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Boris Berezovsky commits suicide just like Gareth Williams did

Boris Berezovsky

HOW do you report on the death of exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky? The 67-year-old was fond in his Berkshire pile. His body was found by his bodyguard. It was in the bath. You know, the place where fibres get washed down life’s plughole.

(Gareth Williams died in the bath at his London flat. There was a Russian connection. The MI6 worker committed suicide, so they say. Looks like The billionaire exile might have down the same. PS:  Robert Maxwell died at sea. No need to wait for the tycoon to take a batch when when he’s onboard a big boat.)

Call us suspicious, but if we see a puppy sat next to small mountain of poo, we jump to conclusions.

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The mysterious death of Uwe Sattler – Germany’s Gareth Williams

TO Hamburg, German, where the body of 43-year-old Uwe Sattler has been found. He has been shot in the head. He has been tied-up in a sack. A rucksack is on his back – it’s full of rocks. The sack is in the River Elbe.

The can be only one explanation: suicide! A Hamburg police spokesman tells us:

“We are 99.999 percent certain it was suicide. There is no other explanation; no other motive and no other evidence.”

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Cheryl Cole models the Gareth Williams murder – photo

IS murder ever fashionable? Gareth Williams was found dead zipped up in a read sports bag. Cheryl Cole, the charmless autotuned voice of WAGs and enemy of toilet attendants, poses for GQ in a red top she seems to have trouble zipping up. Is this how it is now, celebrities adopting any story for themselves? Will we see Cheryl in a pair of towering 9/11 heels, a Titanic pelmet or a Saddam Hussein rope of diamonds..?

More photos of demure Cheryl here.

Image via

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Gareth Williams inquest turns into a homophobic character assassination

GARETH Williams, the MI6 spook found locked in a bag, could have taken drugs. Or not. He might have been poisoned. Or not.

At the inquest of Gareth “Swiss Watch” Williams, 31, scientists said that because the spy had been dead for so long before he was found drugs and poisons tests could not be relied on.

Gareth Williams lay dead in a bag in his London flat for at least a week – his colleagues never reported him missing.

Today, the court heard that Mr Williams may have been killed by a “wide range of poisons” and “volatile agents”.

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Gareth Williams – the story in photos

The story of Gareth Williams in photos – the MI6 spy found dead locked in a bag in his bath at his London flat…

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Gareth Williams murder: what we have been allowed to know so far (photos)

WAS Gareth Williams murdered? The 31-year-old MI6 spook from Anglesey, North Wales found dead at his Pimlico flat, his body locked inside a bag in his bath. That was August 2010. Detective Chief Inspector Jackie Sebire says “two minor components of another contributor’s DNA” were found on the zip toggle and padlock.

Gareth William  died either from oxygen depletion or hypercapnia (too much carbon dioxide in the blood).

Gareth Williams was found dead inside an 140-litre capacity North Face sports bag. The bad had been locked with a Yale padlock. The locks’s keys were inside the bag – beneath Mr Williams’s body.

PC Gallagher found Mr Williams’s body. He detected a “particular smell” when he lifted the bag. There was news of his body being in a mystery liquid.

The inquest into his death is underway at Westminster Coroner’s Court. So far we have learnt:

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Gareth Williams: Can Police And MI6 Escape Spy Murder Story?

GARETH Williams was not murdered. The MI6 worker and regular Houdini died in mysterious circumstances. Tests reveal that his body was clean of drugs and booze. The body was in a bag in the bath at his Pimlico flat. Say police:

“Mr Williams’ death remains suspicious and unexplained and inquiries into the circumstances continue.”

But you won’t read about what is really going on because when an MI6 operative dies in a bag, first his name is dragged through the mud to imply he was a cross-dressing, gay sexual deviant who died from his kinks, and then, with no black man spotted in the area, the police are forced to claim that they have an open mind as to what occurred.

Which is simply ridiculous…

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Gareth Williams: The Swarthy Suspects, Murder And Sex Smears

GARETH Williams did not die alone. The MI6 man smeared in the media and by the police was padlocked in a red North face holdall by someone else. Yes, readers, it was not suicide, maybe. Although the Mail did once ask:

Did dead MI6 spy zip HIMSELF into sports bag..?

Scotland Yard is treating his death as “unexplained“. That means there is no murder case.

Yesterday Dr Williams was buried at the Bethel Chapel, Holyhead in Anglesey. But he will not rest in peace because the smears go on.

Anorak wonders if spooks (surely heroes fighting the war on terror?) sign a release that says that should they die in the line of duty their reputation will be sullied to divert attention away from the truth and onto salacious rumours of sex and drugs?

The top search result for Gareth Williams on Google is:

Murdered spook Gareth Williams was a cross dresser | The Sun |News

That story was based on police allegedly finding a dress in Williams’ flat that could have fitted him. He was not 6ft 4 and hairy but 5’7 and slight. Finding a dress to fit him might not have been tricky. And this is from the Sun, the tabloid that praises our Brave Boys fighting the war on terror – unless they are working for MI6 and possibly gay in which case they are fair game to be attacked in print.

Sir John Sawers said the maths genius had helped save lives. After the service in Holyhead, Anglesey, he said: “Gareth did very valuable work in the cause of national security. I wanted to be here as the only public face of the Secret Intelligence Service, to give support and offer sympathy to the family.”

The Mail reports:

The MI6 spy whose naked body was found in a sports bag in his bath could not have died alone, police believe. They are now certain he was padlocked into the large holdall by someone else.

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Gareth Williams Was ‘Murdered’ Against His ‘Will’, Experts Say

GARETH Williams’ death continues to be the subject of much media speculation.

The Mirror says he was “murdered”. But there is no murder enquiry. Yesterday, the Mail said Williams had climbed into his bag and killed himself in a sex game, maybe.

Earlier the Mail had reported that the body was submerged in “fluid”.

But the disclosure that he was also covered by liquid – not thought to be blood or water – has raised fears that a substance was used to accelerate decay and complicate toxicology tests.

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Gareth Williams: So It Was Suicide?

WHEN news broke that Gareth Williams, the MI6 worker, had died in mysterious circumstances, Anorak said that it would not be long before his death was passed off as a suicide, like that of Dr David Kelly. It was not entirely said in jest.

In August , we asked:

Anyone else think the murderous gay lover ploy is being enacted? Or maybe – get this – he did a Dr David Kelly and committed suicide?

Did Codebreaker Gareth Williams Lock Himself In A Bag?

Williams was being smeared from the off in tale of gay sex, cross-dressing and perversions. He was stabbed. And then he wasn’t.

Now the Mail delivers the headline:

Did dead MI6 spy zip HIMSELF into sports bag in bizarre sex game that went terribly wrong?

Well, it is one theory of many. And it would negate any need for murder inquiry. What of the facts?

Police believe the MI6 spy found dead in a sports bag in a bath inside his flat may have died after a bizarre sex game went wrong, according to well-placed sources.

Did MI6 Spy Gareth Williams Kill Himself (Photos)?

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Pictures Of British Spy Gareth Williams’ Last Known Movements And Full Police Statement

POLICE have relesed images of MI6 worker Gareth Williams’ last know movements. The Metropolitan Police CCTV images show Gareth Williams at Holland Park Tube station on August 14 2010.

The British code-breaker’s decomposing body was found padlocked shut in a holdall in his bath at his Pimlico flat.

Police have yet to open a murder enquiry.

We can only conclude from that fact that suicide has not been ruled out…

The police have issued a statement. Here it is in full:

“Mr Williams returned to the UK from a planned holiday in the US on Wednesday 11th August 2010. On his return we have established from CCTV enquiries, that on a number of occasions he was shopping in the West End and Knightsbridge areas.

“The CCTV images are of Mr Williams on Saturday 14.08.10 at approx 3pm entering Holland Park underground station.

“On Sunday 15.08.10 Mr Williams was shopping in Brompton Road, SW7. He went to a cash machine, and then into Harrods. At approx 2.30pm CCTV images show him in Hans Crescent, SW1 heading towards Sloane Street, near to the Dolce and Gabbana store. He was wearing a red t shirt, beige trousers, and white trainers. Mr Williams was approx 5″7, with short hair and of a muscular build.

“Officers are also appealing for information to identify a man and a woman, both of Mediterranean appearance, aged between 20 – 30 years old, who called at 36 Alderney Street in June or July, late one evening. They were let into the communal front door.

“Mr Williams was found in his flat at Flat 4, 36 Alderney Street, Pimlico, SW1 on 23.08.10 by uniformed officers. There was no sign of any forced entry to the property, and no signs of disturbance inside.

“Mr Williams was found unclothed, in a zipped and padlocked red North Face holdall which was in an empty bath in the en suite bathroom.

“We do not believe there is any property missing from the flat. There is no suggestion the items within the flat were specifically posed. No drugs, or indications of drug usage were recovered.

“A post mortem held at Westminster Mortuary on 25.08.10 established no obvious cause of death.

“Extensive forensic tests at the flat in Alderney Street and from the samples taken at the post mortem continue.

“Initial indications from the toxicology examinations show no trace of any alcohol or routine or recreational drugs. Testing for any other substance continues.

“Detective Chief Inspector Jacqueline Sebire, Homicide and Serious Crime Command leading the investigation said: ‘I would appeal to anyone who may have seen, or had contact with Gareth in the period between 11th and 23rd August to come forward and speak with us at the Incident Room on 0208 358 0200, or to remain anonymous Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. This remains a complex unexplained death enquiry.'”

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Did Codebreaker Gareth Williams Lock Himself In A Bag?

DR Gareth Williams did not kill himself? The MI6 worker – a “codebreaker” – had been padlocked in a bag (no jokes, please).

The inquest into his death has opened at Westminster Coroner’s Court in central London. Coroner Dr Paul Knapman says the bags in which Mr Williams’ body was found had been “padlocked shut“. The “lifeless body” as in an “advanced state of decay“.

But after two post-mortems, the cause of Mr Williams’ death has yet to be proven. Police have not officially begun a murder investigation.

A man is dead in a bag in this London flat. And there is not yet a murder investigation? So, did Dr Williams – like that other Government worker Dr David Kelly – kill himself? Was it an accident?

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Media And Police Collude To Smear MI6 ‘Spy’ Gareth Williams

MI6 worker Gareth Williams was last seen alive by someone other than his killer on August 15. His body was discovered in his London flat eight days later. His name has been smeared in a concerted collusion between media and police “sources”.

Get this from Channel 4:

“There is nothing to suggest a security leak”, a source told Channel 4 News. “This is most likely the human tragedy of a private young man who may have had issues.”

A human tragedy, most likely? Well, yes it is – a man died. Pretty tragic for that human. This from a media that can’t even agree on how old Mr Williams was when he died.

The Telegraph says Mr Williams was 31. PA News says 30.

Being a member of the British security services who has fought Al Qaeda, Mr Williams is afforded a hero’s press. Right? Wrong. The speculation about his death plays second fiddle to lurid rumours of his life. The tabloids are here not to Help A Hero but to destroy the memory of the man.

Sky’s home affairs correspondent Mark White said: “We have heard from sources that Williams had a complicated private life.”

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Gareth Williams: All The Facts And Fiction On The Murdered Spy Buried By the Media

GARETH Williams is the “murdered Spook” from Anglesey, who “helped foil terror raids” and took “secret trips to US spy base”.

Well, so says the Daily Mirror, which knows all about secret missions undertaken by “spies” because they, er, aren’t all that secret. Mr Williams, apparently used to flay to Baltimore to meet US National Security Agency officials at their Fort Meade HQ – “dubbed the Puzzle Palace.”

We know this because the Mirror has a well-placed source called Michael Hughes. He was Mr Williams’ uncle:

“The trips were very hush-hush. They were so secret that I only recently found out about them – and we’re a very close family. It had become part of his job in the past few years. His last trip out there was a few weeks ago, but he was regularly back and forth.”

Or as William Hughes, a cousin of Mr William’s mother Ellen, tells the Guardian:

“I knew he worked at GCHQ and he had been working in London but I didn’t know what he did. It wasn’t said that we shouldn’t talk about it, I simply never asked and he never told me.”

Secret stuff, eh, readers. A “Western intelligence source” then offers the Mirror a wonderful generalisation it passes off as insider knowledge:

“He will have had crucial high-level meetings with American intelligence officers… Although not particularly high up the GCHQ ladder, the importance of his role should not be underestimated.”

So. Mr Williams was killed as a result of his job? In the Guardian, Jonathan Freedland suggests as much as he writes “the tale of a man who lived a lonely life and died a lonely death”:

The degree of interest is hardly surprising. When, nearly four years ago, Russian journalist Alexander Litvinenko lay dying in a London hospital, poisoned, perhaps at a sushi restaurant, that too became the tale du jour, with readers clamouring for details amid a widespread assumption that the culprits were agents of Moscow’s security services. A generation earlier, in 1978, the focus was Georgi Markov, the Bulgarian dissident slain on a London street, who, it was believed, had fallen victim to an ingeniously customised umbrella wielded by a passerby – probably an agent of the Bulgarian secret police – who had used it to fire a ricin-containing pellet into Markov’s leg.

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The Media Destroys ‘Gay Transvestite’ Spy Gareth Williams – News And Pictures

GARETH Williams, the MI6 worker, is dead. The media is feasting on his remains and destroying his memory. If Mr Williams was a spy, as the story goes, we might expect to learn much about him.

We know that he was born and raised on Anglesey. He went to Bodedern School. He was 31. He had a doctorate in maths. He died in a Pimlico flat, owned by a company based in the British Virgin Islands with a name that means Motherland in Russian. Such are the facts.

But, still, the media is free to speculate.

Yesterday, we told you that the one picture of Mr Williams released by the authorities showed him dressed in Lycra and riding a pushbike. Whispers of news from “sources” close to the police spoke of his “private life” being the reason his body was stuffed into a sports bag at this London flat. This speculation was given added weight on the BBC 10 o’clock news, where a face came one to say that Mr Williams’ private life might have been behind his death.

The Sun takes up the narrative with glee. On its front page we learn:

“Murders spook a cross dresser”

MURDERED MI6 worker Gareth Williams was a secret transvestite who may have been killed by a gay lover, detectives said yesterday.

He was murdered? A gay lover “may” have killed him? Or as we learn later in the article:

Police are also working on the theory that intelligence expert Mr Williams may have been killed by a foreign spy.

The Mail offers this gem:

Indeed, ‘Ceaucescu Towers’, as MI6’s brutally modernist Vauxhall Cross HQ is known, is just across the River Thames from his apartment, overshadowing a huge bus terminal, and the gay clubs and saunas of ‘VoHo’ – the area’s red light district.

Anyhow, how do we know he was a transvestite? The Lycra, right? The Sun tells us:

As the inquiry progressed it was revealed that women’s clothes that fitted Mr Williams were found at the flat.

And..? And nothing. That’s it. But it was “revealed” – although we know not by whom.

This so-called news spreads. In Australia, the local Telegraph opines:

THE private life of a murdered British spy was coming under close scrutiny Thursday, with UK detectives probing whether he was a secret transvestite who was killed by a gay lover.


Detectives told London’s Daily Telegraph that they believe he might have had a violent row with a lover over his decision to return to GCHQ.

Yeah, he might. Or he might not. But the news is getting out there. Mr Williams’ name is being sullied.

Having been labelled a transvestite, the Mail then wonders if Mr Williams was the victim of a second crime?

Did spy’s killer steal state secrets? MI6 agents search for ‘missing’ laptop or MP3 player after body-in-bag murder case?


But lurid speculation that he had been stabbed or even dismembered was discounted by police sources. They said the telephone numbers of escort agencies were found on one SIM card while pornographic material had also been discovered in the flat.

Again we get the sex angle.


Officers from Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad, with assistance from their counter-terrorist and security service colleagues, are delving into the private life of Mr Williams, seeking to discover whether he had relationship or money problems.

Another possibility is that he was the victim of a dangerous sex game gone wrong.

And on it goes. In the Mirror, we get:

Dismissing suggestions of an assassination by foreign agents as fantasy yesterday, security sources said it was possible he may have been attacked by a friend or casual acquaintance.

Casual..? Because gay men love casual meetings at home, don’t they? At least the tabloids love the idea that they do. Sky News passes on the theory that Mr Williams did not die because he was a “spook”?

Sources close to the inquiry are quoted by the Press Association as saying it is not clear how he died and have played down speculation that the murder is linked to his secretive line of work.

What about another theory?

But Prof Glees, the director of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham (BUCSIS), added: “It is peculiar if this flat was, as I suspect, a Secret Intelligence Service safehouse, that someone got into the house to commit the crime without being invited in. That would be very worrying.”

According to Prof Glees, if a dangerous individual had entered the Pimlico flat because Mr Williams was speaking to him in a professional capacity, then there would have been someone else from the secret services present.

A man had died. We do now know how or why. But the media is free to speculate. Yesterday, reports were that he had been stabbed. Today, we are told he wasn’t.

The truth may never out…

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Did MI6 Spy Gareth Williams Kill Himself (Photos)?

DR Gareth Williams is dead. Was it suicide? He worked for MI6. Was he a spy? Is he Anna Chapman for the ladies or gay men?

The media news cycle is on it. The deceased is not here to defend himself in the maw of a voracious media.

There are many questions. But let’s look at the facts.

Williams’ body was stabbed repeatedly, placed in a bag and stuck in a bath at his London flat. The flat is owned by a company called New Rodina, which is Russian and Bulgarian means Motherland. The company works out of the British Virgin Islands.

Presumably, MI6 does not house their workers just anywhere and pays a fee of some kind to New Rodina? Williams was on secondment from GCHQ Cheltenham. Would he have been allowed to live just anywhere – or would his employers have helped him to find decent, secure digs?

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The Death Of MI6 Spy Dr Gareth Williams In Russia’s Motherland (Photos)

DR GARETH Williams, the MI6 worker found dead in a flat in London’s Pimlico was stabbed. His body was stuffed into a sports bag and left in the bathroom. Reports suggest it was in the bath.

The body had been there for days. It was already decomposing when it was found.

As for Gareth Williams…? Well, he earned his doctorate in maths at Cambridge University.

He was staying in a top floor apartment in Alderney Street.

According to Land Registry documents, the building is owned by a company called New Rodina. The company is registered in the British Virgin Islands. Rodina means “motherland” in Russian and Bulgarian, which may be relevant.

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Chelsea Balls: Kerry Dixon Used To Be A Legal High At The Bridge

KERRY Dixon, formerly of Hitchin Town and Letchworth FC has been arrested on suspicion of trading in cocaine, say reports. Dixon, who played for Reading, Southampton, Luton and Chelsea is, allegedly, the subject of this statement from Bedfordshire Police:

“On Friday (May 2), Bedfordshire Police arrested a 52-year-old man and a 46-year-old woman from Dunstable on suspicion of conspiracy to supply class A drugs. Both were released on police bail with no charge while further enquiries are made.”

Note to new Chelski fans: Dixon was one of your best players before you all got given little plastic flags and they stopped parking cars by the pitch at the once vast Stamford Bridge.



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Don’t Blame Jeremy Clarkson For The Nigger Row: Top Gear Has No Black Faces To Control Him



ONE of the three white, middle-age men who present Top Gear on the BBC says he is not a racist.

Jeremy Clarkson, for it is he, says:

 “I absolutely do not use that word. I use the C-word, the F-word but I don’t use the N-word. Never do.”

He adds:

“I’m sitting here begging your forgiveness.”

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Boris Berezovsky – a life in photos

BORIS Berezovsky is dead. He was found at his Ascot, Berkshire, home. His body was found in the bath. The billionaire was a thorn in Russian leader Vladmir Putin’s side. Twice Berezovsky survived assassination attempts – one in London and once in his native Russia. Early reports suggest he was suicidal at the loss of a legal fight with Roman Abramovich, another London-based Russian oligarch. What really happened? We might never know:


Picture 1 of 19

Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky yacht "Thunder B" is seen in the harbor of Golfe Juan, southeastern France, Saturday, Feb. 19 2011. French authorities seized two yachts docked on the French Riviera belonging to Berezovsky, a fierce critic of the Kremlin, on the demand of Russian authorities because they are pursuing him for fraud. (AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau)

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Sir Johnathan Ive heads mixed cast of New Year’s Honours List (in full)

THE News Year’s Honours list in full. Yesterday, we could not tell you that Steve Jobs’s pal Jonathan Ive – the designer of the iPad, iPod and iMac – has been knighted in the New Year’s Honours List. The news carried an embargo. We had to wait until today. Of course, this arcane idiocy is not helped by the fact that newspaper publish yesterday and you can see the front pages on the internet – ones carrying photos of Helen Bonham Carter CBE, Gerald Ronson CBE and Chris Preddie CBE. It’s just further proof that news has moved faster than they who seek to control it. You might have read that Jonathan Ive, the British designer whom Jobs described as his “spiritual partner”, had been made a KBE on your smart phone or tablet. If you need proof of the value of Ive’s work, you need not look far.

Sir Jonathan Ive, 44, leads the headlines. Others have been honoured for their services to the country:

Paul Ruddock – knighted for services to… Well, he gav the Tory Party £500,000 since 2003. He becomes a Knight Bachelor for services to the arts – Sir Paul is a City trader who became chairman of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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GCHQ Recruits 35 Phone Hackers On Twitter And Facebook: Can You Crack Milly Dowler’s Phone?

THE News of The World may be dead, but you spooks and spies can still get work at MI6. GCHQ is recruiting 35 new code-breakers on the “Can You Crack It?” web page.

Crack the code and win the right to be trained up to snoop on members of the public, and have your mysterious death swept under the carpet and your name and reputation muddied.

Says a GCHQ spokesman:

“Code cracking skills are vital to secure the very best talent and to support the GCHQ mission in its fight against cyber threats. Our target audience is not typically attracted to traditional advertising methods and may be unaware that we are recruiting for these kinds of roles.”

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X Factor Alexandra Burke Sex Tape, Eoghan Quigg’s Heart And JLS Dog Dies

“BARELY a week goes by on TV’s the X Factor without tearful contestants revealing the tragic stories that inspired them to sing,” writes Caroline Iggulden of Alexandra Burke.

Pop stories like Gareth Gates, Javine Hilton, Alex Parks and many, many more.

“Unlike many of her rivals, bookies’ favourite Alexandra Burke has relied solely on her singing talents to win the votes of viewers – but today we can reveal her hidden heartache.”

The X Factor finale is almost upon us and Alex had best get her sob story in quick. News is that her mum has been ill.

Is that enough? Alex is up against Eoghan Quigg, who has a name that rhymes with Humperdink, was abandoned at birth and raised as a girl by the Loose Women. He feels very deeply about global warming and the plight of the Cuba’s indigenous flora.

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Ace’s Wild

‘INSIDE every rock chick there is a suburban housewife just waiting to get married, get pregnant and get her face in the pages of Hello! magazine.

‘D’you want spag bol or lasagne for your dinner, Liam?’

So much water has flowed under the celebrity bridge since All Saints called it quits that younger readers might not know who Natalie Appleton is.

But way back in the days when Gareth Gates was just a young virgin from Bradford with a stammer, barely a day went by when Natalie and her sister Nicole weren’t in the papers.

They partied hard, squired by a succession of famous boyfriends – for Nat, the likes of Mayfair dungeon regular Jamie Theakston and the first Mr Angelina Jolie, Jonny Lee Miller; for Nic, Robbie Williams, Bush’s Gavin Rossdale and even Leonardo DiCaprio.

But deep down all the sisters really wanted was to find their own rock star husband, hole up in their own rock star mansion and start popping out little rock stars and rock chicks.

And so it is that Natalie, or Mrs Liam Howlett as she is known since her marriage to the Prodigy star, throws open the doors of the couple’s Essex home and invites Hello! inside to meet baby Ace.

She tells us how Ace was born by caesarean section at London’s St John & Elizabeth Hospital on March 2, how he contracted a chest infection soon after birth and how he spent his first few days in intensive care at the ‘exclusive’ Portland Hospital as doctors cleared the oxygen that had accumulated round his chest.

She reveals that Liam is a hands-on father, changing nappies, helping out with feeds and getting up early to allow his wife some extra sleep.

And she talks about how her 11-year-old daughter Rachel (by stripper Karl Robinson) has adapted to the new addition to the family.

‘There is a blanket of happiness around everything I do,’ Natalie says.

And with that she was back off into the kitchen to prepare a nice meal for when Liam gets home from work…’

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Live And Plugged

‘THE BBC couldn’t really ask for a much better line-up as they launch the All New Top Of The Pops tonight with an exclusive showing of Michael Jackson’s latest video – and it isn’t the one of him on the private jet in discussions with his lawyer.

Double A or Double B?

Elton John will sing Your Song live from Atlanta, Kylie Minogue will be in the studio and Tony Blair’s favourite band, The Darkness, will premiere their festive offering, Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End).

Add to that Nelly and Mis-teeq, Robbie Williams and Lisa Maffia, Will Young and Gareth Gates, Westlife (and the awful dirge that is Mandy) and Blazin Squad – all on a show that is going out live – and tonight’s show sounds like a sure-fire hit.

The one downer is the presence of Victoria Beckham, who will let audiences hear both the tracks on the double-A side single she is releasing next month and ask them to decide which they prefer.

How about neither?’

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