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The call to legalise marijuana for medical use

Aliens call for marijuana legalisation: amazing crop circle appears in Wiltshire

Crop Circle of the day:

marijuana police crop circle

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Portland’s Weed the People event gives visitors free marijuana

You cannot sell non-medical marijuana in Oregon. But Portland’s Weed the People event can give it away to anyone 21 and over who had $40 for entry:

The alcohol-free event lasted for seven hours, as attendees mulled around to test out smoking devices; relaxed on comfy chairs and listened to records in a “chill out area”; and waited in a line that wound through the inside of a warehouse to enter the “Grow Garden”, the highly secured and roped off area where they could pick up their free goodies.

It all sound a little like being processed into a cult, a kind of real ale event for tokers.

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Cannabis oil: parents and cancer victims crimialzied for using medical marijuana

cannabis oil


What would you do to help your ill child? Would you give her cannabis oil? Louise Bostock, 30, gave the tincture to her three-year-old daughter Jayla. The child suffers from epileptic fits. Mrs Bostock thought the cannabis oil would help. It did.

The Sun reports:

When Louise told nurses [about the oil], she was prevented from removing Jayla from Birmingham Children’s Hospital for five days while they did tests. She and site manager fiancé Charisma Agbonlahor… were told police would be called if they did not comply.

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Bud And Breakfast: Colorado opens holiday park for stoners who like to be organised



Stoners can now hang out together in a cannabis-themed holiday park in Colorado. It sounds as awful as any place where enthusiasts meet.

CannaCamp is a 170-acre slice of heaven, where recreational marijuana and our Colorado mountain resort combine to create an unprecedented opportunity for cannabis users to experience the outdoors in a safe, comfortable, and social environment. Our all-inclusive rates include luxurious accommodations in one of our nine well-appointed cabins, decadent dining throughout the day, beautiful surroundings in the heart of nature, and an incredible wealth of free activities that highlight adventure, wellness, and cannabis.

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Hail Mary Jane: Marijuana Church gets tax exempt status under religious freedom bill

First Church of Cannabis


To Indiana, where the Religious Freedom Restoration Act means the First Church of Cannabis is tax free. Minister of Love and Grand Poobah Bill Levin says: “Somebody at the IRS loves us.”

On Facebook, Levin preaches to the planet:

Come share LOVE at our Church. Be a CANNABITERIAN!

Long Description
The Deity Dozen

“Practice these in your daily adventures in life, teach others to do the same”

1) Don’t be an asshole. Treat everyone with Love as an equal.

2) The day starts with your smile every morning. when you get up, wear it first.

3) Help others when you can. Not for money, but because it’s needed.

4) Treat your body as a temple. Do not poison it with poor quality foods and sodas.

5) Do not take advantage of people. Do not intentionally hurt anything.

6) Never start a fight… only finish them.

7) Grow food, raise animals get nature into your daily routine

8) Do not be a “troll” on the internet, respect others without name calling and being vulgarly aggressive.

9) Spend at least 10 mins a day just contemplating life in a quiet space.

10) when you see a bully… stop them by any means possible. Protect those who can not protect themselves.

11) Laugh often, share humor. Have fun in life, be positive.

12) Cannabis, “the Healing Plant” is our sacrament. It brings us closer to ourselves and others. It is our fountain of health, our love, curing us from illness and depression. We embrace it with our whole heart and spirit, individually and as a group.

– Amen

Bill Levin – Minister of Love
and Grand Pooba of the Church


To snail mail your donation or membership fee’s, please use the P.O. Box below:

The First Church of Cannibis [sic]
6255 N. Carrollton Ave
P.O. Box 30012
Indianapolis, IN 45230

In short, you can bring your own weed and get high in Church on something other than hymns.


Spotter: Washington Times

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Father becomes a criminal to give his 2-year-old epileptic daughter marijuana

Would you treat your child with marijuana?

Alex Repetski gives his two-year-old daughter Gwenevere oil-based medical marijuana to help control her seizures. The Thornhill girl’s epileptic seizures are being treated with cannabidiol, one of several active cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant.

Would become a criminal for your sick child?

While extracting oil from marijuana is illegal in Canada, new legislation allows the development of the medical marijuana industry. After the new law went into effect in March 2014, the Repetskis found a doctor who authorized the use of pot for their daughter. There was still one problem: Gwen couldn’t smoke or vaporize the pot, so her father learned how to make marijuana oil in his kitchen. He now gives it to his daughter three times a day. She hasn’t had a seizure since, he says.

If it works, why not use it?


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Florida school principal Krista Morton student interrupted smoking pot with student

Krista Morton, 45, is charged with possession of marijuana. She's the principal at Mavericks High School. The student in the car is a senior at the Palm Springs school.  North Palm Beach Police were called to a parking lot Wednesday around 5:45 p.m. “The caller was unsure but thought that there were people in the back seat engaged in some sort of sexual activity or being attacked,” police said.  When a sergeant knocked on the door, Morton, who has wings tattooed on her lower back, opened it and immediately said, “We're just friends,” according to police. Morton's shirt was unbuttoned, exposing her shoulders and part of her chest, the police department said.  Morton told police she didn't know the male in the car. “She continued to tell me that she had just met him, that she was lonely, she had just picked him up down the street and brought him here to get to know him,” police said.  But, the student, who is 18 years old, admitted she was his principal.  Police could smell “the odor of fresh burnt marijuana coming from inside the vehicle,” the arrest report says. Morton didn't admit to smoking but did say marijuana was smoked in the car. Police found a bag with marijuana, a lighter and rolling papers pushed underneath the back side of the passenger seat. The student also had a grinder, additional lighters and a small screwdriver.  Both Morton and the student were arrested.

The head


To Florida, where high school principal Krista Morton has been caught in a car with an 18-year-old student and marijuana – “her shirt was unbuttoned”.

Krista Morton, 45, is charged with possession of marijuana. She’s the principal at Mavericks High School. The student in the car is a senior at the Palm Springs school…

When a sergeant knocked on the [car] door, Morton, who has wings tattooed on her lower back, opened it and immediately said, “We’re just friends,” according to police. Morton’s shirt was unbuttoned, exposing her shoulders and part of her chest, the police department said.


Krista Morton


Morton didn’t admit to smoking but did say marijuana had been smoked in the car.

Both Morton and the student were arrested for the weed.

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Marijuana: Jack’s Amendment, Carly’s Law and Mary Ann Coleman’s fight for a drug that works

Would you give medial marijuana to your ill child if you thought it would help them? In Alabama, Mark Coleman wants to use marijuana to treat his 13-year-old daughter, Mary Ann Coleman. She has low-functioning autism. reports:

Monday wasn’t a very good day for 13-year-old Mary Ann Coleman… The report sent home from Glenwood Autism & Behavioral Health Center where Mary Ann attends day school shows she tried to hurt herself 337 times Monday while at school or riding the bus, her father Mark Coleman said. That number has been as high as 800; a typical day though is about 40.

“(Mary Ann) scratches herself to the point where she bleeds,” he said. “She hits herself upside the ear. She pulls her hair out. She slams her head into the wall …. She has gone through my bay window. She had gone through two windows at school.”

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Watch Rhapsody In Blue: Ex Cops Smoking Weed

ex cops smoking weed

Ex-cops smoking weed is what it says on the tin.

Anyone want to do a British version?

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Marijuana activists fly De Blasio 420 banner one day too late

pot banner


Hats off to Animal New York and Josh Simenhoff for flying a pro-marijuana banner over Manhattan.  The legend referenced New Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose own history of toking weed never did his career any harm, and a banner ordering the mayor to “get off the pot” and quit.

The banner was due to fly earlier but because of bad weather the launch date was put back to 4/20. But that date came and went. So. The banner flew on 4/21.

Still. It was fun, as AnimalNY reports:

And so on April 21, three months after we intended it to, our tongue-in-cheek, pro-cannabis banner finally hit the Manhattan skyline. After all of the back-and-forth, it was still worth it. “I did this in the pursuit of happiness and I’m proud to be an American,” said Simenhoff. Ditto for us. Also, legalize weed.

Because weed never did Blasio ever harm, nor any of his politico pals, like Barack Obama, David Cameron, Bill Clinton (who took weed by osmosis), Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Cuomo and George W. Bush. Unless, of course, it made them nuts..?

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Shona Banda: Police rip child who argued school drugs policy from medical cannabis oil using mother



Shona Banda


Shona Banda has a problem of location. Her Chrohn’s disease can be legally treated with cannabis in Colorado, where she’d lived for some time. Shona uses cannabis oil. She says it helps. But in the State of Kansas, her current home, using cannabis for the same condition makes her a criminal.




Trouble began when Shona’s 11-year-old was at his Kansas school’s drug education class. She tells Ben Swann that the lad told the drugs expert: “Mom calls it cannabis and not marijuana.” Says Shona: “He let them know how educated he was on the facts.”

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Watch two teenagers teach you how to smoke marijuana in 1997

marijuana video 1997


These two numbnuts are a cautionary tale about what you sound like when stoned.



Spotter: Death And Taxes

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Cannabis: non-psychoactive cannabidiol can curn your epileptic seizures

More evidence that marijuana can be good for you. A cannabis extract containing non-psychoactive cannabidiol cut epileptic seizures in half:

The experience of 213 hard-to-treat patients age 2 to 42, including some who were already taking a dozen drugs to fend off seizures, is a promising start for the strawberry-flavored liquid extract [Epidiolex], which may be a potent new therapy for the condition, said lead researcher Orrin Devinsky, director of the New York University Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. The findings released Monday are scheduled to be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting on April 22 in Washington.

And in the UK, cannabis is outlawed…

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Sick man jailed for possessing ‘medical’ marijuana

marijuana arrest


David Patterson is serving 60 days in prison for marijuana possession. A Minnesota jury noted Patterson’s seven pounds of marijuana and his intent to distribute it. He’s clearly guilty.

But Patterson says his weed is for medicinal purposes. He planned to refine the cannabis into a healing oil to cure his Crohn’s Disease. He tells the judge that his tinctures can cure skin cancer in four days, which sounds wildly opportmistic  – but, then, if you had the terrible disease a marijuana rub would be worth a try, no?

He tells the court:

“I’ve got to watch my relatives die when I can’t make medicine for them. I’m not a criminal. It’s crazy that I’ve been forced to act like I am.”

Seems sane.  But what is the law on weed in that state?

Legislation passed during the 2014 Minnesota legislative session created a new process allowing seriously ill Minnesotans to use medical cannabis to treat certain conditions. Medical cannabis will not be available via a pharmacy through a prescription from a doctor. Instead, patients with one of the qualifying conditions will be eligible to enroll in a patient registry maintained by the State. Patients on this registry will be able to get medical cannabis directly from one of eight dispensaries set up around the state.

But why can’t you just grow your own and give it to your ill friends? Why is the State in control of what you can put into your own sick body?

It it because you might use it for an illness not on the approved list:

Cancer associated with severe/chronic pain, nausea or severe vomiting, or cachexia or severe wasting.
Tourette’s Syndrome.
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).
Seizures, including those characteristic of epilepsy.
Severe and persistent muscle spasms, including those characteristic of multiple sclerosis.
Crohn’s Disease.
Terminal illness, with a life expectancy of less than one year, if the illness or treatment produces severe/chronic pain, nausea or severe vomiting, cachexia or severe wasting.

Patterson is on watch:

He will be on supervised probation for five years. During that time, he is not to use or possess drugs and must submit to random checks.

A reporter friend was once asked by a policeman, why he was ‘picking on him’. My friend replied that he found it hard to relate to an adult who had vowed to uphold every law of the land, however wrong it was. Could you arrest a sick man for possessing a drug he thought would help his condition?

Note: Patterson was arrested recently for having marijuana in a motor vehicle, 10 days after his trial. That case is pending.



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Drugs confusion: woman arrested for asking if she could carry marijuana in police car

Florida weed

The confused and absurd US drugs policy (plus stupidity) has caused a woman in West Volusia, Florida, to be arrested. An “extermely intoxicated” Michelle Sanford tried to take marijuana into the patrol car of a sergeant who offered her a ride to a safe place.

The officer, who was responding to reports of a domestic row between Sandford, 36, and her boyfriend, first told her that carrying her open bottle of booze in his car was against the rules.

At which point Sanford’s boyfriend, Thomas Laudenslager, 46, piped up:

“Why don’t you take your weed with you?”

Sanford thought this a good idea. She asked the sergeant if she could take her marijuana in the car and smoke a joint at her father’s house. Sanford then showed her stash to the sergeant, was arrested and charged with possession of paraphernalia and a misdemeanor drug offence.

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Police burning massive pile of marijuana get entire own stoned

weed Indonesia


There’s something in the air over Palmerah, a sub-district of West Jakarta. And that something is the smoke from a 3.3-ton heap of marijuana.

When masked police torched the seized mega-stash they didn’t bank on what the smoke would do to air quality. As the cloud drifted over the town, locals got a free blowback.

It turns out that you can dope an entire town without any need for mirrrors.

Spotters: reddit Males Banget

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Pimp My Steroptype: woman smokes marijuana with Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran

Pimp my stereotype: an occasional look at subverting racial and cultural stereotypes.


khomeni joint marijuana iran



capriciousyouth points us toward these photos of a young Iranian rolling a marijuana joint on a 5000 Toman banknote featuring Ayatollah Khomeini, who in 1979 made Iran the world’s first Islamic republic.


khomeni joint marijuana iran



Spotter: Nicola Zolin

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Police find marijuana in tub labelled ‘Not Weed’

not weed


Villain of the day is 21-year-old Nebraska motorist Jordan Meier. When police pulled him over for a traffic offence, they searched the vehicle. They noticed a plastic tub of Land O’Lakes sour cream. They spotted that someone had written on the tub “Not Weed.”




When police opened the container, they found more than 11 grams of marijuana inside.

It was weed.


not weed man


Meier was arrested.

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Police blotter: Man in ‘I have drugs’ T-shirt arrested had drugs



To Florida, where John Balmer is asking “Who Needs Drugs?” The message is written on his T-shirt.

It’s less of a statement than a straight-up question. Who needs drugs? Because John Balmer has drugs. “No seriously, I have drugs.” It says that on his T-shirt, too.

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States sue Colorado for legal marijuana: Feds look to North Korea for ideas



Colorado’s legalisation of marijuana has upset two neighbouring states:

The attorneys general of Nebraska and Oklahoma have asked the Supreme Court to declare unconstitutional Colorado’s law legalizing marijuana. The lawsuit states that, “The Constitution and the federal anti-drug laws do not permit the development of a patchwork of state and local pro-drug policies and licensed-distribution schemes throughout the country which conflict with federal laws.”

Federal law is a mess.

Many conservatives have criticized Nebraska and Oklahoma for being “fair-weather federalists” because their claims hinge, in part, on Gonzales v. Raich, a 2005 Supreme Court decision, upholding the broad reach of Congress’s power to regulate commerce.

Conservatives’ ire instead should be directed at the Obama administration’s decision to suspend enforcement of the federal law prohibiting marijuana—a decision so warping the rule of law that the complaining states’ reliance on Raich is justified and necessary. . . .

States cannot be required to enforce federal law. But as the Supreme Court held in Arizona v. United States (2012), when the federal government doesn’t enforce its own laws, states still “may not pursue policies that undermine federal law.” Colorado’s decision to legalize and regulate the sale of marijuana undermines the Controlled Substances Act, giving a major boost to all segments of that business. Indeed, in an interview this month Colorado’s attorney general, John Suthers, acknowledged that his state is “becoming a major exporter of marijuana.”

American has lost the plot:

A 45-year-old man was sentenced Tuesday to nine years in prison, after nearly 400 pounds of marijuana was found in his home. Scott Bradley Cunningham, formerly of Inver Grove Heights, was charged, along with three other people, for possession of the drugs with the intent to distribute.

It”s about the lobby:

Former U.S. Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) is the new CEO of a marijuana company that produces cannabis-infused products for both recreational and medical use, the company announced Tuesday.

The United States has a broken drugs policy.

Meanwhile… Let’s get bombed in go-ahead North Korea!

Outside of the United States, Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize marijuana in 2013. The Netherlands allows citizens to keep and cultivate some marijuana, and police let coffee shops sell marijuana as long as they don’t sell to minors or break other major rules. Spain also permits marijuana clubs where people can use the drug, although the drug is officially illegal to sell. And according to multiple reports from experts, visitors, and defectors, North Korea either has no law restricting marijuana or the law goes effectively unenforced.

Do the Feds care about marijuana? 

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Find Out What The Worst Drug Smugglers In The World Did



IT’S at least an interesting entry for that accolade at least, the worst drug smugglers in the world.

So, two Brits decide to try their luck smuggling a tonne and a half of hashish from Morocco into the Algarve. Sounds like a plan: Morocco’s not that far away, the Rif and such places are hotbeds of cannabis production (they’re not just the right sort of climate, they’re also pretty lawless even today). As such the drug is cheap as chips there.

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Situations Pretty Vacant: The FBI Is Hiring Pot Smokers



THIS is rather fun. The FBI, over in the US, is one of the most staid and white bread organisations in the world. They’re cops, of a sort, yes, but the internal culture at the place is still pretty much 50’s America. Flag, Mom and apple pie. And one of the parts of that is that pot smoking is absolutely verboeten.

Yeah, we all know, half the damn country smokes it at some time or another and no one comes to any great harm. But then again the FBI is one of the organisations that has to try and track down the drug dealers so perhaps the policy isn’t entirely stupid. The law is, but given the existence of the law the FBI might not be. But even here they’ve had to relax a little bit: you can apply for a job at the FBI if you have ever smoked pot (something they wouldn’t allow if you had ever robbed a bank) but not if you’ve smoked it in the past three years.

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Newport council gives away free cannabis in plant pots

newport marijuana

WELCOME to Newport, South Wales, You’ll never bother to leave. There’s free marijuana.

Council officials in Newport have yet to speak to the tourism division in their investigation into how cannabis came to feature in the town’s flower pots brightening up the city centre.

Local shopkeeper Dean Beddis, spotted the weed among the petunias:

“I had never seen cannabis growing in the wild before so it was crazy to see it. It’s actually rather a beautiful plant and stood out wonderfully. But they have gone now. I don’t know who took them. Either the council spotted them or some young type has spotted them and put them in his garden.” 

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