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How To Make Tamara Ecclestone’s Baby Jacuzzi




ANORAK’s favourite rich kid trying to find new ways to spunk her dad’s cash, Tamara Ecclestone, has been celebrating the impending arrival of her first child with a baby shower.

And it’s no longer a baby shower – it’s a Baby Whirlpool Bath. At a place, appropriately enough called The Orangery  (see skin tones) at Kensington Palace, London, the gift receiving got underway. Tamara tells Hello!:

“One friend gave me a beautiful set of baby cups and plates and a silver infant knife and fork from Tiffany.”

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Tamara Ecclestone flashes her bum at that swanky sun-kissed wedding

tamara-ecclestone wedding

OK! has an update on the wedding of pneumatic bum cream modelTamara Ecclestone — daughter of F1 supremo and 1960s action figure Bernie. As previously recorded, Tamara has decamped from her £45 million Kensington house with walk-in birkin museum and crystal bath to marry a Jay Rutland on the French Riviera.

Details of the £12 million do are emerging.

At the rented out Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, Bernie coughed up for Mariah Carey, Elton John, Mark Ronson and Lionel Richie to provide atmosphere.

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Tamara Ecclestone marries Jay Rutland at the Cap Ferat campsite

Jay Rutland and Tamara Ecclestone arrive on the red carpet at amfAR Cinema Against AIDS benefit at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, during the 66th international film festival, in Cap d'Antibes, southern France, Thursday, May 23, 2013. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

GILD the cobbles and have the staff set the sun to 78 degrees over Cap Ferat. Tamara Eccelstone, 28, has found a new way to spunk her dad, billionaire F1 boss Bernie’s piles of cash. She’s getting married.

When her sister Petra married James Stunt she moved into a house so large it had its own seat at the UN. Petra told us about the place she called home:

“I did have a wrapping room, but I can’t giftwrap, so it was useless.’ On the other hand, ‘we’ve kept the gym, beauty salons, the bowling alley and the cinema. But we’ve only used the cinema once and I’ve never been in the pool.”

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Tamara Ecclestone’s home is so huge she can’t find her bath

TAMARA Ecclestone, overdone daughter to F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, is talking about her £45m London home. Hello! is doing the inventory. It mentions that bath:

“There have been reports of some quite extravagant elements — such as the £1 million crystal bath…”

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Tamara Ecclestone finds a new way to spunk her dad’s money: the dog’s lover

TAMARA Ecclestone’s thought of the day, and possibly the week. The rallying point for a revolution against greed contemplates her chihuahua Duke and tells Hello!:

“He looks so handsome…I really want to get him a girlfriend for Christmas.

Anorak suggests she does. If it cost lots of money, Tamara, and you can show it off then do it. Finding news ways to spend your dad’s cash is a full-time job.

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A thieves guide to Tamara Ecclestone

TAMARA Ecclestone always reminds me of one of those spoiled little rich bitches that flitter from one exclusive boutique to the next looking like gold bars with hair and cocoa dusting. As it is, she’s just a rallying point for the anti-banking and greed movement.

This week in an At Home feature with Tamara, Hello! magazine published a series of  smiling perma-tan pictures with enough evidence of spoiled child to make half of Albania start typing draft ransom notes.

Hello! go into some detail here as they both photographed and described the interior of Tamara’s Chelsea home. They asked her lots of dumb-ass questions too, the best of which was where a mega-rich bag carrier would like to spend her Christmas this year. In the Maldives apparently.

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Tamara Ecclestone Blackmail Horror: Police’s News of the World’s Elite Story Unit Investigates

TAMARA Ecclestone, star of TV’s Billion $$ Girl – aka the recruitment video for UK Uncut, Occupy London and every other anti-capitalist movements – is embroiled in a “blackmail letter plot“.

The Sun reports:

THE daughter of Formula 1 billionaire Bernie Ecclestone has called in police over a blackmail bid. TV presenter and socialite Tamara Ecclestone is said to have been “horrified” after receiving threats to reveal details about her personal life.

Those bits of her personal life she not reveal to camera, and OK! magazine? Can it be that she’s holding something back?

Glamorous Tamara, 27, contacted cops on Monday after getting a letter from an extortionist who warned her he was about to release lurid claims from a former close friend. The heiress, who lives in a £45million mansion in Kensington, West London, was interviewed by detectives who are now treating the incident as blackmail.

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Quote Of The Day: Tamara Ecclestone Is Not a Complete Moron Because…

QUOTE of The Day, presented in the Radio Times by Tamara Ecclestone, daughter to Bernie Ecclestone boss of Formula One motor racing:

“I presented Formula 1 on Sky Sports Italia for two years, so I can’t be a complete moron.”

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Tamara Ecclestone’s Anti-Socialite Life Of Baths

TAMARA Ecclestone, biscuit-hued, lad’s mag model daughter to Bernie Ecclestone, reclines by an immaculate pool. To her side are two men: one with arms folded as if about to fight you for the yellow sunbed (with actual pillows and sheets); the other with shorts straining against his appreciation of all things Tamara.

Tamara is at the “casino floor” of the Planet Hollywood resort in Las Vegas. Hello! says she “looks like she has the world at her feet“. She does. From Tamara’s top floor vantage point you can see Paris, New York, the Pyramids of Egypt,  Medieval England, a sign pointing to a chlorinated Venice and the statue of Liberty.

Hello! tells us that Tamara is building a dog spa at her £45m London home. It will have a dog bath, leather bunk beds and special dryers. She has just taken delivery of a £1 million crystal bath for her £45million home.

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Tamara Ecclestone Ensures She Survives The Coming Slaughter

TAMARA Ecclestone is talking about her life and money in OK!, as she did for Hello! way back in February. Back then she showed off her 17 Hermes Bikrin bags. She told us:

“For me, ‘spoilt’ means ruined, and I don’t feel ruined.”

Now Bernie’s daughter tells us:

“I’ve got about 50 pairs of Louboutins.”

She also tells us that she likes bargain hunting – “I’ve been to sample sale before.”

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How Online Bullies Forced Tamara Ecclestone To Think About Running A Bath

YOU might suppose that given her father Bernie Ecclestone’s vast wealth, Tamara Ecclestone would opt to work as a nurse, teacher, research scientist or soldier. Instead, Tamara has opted for the perilous and challenging path of “celebrity”.

This week, Tamara is a “slender model and TV presenter”.

Tamara is at home when Hello! comes calling. Beneath the quote, “I’m not a spoilt ungrateful brat who doesn’t know the value of money”, we’re swiftly introduced to “14 shelves…stacked with Christian Louboutins alone, with a further 22 pairs of Ugg boots and at last 50 pairs of pumps.”

There are Hermes Berkin bags (“17 in total”), lots of dresses and a “collection of sunglasses”.

“Despite the overwhelming choice, Tamara says it takes her five minutes to get ready in the morning, but considerably longer if she’s going out to an event.”

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Petra Ecclestone is a victim in Flaunt magazine

TAMARA Ecclestone cannot spunk all of her dad Bernie’s money on her own. Until the moon is hollowed out, given a bag handle, lined with gold leaf and tiger genitals and out on a plinth in Sloan Street window, Tamara will toil at the coalface of shopping to lighten dad’s wallet but, like a buffed tangerine-styled Sisyphus carrying her shopping up Mount Street, she will never make it. Tamara Ecclestone needs help. Which is where Petra Ecclestone step in. Petra, 22-year-old owner of an $85 million mansion in LA, wants us to know that she is not spoilt.

She proves this by living in said house, having a £12m wedding to 1980s-themed James Stunt that Midas considered OTT, and now posing in Flaunt Magazine holding bundles of cash.

Petra says “people will get to know the real her”. Lesser people keen to show strangers the real them might get qualifications and letters before and after their name, write a book or blog, or invite people over for a chat – Petra has the room to address all of Flaunt’s readers at once and put them up for the night. But Petra prefers to suck in her cheeks, suck on a Starbucks coffee and tells us:

“With time, people will get to know the real me and realize that I’m not going to parties and falling out of my dress and getting drunk and all that.”

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Petra Ecclestone’s Wedding Only Cost £12m And Featured Not One Unicorn: Bernie Confesses To German Court

RICH goings on in Munich, Germany, where F1 action figure Bernie Ecclestone reveals that his ex-wife Slavica invested “in excess of £12 million” on their daughter Petra’s wedding to James Stunt.

He says he and his former beau argued over the £4,000-a-bottle Château Petrus wine, the stuff the wedding guests would sip as they listened to Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Black Eyed Peas, ate caviar, calamari, ravioli, lamb chop and chocolate pudding, and pissed away in the luxury toilets hand stitched by British craftsmen.

In a bid to prove that he had not misused the terms of an offshore trust in order to avoid inheritance tax for his aforesaid wife and daughters Petra and handbag collector Tamara Ecclestone, 81-year-old Bernie offered:

“Here’s a little bit of a demonstration of what really happens. My younger daughter got married and I thought as father of the bride I should pay for the wedding. But when it was suggested how much they would be spending on drinks, I thought it was absurd and I managed to upset my daughter and my wife. Then she spent in excess of £12 million on my daughter’s wedding, which I did not know about until afterwards.”

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Petra Ecclestone And James Stunt Are At Home In Hello! – Belgravia, LA And An Interview To Cherish

PETRA Ecclestone wants to show off the things she keeps in her Belgravia mansion. She’s talking to Tamara Beckwith, who lives in the area. Having saved a few quid on travel costs, Hello! settles down to meet the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone and sister to Tamara Ecclestone, who was only recently showing us her things in her massive Chelsea house.

Petra is sat on a deep sofa with her lover, a “privately wealthy” man called James Stunt. He’s 26. He has a name to conjure with. He appears to have stopped off on his way to a 1980s fancy dress party. James is possibly going to that do as a hateful Thatcherite estate agent whose been poured into a suit and forgotten to sway “when”.

Petra, of course, was recently in the news on account of her mother’s decision to spend $150 of her $734m divorce settlement from Bernie on Aaron Spelling’s 123-bedroom cottage in Los Angeles.

Says Tamara:

“Petra is far from what you might imagine a spoilt little rich girl should be.”

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Petra Ecclestone And James Stunt Buy Candy Spelling Massive Home for LA Grand Prix: Photos

PETRA Ecclestone, 22, daughter of Formula One action figure Bernie Eccleston, beloved of James Stunt and sister to shrewd Tamara Ecclestone (owner of new £45m home in inner city Kensington Palace Gardens – “For me, ‘spoilt’ means ruined, and I don’t feel ruined”) has bought Candy Spelling’s massive home. It was for sale at $150m.

The 57,000-square foot Los Angeles mansion built by the late TV producer Aaron Spelling (Charlie’s Angels, Dynasty, Starsky and Hutch). It will stage the new LA Grand
Prix on the mezzanine floor.

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How to write a Daily Mail story: the D-list celebrity attack

THE Daily Mail begins the year as it will surely go on. Omar Khyami used to date vapid aide to bikini tarmacing Tamara Ecclestone. The paper’s headline oozes:

Facing 2013 alone… Tamara Ecclestone’s balding ex Omar Khyami looks stressed as tries to relax poolside in Miami

This one’s got the lot: the snide remarks on physical appearance, the D-list subject, the naked flesh and the story created by a paparazzi photo of a man being “stressed” as a paparazzi snapper takes his photo…

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F1 teams told to forget Bahrain Grand Prix

IS Formula One set to pull out of the Bahrain Grand Prix? Is F1, that bastion of power and global warming enthusiasm – the circus that keeps Tamara Ecclestone in bags –  to be the world’s moral barometer?

The Times says that backstage staff on the F1 Tour – engineers, mechanics and catering staff – have been given two sets of return flight tickets from the grand prix in Shanghai, China, next Sunday: one for Bahrain (scene of the scheduled next Grand Prix) and the other for Europe (home to eight F1 teams).

Last year’s Bahrain Grand Prix was cancelled amid security concerns. This season’s race looks likely to follow suit.

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Laureus World Sports Awards 2012: more Brits than Oscars (in photos)

THE Laureus World Sports Awards – London, in photos: Novak Djokovic was crowned the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year. We wondered what he’d do with the trophy. When the cameras click and the sportsmen stands before the serried ranks of media and holds his metal statue, muscle memory or madness takes hold. After much uncertainty, Djokovic pretended he was going to take a bite out of his sporting Oscar and the kissed it.

He then explained the secret of his success:

“Mental strength is something you gain after some time, playing at the top level, competing with the best in the world and trying to absorb every challenge that is presented and trying to take the best out of it, to learn and improve every day. The biggest change I felt in my overall game is the emotional stability.”

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Crocodiles Get Free Vajazzle At Darwin Spa: Photos

OVER the web comes news of Louanne Grasmeder, of Darwin, Australia’s, Parap Day Spa in Darwin, who has given a crocodile a bikini wax, an exfoliation and pedicure. Says she:

“Breeding season is just around the corner – and we want her to look her best. In the wet season, the male crocodiles are fighting it out over breeding sites and female crocodiles will be extremely territorial.”

Anorak likes this. Overlook the cultural fascism of the hair free genitals and see instead the possibility of the pre-vajazzled crocodile-skin purse and bag.

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News In Photos: October 7 2011

NEWS In Photos – October 7 2011:
Tributes to the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, outside the Apple Store on Regent Street, in central London.
Protesters from Save Our Savers smash a paper piggybank outside the Bank of England in London, after the Bank of England kept interest rates at 0.5%.
Tamara Ecclestone poses with her new Ferrari 599 in south west London, to launch her Channel 5 show ‘Tamara Ecclestone: Billion $$ Girl’, which starts in November.
The first rare baby Drill monkey born at Edinburgh zoo explores it’s surroundings with it’s mother for the first time.

File photo dated 30/09/11 of walkers at the summit of Mount Snowdon in Snowdonia, Wales, make their way past a car covered in tarpaulin, after the 4×4 was abandoned near the top of the mountain for the second time in a month.
Irish players signatures on the Irish Fans Van outside the team hotel in Wellington, New Zealand.
Competitors flex muscles during the men’s +51yrs category at the Asian World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship in Bangkok, Thailand Thursday, Oct. 7, 2011. (AP Photo/Apichart Weerawong)
Chelsea pensioner Joe Britton celebrates his 100th birthday at the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London, where he is the oldest residing pensioner. Mr Britton starred on Channel 4’s Deal or No Deal in 2009, and has donated some of his winnings to the hospital.
Swimmers train at an event to highlight the 2012 Schools Games finals at the 2012 Aquatics Centre, London.
Anti-Assad demonstrators, some of them holding placards in Arabic reading, “No to trespassing the mosques, no to tyranny,” march in solidarity with protestors in Syria, following Friday prayers, in the southern port city of Sidon, Lebanon, Friday, Oct. 7, 2011. (AP Photo/Mohammed Zaatari)
Jia Ashton’s husband Matthew Ashton with his mother Sue Ashton outside Nottingham Crown Court .Kayleigh McNaughton (under blue jacket) leaves Manchester Crown Court where she a suspended jail sentence after she abandoned her two children in an unlocked car to go out drinking.
Leymah Gbowee, from Liberia, one of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winners, in New York, Friday, Oct. 7, 2011. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
Jonathan Weiss makes signs for the group, Occupy Cleveland, on Public Square in downtown Cleveland Friday, Oct. 7, 2011. The group is one of several across the country mirroring the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

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Wall Of Fame – David Walliams Takes It Hard And Fast Up The Twitter

I GOT a chance to watch David Walliams, the UK’s official gay-for-pay ambassador (after Russell Brand) hosting his new tabloid panel show, Wall Of Fame on SKY 1 HD.

Essentially, David is a dry, hetero-flexible host with good punchlines and visual jokes, like his burning cactus (that is not an STI reference).

This is completely new territory for Walliams. Viewers see a new side to him – the strategic, driven and focused star drawing the panel and his guests out into the pop cultural fray to take the piss. He adds class to the usual news quiz format.

My attention was held as the wall of 25 photos and videos lit up and flickered. David acted queer and special guests Billie Piper and Mrs. Robinson-esque political wife Sally Bercow added to the impression of watching the lounge at a suburban party of city emigrants.

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A Triumph In Bras And Knickers At London Fashion Week: Photos

AMID these photos of the Triumph bra and knickers fashion show at London Fashion week is a photo of celebrity bath runner Tamara Ecclestone. Can you find her..?


Picture 1 of 8

A model on the catwalk at the Triumph catwalk show, at Somerset House, in central London, as part of London Fashion Week.

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Elton John AID Foundation Ball 2010 Photos: Hofit Golan And Bird Sh*t Chic

THE Elton John AIDS Foundation Ball photos: The great and good rocked up to the American Embassy in south London to mingle with Elton’s mates. Liz Hurley bulged; Graham Norton modelled bird shit chiq on his jacket; Gemma Arterton looked, well, good (don’t tell her – she hates it); Tamara Ecclestone continued her quest for a signature tan; but the star was the ubiquitous Hofit Golan. Who is she? What does she do? Remind us


Picture 1 of 11

Liz Hurley attends the Elton John AIDS Foundation Winter Ball, at the American Embassy in south London.

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Who Is Hofit Golan? A Study In Pictures

WHO is Hofit Holan? The Gumball 3000 Rally kicked off with a party at the Crypt in central London. Michael Madsen, Tony Hawk, rapper Eve and the ubiquitous Hofit Golan were there. Who is Hofit Golan? And why she is every party and opening? Golan isIsrael’s answer to Paris Hilton or the Geldof girls“. Others have asked: “In the past we’ve tried to figure out who Hofit Golan is.” And:

According to the trusty Internet search, she’s an Israeli socialite. According to her commenting fans, she’s “stunning and a TV presenter and spokes model [sic]” who “looks classy and sexy.”

She seems to be pals with Tamara Ecclestone, a woman the colour of a hot night on the tiles. Who is she? Pictures to help you to decide…


Picture 1 of 21

Hofit Golan arrives for the screening of 'Ocean's Thirteen' during the 60th annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. Picture date: Thursday 24 May 2007. Photo credit should read: Ian West/PA Wire

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In Pictures: Jennifer Lopez’s Back Up Plan Premier, Kerry Katona And Other Stuffed Turkeys

WEDNESDAY meant The Back-Up Plan premier at The Vue, Leicester Square, London. The co-stars Alex O’Loughlin and Jennifer Lopez have set the movie world abuzz with their romance. It’s not so much a “Have they?” as a “Would they even if there was no-one else alive on Earth?” Lopez has been in more turkeys than a Bernard Mathews’ chestnuts. And this is another one. But the celebs were choice. You can tell a lot about the calibre of a film by the sort of liggers it attracts. So here come: Kerry Katona, Stacey Solomon, Sophia Hyatt, Hofit Golan, Jenni Falconer, Tamara Ecclestone (and what colour is she today – we’d say ‘Defcom 4), Kathryn Prescott and – a roll on the turkey drummers – Bianca Gascoigne…


Picture 1 of 26

Alex O'Loughlin and Jennifer Lopez arriving for the gala premiere of The Back-Up Plan at The Vue, Leicester Square, London.

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