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  1. Lord Lucan lived in Africa, says witness

    ... LORD Lucan was declared by the High Court dead... woman who worked for Lucan's friend John Aspinall has... (comment match)

  2. Is Lord Lucan really James Hewitt?

    ...DO we want to know what happened to Lord Lucan...: My dad Lord Lucan: Son breaks silence Detectives..., calls it a "twist". Lord Lucan’s younger brother Hugh... (comment match)

  3. Lord Lucan Found: Now For Madeleine And Diana

    ...LORD Lucan has been found alive and well and... is a wanted man. As the paper reports, Lord Lucan... Lucan, now goes under the name Roger Woodgate. He owns... (comment match)

  4. What was Arnold Schwarzenegger's involvement in the Lord Lucan mystery?

    ... about Arnie and Lord Lucan? Well, one staggering site... claims to have a link. Of course, Lord Lucan vanished... ex-Flying Squad officer alleged that that the 7th Earl of Lucan... (comment match)

  5. On This Day In Photos: The Hunt For Lord Lucan Begins

    ... for Lord Lucan, aka Richard John Bingham. He's still...;   Rivett was nurse to Lord and Lady Lucan... had been beaten to death.   Lord Lucan... (comment match)

  6. Who Are You Lucan At?

    ... little wonder that Lord Lucan wanted to get as far away... DNA evidence to prove that Lord Lucan and Jungle... Richard Bingham, the 7th Earl of Lucan, is most widely... (comment match)

  7. Lee Harvey Oswald's Coffin Sold For $56,000: JFK Is Missing

    ... was actually Lord Lucan, ghouls can bid again... (comment match)

  8. Hideous creature found on South African beach

    ... STOP searching. They've found Lord Lucan. Or... (comment match)

  9. River Thames Clean Up: Did You Find Anything?

    ..., Lord Lucan's necktie or Sarah Bernhardt’s Leg, do... (comment match)

  10. Old Cock And Bull

    ... Lord Lucan?Mr MacLoughlin's extensive investigations... sticking by their story, claiming that Lord Lucan took on... said that Lord Lucan did take on an alias,' Mr Mac... (comment match)