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Madeleine McCann: Gerry McCann says ‘Madeleine and her safety is often treated with complete contempt’

MADELEINE McCANN: Kate and Gerry McCann want Lord Leveson proposals on media regulation be implemented in full.

They should not get their way. Press Freedom means what it says. No buts. Why should journalists be held to ethical and moral standards imposed by others? You only need a access to the internet and an opinion to be a journalist. You might not be a good one, but the public will be the judges.

Why should a human being not need a license to express a view? True, writers must be held to account for what they /we say. But freedom of expression cannot be ring-fenced. You cannot cause offence to no-one.

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The worst thing you will be read this year: Cardinal Roger Mahony forgives the priests’ rape victims

CARDINAL Roger Mahony, 76, headed the Los Angeles archdiocese for 25 years. The place was riddled with sex abuse. Children were raped. In 2007, Los Angeles paid $660m to alleged victims of abuse. His successor, the Most Reverend José H. Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles, apologised:

 My brothers and sisters in Christ, 

This week we are releasing the files of priests who sexually abused children while they were serving in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. These files document abuses that happened decades ago. But that does not make them less serious. I find these files to be brutal and painful reading. The behavior described in these files is terribly sad and evil. There is no excuse, no explaining away what happened to these children. The priests involved had the  duty to be their spiritual fathers and they failed…

My predecessor, retired Cardinal Roger Mahony, has expressed his sorrow for his failure to fully protect young people entrusted to his care. Effective immediately, I have informed Cardinal Mahony that he will no longer have any administrative or public duties…

Cardinal Mahony shielded accused priests from investigation in the 1980s. When he had power, he abused it. That power has been removed. He protected Msgr. Peter Garcia, who raped illegal immigrant children in Spanish-speaking parishes. He threatened to have them deported if they told the authorities. Mahony ordered him to keep out of California: “I believe that if Monsignor Garcia were to reappear here within the archdiocese we might very well have some type of legal action filed in both the criminal and civil sectors”. In 1987, Garcia did return to LA.  He remained a priest until 1989. He died in 2009. He was never prosecuted. 

Mahony takes to his blog. His post is entitled: “CALLED to HUMILIATION”:

From our earliest catechism days we learn about the virtue of humility. We study it, we think about it; but we don’t embrace it.

And why? Because humility is all about self-effacing, about seeing ourselves as far more diminished than we had hoped. As a result, few of us set out to embrace humility for Lent or as a pattern for our lives. Most us us accept a few affronts and neglects as humility, and then move on.

But as disciples of Jesus Christ, we are actually called to the fullness of humility: humiliation, and publicly.

Today’s Gospel gives us the stark reality and immediate challenge: “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” {Luke 9:23] Daily means each and every day, not now and then on our faith journeys, and on our terms.

That desire flows from our lips so easily, but we seldom mean it fully and internally. It’s almost a spiritual throw-away for us. But Jesus means it so deeply.

Given all of the storms that have surrounded me and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles recently, God’s grace finally helped me to understand: I am not being called to serve Jesus in humility. Rather, I am being called to something deeper–to be humiliated, disgraced, and rebuffed by many.

It wasn’t about kids being raped. It wasn’t about secular law being ignored. It was about him being tested.

I was not ready for this challenge. Ash Wednesday changed all of that, and I see Lent 2013 as a special time to reflect deeply upon this special call by Jesus.

To be honest with you, I have not reached the point where I can actually pray for more humiliation. I’m only at the stage of asking for the grace to endure the level of humiliation at the moment.

It gets even better:

In the past several days, I have experienced many examples of being humiliated. In recent days, I have been confronted in various places by very unhappy people. I could understand the depth of their anger and outrage–at me, at the Church, at about injustices that swirl around us.

Thanks to God’s special grace, I simply stood there, asking God to bless and forgive them.

He forgives the victims.

Over the coming days of our Lenten journey I hope to explore with all of you some deeper spiritual insights into what it really means to take up our cross daily and to follow Jesus–in rejection, in humiliation, and in personal attack.

Strangely, the more I allow all of this to unfold without protest and objection, the greater the inner peace I feel.

Kyrie, eleison!

And you still wonder how rapists can get away with it..?

Photo: Msgr. Roger Michael Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles, receives from Pope John Paul II the biretta, symbol of cardinal rank, during a Consistory at the Vatican in Vatican City, Friday, June 28, 1991. The Pope elevated 23 new Cardinals. 

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August 1970 – A Smuggler’s Guide to Importing Pot from Mexico (Scanlan’s magazine)

AUGUST, 1970 – A Smuggler’s Guide to Importing Pot from Mexico, as featured in Scanlan’s Magazine.

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Oscar Pistorius: Reeva Steenkamp is turning on the world – it’s what she would have wanted

THE OSCAR Pistorius murder trial: Why are we watching it? The Paralympian’s girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, 29, died at his home in Pretoria on Thursday. Steenkamp was shot four times. Bullets hit her in the head, chest and hand. It seems as through they were fired through the bathroom door at the runner’s home on the Silver Lakes Golf Estate on Thursday. A 9mm pistol was found at the home. The next day the Sun led with the photo of bikini model Steenkamp in a bikini.

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Oscar Pistorius murder: no tears in court, Trish Taylor’s bitterness and taking sides

OSCAR Pistorius is front-page news. The double-amputee, “the fastest man on no legs” who became a Paralympic and Olympic robo-legend, is accused to murdering his lover, 30-year-old Reeva Steenkamp, at their South African home. He’s been in court.

The Indy: “Pistorius Weeps”
Daily Express: “Blade Runner sobs in court”
The Times: “The anguish of Oscar”

Like the Express, the Sun opts to lead with the alleged killer’s nickname, focusing on the unfortunate “Blade” angle – although the murder weapon is said to have been a gun:

“Blade Runner suicide watch”

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1948: The great horse meat scandal

1948: THE horse meat scandal. Meat on the hoof. Black market “veal”! Eight of every ten horses head to the slaughterhouses! “This sordid trade is on the increase..!” “Shire horses are being wiped out..!”

Sugar rationing in World War 2

How carrots won World War Two

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I got a Christopher Dorner tattoo: Media turned a killer into a folk hero (Raoul Moat is dead)

CHRISTOPHER Dorner allegedly murdered three people, one a policeman – one Monica Quan, an unarmed woman related to a cop. The ex-cop wanted to murder lots more people. He went on the lam. He found Kim and Jim Reynolds’ mountain cabin in the San Bernardino mountains in California. He stuffed their mouths with small towels and placed pillow cases over their heads. He had a gun.

“I really thought it could be the end,” Ms Reynolds told reporters “…He tried to calm us down, saying very frequently, he would not kill us.”

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Valentine’s Day: The most disastrous dinners for two: rows, murder and mayhem

As you prepare your St Valentine’s Day meals, take care. Cooking can lead to rows. We’ve chronicled arguements over dinner in the news…

Mashed potato 

A husband killed his ‘nagging’ wife by clubbing her to death with a lump hammer after a row about mashed potato. Colin Adlard, 61 snapped and repeatedly struck his wife Wendy with the hammer while she was in bed because she would not stop shouting at him and berating him. 


A man turned to drugs to de-stress following a heated row with his girlfriend over defrosting waffles. Jamie Paddison of  Grantham, Lincolnshire  admitted possession of cannabis after being found carrying the Class B drug on December 19. Bill Fraser, defending, told the court Paddison had made good progress in reducing his use of the drug but had a habit of turning to it in times of stress, as he did following a row with his girlfriend. Mr Fraser added: “The row was about how they should have defrosted their waffles – which seems a bit bizarre to me.”

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Pregnant Kate Middleton shows off her bikini curves on holiday in Mustique: the fury!

PSSST! Want to see photos of Kate Middleton on holiday in Mustique? Well, then you’ll have to buy a copy of Italy’s Chimagazine, which has published the shots of the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge. The British need to make do with the Daily Mail’s news that said photos have been met with “Royal fury”.

Louise Eccles and Rebecca English poor scorn on that “tawdry” foreign rag. How very dare it cause our British Princess anguish the sticky fingers of a long lens. Meanwhile, on other Mail pages you can read:

Jenny Frost shows off her growing curves in bikini as she talks fans through her pregnancy – 10/10/2012

Revealing Victoria’s Secrets! Doutzen Kroes shows off her fabulous post-pregnancy figure in daring black bikini – 16/02/2012

Making waves! Megan Fox shows off pre-pregnancy body in tiny black bikini – 30/11/2012

Glowing Myleene Klass shows her pregnancy curves in all their glory in a white bikini – 07/11/2010

Pregnant Tori Spelling shows off her growing baby bump in a bikini… and a new tattoo tribute to husband Dean – 04/05/2011

Bumpin’ in Barbados! Coleen Rooney shows off her pregnancy curves as she soaks up the sunshine with son Kai – 06/02/2013

Baby on board! Jessica Simpson’s best friend CaCee Cobb shows off her bump in string bikini – 02/02/2013

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Jim Colerick presents the greatest Songs for Jesus

JESUS Is My Nigga “Pastor Rap”. It’s American pastor Jim Colerick and his wife, Mary Sue, doin’ Rappin’ for Jesus.

My crew is big and it keeps getting bigga, that’s cause Jesus Christ is my ni**a!

We can’t find much news on Colerick. But rumours are that he operates at West Dubuque 2nd Church Of Christ.

If it is a spoof, it’s a pretty good one. These, however, are true. Really. This actually happened. These tunes prove the point: the Devil has all the best songs:

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Happy Malians and the dead jihadis: the ‘disgusting but wonderful’ war in photos

IN Mali, the fighting is brutal:

The crowd gawked at human torso remains lying in the rubble, along with other fragments of flesh. “It’s disgusting but wonderful to see. These people tortured us, they did nothing but damage here,” said Mahamane Tandina, 24, cheered on by the crowd. “We like this, frankly,” he said with a smile.


Picture 1 of 44

Minister of Culture of Mali Fadima Toure Diallo appeals for the preservation of heritage in Mali, in St. Petersburg, Russia, Tuesday, July 3, 2012, with one of the city landmarks, equestrian statue of Peter the Great, seen in the background. Muslim extremists continued destroying the heritage of the ancient Malian city of Timbuktu on Monday, razing tombs and attacking the gate of a 600-year-old mosque, despite growing international outcry.The International Criminal Court has described the destruction of the city's patrimony as a possible war crime, while UNESCO's committee on world heritage was holding a special session this week to address the pillaging of the site, one of the few cultural sites in sub-Saharan Africa. (AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky)

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Christopher Dorner: media bias turned murderous anti-racist bigot into a hero (the faked manifesto)

POLICE hunting triple-killer Christopher Dornerhave issued a $1m (£633,000) reward for information on his whereabouts. As with all modern killers, Dorner has posted an online manifesto. He included the pathetic phrase: “Don’t ever call me a bully.

>Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, wants him caught:

“We will not tolerate this reign of terror that has robbed us of the peace of mind that the residents of southern California deserve.” 

Sacked from the police, Dorner, a former U.S. Navy reserve lieutenant, wants revenge.

Charlie Beck, the LAPD chief also wants him caught:

“This is not about capturing a fleeing fugitive, this is about preventing a future crime. Every day that Dorner is loose … [an] attack on a police officer, or family is likely. We ask the public to help us find Dorner before he kills again.” 

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Robert Crumb predicted twitter and the internet (photo)

DECADES before it went live, Robert Crumb predicted Twitter and the internet:

“Everyone will be tuned into everything that’s happening all the time! No-one will be left out. We’ll all be normal!”

Crumb – a life in photos; the Crumb Bible; the Crumb rejected.

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Beyonce Knowles Super Bowl derp and Mr Microphone show in photos

DID you stay up to see Beyonce perform in New Orleans? It was tough going. In the UK, the show was broadcast in the early hours of the morning. To make it harder to stay up that late, the event was squashed between something called the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game, a contest between the lycra-clad San Francisco 49ers and the shoulder-heavy Baltimore Ravens. Staying awake was testing for any metrosexuals not into 1980s fashions. But if you put in the hard yards, Beyonce was there. You got to see Destiny’s Child reunited – shame the extra ladies lost their voices whenever Beyonce sang ,or their Mr Microphones had failed at the last – and the birth of the Beyonce Derp meme.  How committed to the show was Beyonce? Get a load of the game face. She was all in:

Spotter: PandaWhale

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David Beckham, Jimmy Savile, Ronnie Irani, Maggie Thatcher and Jeffrey Archer: the five biggest charity boasters

THEY do a lot of work for charity, and they DO like to mention it!

When it comes to self-promotion you have to hand it to him. Transfer deadline day arrives and instead of talking about a 22-year-old Brazilian or Portuguese hotshot on his way to Chelsea or Manchester to City, the media is frothing with excitement over a 37-year-old former international whose main purpose these days is to sell merchandise with his name on.

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Hitchhiker Kai gives the greatest TV interview of 2013

THIS might be the greatest TV news interview of 2013:

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Peter’s Huhne’s texts to his dad Chris Huhne, an autistic piece of s**t’

CHRIS Huhne is making a lot of people feel a lot better about life. Few things are more rewarding than watching a liar undone. Especially if you’re LibDem MP Chris Huhne’s wife and son.

The now ex-wife, Vicky Price, exposed her husband’s lying to get revenge for his affair.

And then there’s the son, Peter Huhne, who when aged 18, was unimpressed by dad’s relationship with Carina Trimingham. He told dad to “f*** off”.

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Kyron Horman: police, justice and media collude to create a secret criminal case from thin air

WE still have no evidence of what happened to Kyron Horman, the seven-year-old who went missing from Skyline School in northwest Portland on June 4, 2010. We don’t know what crime befell him. We don’t know know it he was the victim of a crime.

The latest news is that lawyers working for Kyron father, Kaine Horman, have filed a motion to delay the divorce proceedings against his estranged wife, Kyron’s step-mother Terri Horman. Says Kaine Horman:

“There’s two civil cases pending right now, one from his mother and then the divorce case that we have that’s still pending and on hold. And that’s exactly how we’re going to progress. We need to bring him home.”

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High Maintenance: stoner clichés wasted in marijuana web show

MARIJUANA. Let’s just legalise it. Not glamourise it.

A nameless cannabis delivery guy delivers his much needed medication to stressed-out New Yorkers in this character-driven web series. High Maintenance was created by husband and wife team Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld. They produce the series with their BFF Russell Gregory as Janky Clown Productions.

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RIP Regretsy: Some of the maddest, baddest items sold on etsy

SAD to say that Regretsy, the site that documented the “objects d’fart” for sale on craft site easy? Etsy sells handcrafted and vintage things. Well, so it says. Much of the stuff is good. A lot of it is haunting. And it still sells:


Picture 1 of 33

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Scouting for Boys extracts: Robert Baden-Powell gave Pink Floyd their ‘brick in the wall’?

EXTRACTS from Robert Baden-Powell’s Scouting for Boys. In the Intro, Baden Powell signed off “Chief Scout of the World”.  The book was originally published in installments every other Wednesday from January 15, 1908:

You should remember that being one fellow among many others, you are like one brick among many others in the wall of a house. If you are discontented with your place or your neighbors or if you are a rotten brick, you are no good to the wall. You are rather a danger. If the bricks get quarrelling among themselves the wall is liable to split and the whole house to fall.

While Pink Floyd hummed that, boys just hummed:

“The result of ‘self-abuse’ is always—mind you, always—that the boy after a time becomes weak and nervous and shy, he gets headaches and probably palpitation of the heart, and if he still carries it on too far he very often goes out of his mind and becomes an idiot… several awful diseases come from indulgence—one especially that rots away the inside of men’s mouths, their noses, and eyes, etc.” 

Etc? Sounds ominous.

“Avoid listening to stories or reading or thinking about dirty subjects”

And then, oddly:

 “It is at present a disgrace and a danger to England that from want of self-restraint among men and women thousands upon thousands of children are born every year for whom there is no work and no money.”

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Dermot O’Leary and the Sun’s Ally Ross look for Jeremy Kyle’s cancer in ‘karma’ and ‘Hell’

JEREMY Kyle has cancer. But he vows to be back on the telly just as soon as his testicles are better. When someone falls ill, it might be a good time to quieten your negative feelings for them. So, here was Dermot O’Leary at the man-hugging, back-slapping National Television awards (Jan 23) reportedly saying:

“Jeremy Kyle can’t be here tonight. He’s poorly. That’s karma for you.”

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These controversial cartoons get you killed: the bravest and most wrong satire

GERALD Scarfe has just achieved the notable achievement of forcing Rupert Murdoch into a public apology, after his Sunday Times cartoon of Israel’s prime minister, with its overtones of blood libel, attracted widespread accusations of anti-semitism.

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Guantamo Bay: The only person Obama released was Special Envoy Daniel Freed

ON President Barack Obama closing Guanatanmo Bay:

 “Four years ago, Barack Obama’s first act as President was an executive order to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The White House created a position at State of ‘special envoy’ to Guantanamo, whose duties included reviewing the pending cases with Attorney General Eric Holder, and diplomacy with allies to place the current detainees in order to close the facility. Four years later, the only thing being closed is Special Envoy Daniel Freed’s office.”

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The 8 worse acts of censorship in TV history

CENSORSHIP reared its ugly head again this week, as the BBC cut a line of dialogue from the classic comedy Fawlty Towers, in which the ‘old-fashioned’ major tells Basil about the time he took a lady to see India play cricket at the Oval:

‘The strange thing was, throughout the morning she kept referring to the Indians as niggers. “No, no, no,” I said, “the niggers are the West Indians. These people are wogs”.’

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