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Saturday 14 Oct - Mourinho inspires Manchester United to another boring encounter at Liverpool - Back pages

Saturday 14 Oct - Sole Survivor outlives fish: BBC pun of the day - TV & Radio

Saturday 14 Oct - Hollywood twinned with Rotherham: Corey Feldman tells Barbara Walters about Tinseltown abuse - Celebrities

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Friday 13 Oct - Harvey Weinstein begins the slow transformation from mogul to victim - Celebrities

Friday 13 Oct - Inside China’s censorship factories - News

Friday 13 Oct - Michael Caine in Get Carter – behind-the-scenes photos - Celebrities

Friday 13 Oct - Arsenal balls: Sanchez talks progressing well and Manchester City worry - Arsenal

Thursday 12 Oct - Transfer Balls: Spurs Harry Kane to Manchester United says one source and £170m - Back pages