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Phone Hacking: 50 famous faces line up claims against the Daily Mirror and Sunday People

You despise Rupert Murdoch. You cheered when the News of the World was removed from the newsagents’ shelves.

Did you cheer when the Metropolitan Police hacked into the phone records of the Sun (it wanted to discover the source of the ‘Plebgate’ story ) and the Mail on Sunday? The Met wanted to discover the source of the MoS story that Lib Dem cabinet minister Chris Huhne got his then wife Vicky Pryce to take the blame for his speeding offences.

It’s fine and legal when the police use awful Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act to hack newspapers. But it is just awful when tabloid journalists hack phones to find a story they deem to be in the public interest. This is ‘irresponsible’ journalism. The politicians and right-minded gentleman of the Press and the illiberal Hacked Off pressure group prefer ‘responsible’ journalism. The powers that be will tell you what is and what is not ok and mortally correct.


When David Cameron said “while it’s vital that a free press can tell truth to power, it is equally important that those in power can tell truth to the press” did you think the world had been stood on its head?

So. How do you react to news that Trinity Mirror is facing a fresh wave of phone-hacking compensation claims?

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Daily Mail scare stories: The Pill gives you brain cancer and the NHS approves sex with 10-year-olds

daily-mail-cancer (2)


Health Tuesday: Anorak’s look at news ways to fall ill and die in the Daily Mail’s mid-week illness special.

Page 5: “How popular hayfever pills could raise Alzheimer’s risk”

Or could not.

Page 9: “Contraceptive implants for girl as young as ten”

In the past five years four ten-year-olds, “one aged 11 and 53 aged 12″ have been fitted with the devices. Why? Ollie Gillman and Sophie Borland can’t find out, what with ppatient confidentiality. So. They guess..

“…the implant would be fitted only if  there were serious concerns over the exploitation and abuse of a vulnerable child”.

So. Rather than removing the child to palce of safety , the NHS just does them up with drugs? Really?

The Mail then quotes a “senior GP from Leicester”, “one area where girls of ten were given devices.” No. Not girls. The Mail found one 10-year-old.

The implant releases progesterone. The NHS explains:

Progesterone (Proh-jest-er-rone) is a medicine which is used in premenstrual syndrome and post-natal depression.

So. The drugs could be salving crippling period pains or acute hormone imbalance, leading to, say, severe anxiety? But who nees facts when news that the NHS is encouraging children to have sex.

Page 32-33: “Why Were We All Misdiagnosed?”

As more and more of us are told we’ve an irritable bowel, how doctors may be missing problems that are evern WORSE

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Teenage, Muslim, Geordie racists go ‘Jew hunting’ in Newcastle

At Newcastle Crown Court the victim of a racist beating tells us:

“I feel shaken and unsafe to walk the streets in my own community. I have never experienced fear and terror like it and I have no doubt I was attacked for being Jewish.”

Prosecutor Bridie Smurthwaite:

“The defendants had deliberately travelled to the area in Gateshead where there were members of the Jewish community with the particular intention of targeting someone from that community. The Crown say the victim was targeted because he was wearing traditional Jewish attire, a black suit and white shirt and a black hat.”

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Humanity wins: Auschwitz survivor Dora bathes her granddaughter


Commandment 11: Never forget.

Commandment 12: Don’t be a bystander.

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Madeleine McCann: Mark Warner pulls out of Praia da Luz and Amaral’s libel case rumbles on

Madeleine McCann: a look at reporting on the missing child in the news.

The Daily Star (Page 21): “McCann Blow Over Cop’s Maddie Book”

The story beings:

“The top police officer in the Madeleine McCann case expect her parents to lose their £1m libel battle against him”

Portugal achieved its freedom of speech laws after a period of brutal dicatorship. And that should be ‘former “top police officer”.

The Daily Mail online reads the Star and adds:

McCanns ‘set to lose £1m libel action’ over claims they faked Madeleine’s disappearance to cover-up her death, says police chief who made allegations in book..

The former police chief who published astonishing claims that Kate and Gerry McCann faked their daughter Madeleine’s disappearance to cover up her death expects them to lose their libel battle against him, it was claimed today.

Goncalo Amaral is reported to have said the early rulings by the judge in the case suggested her verdict may be ‘favourable’ to him.

The 57-year-old told Portuguese television on Friday that Maria Emilia Melo e Castro’s indications so far led him to believe he would win the case, according to the Daily Star.

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ISIS football team recruits five footy flops: Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo are not imposters

Are ISIS buliding a football team? Monday’s Daily Star leads with the news: “5 footie aces are secret jihadis.”


Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 16.22.46


A strawl poll of Anorak Towers’ experts reveals the five we think are aiming to destroy Western civilisation:

John Terry
Luis Suarez
Joe Mourinho
Robin Van Persie

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Transfer Balls: Arsenal wannabe Loic Perrin wants Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpoool, Spurs switch

Transfer Balls: What news on Loic Perrin, the St Etienne player linked in print with a move to Arsenal. He is (at the time of writing) one of the 65 players linked with a moves to Arsenal this January.

The Mirror catches up with Perrin news by telling readers:


Loic Perrin


Liam Corless has news. Well, the headline above his name does. The story beneath the screamer contains not a single menion of Perrin. The headline is everything. It is utter, utter balls.

One day earlier the Daily Star did have some words from Perrin:

“Arsenal have not contacted St Etienne, so it makes no sense to talk about it anyway. And I haven’t had any news from my side either, which cannot be a good sign. The fact that I have been included in the French national squad has alerted certain clubs. Great.”

Look out for the Mirror hwadline: “Perrin wants Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpoool, Spurs switch” soon*…

* See above.


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Jon Venables’ dating profile: Everton, GSOH and sexual deviancy get the sleuths hunting

Right now hundreds of people are scouring dating websites for Jon Venables, one of Jamie Bulger’s two killers. Find the man will nto easy, given that he has new identity and no longer looks like the 10-year-old who sat in the dock.

Go on a date with Venables. Then sell your story.


Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 08.37.07



The Mirror reports that Venables is not on a dating website for ghouls who fancy killers. He’s on a mainstream site open to anyone:

Jon Venables has joined a popular dating website – where women who contact him have no way of knowing they are letting the James Bulger murderer into their lives.

Well, no. He’s not allowed to reveal his true identity.  He has to live a lie. The Mirror does not include this salient point. So. Anyone who meets him socially won’t know he’s Jon Venables.

We cannot also identify the website, which has many young single and divorced mums among its users, who will not know his background if they contact – and possibly meet – the killer.

Well, anyone can be anyone online:

* Mary Kay Beckman first met Wade Ridley after the online service paired the two up in September 2010, and knew him for only 10 days before breaking up with him. Four months later, according to Courthouse News Service, on the night of Jan. 21, 2011, Ridley hid in her garage and eventually attacked her, stabbing her 10 times and kicking her in the head…

*45 and date-raped: One woman’s online dating warning…

The Mirror adds:

…but experts told of their shock that he is allowed free rein to trawl the web chatting up young single mums – just five years after admitting downloading and distributing child abuse material, for which he was jailed for two years.

Is he free? Is he not being supervised? Is he not meeting his handler? The Mirror’s “expert” is guessing.

The Sunday Mirror discovered Venables inviting women to contact him online in a joint probe with TV investigative reporter and child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas. He said: “The horrific nature of James’s murder should mean that his killers should remain under constant supervision and be unable to freely roam the internet.”

But we don’t know that he isn’t.

The Mirror then provides clues to help sleuths track down Venables.

In his dating profile, Venables claims his best quality is his sense of humour. He tells of his love of music and ­football – he supports Everton – and asks women to contact him via his social media account.

So. If we all find out who is is, then he will need yet another identity. How is this helpful?

Venables pays a monthly fee to be featured on the dating site and is able to exchange messages and photographs with any women who choose to contact him. The site also has a feature allowing him to video himself and share clips with any of the site’s thousands of members, some of whom have young children.

There was outrage when it emerged in 2013 that Venables had been released from jail after downloading and distributing child abuse images after posing as a mum on a chatroom online.

Videos he downloaded showed girls said to appear as young as eight being raped. Other images found on Venables’s computer involved children as young as two.

And after that, and the story that he’s been shagging his hander at Red Bank prison, maybe the justice department is being litle more cautious with Vanables.

No story of Venables is complete without a word from his victim’s mother. In the Mail, Denise Fergus is quoted:

Denise Fergus, 47, said it was frightening women may have unwittingly contacted Jon Venables without having any idea of his true identity… “It’s quite disgusting that a child murderer and paedophile can have access to online dating websites. I feel so sorry for the girls and women who do not know who they’re chatting to. He’s capable of anything. Who’s to say that he’s not prowling the internet, looking for mothers and targeting their children? That’s the most frightening thing.”

Well, he’s under observation. He can look at legal material. He can talk to people. He can do anything that does not break the law and the terms of his sentence.

“The Parole Board should have some kind of system where they can watch what he is doing on the internet. He seems to be left to his own devices and getting away with it all the time.”

Seems to be. But isn’t.

Mr Williams-Thomas then adds:

 ‘The thing about child sex offenders is that their behaviour does not change – he will always be a child sex offender.’

Why is the sex now seen as more notable than the killing? We live in changed times, where child sexual abuse is always the top story.

In other news, Jon Venables is a cottage industry

A prison officer has pleaded guilty to selling information about one of James Bulger’s killers to the Sun newspaper. David Hobbs, 67 and from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to misconduct in a public office between February and April 2010. The charge is understood to relate to a single payment of £750 for information about Jon Venables while he was in prison. No story was published as a result…

Last year, ex-prison officer Scott Chapman was convicted of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office for selling details about Jon Venables to a journalist for up to £40,000…

A former News of the World journalist, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was given a six-month suspended prison sentence for the same offence.

The journalist said:

 “He had been taken in by the prison service, given millions of pounds for a new identity and then repeat-offended, and the prison service deal with it by making his life as comfortable as possible. Public interest. What sort of message are they sending out to him that it’s OK to look at two-year-olds being raped?..

“I think I would have been thinking about the public interest of the story rather than the impact on Jon Venables’s mental state.I would have thought the fact he had to live with the fact he murdered a two-year-old would have more affected his mental state than a piece in the News of the World that he may or may not have seen.”

The child who killed a child never moves on…

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GCHQ hoax caller identified as well-educated man on drugs: George Osborne is away

Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 07.39.12In “Con Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, the Sun tells how a hoax caller managed to speak with the cheif of GCHQ and David Cameron. The Sun knows this because the – get this – hoax caller called the Sun and told them about it.

The caller, described as “boozy”, managed to contact “top spy” Robert Hannigan, Cameron before calling the Sun “to brag about it”.

He boasted he was drunk and on drugs but still got to speak to the chief of the GCHQ surveillance base.

But it has all been confirmed by a spokeswoman in a, er, phone call:

“The Prime Minister ended the call when it became clear it was a hoax. In neither instance was sensitive information disclosed. Both GCHQ and No10 take security seriously and both are currently reviewing procedures.”

That spokesman, of course, could be a fake. But the anonymous caller can be totally trusted, telling the Sun:

 “I’ve just made complete monkeys out of GCHQ. I’ve got the mobile number of the director. What’s more, I am off my face on booze and cocaine. I had some spliffs too.I’ve been up all night. I’m utterly wasted. Hilarious.”

But the best line comes from the Sun:

The man — who sounded well-educated and from the South East…

We’re looking for a well-educated Home Counties man on drugs. Seal the doors at Westminster. This looks like an inside job…


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Rod Liddle on The Sun’s Page 3 and the prigs who want it banned

Rod Liddle looks at The Sun’s Page 3, and the prigs who want it banned.

To my mind, Page 3 is is bit naff, a throw back to the say when old the tall and athletic could reach the newsagent’s porn shelf, ‘Continental’ was a euphemism for hardcore and not better coffee and Denmark was the place of adolescents’ sticky dreams.

The Sun could just as easily put one of these Bamforth postcards on Page 3.





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Je Suis Grub Street: Salman Rushie and the But Brigade love Charlie Hebdo but hate the British Tabloids

grub street


Salman Rushdie has been taking on the ‘but Brigade’, whose newfound committment to free speech after the Charlie Hebdo massacre has been steadily vanishing, who see moral equivalence and relativism in the murders:

“The French satirical tradition has always been very pointed and very harsh, and still is, you know. The thing that I really resent is the way in which these, our dead comrades … who died using the same implement that I use, which is a pen or pencil, have been almost immediately vilified and called racists and I don’t know what else… Both John F Kennedy and Nelson Mandela use the same three-word phrase which in my mind says it all, which is, ‘Freedom is Indivisible’. You can’t slice it up, otherwise it ceases to be freedom. You can dislike Charlie Hedbo. But the fact that you dislike them has nothing to do with their right to speak.”

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Morgan Freeman nails Black History Month and ends racism, just like Rosa Parks and her fried chicken did

Morgan Freedman nails Black History M0nth and the obsession with division:




The Republican National Committee has congratulated civil rights hero Rosa Parks for her role in ending racism”.


Screen shot 2015-01-25 at 12.39.53


Meanwhile…over at NBC it’s fried chicken fot all the folks (via):




Such are the facts…



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Asbos for vocal victims who attack Muslims: rally for truth

News in the Daily Mail is that a “Muslim gang” has been “barred from gathering in large groups and burning flags after violent outbursts at rallies led by hate preacher Anjem Choudary”.

Choudary is a showy irritant, the familiar face of British Islamism on the telly because gurning loons Omar Barki – the ‘Tottenham Taliban’ – and Abu Hamza – the one-eyed, no-handed purple people eater – have left the country. The British media interviewed all the men who shout at pigeons in the precinct to be the face of Islamism UK and came up with nothing very frightening. So. Image-conscious Choudary stepped forward, a man who ticks boxes to be a radical Islamist but fails to be the full tonto.

Back to the Mail’s news that 12 men have received Asbos.

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World Economic Forum Watch: 10 messages from Davos to make the 99% puke

The great and good are meeting in Davos. It’s the World Economic Forum, dummy, the rich and powerful’s AGM. It’s here they elect what free gifts banks can give customers, who Prince Andrew shags and if attacking Mars is worth it.

We’ve had look at some of the tweets and news emerging from on high.

Grab a bucket. It’s a puke-arama!


Screen shot 2015-01-23 at 22.02.38


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Watching The Sun: Page 3 turns to the often naked Miranda Kerr

The Sun follows it’s return to Page 3 with Nicole from Bournemouth with a Page 3 double spread.

It’s Miranda Kerr. And the shocking news is that the topless supermodel isn’t topless. Because she is nearly always topless.




The Daily Mirror is now the same as the Sun for it too has Miranda Kerr on Page 3:


20150123_085153 (2)


But over in the Daily Star, Sophie (“she loves rowing” – phwoar!!) from Staffs is topless:




Will the Sun now go with or without a topless stunna tomorrow? Will Richard Desmond’s Star be the only place to reach for topless babes on the newsagent’s bottom shelf?

Will readers wonder where-oh-wher they can see photos of naked women if not in the Sun and the Star? And will you all be in tonight to watch Richard Desmond’s hardcore porn shows through Rupert Mudroch’s Sky boxes?

Stay tuned…

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The sensational death of Christina Annesley: desperate newspapers piggyback on Koh Tao murders

Christina Annesley

Daily Mail


Christina Annesley died on holiday. The young British woman was travelling when she died on the Thai island of Koh Tao. Terrible news. But can the news of a woman’s death from natural caues be spun and sensationalised? Yep:

The Daily Mail reports – and this is the URL of the scoop:

The story runs:

Christina Annesley, 23, from Orpington in south London, was part-way through a four-month trip across south-east Asia when she died on Wednesday.
She was found dead on the island of Koh Tao- the same location where British backpackers David Miller and Hannah Witheridge were found murdered last September.

But Christina Annesley’s death has nothing to do with those murders.

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Global warming causes private jets at Davos

This might be the greatest reason to support global warming:


Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 20.44.22

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Madeleine McCann: people are still donating to the find Maddie fund

News on Madeleine McCann, the innocent missing child, has been thin on the ground. But today the Sun has some news:

Find Maddie fund dries up as donations shrink

Donations to the fund have dropped. Well, the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Grange is on the case. So. Why donate to private detectives who have in years of looking and earning come up with zilch? And The Met is having some success, as the Indy reports:

Operation Grange, which is believed to have cost in the region of £7.3 million, has uncovered a number of significant leads.

The Sun adds:

PUBLIC donations to a fund set up to find missing Madeleine McCann dwindled to just £21,000 in the last financial year, latest accounts reveal.

That sounds pretty generous.

The Find Madeleine campaign made £21,264 from fundraising in the 12 months to March 31, 2014. That figure compares to £70,250 the previous year and £306,393 the year before that.

It raked in £1.8million at its height shortly after Madeleine, three, vanished from a holiday home in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007.

The £21,264 of donations last year were made up of £2,744 in wrist band and T-shirt sales, with the rest collected.

Money for Maddie used to be big. Remember the News of the World’s huge reward? Hey, remember the News of the World?





The Sun goes on:

But administration costs such as accountancy fees and an audit swallowed up £21,005 of that cash.

So much for charity. No-one has to work for free.

But papers filed with Companies House in London last week show the charity’s account still currently has a healthy total balance of £753,056.

That’s a lot of money. If that’s just sitting there, why give more?

That is through unspent money brought forward from previous years and around £1million from mum Kate McCann’s 384-page best-seller Madeleine: Our Daughter’s Disappearance and the Continuing Search for Her.

Madeleine disappeared from her bed in the family’s apartment on May 3, 2007, while Kate and dad Gerry were eating at a nearby tapas restaurant.

A spokesman for the McCanns, who are from Rothley in Leicestershire, said: “Kate and Gerry and the board of directors remain extremely grateful to everybody who has helped in the search for Madeleine by donating to the fund.”

Just last month Kate and Gerry, both 46, said they had been “amazed” by the support they have received.

The organisation, which has six directors including Kate and Gerry, pays for a 24/7 helpline for tipsters to call.

Or you could just call the police…



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Wasted robot drone carrying six pounds of meth crashes on US border

ON the border between Tijuana and the USA, a drone helicopter carrying six pounds (2.72kg) of crystal meth has crashed. Well, if you’re flying that wasted accidents can happen. Just look at the state of that drugs bot.



wasted drugs drone 1


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Gotcha! The Sun used Page 3 to mock the snooty and the the smug

Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 07.16.26
“God I hate the Sun,” a friend texted late last night after a day of Page 3 nonsense.
Hate is a strong word. But, great heavens, the paper is bloody irritating. Irritating in the way of a bright teenager who plays the idiot in class, fearing that to expose his intellect would make him seem less cool.
Snooty people who don’t read the Sun love to portray it as a comic written by imbeciles for imbeciles. They couldn’t be more wrong. It is put together by intelligent people who don’t talk down to their readers, readers who are too often discounted as layabouts with IQs in double figures.

Yes, there’s a lot of soap, showbiz and sex – plus, of course, those women in varying states of undress. But this is a paper with an extremely high story count – and many of its stories are important. Some of them even relate to foreign affairs.

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Page 3 Stunnas, The Suffragette, Fascist Mary Richardson and the Rokeby Venus at the National Gallery

the sun fascists


As Brendan O’Neill writes of the shrill campaing to ban the Sun’s naff Page 3:

All this talk of ridding Britain of the scourge of Page 3 brings to mind the Suffragette Mary Richardson, who in 1914 took a knife into the National Gallery and slashed Velazquez’s ‘Rokeby Venus’. “I didn’t like the way men visitors gaped at it all day long.” Richardson later became the head of the women’s section of the British Union of Fascists.

That story is well told on FlashbakThe Suffragette and Fascist Mary Richardson and the Rokeby Venus at the National Gallery


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Prince Andrew’s foot fetish orgy and an underage sex ‘slave’ star in The Jeffrey Epstein Mystery

Prince Andrew and Virgina Roberts share the Sun’s front page. It’s the story of sex and slavery.

It’s the story of “MY SEX WITH ANDY AND 8 GIRLS.” Wow! Prince Andrew had sex with “girls”! Eight of them!


Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 08.53.57


The story begins:

THE “slave” who claims she was forced to sleep with Prince Andrew said he once had sex with her and eight girls.

Robert is the self-confessed ‘slave’ who fled her paedophile captor whilst on a massage learning course in Thailand.

Virginia Roberts, 31, said the orgy took place on his paedo pal Jeffrey Epstein’s private island.

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Good news with Nicole Neal from Bournemouth: The Sun brings back Page 3

After a very brief hiatus. the Sun has restored topless stunnas to its page 3.


Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 07.16.54


Bring it on Nicole Neal from Bournemouth:

Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 07.26.28



Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 07.14.03


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The fat-abusing Sun says the fat suffer ‘nightmare abuse’

In “SUN GIRL’S DAY FROM  HELL”, Amy Jones (size 8) pulls on a fat suit and heads off to: the gym (“A child points and laughs”); the bus stop (“A gaggle of kids point and giggle”); lunch (“customers stare as I order the  Steakhouse Meal”); the pub (“no one rushes to serve me”); a saucy lingerie shop (the cut-away playsuit is not in her size); and the Tube (I’m me with accusatory stares”).





Good job fat tourist Amy can pull off her ridiculous rubbery get-up (Why do they stare? Why?) and put an end to the “abuse”. At her Sun desk, Amy says “40 percent of Brits are the target to personal insults at least once a week”. She learns that “criticism is unhelpful when it comes to losing weight”.




Amy Jones may care to flick through back copies of the Sun and learn that a fat suit is one thing but get fat and – look out! –  her collegues will be on her:

There is Fat Wayne Rooney, who is mocked-up and mocked by the Sun:




And a few more examples of “nightmare abuse”:

the sun fat 2

the sun 1





Images via: Bloggerheads and Bizarrescience

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