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Censor demands ban on singing Delilah at Wales and Stoke FC matches


Media hungry Labour MP Chris Chris Bryant wants people to stop singing Delilah, the song made famous by Welsh crooner Tom Jones. He specifically wants us to stop singing it at Wales rugby union matches and whenever Stoke City FC play – fans of both teams have taken the song to their hearts. It is one of many songs from the golden age of pop still sung by British sports fans.

Chris, MP for Rhondda, says:

“It is a simple fact that when there are big international rugby matches on, and sometimes football matches as well, the number of domestic violence incidents rises dramatically.”

Why, why, why, Chris Bryant?

“I know that some people will say, ‘Oh, here we go, he’s a terrible spoilsport,’ but the truth is that that song is about the murder of a prostitute. It goes right to the heart of the issues we are discussing. There are thousands of other songs we could sing.”

Such as ‘Chris Bry-ant is a f***ing twat. Chris Bry-ant is a f***ing twat etc.’ (Sung to the tune of Go West). Or, ‘There’s only one Chris Bryant, he demands we stay silent. He’s five foot tall and his brain’s too small, Livin’in a Bryant wonderland!’ Or, ‘He’s red, he’s fat he rents out his London flat, Chris Bry-ant, Christ Bry-ant’.

Says Chris the censor:

“I have sung Delilah as well — everybody loves doing the ‘She stood there laughing’ moment but if we are really going to take this issue seriously in Wales, we have to change how we do things.”

Chris is Labour MP. So let’s play out their theme tune. It features lots of Welsh kit red:

The people’s flag is deepest red,
It shrouded oft our martyred dead,
And ere their limbs grew stiff and cold,
Their hearts’ blood dyed its ev’ry fold.

Then raise the scarlet standard high.
Within its shade we’ll live and die,
Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
We’ll keep the red flag flying here.

Look ’round, the Frenchman loves its blaze,
The sturdy German chants its praise,
In Moscow’s vaults its hymns are sung
Chicago swells the surging throng.

Then raise the scarlet standard high.
Within its shade we’ll live and die,
Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
We’ll keep the red flag flying here.

It waved above our infant might,
When all ahead seemed dark as night;
It witnessed many a deed and vow,
We must not change its colour now.

Then raise the scarlet standard high.
Within its shade we’ll live and die,
Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
We’ll keep the red flag flying here.

It well recalls the triumphs past,
It gives the hope of peace at last;
The banner bright, the symbol plain,
Of human right and human gain.

Then raise the scarlet standard high.
Within its shade we’ll live and die,
Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
We’ll keep the red flag flying here.

It suits today the weak and base,
Whose minds are fixed on pelf and place
To cringe before the rich man’s frown,
And haul the sacred emblem down.

Then raise the scarlet standard high.
Within its shade we’ll live and die,
Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
We’ll keep the red flag flying here.

With heads uncovered swear we all
To bear it onward till we fall;
Come dungeons dark or gallows grim,
This song shall be our parting hymn.

Then raise the scarlet standard high.
Within its shade we’ll live and die,
Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
We’ll keep the red flag flying here.


Or not.


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Hampstead wades into ‘Black Lives Matter’ debate

Black lives matter Hampstead


Who speaks for the green olives?

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Republicans count on evangelical Christians and other dinosaurs

preacherAmazing news in the Washington Spectator. Lou Dubose writes:

Make them talk about evolution: Why won’t a single Republican presidential candidate admit that Darwin’s right

They don’t believe in science, and pander to evangelicals — as a result, the Republicans remain a party of stupid

Why would the leading Republicans “pander” to evangelical Christians? Any idea, Lou?

…as the Republican presidential campaign caravan turns toward Iowa, and shortly thereafter South Carolina, the lawsuit is a window into the world of fundamentalist Christians, who dominate the primaries in both states and without whom Republicans cannot win a presidential election.

Who knew that politicians seek to win votes by not disagreeing with their voters’ fundamental religious beliefs?

No candidate running for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination has publically accepted the theory of evolution. Their views on the subject—from the imbecilic observations of neurosurgeon Ben Carson to the disingenuous position of Jeb Bush—are calculated to attract evangelical voters.

No. Not attract. Just not to alienate a section of Republican voters.

Next week: why politicians never tell a mother her baby is ugly.

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Bad science links smoking ban to heart attacks in passive smokers

Survey of the day comes to us via the Telegraph, which has great news for non-smokers:

Smoking ban sees 40 per cent cut in heart attacks in UK since 2007 law was introduced

Did smoking cause 40% of heart attacks? We know smoking is bad for you. But really..?

Heart attack rates in the UK have fallen by up to 42 per cent since the 2007 smoking ban…

And then it gets really woolly:

A review of 77 studies found that reduced exposure to passive smoking has caused a “significant reduction” in heart problems across the population.

Did passive smoking lead to so many heart attacks? It turns out the researchers have no proof:

He [Professor Peter Weissberg, medical director of the British Heart Foundation] said the studies were observational and all had their limitations, but it would be difficult to study the effects of passive smoking in a more robust scientific way. Researchers said the evidence was less clear about whether the introduction of bans had actually helped people to give up smoking.

Heart attacks rates have been falling. Links between the smoking ban and heart attacks caused by passive smoking is nonsense.





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Kettle Chips: the reason they taste like plastic

Is this why newer sort of crisps are so firm? All newspaper tells us:

Kettle Chips are being recalled amid fears packs might contain pieces of plastic that look similar to the crisps.

But do they taste the same as the new thicker style of crisps?

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We answer the Daily Mail question: ‘Who will speak for England?’

Today’s Daily Mail leads with a question: ‘Who Will Speak for England?’




The question writer turns to history to see if figures from the past can answer the burning question.

Today the Mail asks a question of profound significance to our destiny as a sovereign nation and the fate of our children and grandchildren. Who will speak for England?

Not him:

It’s a question inspired by one of the most dramatic moments in the history of Parliamentary democracy. The date was September 2, 1939, the day after Hitler invaded Poland. Tory PM Neville Chamberlain had just made an ambivalent statement to the House, proposing no immediate action.

On his backbenches, anti-appeasement stalwart Leo Amery was incensed. As Labour’s deputy leader Arthur Greenwood rose to reply for the Opposition, the Tory MP bellowed across the floor: ‘Speak for England!’
And Greenwood did just that, voicing anger over the premier’s reluctance to honour Britain’s treaty obligations to Poland. Bowing to the mood of the House, Chamberlain declared war on Hitler the next day.

The Mail should realise that all is not lost. Someone might just make a peep for Albion. After all, on January 1934, the Mail was all for Hitler:

hurrah for the blackshirts


As we cry ‘Let’s Bomb Brussels!’, the article continues:

Nobody is suggesting there are any parallels whatever between the Nazis and the EU.

They are. See above.

Indeed, the Mail would argue that one of the Union’s great achievements, along with Nato, has been to foster peace in Europe.

PEACE! We all vant ein leetle peace! To quote Mel Brookes:

I don’t want war. All I want is peace. Peace. Peace!

A little piece of Poland/ A little piece of France /A little piece of Portugal /And Austria perchance…


But as in 1939, we are at a crossroads in our island history.

What happened to “Nobody is suggesting there are any parallels whatever between the Nazis and the EU”?

For in perhaps as little as 20 weeks’ time, voters will be asked to decide nothing less than what sort of country we want to live in and bequeath to those who come after us.

We want a country of patriots!

Who will speak daily mail


Another question soon follows:

Are we to be a self-governing nation, free in this age of mass migration to control our borders, strike trade agreements with whomever we choose and dismiss our rulers and lawmakers if they displease us?

Ian Hislop nips in and tells us:

“… the Mail is owned by the Rothermere family. What did your Dad do? The current Lord Rothermere’s father loved Great Britain so much he went to live in France as a tax exile.

“He then passed on the nom-dom status to his son who doesn’t actually pay the normal amount of tax despite owning a newspaper that’s owned through various tax companies in Bermuda.”


daily mail


Et continue:

Or will our liberty, security and prosperity be better assured by submitting to a statist, unelected bureaucracy in Brussels, accepting the will of unaccountable judges and linking our destiny with that of a sclerotic Europe that tries to achieve the impossible by uniting countries as diverse as Germany and Greece?

Do we want to live in Ibiza?


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 08.51.23


The Mail then bashes the Tories and the BBC.

So we ask again: who will speak for England (and, of course, by ‘England’, like Amery in 1939, we mean the whole of the United Kingdom)?


Will Scotland? The Mail thinks the question so burning it asks Scots: “Why do teenage girls send explicit pictures to boys?” Answer: The EU makes them do it.

who will speak for england


Maybe migrants can speak for England – after all, they love it enough to come here?

With a tsunami of migrants flooding across Europe, can such tinkering with the small print really be enough… here is nothing in Mr Cameron’s draft deal that will make one jot of difference to the numbers pouring in.

Who speaks for England?

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 09.00.11


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 08.59.49


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 08.59.07


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 08.58.50


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 08.58.34


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 08.58.12

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Lord Lucan is dead: death certificate granted

28th November 1963: John Richard Bingham, Earl of Lucan, and Veronica Duncan after their marriage. (Photo by Douglas Miller/Keystone/Getty Images)

28th November 1963: John Richard Bingham, Earl of Lucan, and Veronica Duncan after their marriage. (Photo by Douglas Miller/Keystone/Getty Images)


8 December 1934 – Richard John Bingham is born in London into an aristocratic Anglo-Irish family

1963 – Marries Veronica Duncan, with whom he has three children

1964 – Ascends to the earldom on the death of his father

1972 – Their marriage collapses and Lucan moves out of the family home at 46 Lower Belgrave St, London. He loses a custody battle and accrues gambling losses

November 7 1974 The children’s nanny Sandra Rivett is found dead. Her attacker also beat Lady Lucan severely before she managed to escape and raise the alarm at a nearby pub. Lucan drives to a friend’s house in Sussex in a borrowed Ford Corsair, which is later found abandoned in Newhaven. Friends receive letters in which he claims to have interrupted a fight during “a traumatic night of unbelievable coincidence” and says “the circumstantial evidence against me is strong”. Police mount a search but find no further trace of him

June 1975 – Lucan is named as Ms Rivett’s killer at the inquest into her death. Lady Lucan identifies him as her attacker

1999 – His family is granted probate over Lord Lucan’s estate, but no death certificate is issued and Lucan’s son Lord Bingham is refused permission to take his father’s seat in the House of Lords

2014 – The Presumption of Death Act enables Lord Bingham to apply to have Lucan declared dead so he can inherit the family title.

2016: Declared dead.

Lots more about the bad Lord here.

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Hamas captures a wooden Israeli tank

Hamas has “captured and rebuilt an Israeli tank”. Hamas showcased the weapon at the funerals for seven members killed when a weapons’ smuggling tunnel they were digging in Gaza collapsed.


Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.01.14


The spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Ofir Gendelman, saw the tank. He tweeted: “Hamas paraded yesterday a ‘captured, rebuilt Israeli tank’. FYI, tanks aren’t made of wood and don’t run on wheels.”


wooden tank hamas


Says Hamas: “So how do you explain the fish, then?”

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Woman pulled over police officer for speeding (video)

Anyone ever given a fine for going a few miles an hours over the speed limit – 33 in an 30 one etc.- should get a kick out of the woman who stopped a police officer for speeding in Miami, Florida, last week.

Claudia Castillo says she first noticed the Miami-Dade officer on Friday afternoon when he drove past her at 100mph, breaking the road’s 40mph limit. She followed him a while – speeding up to 80mph – gained his attention and pulled over. He did likewise.

He approached her car

She told him:  “The reason why I pulled you over today … I just wanted to know, what’s the emergency. ”

He plays along telling her: “I don’t know how fast I was going. But I can tell you this, I’m on my way to work right now. I don’t believe I was speeding… I thought you had some kind of emergency, is everything fine.”

He did not arrest her for wasting police time.




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28 prisoners escape after women dressed in dominatrix gear for mass orgy handcuff guards

inmates prison breakInside the Nova Mutum public jail, near Cuiaba, central Brazil, three female visitors are dressed in saucy knickers and dominatrix gear. They promise male prison guards a night they will never forget. To loosen up the guards for the mass orgy ahead, the women give them booze. It’s spiked. The women handcuff the men to the beds, break into the guns and munitions store, and flee.

Says police chief Angelina de Andrades Ferreira: “The plan was to seduce them. They served them cheap whisky with some substance to knock them out, then unlocked the central gate which accesses the internal cells. Whoever wanted to escape left by the front door. From the moment they drank the whisky the agents don’t remember a thing. One was found dizzy, trying to wake up. Another slept for the whole afternoon and couldn’t even be questioned.”

He could be feeling dizzy for months – years, if his wife is waiting.

The three prison officers had been arrested and will be charged with “facilitating a jailbreak” and “culpable embezzlement” because of the theft of firearms.

Of the 28 prisoners who walked out, 8 have been recaptured.

The other 20 have a thing for police officers with helicopters, and will be at the big tree at midnight. Come alone.


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The greatest news story of 2016 involves train, man, chips and seagulls

This might be the greatest news story of 2016:

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.10.10

Mikey Nicholson @Mikey_Nicholson It's early days but this may be the story of 2016.


Spotter: @Mikey_Nicholson


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Daily Telegraph illustrates an advertorial on Venice with a photo of The Venetian hotel, Las Vegas

illustrated an advertorial today on Venice with a pic of The Venetian hotel, Las Vegas


The Daily Telegraph has illustrated an advertorial on Venice with a photo of The Venetian hotel, Las Vegas.

Spotter: Lucy Fisher

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Policeman’s shopping stolen while he chased Asda shoplifter

PC Graham Thomas is leaving Asda in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, when he spots security guards talking with a suspected shoplifter. Suddenly, the man runs off. The guards give chase. Officer Thomas joins in.

He leaves behind his bag of vegetables and hamster treats.

“When I got back I was told staff had placed my bag in the chiller, he says. “Presumably because they didn’t know how long I would be gone – although there was nothing that particularly needed keeping cool in it.”

When he returned from the chase, the bag was gone. CCTV revealed it had been stolen by a woman.

The man got away.



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John Inman: dead actor dug up and beaten with sticks

inmanTime to toss another dead body on the paedophile police pyre. The People leads with news of a police investigation into the life of the late actor John Inman. Did he “sexually assault a boy” aged 13? Dunno.

But emotions have been stirred. There is “fury”.

Once upon a time, the Sunday tabloids were full of shagging footballers, pimping Duchesses and five-times-a-night bonkers. Now we get allegations made against the dead. The celebs never did stop extra-marital sex. But the tabloids did stop covering them. It’s easier – and cheaper – to go after the dead.

The paper’s story thunders:

Police are investigating claims that the late Are You Being Served? actor John Inman sexually assaulted a 13-year-old boy in 1970s. The iconic TV star, who played camp shop assistant Mr Humphries in the BBC series, is the latest high-profile name to be linked to claims of historic abuse.

One claim and John Inman – innocent in life – is stuffed in the box with Jimmy Savile and Rolph Harris.

When John Inman died in May 2007, the Mirror wrote:

JOHN Inman, star of TV sitcom Are You Being Served?, died in hospital early this morning after a long illness.

The actor (pictured above), 71, died in St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, west London, at 4am. He had suffered from hepatitis A and had been taken into hospital for tests after problems with his liver.

His manager Phil Dale said: “John, through his character Mr Humphries of Are You Being Served? was known and loved throughout the world. He was one of the best and finest pantomime dames working to capacity audiences throughout Britain. John was known for his comedy plays and farces which were enjoyed from London’s West End throughout the country and as far as Australia, Canada and the USA.”

No word on any crimes. But now:

Detectives confirmed the probe after dad-of-two Peter Grant claimed he was forced to perform sex acts on the star in a hotel room in Torquay, Devon, when he was a schoolboy.

Is it fair that a claim against a dead man who died with an unsullied reputation is front-page news? Anorak’s views are not about the alleged victim’s testimony and claims. They are not for us to decide. This is about how a claim becomes front-page news, and why?

But Inman’s family have branded the investigation a witchhunt and and are worried that ‘all sorts of people will say anything in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal’. The much-loved star’s niece, Debra Inman, said: “I’m in total shock. Accusing him of this is just awful. It’s unbelievable, horrendous. You look at all the Jimmy Savile stuff and who is jumping on the bandwagon – people seeing an opportunity. John was a national treasure, a lovely man.”

Nothing screams witchhunt like a front-page splash in the Sunday tabloids.

..according to claims made to Devon and Cornwall police, the actor was a predatory paedophile who used an accomplice to lure Peter Grant, then a 13-year-old, to his hotel room.

Once more, this is not about the veracity of Mr Grant’s claims. The hope is that the justice system apprises the facts and reaches a satisfactory and correct conclusion. This is about the reporting on a single claim being amplified in the media.

This from the police:

“Devon and Cornwall Police are investigating an allegation of historic sexual abuse by two men against a boy in Torquay in 1979. The ­investigation, being led by the Force’s Sexual Offences and Domestic Abuse Team, is at an early stage and therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

It would be. Yes. But Inman’s dead, so speak freely:

Divorced Mr Grant, from Torquay, told the Sunday People : “Inman’s friend said I would be perfect for a role in a play – that was his hook. It was suggested that Inman could help me out with it, but I needed to help him. I don’t think he had any thoughts at all about being found out. He said ‘I’m going to get you a role, but don’t tell anyone about this (the abuse) or I won’t be able to’ “When he died and he was on TV, I was very, very angry.”

Mr Grant says he spent the summer of 1979 using leisure facilities at the Imperial Hotel when he claims he was approached by Inman’s friend.

“He was flashing ­suggestively. I was naive and didn’t really think too much. It was a men’s ­changing rooms and people did get ­naked, so I didn’t really think. He was being complimentary about me and making me feel good. He found out that I was doing some amateur dramatics. He basically just said how good I looked and went on to say would I like to come up to his room and meet John, and that I was perfect for a role in a play. I went up to his room and met him and it was pretty much chit-chat. John Inman started saying how lovely I was and it was suggested that he could help me out with it, but I needed to help him.

“I didn’t realise what it was at the time, but he encouraged me to perform a sex act on him. I had a very sheltered upbringing and I didn’t really understand. It ended and it was, ‘Great to see you, I’ll be in touch about the role’.”

We’re told:

The incident was allegedly repeated at least twice more in the hotel over the next month, each time with Inman’s friend approaching the boy… It is also claimed to have happened a final time in the dressing room of the Princess Theatre. Grant said he was around 16 when he watched porn and recognised what he’d done as a child.

Reactions to the story are encapsulated in the paper’s comments section:


Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 14.20.05


An alleged crime, it’s victim and the dead celebrity become something to debate.

Who needs facts when you have audience participation?


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Role Model Watch: Tyson Fury will not have his tongue cut out and eaten by dogs

tysonRole Model Watch: a look at strangers billed as role models by the media and elite.

The Guardian reports that boxer Tyson Fury has “escaped punishment” and been reminded of his “heavy responsibilities”. The BBC alls him a “role model”, but declines to identity people who look to Fury for moral, spiritual and political guidance.

Fury is a boxer. His heavy responsibilities, as far as the boxing rules run, are to smack other heavyweights in the head and body until they throw in the towel or fall over.

The Guardian has other ideas:

Tyson Fury will face no punishment from the British Boxing Board of Control for his controversial remarks relating to women and homosexuals but he has been reminded of his “heavy responsibilities”.

The BBBoC has issued a statement. It is ridiculously pompous:

“Tyson Fury has made comments in the media that have caused offence to members of our society. However, there is no suggestion that he has broken the law by exercising his right to freedom of expression. In such circumstances, the stewards of the British Boxing Board of Control have been advised that it cannot interfere with his basic human rights. Having said that, the stewards of the board have made it clear to him that as world heavyweight champion, arguably the holder of the most prestigious title in sport, there are heavy responsibilities upon him to avoid making controversial, non-boxing comments.

“He has assured the stewards that he understands the responsibilities upon him and has expressed regret that he has caused offence to others, which was never his intention.”


Hard cheese for Fury fans who queue to hear him speak. They’ll have to look elsewhere for their role models. They might look to mums and dad, big brother or grandparents. They might also look to Prince Harry, BBC newsreaders, the neat one from One Direction or The Clangers.

The paper continues:

Fury provoked outrage when he equated homosexuality and abortion with paedophilia and saying a woman’s “best place is on her back” – although he repeatedly denied he was a homophobe. His achievements in outpointing Klitschko earned the 27-year-old a place on the shortlist for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award, although a petition to have him removed exceeded 140,000 signatures.

Fury showed signs of personality, although not one 140,000 incarnations of Outraged of Twitter liked.

His inclusion on the list was also discussed by MPs, with the shadow culture secretary, Michael Dugher, calling for him to be dropped and the sports minister, Tracey Crouch, saying she would remind him that as a sports star, he is a role model.

Tracey. Mike. He’s not a role model. You are not a role model. He punches people in the head for a living. You try to browbeat them.


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Susanne Hinte: 10 years prison, £33m and a ‘dodgy’ Scratchcard

ticket susanne hinte“Lotto rotters” who claim to have won the National Lottery’s £33m jackpot can be jailed for 10 years , says the Daily Star. So far, over 400 people say they hold the winning ticket, including seven from the very shop where Susanne Hinte, 48, says she bought a winning ticket she inadvertently put through the wash.

Of course, no-one will be jailed for 10 years for lying about winning the big prize. The Star cites the rules on Obtaining a Pecuniary Advantage by Deception. It’s there in Section 16 Theft Act 1968. The CPS states: “Statutory Limitations & Maximum Penalty: 5 years imprisonment.”

There are no laws covering writing utter balls on the cover of a national newspapers. If there were, the Star could be rivalling Inside Time’s circulation.

The Mail has more on “mother-of-two Susanne Hinte”. It shows readers the ‘winning’ ticket. The six winning numbers are clearly visible but a small tear has ruined the part which says what draw the ticket was purchased for.

You can see the ticket on the Sun’s front page. It is “Not The Full Ticket”, which is a phrase usually fired at someone whose not all there, a bit doolally.

We hear from a “pal” of Susanne’s who says, “I don’t think it’s genuine”, which sounds a bit like, “I hope that jammy cow doesn’t win.”  This “pal” is soon revealed to be a “ex-friend” who claims Susanne’ “tried to claim a £200 prize on a ‘dodgy’ Camelot scratchcard she said had damaged when it dropped in a puddle.”

She didn’t win then. And the “pal” is praying she doesn’t win now.

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Jessica Valenti says something really dumb about shopping

Jessica Valenti is writing about gender unfairness in the Guardian. The headline to her story“Women are overpriced.” Ha!

A report this month on products in the UK found something very similar: when it came to the same products marketed differently for men and women, there was a whopping 37% difference in price. Beauty products, toys, everything. It doesn’t even get better as you age: adding insult to injury, women are even charged more for adult diapers.

Beyond the profound unfairness of having to pay more for the same products (while making less money, to boot!) there’s something quite frustrating about the fact that shopping is something that has long been used to paint women as frivolous and financially irresponsible.

Got that? Women are unfairly portrayed as frivolous, says Valenti, because they didn’t realise (i.e. bother to check) they are over-paying for stuff.




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Jack Letts: Jihadi Jack is just a lad whose let’s his dad pick out his clothes

Jihadi Jack LettsIs Jack Letts the “Posh teen” (the Sun) from Oxford the first white Briton to join the Islamic State (ISIS)? The Mail calls him ‘Jihadi Jack’. His dad, John, is an organic farmer who once appeared on the BBC’s Countryfile magazine show, we learn in every newspaper.

John says his son is a translator in Syria. He says lots of Jack’s friends are medics. Jack’s family do not know where he is “because he’s not stupid enough to tell us”. John tells the The Guardian his son “had a strong humanitarian conviction”. Jack is in Syria to help the people.

How he’s helping them is up for debate.

Is Jack a lad or is he a jihadi called Ibrahim or Abu Mohammed, as the Mail says he is?

The Sunday Times says Jack is a Muslim convert who told his parents of his plan to study Arabic in Kuwait before joining ISIS in September 2014. The paper says he married a woman after he moved to Fallujah, Iraq.

Jack’s mum, Sally, says: “We spoke to him yesterday and he said he had never had a weapon in his life.”

John says the pants Jack’s wearing in the above picture – the one of him giving the “ISIS one-finger salute” – are not ISIS Army issue. “I bought him those cargo trousers from a sports shop in Oxford,” says John Letts.

The Independent says Letts has announced via Facebook that he is working with ISIS. “It’s sort of awkward when the media thinks you’re ISIS and you’re not,” he allegedly wrote. “Thinks you have a son and you don’t. Thinks you’re married when you’re not. Maybe they got bored worrying about what colour socks certain celebrities wear and took out the frustration on me. The formula with the media is simple: English guy became Muslim + went to the Middle East + followed Islam = ISIS + eats babies x evil.”

Further reports says Letts admitted in his Facebook posts that other people have used his Facebook account: “some of whom are extreme etc… and only got my password through one guy I stupidly trusted… One of the funniest articles was the one were the last sentence was ‘Jack Letts and ISIS have been contacted for comment’. Like me and ISIS have like a shared office in which we receive requests for comment and were still thinking about whether to reply or not.”

Police have twice raided the family home, taking away laptops and mobile phones. John says: “It’s like he’s walking on a train track with a blindfold, with a train [coming down the tracks]. Blindfolded in the sense he can’t see the danger ahead of him but determined to help people… If the ramifications were not so serious, it could be a comedy.”


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CND activist draws Mercedes logo on dead whale


dead whale CND logo

Spotter: Amooze Bouche

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Police threaten Yorkshireman with jail for having sex without their say so

Heard the one about the Yorkshire man ordered to tell police if he’s planning to have sex 24 hours later? He’s been in court accused of rape. Last year he was found not guilty. But his innocence was not proven, so it seems, because the man was handed an interim Sexual Risk Order. Under its terms, he must inform police is he plans to have sex “at least 24 hours prior to any sexual activity taking place”. He must tell police the name, age and address of his intended partner.

We suppose the police can look them up online to see if they’re shaggable or not. Other than for reasons of getting off, it’s hard to fathom why the police are so interest in an innocent’s man’s sex life. Maybe they miss the News of the World (ask The News of the Screws)?

In May the man’s behaviour will be considered for a full Sexual Risk Order.  If he’s broken the rule, he can be imprisoned for up to five years. If he hasn’t he can still be on-watch for the duration of his life.

Funny stuff. Until it happens to you.



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Cardiff asylum seekers gets free fashion, food and beds like Jews in Nazi Germany

Asylum seekers staying at Lynx House in Cardiff have been handed free wristbands. The residence, operated by Clearsprings Ready Homes, wanted asylum seekers to wear these wristbands at all times “or they would not be fed”. Well, that’s how the Guardian puts it.  The other view is that by showing the wristbands the asylum seeker can get free meals three times a day in the company’s restaurant.

The Welsh Refugee Council (WRC) is aghast. It says the wristbands are like the yellow stars the Nazis forced Jews to wear. The Nazis, of course, gave Jews – citizens of Germany – free food, lodgings and a burial at halls of residence operated by Concentration Camps Inc. Millions loved it so much they never returned.

The similarities between people seeking a better life and genocide is clear to the people at WRC, like WRC policy officer Hannah Wharf , who says: “We have raised the matter many times with the Welsh Government. It harks back to the Nazi regime with people being forced to wear a Star of David and stand out. It’s absolutely appalling, it is treating people like lesser beings. It is treating them like animals lining up to feed.”

We hear from a 36-year-old refugee in Cardiff called Eric Ngalle. He says people spotted his wristband and told him “go back to your country”.


Austria are exhibited in public with a cardboard sign stating 'I have been excluded from the national community (Volksgemeinschaft)', during the anti-Jewish pogrom known as Kristallnacht, November 1938.

Cardiff – 2016. No. Austria are exhibited in public with a cardboard sign stating ‘I have been excluded from the national community (Volksgemeinschaft)’, during the anti-Jewish pogrom known as Kristallnacht, November 1938.


The Mail says he was granted refugee status and now works as a writer on a theatre production backed by the Arts Council of Wales. (Eat yer heart our, Primo Levi.) He says the wristband made him feel like an “outcast”, which, sadly, is what he is. He was in limbo, waiting for official acceptance and the chance for a life free of persecution in the UK.

A spokesman for Clearsprings Ready Homes tells the Guardian its policy came in the face of an increase in asylum seekers: “Volumes of people in initial accommodation sites, including Cardiff (have) increased quickly. Clearsprings has taken steps, agreed with the Home Office to increase capacity in line with this demand in the form of additional self-catering accommodation. Those clients in the self-catering units receive a weekly allowance in the form of supermarket vouchers and those in full-board accommodation are issued with a coloured wristband that bears no other logo or text identifying its use or origin. Full-board clients are required to show their wristbands in order to receive meals in the restaurant.”

So nothing like those yellow stars Jews was forced to stitch onto their outer clothing on pain of sale labour, torture and death.




But the elite have seen a chance to make themselves look good. Jo Stevens MP thinks this a matter of national debate. Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood says the Home Office should also face “serious questions” about the situation in Cardiff. “I have been told that this alarming practice of forcing asylum seekers to wear coloured wristbands will be stopped,” she says. “It is understandable the Home Office requires asylum seekers to carry some form of identification for practical reasons such as when they collect meals.”

Clearsprings has heard the complaint and murdered the asylum seekers done away with the bands. Asylum seekers will now carry photos ID, you know, like people did under Nazi Germany.


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Good news: woman finds traces of real chicken parts in her KFC

To Wellingborough, U.K., where amidst the fat, cardboard, grease and batter, Cassandra Perkins, 22, has found something exciting and newsworthy in her KFC dinner

“It looked disgusting and pink, I didn’t want to touch it,” she tells the Northampton Chronicle. “I first thought that it may have been brain or lung, it certainly wasn’t chicken. My burger had a hair in it as well.”

Beef? Fish? Tortoise? No. It was chicken. As KFC explains:

“Sometimes mistakes can happen and unfortunately on rare occasions, giblets are not removed when they should have been. We have reminded our team members to take extra care in future, and if a customer is ever unhappy with their food we encourage them to let our team know, who will always be happy to help.”

Who knew there was actual chicken in a KFC meal?

chicken lung KFC


In other news: nuggets grow on trees.

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The most insane wind turbine photo of all time

wind turbine frozen helicopter


Wind turbines reduce the amount of CO2 being released to the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels. Well, that’s the idea. And then you see this picture from Sweden.

The rotor blades of a wind turbine to ice up bringing the blades to a complete stop. To fix the “problem” a helicopter is employed (burning aviation fuel) to spray hot water (which is heated in the frigid temperatures using a truck equipped with a 260 kW oil burner) on the blades of the turbine to de-ice them.

The aviation fuel, the diesel for the truck, and the oil burned to heat the water, could produce more electricity (at the right time to meet demand) than the unfrozen wind turbine could ever produce. (Before it freezes up again).

Spotter: WUWT

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Free speech: police prevent more violence at Ami Ayalon talk to King’s College Israel group

israel kingsWhat do we make the news that an Israeli students’ event at King’s College University, London, was attacked? The event held by students from the KCL and LSE Israeli societies was disrupted by what many think were supporters of KCL Action Palestine (KCLAP), who let off fire alarms, threw chairs and smashed a window.

The invitation to the event went like this:

KCL Israel Society are pleased to bring you this event. Admiral, Ami Ayalon is the former director of Israel’s Security Agency (the Shin Bet/Shabak) between 1996 and 2000 and is a former commander of Israel’s Navy. He has served as a cabinet minister and as a member of the Knesset for the Labour party. With much of the Middle East in turmoil and a stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process, he will focus on discussing the steps that are needed to bring stability and security to the region from a military perspective. He will also examine the question, ‘is there a partner for peace?’ and look at what relationships need to be built in the region to create a viable future peace agreement. He will also discuss his experiences as head of Israel’s main agency that combats terrorism, and to what extent the Israeli experience might be relevant to our own safety and security in the UK (in light of recent events in Europe).

Expect an evening of challenging discussion and, of course, free refreshments. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Richard Millett was there:

Ayalon was head of Israel’s Shin Bet between 1996 and 2000 and then served as a Labour MK. He also launched a peace initiative called The People’s Voice. He’s now in the UK being whisked around by Yachad to give various talks, the gist of which seem to be Israel needs to mend its ways.

The activists’ leaflets, after falsely incriminating Ayalon and Shin Bet in war crimes, accused Ayalon of being “overtly racist” for supporting a two state solution because this implies “Israeli Jews must always be a majority…due to a fear of losing the ethnic and colonial supremacy Israel has enjoyed since 1948”.

As soon as the doors shut the frustrated anti-Israel activists pounded the doors and the windows looking into the talk. They screamed “Free Free Palestine”, “Viva Viva Palestina” and “From the River to the Sea Palestine will be free” and smashed a window…

Ayalon’s talk lasted an hour. Ironically, Ayalon was talking in front of a white board describing the rules for “safe spaces” at universities. But there is no “safe space” for an Israeli-Jew at British universities.

KCL Action Palestine issued a statement:

In light of the accusations surrounding yesterday’s events, KCL Action Palestine would like to categorically condemn any aggression that took place at the Israel Society’s Ami Ayalon event.

KCLAP had planned to challenge Ami Ayalon and inform the audience of his complicity in the torture of Palestinians as former head of the Shin Bet and the problems surrounding his current views – as is within our rights and detailed on our blog (…/kclaps-stateme…/). Our intention was to attend the event and shed light on Ayalon’s crimes and views through deliberation.

That the event escalated into a disruption was beyond our control and not incited by any member of our committee. KCLAP is not connected and does not control the actions of external attendees. As stated we do not condone any aggressive reaction on our campuses. Some of our members protested after they were left out and people were arbitrarily selected to go into the event, we refute any involvement with what took place beyond this.

That blog has the stated aim “to rewrite the fabricated and falsified histories of yesteryear and presenting a more balanced take on contemporary affairs”.

They also declare:

“That the event escalated into a disruption was beyond our control and not incited by any member of our committee. KCLAP is not connected and does not control the actions of external attendees.”

Esther Endfield, President of KCL Israel society was also there:

Protests by KCL action Palestine at this event was inevitable but it was never inevitable that it would turn violent, not to the point that I have just reported being assaulted to the police (which is also being investigated under a hate crime), not to the point that there were chairs thrown at the room and at me, not to the point where they were so violent that Kings College London windows have been smashed, not to the point where two police cars and two police vans along with 15 + officers came to protect the people inside the room, not to the point that in a 4 story building that on each floor the fire alarms were set off 15 + times, not to the point where my event had to be stopped and the building evacuated because college security and the police were so scared that they would light a real fire and that we wouldn’t know because of the false alarms. When did I become so unsafe in one of the global universities in the world that we can no longer hold an event without being scared for our safety.

Former communities secretary Sir Eric Pickles told the Commons:

“(Labour MP Wes Streeting) mentioned that we travelled together to France in the autumn of last year to look at anti-Semitism there and I vividly recall meeting with Jewish students and their talk of how frightened they were, of how wary they were on campuses. I can’t help but reflect at the disgraceful attack upon Jewish students in King’s College in London just two nights ago, where a peaceful meeting – literally about peace – was broken up with obscenities and with the breaking of a window and the breaking of glass and the offering of violence. Frankly, we’ve seen this before – we have seen broken glass, we have seen Crystal Night and if we need to know where the neo-fascists are then they truly represent the neo-fascists in that attack that occurred in King’s College.”

Tom Slater (Spiked):

The rage against pro-Israel students, speakers and societies is, without question, the most flagrant political censorship taking place on campus today. While petty, hysterical and often hilarious restrictions on fancy dress and pole-dancing have stolen focus in recent years, pro-Israel students are being shut down because student politicos simply don’t like what they say. And, while policy after policy are passed at students’ union AGMs in the name of protecting ethnic minorities from offence, anti-Israel fury, so often bordering on out-and-out anti-Semitism, is tacitly ignored.



The Daily Mail:

Tonight Universities Minister Jo Johnson criticised the protesters. He told MailOnline: ‘Britain and Israel share many important academic links and speakers must be able to address meetings peacefully.  ‘Our universities should be safe spaces for students to expand their minds, and there can be no justification for violent intimidation that curtails free speech.’ The angry protest is the latest in a series of oppressive incidents reported at universities across the country.

Iranian-born human rights activist Maryam Namazie faced intimidation from members of a student Islamic society when speaking at Goldsmith University in London.
Students at Cardiff University also campaigned to ban Germaine Greer from speaking. At Oxford University, students have called for the pulling down on a statue of 19th Century mining magnate Cecil Rhodes over claims of racism.



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Alexander Litvinenko was murdered for free

The Daily Telegraph dashed out to read up on Polonium 2010, the radioactive poison used in 2006 to murder Russian spy in London.

The paper tells readers  is a “lethal but hugely expensive substance to manufacture”. It adds that Polonium 210 “would have cost “tens of millions of dollars if bought on the open commercial market”.

No. The World Health Organisation says it “can be derived from lead-containing wastes from uranium, vanadium, and radium refining operations”. In other words, Polonium 210 costs nothing to make on account of it being a waste product of the nuclear industry. You don’t need to buy it for ten of millions of pounds – not if you know a few high-ups in the Russian nuclear industry, say. They probably give the stuff away.


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