show which also killed Star Trek).

Finally, it should be noted that Season 6 was actually an IMPROVEMENT over the previous season. Few will argue that Rigg’s last season was lame – it was becoming a spoof like Batman. In the final season, things started to get back to being serious.




Cheryl Ladd (as Kris Munroe) replaces Farrah Fawcett (as Jill Munroe)


It’s hard to comprehend what a phenomenon Farrah had become after her single season on Charlie’s Angles.  Her shoes were impossible to fill, and it’s a testament to the likeability of Cheryl Ladd that the show survived.  Far from being mortally wounded, the show strolled along for four more seasons…. but it just wasn’t the same.  Even though Farrah was only there for the first season, when you think of Charlie’s Angels, you think of the Farrah year.

Certainly, there were other shows which lost a star but kept on truckin’:  Welcome Back, Kotter lost Vinnie Barbarino (John Travolta), Alice lost Flo (Polly Holliday), M*A*S*H lost Trapper John (Wayne Rogers) and Lt. Colonel Henry Blake (McLean Stephenson), etc.   However, those were shows that lost actors and actresses.  Charlie’s Angels was a show that lost an icon.




Gabriel Melgar (as Raul) replaces Freddie Prinze (as Chico Rodriguez)


I will go on record and say that Freddie Prinze is among the top five stand-up comedians of all time.  You’re certainly free to disagree, but there was just something truly special about his presence on stage.  None of the jaded, cynical, self-deprecating stuff we come to expect from today’s comics.  His was pure optimism and energy… which makes his 1977 suicide all the more unfathomable.

One thing I think we can all agree on is that Chico & the Man should have ended with Prinze’s death.  The very notion that they would try and keep the sitcom rolling blows the mind.  Poor Gabriel Melgar, recruited to fill the void, simply never had a chance.  It was an awful idea that ended with predictable results – abysmal ratings and cancellation.




Byron Cherry and Christopher Mayer (as Coy and Vance) temporarily replace Tom Wopat and John Schneider (as Bo and Luke Duke)


Dukes of Hazzard audiences tuned in to the new 1982 season only to find their beloved Bo and Luke Duke replaced by obvious clones.  Schneider and Wopat had refused to come to the set, demanding more money.  In response, the network replaced them with two guys that looked suspiciously similar.  Audiences didn’t fall for the ploy, and so Schneider and Wopat got the contracts they wanted and returned.

In the end, the series wasn’t significantly impacted by this bizarre interlude.   However, when it was all over, viewers were left scratching their head, wondering what the hell just happened.

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Today Is When Every Oppressed Male Asks Power ‘When’s International Men’s Day?’



TODAY is International Woman’s Day. What’s that , you say. ‘When’s International Men’s Day?’

A swift search of the web revels that it’s on November 19.

The female-dominated web has allowed men’s day to have its own website.

It’s in the same category as:

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Monsters from Yesteryear: Four TV Horror Anthologies That Deserve a DVD Resurrection



ON Tuesday, February 25, Monsters: The Complete Series will be released on DVD. For those who may not remember it, Monsters (1984 – 1988) was Laurel’s second TV horror anthology after Tales from the Darkside (1984 – 1988), and - much like its more well-known predecessor – it was crafted on an extremely low-budget.

In fact, the joke about Tales from the Darkside in the eighties was that its special effects were crafted for $188.00 per episode.

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The 15 Most Depressing Songs of the 1960s and 70s

THE LATE 1960s to mid-70s were a manic depressive time period in music, populated by exultant highs and soul crushing lows.  The highs came in the form of disco and bubblegum pop via ABBA, The Bee Gees and their ilk.  The lows came in the form of devastating testaments to inner sadness and existential rage.  Perhaps it was Vietnam, recreational heroin use, and an economy that was in the crapper that caused such a swell in depressing anthems.  Who knows?  What is known is that this time period was fertile ground for misery put to melody, and whittling them down to a list of 15 was a daunting task indeed, but here goes….


15. “All By Myself” by Eric Carmen


Livin’ alone
I think of all the friends I’ve known
But when I dial the telephone
Nobody’s home

It’s not so much the lyrics as the morose delivery under a melody lifted from Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto  No. 2.  Carmen sounds so deeply depressed that you half expect to hear a gunshot at the end of the song.

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Mini Cab For Moyes: A Look At The Manchester United Manager’s Expressions As The Red Devils Lost To Swansea

MINI Cab For Moyes: A Look At The Manchester United Manager’s Expression As The Red Devils Lost To Spurs Swansea:




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