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Celebrity news & gossip from the world’s showbiz and glamour magazines (OK!, Hello, National Enquirer and more). We read them so you don’t have to, picking the best bits from the showbiz world’s maw and spitting it back at them. Expect lots of sarcasm.

Big Brother Eviction: Charley And Nicky

THE housemates have just found out that Charley and Nicky will go head-to-head in this week’s eviction, the first time either has faced the public vote. But there wll be no eviction. So Charley gets to stay. Which is a fix. Of course.  So back her to finish in the top four at 4-1.

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Manchester United Vote For Big Brother’s Charley Uchea

A CLUB source tells the Star: “The boys are going to keep her in the house so they can still wind him up. They’re not short of a bob or two for phone votes.”

So the players will fix it to keep Charley in so they can take the mick out of Kieran Richardson, the United player who is also Charley’s cousin. The United player who is rumoured to be on his way to Manchester City…

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Big Brother Punishes Jade Goody

SAYS Jade Goody: “After the miscarriage I did ask: ‘Why is all this happening?’ I thought it was God’s punishment for something I’d done.

“This year it’s been one thing after another. But after losing the baby I thought I’d never recover.”

More tea?

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Big Bother’s Wrong Un: Carole Rumbles Patricia

CAROLE Vincent has twigged that Patricia is as genuine as Charley’s hair.

This does not mark Carole out as any planet-sized brain. Chances are high that in the course of her many protests Carole happened upon SM:TV on Saturday morning telly and saw Pauline “Poo” the fake Australian housemate (Thaila Zucchi).

Thalia was once part of The Allstars, the main feature of a TV show called Starstreet. Like The Monkeys, this story of a fake band turned into reality – Allstars had four top-20 hits in what counts for the real world.

And then there is Carole, who knows everything about everything. The shock would be if Carole took anything at face value. Carole (3-1 to finish in the top four) looks for hidden depth and meanings in everything. Carole knows. She may even know what Samanda is talking about.

“Pauline looks like someone from a teen movie!” says Samanda (Amanda is 6-1 to win the show). She does. And someone from a children’s TV show called The Allstars. Samanda is 19 and most likely watched the show and wanted to be Patricia.

And of course Patricia is not Australian. Says Carole: “If you’re an Australian there are certain things you know. She’s not Australian.”

Patricia doesn’t even do a decent Australian accent. Anyone who has ever been served in bar, smacked by a huge backpack on the Tube or been institutionalised and forced to watch Ozzie daytime soaps (or worked as a journalist) know how to speaks Aussie. It’s the vocal equivalent of taking a cotton wool bud, removing the soft bit and inserting it into your ear. Hard.

There is also the added problem that unlike all young Australians, Patricia doesn’t talk constantly about “home” and hang about with other Australians.

But she has yet to be exposed. Ziggy would surely like to do just that. And we’d wish it on him just to see the look on Chanelle’s face and how tiny her knickers get in her bid to be seen and liked. (Chanelle is drifting to 14-1.)

But Patricia will be sussed. Anorak predicts he will be outted by Tracey (59-1 to win) who has most likely watched lots of children’s morning telly and enjoys a good conspiracy theory.

Which all makes us wonder what Patricia is doing in the house. And if “Poo” will cause a stink for anything other than her fast going-off acting career?

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Charley Uchea On Big Brother Niggers And White Trash

charley1.jpgCHARLEY Uchea has the Big Brother staff where she wants them.

Cowed and beaten, they refuse to evict her. Charley wants to stay in the house and Endemol wants what Charley wants.

This week there will be an eviction. Instead, viewers will vote for which housemate they want out and then see them parachuted back in.

This is challenging TV, says Big Brother. This is TV for the challenged, say viewers. You spend money getting one of them out and then watch that housemate go back in. And your money spent on the phone call goes where?

This is billed as a clever ploy to stir things up. The evicted housemate will be shown who voted for them. They will become embroiled in rage. But Samanda doesn’t do rage, nor do Tracey, Liam, Brian, Ziggy or Carole. Nicky grumbles loudly. Chanelle whines. But they don’t really rage. Only one housemate goes berserk. Only one housemate finds confrontation normal: Charley.

So you vote Charley out. And in again. “Next week it has to be her,” says Gerry, which is surely discussing nominations.

Which means he should be banned from nominating. Like Charley, who in revealing her meeting with a Chelsea footballer, says: “Easy nigger.”

Yes Chanel 4, Charley used the N-word as a black woman to refer to another black person. Big Brother called her to the Diary Room to remind her that this word could cause offence.”

But, apparently, not if you are black and the person calling you a nigger is of the same skin tones. “We judged her use of the term different from Emily’s.”

Which makes us wonder why Jermaine Jackson was not judged for calling the Goody clan “white trash” in the last Celebrity Big Brother? (“I did not call Jade Goody white trash. The white trash statement came from Dirk Benedict,” said Jackson’s statement, although we heard him say it.)

One possible answer could be that Big Brother makes it up as it goes along. And so long as Charley stays in, anything goes…

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Ziggy Dumps Chanelle: Pauline Does Big Brother Panto

big-brother-pauline.jpgZIGGY has dumped Chanelle and all is right in the Big Brother house.

It’s not easy having your summer fling played out before a bunch of strangers and watching millions.

Ziggy pulled but was unable to tell his mates, go on a couple of dates then be hard to get hold of on the phone before getting off with Chanelle’s best mate.

Chanelle is a wet weekend in Wakefield. She is clingy, needy and exactly the type of person who would hero worship Victoria Beckham. From being one of the show’s favourites, Chanelle is now 14-1 to win behind Brian (3-1 fav., Liam, Amanda, Gerry and Sam)

“Things aren’t working,” say Ziggy (37-1). “I just don’t think we’re compatible.” It’s not you Chanelle, it’s us.

After the split comes the row and the chance to blame it on someone else. Interesting if this someone is not even in the house and is an actress pretending to be Pauline from Australia.

Pauline is really called Thalia Zucchi. She will enter the house for “fake week”. This is revolutionary Big Brother, says presenter Davina McCall. Indeed, amid all the failed boy banders, failed models and failed Wags, Pauline is this season’s first failed actress.

Pauline will hope Big Brother is the springboard for her own success. She can do accents, notably an Australian one. It should be interesting to watch her keep the act up as she gets off with Ziggy. Can she row in an Australian accent, as she is sure to argue with Charley and Chanelle?

Pauline will quickly realise that her fame is on a par with Billi and Seány’s. She will enter the house full of hope and then work out what to do next? Is she a Big Brother star or an actress. Which pays more in panto?

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Big Brother Interview: Laura Moves Her Lips

Fourth evictee Laura left the House wearing her leopard-print dressing gown and a big smile. She swiftly joined Davina for a candid chinwag…

Davina: Now that you’re out, how does it feel?

Laura: It’s better. It’s absolutely even better.

D: You really haven’t been enjoying it?

L: I thought I’d just plod along until someone nominated me so… thanks.

D: Up until this week Carole was the only person that had nominated you. You’re telling me that this week you did a tactic to get nominated?

L: Sort of.

[They watch footage of Laura lounging around the Big Brother House]

D: Not a great, show-winning tactic.

L: I know but…

D: But you’re funny!

L: I know…

D: You gave up. Now listen, there was another side to you, a straight-talking side. That’s probably the reason you’re sat here today. Is that the real you?

L: Uhm…

D: Say there was an argument happening, you’d go in and stir things up.

L: Well I had to do that.

D: Let’s talk Chanelle and Ziggy. Is it real?

L: Erm. Let me think. No.

D: Who was your favourite housemate?

L: Seány.

D: Do you fancy Liam?

L: No.

D: You sat on his back and wiggled!

L: No. Honestly.

D: Who do you want to win?

L: Liam. No, Charley!

D: How do you reckon a foxy new housemate will be received?

Laura gasps…

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Nailing Laura Williams To Big Brother’s Wall

laura-williams.jpg“I’LL GET MY WANGERS ON PAGE 3” says Laura Williams on the Star’s page 1.

Laura is defined by her breasts, or wants to be.

Having been forcibly removed from the Big Brother sofa by the heave-ho of democracy, Laura tells Davina McCall that it was her breasts that held her back.

They are so heavy, see. They are so gigantic, see. They are so massive, see, that she cannot do much in the day other then lie on her back or, if he tries, sit on the sofa.

“I am a big character and all the big characters have gone,” says Laura. Sure. Big Brother always votes off the winners. And Laura believes this wholeheartedly.

She tells us: “But I’ll be back on TV before you know it. I’ll be on Celebrity BB next year.”

But what will be her celebrity? What’s her talent?

“It’d be brilliant to be a Page 3 girl,” says Laura. “I’ve got some of the biggest boobs ever to hit BB, so I’d proudly be a pin-up.”

Fetch the staple gun, Mr Anorak,this is going to be like nailing jelly to a wall…

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Laura Williams Is Big Brother Evictee No. 4

IF Laura stayed in she would really shake it up next week. So she said. She would:

a) Put on a new housecoat
b) Move
c) Shift about in her seat

She would also very probably pull Liam. Laura is exactly the kind of big, no nonsense, mega-breasted woman Liam would marry.

But she has gone. And you have won easy money. And Ziggy is looking on with a mixture of horror and fear. Chanelle remains in the house.

Ziggy remains with Chanelle. Stuck. Locked. Frustrated.  Pained.

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Big Brother Billi Bhatti Gets The Cold Shoulder

BIG Brother’s housemate Billi ‘Zoolander’ Bhatti is at large in London’s West End.

The Star looks on as he tried to get into Chinawhite, the club frequented by Division One footballers and their would-be lovers.

But he is refused entry. And things go from bad to worse when Danielle Lloyd pops up to offer him her shoulder to cry on.

This is what Big Brother housemates have to look forward to on the outside.

If they knew, would they ever come out? And has the ever been refusal, a housemate who has declined to leave?

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Big Brother: Ziggy Wants Chanelle Out

chanelle-hayes.jpg“ZIGGY: vote Chanelle out tonight,” says the Star front page, the “official” Big Brother newspaper.

“Love rat plans to bed Charley.”

Anyone who has seen the show will know Ziggy to be far from a love rat. Thrown into the house with eleven women, Ziggy behaved like a gentlemen.

His error was to hook up with Chanelle, who longs to be part to the kind of romance she’s spent her teenage years reading about in Bella magazine.

But there is no romance. There is only convenience and panic. Ziggy does not want to sleep in between Tracey and Carole. Chantelle does not want to wake up with Charley’s pet hairs on her face and drowning in Laura’s chest. So Chanelle and Ziggy buddy up at bed time.

But it has to be more than sleeping arrangements. They have to talk to each other for the rest of the day.

But Ziggy is finding it a struggle. He wants out. For some weeks, Ziggy has been telling Chanelle how much he really, really, really likes her. The hope is that she will question her own feelings and dump him. “I like you,” says Ziggy, “please dump me. Finish with me. I can’t bare your whining, your moaning and your neediness.”

Chanelle looks at him. She sees Beckham. She sees a ten-page photospread in heat. She sees babies called Red and Armani.

Chanelle is up for eviction. She’s 15-1 to go tonight. Chances are that Ziggy will not wave goodbye to Chanelle with one hand while the other pulls Charley.

And chances are he won’t quit if Chanelle walks. The Sport says: “Ziggy: Kick out Chanelle and I quit.”

He won’t quit. She wont’ go. We would like her too, though. There is nothing in this relationship. Ziggy and Chanelle are tiresome and draining. Their romance is a prison. Ziggy knows they have nothing. He tells Gerry: “If Chanelle stays then great. But if she goes, it will give me the freedom to do what I want.”

Ziggy wants to flirt with Samanda and Charley. He may even chat up Nicky. But he will not get hooked up, not make the same mistake twice.

No, Laura will go. She’s 1-20 to be evicted. Take the bet…

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Get Charley Out: The Big Brother Fix

charley-uchea.jpg“DAVINA IN BIG BROTHER FIX,” screams the Star’s front page.

What many have suspected to be true is now given form as Davina McCall screeches to the crowd: “Let’s change the chant to Keep Charley in.”

The chant in Elstree is “Get Charley Out”. And Big Brother viewers have heard the people who stand outside the house chants it every day since Charley and her pet hair strutted into the compound.

Since then Charley has remained in situ. Even when she was up for eviction – and a shoo-in to go – she survived when Billi’s votes were discounted in a spot of vote rigging Robert Mugabe would have found embarrassing and heavy handed.

But presenter Davina McCall’s joking doesn’t work. A few do as instructed, specifically the runners looking for a career in telly. But before long the universal chant returns to “Get Charley Out”.

Davina needs to repeat her message in sterner tones. “Charley’s not up for eviction and if you keep chanting her name you will be giving her the attention she wants,” she says.

So we should ignore Charley, the show’s only character of interest, and keep her in. “She’s a streetfighter,” says Jonathan. And out in the street, Davina is fighting for her…

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Big Bother’s Fix And Stones: Emily Goes, Laura Stays

LAURA Williams has called Liam a “poof”. “The use of the word was carefully considered in the context in which it was said and consideration given to the fact no offence was intended or caused.”

The fact?

Readers may recall Emily Parr calling Charley a “nigger”. She meant no offence. And Charley said no offence had been taken. But she was removed from the house. Fair?

Bet on Laura to go with a free £10 bet…

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Big Brother And Chanelle-ing Britney Spears

CHANELLE Hayes has forgotten to put her knickers on.

Such are the strains and stresses of being put up for eviction that Chanelle is spotted by the Sport parading around the Big Brother house knickerless.

“Chanelle Tunnel!” says the Sport’s front page. The paper says Chanelle has looked to Britney Spears for inspiration”.

In which case we can expect to see her shaving her head, drawing bad tattoos on her skin and dating a failed singer who craves the limelight…

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Tuk-Tuk Jade Goody: Banned From Driving

JADE Goody is back in the news. She’s in court being banned from driving for six months.

Her lawyers say she should not be banned because she will get such a hostile reception on public transport. Her mute Lover Jack Tweedy was banned for a year in March for drink driving.

Goody’s lawyer says his client accidentally cancelled her motor insurance policy. Says Philip Kelly: “It was not a case of deliberately driving without the required documentation.”

It was a “genuine mistake”. The reaction from Jade’s fanbase in the slums of India is not known…

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Big Brother’s Den Of Vice

laura.jpg“SECRET vice den in the Big Brother house,” yells the Star’s front page.

So few of you have been watching the show that we can exclusively reveal that Big Brother also features an opium farm, a Taliban training facility and Lord Lucan selling timeshares on the Big Brother beach resort.

But it’s the “VICE DEN” that interests the Star. It’s underground. It’s styled on a “seedy” Soho nightclub. There is a rumour that producers may send in “near-naked pole dancers”.

Of course, Charley is already there. Or haven’t the producers noticed?

If they really wanted to get us to tune in, the producers would stick a big TV screen to the wall and broadcast catch-up episodes of Coronation Street and The 1,000 Best Moments In Open University.

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Big Brother Betting: Sofa So Bad For Laura

LAURA (four nominations) and Chanelle (five) are up for the chop. Viewers may not know who Laura is. We tell you that she is the large women sat on the sofa or, as is her wont, lying on the bed. Chanelle is Ziggy’s love interest.

Take Laura to go at 2-15. Not big odds, but easy money. Take the bet and claim your free £10.

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Big Brother’s Chantelle Houghton On Fame And Sex

SAYS newly single Chanelle Houghton, winner of Celebrity Big Brother: “It’s so lonely when you first go into the house that you can just pair off with anyone.

“It’s only when you’re outside the house that you can tell whether you’ll work in the real world.”

And when your agent gets you the work as professional Big Brother lovebirds…

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Big Brother Charley Uchea Plunges 50ft

charley.jpgBIG Brother news: “Charley in 50ft plunge horror.”

Say it ain’t so. Can it be that Charley fell off her shoes? And did her hair act as a parachute? Did she whistle on the way down as the air rushed past and through her?

The Sport leads with news that “Big Brother hate figure” Charley Uchea fell from a hotel balcony when a child. (Charley is still a porcine 47-1 to win the show with Anorak’s free £10 bet.)

This may explain much, or not.

On holiday in Italy, the four-year-old Charley fell four stories onto a wooden floor. Says mum Theresa Owen: “When the ambulance came her eyes rolled in the back of her head (we’ve seen that look from other housemates whenever Charley talks) and she had no pulse for a few seconds. We thought she was dead.”

She died? And then she retuned as a harridan, a screaming banshee hellbent of splitting ears and hairs?

No. She survived. And went on to be… Yes, that’s right. As is the way with all Big Brother mouths, Charley was the victim of bullies.

Just like Danielle Lloyd, that other wannbe Wag, Charley was teased at school. She was “racially abused” and told she was “too thin”. Lloyd drew criticism for her colour (tangerine) and being, by her admittance, too pretty.

The difference is, of course, that Charley’s body is as nature intended. But if she is to chuck herself down stairs again, we suggest she go equipped with Lloyd-type airbags…

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Prince Harry’s Big Brother Body Armour

BIG Brother bully Danielle Lloyd is at the Princess Diana funeral show. The do was at Wembley Stadium, and chances are that Dani was in the area looking for footballers when the dirge struck up.

The Star says Dani was “holding court” when Prince Harry arrived.

He “couldn’t take his eyes off her boobs,” says a source. “She’s a very tall girl in her heels and when he chatted to her he kept talking to her cleavage.”

This might be because he could not stand to look at her face. Or because Danielle’s 34DD “chesticles” double as body armour to deflect bullets and would be just the thing for the boys in the front line and Chelsey Davy…

Less l’amour than l’armour…

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It Was All About Me And Charley Says Big Brother’s Emily Parr

emily-charley.jpg“CHARLEY WILL WIN BIG BROTHER.”

So says the Star’s front page, words taken from the mouth of Emily Parr.

How glad we were to see the back of Emily when she called Charley a “nigger”. And how glad the Star is to see the back of Emily once more as she wraps her “booty” in a pair of black knickers and pushes it out.

And what is more Emily will reveal more. No, not her “skin” but the “truth about Big Brother plot”.

Emily is a typically solipsistic housemate. She is the victim of the show’s “biggest ever plot fix”. Emily says the show is being fixed to ensure Charley Uchea wins.

Inside the paper and Emily is turned around to give us frontal view of her bra and knickers.

“There were five birthdays in June in the house, but Charley had the most massive birthday party, it’s definitely BB fixing how people are seen,” says Emily. “They only gave the twins a pretend party with slop. They have their favourites, put it that way Charley is definitely it.”

But it could have been Emily. As she tells us: “They told my mum they didn’t use a lot of footage of me in the first week because they planned to bring my character out later, then people would want to see more and more of me.”

But then Emily called Charley a nigger and we had seen enough. Although Emily would like to show us more…

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Big Brother Jonathan Durden Walks

jonathan-durden.jpgNO great shock to learn that Jonathan Durden has left Big Brother.

He now joins Lesley Brain on her sponsored walk to raise money for fallen Big Brother stars.

If there is shock to be found it is in Jonathan’s reason for leaving: his grandmother has died.

We do not wish to dwell on such matters but Jonathan is 49 years of age, a time when having living grandparents is more of a surprise then finding one of them toes up in the domino pile.

But Jonathan was never comfortable in the house. There is only limited pleasure to be had from watching Nikki bend over and dreaming of balmy days in your Portugal villa with Samanda, the Midwich Cuckoo, for company.

Jonathan is not an unlikeable character. Worrying eyebrows, of course. But his name alone, an abbreviated Jonathan with no ‘h’ in a sea of Billlllis, Nikkkkkis and Charleys marked him out as the embodiment of simpler times.

It’s just that having said he wanted to go a week or more back, and then changing his mind, and then, as the Sun says, sparking rumours of leaving to marry, he now suffers the loss of a dead grandma.

If I were Big Brother I’d want some sign of her passing, or a note from Jonathan’s mum.

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Big Brother Trying To Fix Nominations?

BIG Brother calls Tracey into the Diary Room.

Tracey is offered £1,000, two extra nominations and an unlimited supply of tobacco!

“That’s a phat offer,” says Tracey. “A proper phat offer – you’ve done well. But nah, it’s not happening geezer. It’s. Just. Not. Happening.”

But it will happens. Having placed Carole in the firing line (see here), Big Brother is contriving to keep Charley in the house. It is trying to alter the nominations. Four votes for Tracey…

What can Big Brother do between now and Wednesday to fix the deal once more..?

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Big Brother Free Bet: Chanelle Unwell, Charley Sick, Carole Mugged

pig.jpgBIG Brother’s Chanelle is feeling unwell.

For the second time she has been whisked from the Big Brother house for treatment. Chanelle has pains in her stomach. Chanelle, as is recorded here and elsewhere, fashions herself on Victoria Beckham. (Chanelle is 100-30 to be the top female and 11-10 for a top four finish with Anorak’s free £10 bet.)

Are the pains the result of over-eating and having a turbo-charged metabolism? The Big Brother doctors must decide. Maybe Chanelle should eat more?

For a clue to what might have pushed Chanelle over the edge, we see Charley (59-1 to win) celebrating her, er, 21st/22nd/45th birthday by filling a bucket with a memento of her birthday tea.

Laura passed out on the bathroom floor. No-one noticed. But at least it gives Laura a renewed purpose. Uses for Laura have been hard to come by. Although it worked for Glyn last year, being Welsh is not always enough. Laura (47-1 to come first) is now the only draught excluder in the village.

Plans to have Laura’s Wangers recalibrated to dispense curry sauce and ketchup are rumoured to be in the more advanced stages. There may well be more than one use for Laura. Ideas to the usual address.

Having been located – Big Brother told the housemates where she was – Laura was given a badge. Not one that said “Kick me” but one bearing the legend “sloth”.

Big Brother had provided Carole (37-1 for ultimate victory) with definitions of the seven deadly sins and told her to match the housemate with the sin.

She awarded the sloth gong to Laura. “What’s sloth anyway?” asked Laura. If she can be bothered, she can find out. But it’s unlikely she will.

This was of course Big Brother playing with Carole. Labelling Laura slothful, Tracy greedy, Amanda beset by pride, Nicky cursed by envy, Liam full of lust, Ziggy glutinous and Charley guilty of wrath, Big Brother has guaranteed that Carole will be up for eviction next week. The badge pinned to Carole’s top says “Mug”

Carole has already been up twice for eviction. And the thinking is that with one vote used up on her the housemates may not turn on Charley. The horror show may yet again escape.

Meanwhile Charley is reeling about the place dressed in a basque and invisible knickers.

She is tossing her guts into a bucket. Well, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go – unless Carole beats her to it…

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Big Brother’s Emily Parr Is The Victim

DISGRACED Big Brother housemate Emily Parr invites Anorak readers to “Check me out! Get to know the real me…”

Emily Parr signs off her missive: “Love Emily x”. That “Love Emily” might be an order, less than a request. And given Emily’s love of black chat, the X might be her slave name. Emily X displays the absence of an inherited African name to take its place.

To make her point, Emily writes in six times. Emily is determined that we get to know the “real her”; for all we know the real Emily might be an easy-going lovable type, and not a pushy eager-to-be seen wannabe.

“I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!,” says the title to Emily’s letter to the masses.

It quickly transpires that this is unlikely to be Big Brother’s Emily Parr at all. This is in all likelihood someone who wants to put the jackboot in on Emily Parr and do her no little damage.

Says this would-be Emily Parr: “I should point out that I am completely racist but so what? I’m Emily Parr so I do whatever I want. Besides black people aren’t as good as white people. I hate it when black people are confident. They want to be taken down a peg or two. They’re just jealous because I’m so beautiful.”

Anorak is no friend to Miss Parr but suggests that she finds out who is passing themselves of as her with malicious intent and invites them to “stick it out” for a good kicking.

And tell the police…

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