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THE papers lead with Yusra Hussein. She’s left the UK to join ISIS. Well, so they say. Yusra travelled to Turkey with a 17-year-old. And then we don’t know what she did.

The Sun uses the language of paedophilia to discuss her defection:

Youngest I.S. recruit, 15, groomed online to become jihadi bride - Schoolgirl runs off to join fanatics in Syria


And again:

It is believed the schoolgirl may have been groomed to become the bride of one of Islamic State’s jihadi fighters in Syria — despite her age.

The message is clear: ISIS is a haven for peados. If you didn’t hate them before, you surely do now.

Dad Mohammed only realised she was missing when he arrived at her school at 3.15pm on Wednesday to pick her up. Yusra’s family say she had no cash to pay for her flight so the air ticket must have been provided by whoever recruited her to the IS cause.

Whereas the Sun pixelates the young woman’s face…


Screen shot 2014 10 01 at 08.24.41 Yusra Hussein: Islamic State Paedophiles Groom British Teens



…the Mirror just slap her face on the cover.


Daily Mirror 1 10 2014 Yusra Hussein: Islamic State Paedophiles Groom British Teens



The Mirror looks at the teenage runaway:

In an emotional message to their daughter – who hopes to be a dentist – parents Mohammed and Safiya said: “Please come back, we miss you very much. You’re not in any trouble, we just want you to be safe and come home as soon as possible.”

The paper introduces party politics:

Family spokesman Hibaq Jama said Mohammed, Safiya, their younger daughter and three sons are ­“devastated”. The Labour councillor added: “They are distraught. Yusra was very aspirational, wanting to go on and become a dentist…

“So it has come as a complete shock to the parents. But it has also come as a shock to the community who are now understandably asking questions about the fact that if she, as a ­15-year-old girl, very articulate, has disappeared, then there are ­understandably concerns for others.

“I think it is really important to understand that at the heart of it is a grieving mother and a grieving father who as of yet have no idea where their 15-year-old daughter is. They have not been able to make contact with her since she went missing.”

And adds:

“IS are a menace to the whole of society. They have nothing to do with the Muslim faith whatsoever.”



Daily Mail 1 10 2014 Yusra Hussein: Islamic State Paedophiles Groom British Teens



The Mail:

The teenager has not been seen since 7am last Wednesday when she left home in the Easton area of Bristol…

We don’t know if she’s a jihadi or not.

Up to 50 British girls and young women are feared to have gone to the Middle East to join the jihadis. It is claimed that Yusra was introduced to the London-based radical – who is also from a Somalian family – by a third girl, who is now being sought in Bristol.

More to follow..

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Photos Of The Day: September 30 2014 Tue, 30 Sep 2014 20:41:05 +0000


pa 21059988 Photos Of The Day: September 30 2014
Picture 1 of 10

Commuters cross Millennium Bridge at sunrise in London.

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Bradford Muslims Invite Israelis To Perform At Literature Festival Tue, 30 Sep 2014 20:33:05 +0000 HOW are George Galloway’s moves to make Bradford an ‘Israel free zone’ going? Is Bradford a hotbed of racial intolerance and bigotry?  No:

Now, two Muslim women have invited an Israeli-born poet to take part in Bradford’s literature festival this weekend. The festival will also feature a walking tour highlighting the city’s Jewish heritage, which includes the poet Humbert Wolfe and the artist Sir William Rothenstein. Bradford’s Jewish population has now dwindled to 299, according to the 2011 census, compared with 129,041 Muslims.

The Israeli-born poet and playwright Atar Hadari will perform at a multi-faith event in Bradford’s last remaining synagogue, which was saved from ruin last year after a group of local Muslims chipped in to keep it going. The event, called Sacred Poetry, is billed as an “uplifting celebration of divine music and verse from across the religious spectrum”[.]

More here.

]]> 0 Russia Moves Into Hungary As Oban Collapses Tue, 30 Sep 2014 19:25:48 +0000 PA 8691590 Russia Moves Into Hungary As Oban Collapses

Patrons and clerks at a local store get a grandstand view of the action as men of the Hungarian revolutionary forces take aim at members of the Communist secret police, on November 2, 1956, during an anti-Communist uprising in Budapest, Hungary. The mass revolt was later crushed as Soviet troops and tanks encircled and captured the Hungarian capital and several other cities. (AP Photo)

THE Soviet forces pulled out of Hungary 33 yeara ago. And now the Russians are back, forcing Prime Minister Viktor Orban to stop natural gas deliveries to Ukraine.

Budapest has announced that it will freeze its gas deliveries to Ukraine, as the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orban, said his country could not afford to run the risk of losing its own Russian gas supplies.

“Hungary cannot get into a situation in which, due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, it cannot access its required supply of energy,” Orban said on state radio following threats from Moscow.

Hungary’s gas pipeline network operator FGSZ said late on Thursday that it had suspended supplies to neighbouring Ukraine indefinitely for technical reasons, a move Ukraine’s state-owned gas firm Naftogaz described as “unexpected and unexplained”.

Orban’s statement followed a warning from Moscow that it could cut off European countries that have been re-exporting gas to Ukraine to help Kiev cope with Moscow’s energy sanctions.

The threat came as energy chiefs gathered in Berlin for EU-mediated talks aimed keeping Russian gas supplies to Ukraine flowing and preventing parts of the country being left without winter heating.

The European commission rapped Hungary, an EU member state, for cutting off its so-called reverse flow supplies to Ukraine.

“The message from the commission is very clear. We expect all member states to facilitate reverse flows as agreed by the European council in the interest of a shared energy security,” the commission spokeswoman Helene Banner said in Brussels.

This cannot end well..

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Who Is The Black-Eyed Child Of Cannock Chase? Tue, 30 Sep 2014 13:56:52 +0000 TO Cannock Chase, where paranormal investigator Lee Brickley is on a case. He’s received an email telling of the ghost of a black-eyed child. Lee says the ghoul was first spotted in Staffordshire in the 1980s.

Now it’s front-page news:

10407550 948213671862040 6595527981266353597 n Who Is The Black Eyed Child Of Cannock Chase?

Experts baffled! Everyone else ‘meh’

In 2013, it was sighted again, by a mum and daughter out walking on Cannock Chase. As with previous sightings, the child “has coal-black pits for eye sockets”.

(Is coal-black still a relevant metaphore for the kids to get? How about as black as a jihadi’s flag? As black as balsamic vinegar? As black as Justin Bieber’s alter-ego?)

This is what she said she saw:

“We instantly started running towards the noise,” she said. “We couldn’t find the child anywhere and so stopped to catch our breath. That’s when I turned round and saw a girl stood behind me, no more than 10 years old, with her hands over her eyes.It was as if she was waiting for a birthday cake. I asked if she was OK and if she had been the one screaming. She put her arms down by her side and opened her eyes. That’s when I saw they were completely black, no iris, no white, nothing. I jumped back and grabbed my daughter. When I looked again, the child was gone. It was so strange.”

Strange, indeed.

Lee notes:

“In the summer of 1982, my aunt was 18 years old, and she and her friends would often meet on Cannock Chase in the evening time, probably in much the same way many teenagers still do today. One evening, just before dark, she heard a little girl frantically shouting for help. Rushing to locate the sound, she stumbled upon a dirt track and caught sight of the girl, about six years old running in the opposite direction. When my aunt caught up, the girl turned around and looked her in the eyes, and then ran off into the dark woodland. Her eyes had been completely black with no trace of white. There was a police search but to no avail. At the time, no-one had any reason to believe anything paranormal was going on. The girl certainly appeared to be of flesh and blood.”

blackeyedgirl Who Is The Black Eyed Child Of Cannock Chase?

The Birmingham Mail illustrates the story with a picture of a young Amanda Holden. Why?

What can it all mean?

… if you look around on the Internet and read a few books you’ll find many different theories as to their origins. Some people believe them to be extraterrestrials, vampires, ghosts and even inter-dimensional entities, but there is one immense difference between the sightings of black-eyed children around the world and the stories coming out of Cannock Chase: only on Cannock Chase do the sightings consistently happen during the daytime.

In the U.S many reports suggest that black-eyed children often appear in groups, regularly knocking at the door’s of unknowing victims and asking quietly if they may “come inside.” Some other stories tell the tale of these devilish children appearing in the back-seats of cars when a driver is travelling alone at midnight, or walking around on empty early morning streets asking anyone around for help, but I wonder what would happen if you offered them your assistance? What would happen if you let them inside your house? Not many people know, but there are a few reports knocking around, like this one, originally posted inpararational:

“……so I let them in, the one who needed the toilet just walked in and straight up the stairs so I shouted up its on the right, I don’t know why I didn’t find this strange but most toilets are upstairs and as he was young I didn’t think anything of it. I told the other one that the phone was down the hall, “thanks” he said and he started to walk down the hall, I followed him and then I suddenly came over with a really awful feeling like something bad was going to happen, I became very nervous and a bit shaky I still cant explain how that happened, the boy stopped at the phone and paused, “everything OK?” I asked, he turned to me and looked up and that’s when I saw his eyes, and trust me I will never get that picture out of my head, I was so scared that I couldn’t even scream as I turned to run down the hall the other kid was standing at the end.”

“I became very dizzy and struggled to stand up, he walked closer to me and said that they had been sent to collect me, I still couldn’t bear to look into his face, I pushed away from him and ran into my front room and slammed the door shut, I was in so much shock about what was happening I couldn’t think straight, this is something that you don’t even expect to happen even in movies. After standing against the door for around and hour or so I finally got the courage to make a run for the back door, so I ran to it and unlocked it, I ran to the back of my garden and jumped over the fence not once looking back…..”

Very frightening indeed…..

Of all the paranormal phenomena experienced on Cannock Chase, black-eyed children have to be the most eerie by far. The only advice I could offer anyone who comes across these unhallowed, unrelenting and unsympathetic strays is: start running while you still can!

Spotter: Mirror

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Man Erect Large Crucifix To Late Wife Atop Workington Slag Heap Tue, 30 Sep 2014 13:06:38 +0000 “MY intentions were never to cause any ill feelings or trouble. I feel it is an asset and enhances the area and I am aware that many people are enjoying its presence,” says Peter Nelson, 49, talking about the 9ft high crucifix at the top of a Workington slag heap.

Atop the bench on the summit of a slag heap.


]]> 0 One In 10 Church of England Bishops Could Be Secretly Straight Tue, 30 Sep 2014 07:23:10 +0000 bishops gay One In 10 Church of England Bishops Could Be Secretly Straight

THE Telegraph brings news that one in 10 bishops “could be secrely” gay.  Or to put it another way, one in 10 bishops could not be secretly gay.

In the Telegraph, John Bingham reports that in his new book (More Perfect Union – Understanding Same-Sex Christian Marriage), Bishop Alan Wilson of Buckingham claims that almost 10% of Church of England bishops “might be gay”. The Bishop observes:

Particular attention sometimes falls on one vulnerable group with especially complex needs – gay Church of England bishops… By 2014 there were said to be a dozen or so gay bishops. By definition, these men are outstanding priests who have managed to navigate the complexities of a structurally homophobic institution well enough to become its iconic representatives. They may well have a bigger investment than others in keeping the closet door tightly shut…

Many who have publicly resisted same-sex marriage also have a dog in the fight arising from personal experience. This can arise from ambivalence or guilt about ways they have handled family members who have come out as gay, as well as their own sexualities… They have more on the line than some others. They also have greater status and security, but some of them may end up among the last people able to understand the need for change and bring it about. This can be expected to be the case especially for gay evangelical bishops, with their historically less well developed networks and support systems.

The Reverend Peter Ould is unimpressed:

Right, so the reason gay bishops are in the closet is because they are deeply twisted, repressed souls who are trapped in a cycle of shame and suppression. And oh, we must be especially sorry for the evangelicals – they’re the really screwed up ones.

Back in 2011 he wrote:

What would the outing of gay bishops in the Church of England actually achieve?

Well firstly, it would expose to public view as homosexual a number of men who have been faithfully celibate and abiding to the church’s teaching steadfastly for all of their lives. They would be outed for the only reason that they were single and gay rather than single and straight, outed by folks who argue vociferously on their blogs and websites that people should not be singled out just because they were gay and for no other reason. Who at this point would be the hypocrites?

Secondly, it would expose to public view men who had in the past engaged in sexual activity outside of marriage, who had repented of that sin and had then ordered their lives to be very clearly in line with the church’s teaching. Attempting to out these men would simply show for public view the glory of the good news of forgiveness for sin repented of. It would demonstrate to all that the church does grace and restoration and does it for any and all who will accept their sinful error. Whilst initially it might be embarrassing and uncomfortable for the individuals involved and their families and friend, it would then provide ample opportunity for the clear distinction in the church’s teaching between orientation and behaviour to be explained and to be shown to be perfectly manageable for individuals to live, even individuals who had erred in the past. The men outed would become instantly heroes of orthodoxy, icons of repentance and grace.

Thirdly, and controversially for some in the conservative camp, it might even expose to public view men who had managed for well over a decade to live in a “covenanted friendship” without any sexual activity whatsoever. It would demonstrate to all that deep friendships do not need to be sexualised and that Christians can find ways of ordering their lives clearly, of committing to others whilst staying faithful to the purity of the marriage bed.

Finally, it would not change the position of the Church of England. What it would do though is undermine the position of those who engaged in the outing, namely because the only direct effect of the outing would have been to shame certain individuals for not supporting the position of those who did the outing. Such a goal (the shaming of individuals because they do not agree with you) is base indeed and not worthy of anybody who takes clearly Christ’s call to love your neighbour as yourself. Those who engaged in the outing would be seen clearly by all to be self-serving and operating out of a position of anger, bitterness and envy, a position of sin.

Forcing people to reveal what legal act they prefer doing with other consenting adults to fit your agenda is just cruel.

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Do Women Ask For Happy Ending Massages? Mon, 29 Sep 2014 22:09:13 +0000 happy ending Do Women Ask For Happy Ending Massages?


AN intrepid reporter went undercover to book a ‘Happy Ending’ massage:

 “Any ‘rules’ restricting female sexuality are dying as fast as Sex and the City repeats can slay them, and it was only a matter of time before women embraced the notion that ‘quick releases’ aren’t just for men. . . . The bottom line: We like massages and we like orgasms, so why shouldn’t the two sometimes, er, come hand in hand?”

Well, if the masseuse has the skills…


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Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos Mon, 29 Sep 2014 21:28:32 +0000 HONG Kong is a scene of anti-government protest. The FT:

The Chinese government faces its biggest challenge since Tiananmen, as tens of thousands of people on Monday joined the huge democracy protests in Hong Kong. Peaceful protesters poured into Admiralty – the scene of Sunday’s tense stand-off – on Monday after the Hong Kong government withdrew platoons of riot police whose use of tear gas generated sympathy for the demonstrators.

The BBC is live-blogging.

pa 21048997 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos

PA 21036378 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos

 PA 21036369 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21037615 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21037611 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21037783 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21037770 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21037798 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21042983 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21045479 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21047297 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21047925 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21048430 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21049934 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21037781 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21032721 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21027453 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21037812 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21044544 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21052348 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21027280 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21027281 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21027305 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21035832 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos PA 21035906 Huge Protests In Hong Kong: Photos

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News In Photos: September 29 2014 Mon, 29 Sep 2014 20:49:26 +0000


pa 21044544 News In Photos: September 29 2014
Picture 1 of 10

Riot police fire tear gas on student protesters occupying streets surrounding the government headquarters in Hong Kong, early Monday, Sept. 29, 2014. Pro-democracy demonstrators defied onslaughts of tear gas and appeals from Hong Kong's top leader to go home, as the protests over Beijing's decision to limit political reforms expanded across the city early Monday. (AP Photo/Wally Santana)

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Donald Trump Falls Foul of Fred West Prank (Photo) Mon, 29 Sep 2014 13:09:44 +0000 OH dear.

We know Donald Trump is a bit thick, but today he excelled himself… and that’s saying something.

In the past, he’s spat that Barack Obama isn’t a real American, demanding to see passports and all that, while back in the ’70s, he was accused of being a massive racist when he called for the death penalty in full page adverts of three black teenagers who were accused of raping a jogger, but exonerated. Oh, and in a book, John R. O’Donnell – former president of Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino – said that Donald once uttered that “laziness is a trait in blacks”.

This isn’t all old news though. Only last year, Trump tweeted that: “According to Bill O’Reilly, 80% of all the shootings in New York City are blacks-if you add Hispanics, that figure goes to 98%, 1% white”.

He’s also made wild claims that vaccines are related to autism, which has been proven to be a complete crock.

So what is he up to now? Well, today, he tweeted a nice photograph of murderers Fred and Rose West, because he’ll unthinkingly do things without a clue as to whether or not they’re dodgy or not.

Of course, on the chance someone points out his error, we were smart enough to get a screengrab.


donald trump fred west Donald Trump Falls Foul of Fred West Prank (Photo)


Of course, the impish @feckhead was playing a prank on him. You have to assume that the joker never thought Trump would actually do it, but it is always worth a speculative punt when dealing with someone who is prone to doing things before kicking his brains into gear.

We eagerly await the furious tweet from Trump when he realises what’s gone on and the inevitable ‘some people are sick’ rebuttal as his flustered flunkies try and straighten his frankly bizarre hair.

Grab the popcorn.

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Alton Nolen: Mark Vaughan Brought A Gun To A Knife Fight Mon, 29 Sep 2014 12:18:40 +0000 alton nolen Alton Nolen: Mark Vaughan Brought A Gun To A Knife Fight


GUNS in America: Vaughan Foods Chief Operating Officer Mark Vaughan, a reserve sheriff’s deputy, had a handgun about his person when Alton Nolen beheaded Vaughan employee Colleen Hufford. He shot Nolen twice.

Nolen had brought a knife to a gun fight.

Will Vaughan’s actions increase support for ‘bring gun to work’ laws?

Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis told the Associated Press that Vaughan’s decision to carry a weapon to work made a big difference in the outcome of the attack. The situation ‘could have gotten a lot worse’ if Vaughan didn’t have this gun, said Sgt. Lewis. ‘This was not going to stop if [Vaughan] didn’t stop it.’”

How much worse?

In 2012, 375 workers were killed in shootings on the job, according to the US Labor Department, while there were just over 16,000 non-fatal incidents of workplace violence. A 2005 North Carolina-based study in the American Journal of Public Health found that workplaces where guns are allowed are about five times more likely to have a worker die on the job from a gunshot wound than places that don’t allow guns at work.

Nolen killed one woman and stabbed another.



The Mirror:

Man beheads female colleague after argument at food processing factory

The Mail has a different angle:

‘Sharia law is coming’: Facebook rants of fired Muslim convert store-worker who beheaded female colleague and stabbed another woman before being shot by CEO

Such are the facts…

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CCTV Operator Convicted Of Voyeurism (Doesn’t Get Promoted) Mon, 29 Sep 2014 09:47:35 +0000 PA 17205198 CCTV Operator Convicted Of Voyeurism (Doesnt Get Promoted)

THIS is just great. A  CCTV operator has been convicted of voyeurism.

Ciaran McCleave, 51, of Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland, worked at Antrim Road police station. He spent 79 minutes over a 26-day period staring into the windows of a woman’s home. He spied on the woman for his own “sexual gratification”.Judge Ramsey QC said McCleave’s spying  was a “flagrant and wilful abuse of the trust placed in you by the public as a CCTV operator”.

He’s a CCTV operator. It’s doesn’t matter if we trust them or not. They just watch us.

The judge said McCleave was a “man of previous good character with no criminal convictions”. But he also used to zoom in on women going about their days in Belfast.

Is he the only one who gets a kick out of watching?

You don’t have to be pervert to be an avid CCTV operator but if you are it makes the job easier…

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Islamic State Awaits The Ataturk Revolution Mon, 29 Sep 2014 06:29:02 +0000 PA 6217570 Islamic State Awaits The Ataturk Revolution

President of Turkey Kemal Ataturk, left, points out somthing of interest to the Shah of Persia, Reza Shah Pahlavi, during military manoeuvres in Turkey, July 3, 1934.(AP Photo)

TURKEY is the model for the Arab Middle East, says Roger Scruton:

The Middle East is, as we are discovering, not one thing: on the contrary, it is a patchwork of communities whose peaceful coexistence depended on conditions that no longer exist. And many of those communities are in the habit of producing the two greatest scourges of the human race: young men without women, and puritanical rage …

Thanks to Ataturk polygamy was abolished in Turkey and women were encouraged to enter public life. Their status as the unspeakable ‘secret’ was removed, their faces were revealed, their soothing presence was everywhere perceivable. Thanks also to Ataturk the other great solvent of social tension – alcohol – was permitted and, while drunkenness is rightly viewed with anger all across the Middle East, the example of Turkey has helped many of those ancient communities to let their hair down and relax together over a bottle.

Remove wine and women, however, and the tension quickly escalates.

PA 17558053 Islamic State Awaits The Ataturk Revolution

Turkey’s players celebrate after winning the Women’s Volleyball European Championship Playoff match between Turkey and Belarus in Halle in Westfalen, Germany, Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013. Turkey defeated Belarus with 25-16, 25-13 and 25-17. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)


Over in Islamic State:


Drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes are forbidden. Carrying weapons and non-ISIS flags is illegal. All shrines and graves will be destroyed, since they are considered polytheistic. Women must dress modestly (a euphemism for the full-body niqab).

And the sun sails over the yard arm…



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Samantha Lewthwaite Opens Ginger Suicide School In Syria Sun, 28 Sep 2014 16:01:35 +0000 Samantha Lewthwaite Samantha Lewthwaite Opens Ginger Suicide School In Syria

The Ginger Jihadi


THE Mirror reports that “White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite” is “training ISIS female suicide bombers in Syria”. As ever, a British education is best.

Training a suicide bomber is easy. But picking a trainer is hard, given that the best coaches will have the fewest appraisals. Take a look at the Death Coach’s website:

‘Sam was a great suicide bomber coach. I’d recommend her to anyone keen in self-pebbledashing a market place or busload of families’ – Wasim.

‘Before Sam I was insecure and full of self-doubt. I’d failed by HND in business studies and the thought of another day stacking shelves in WH Smith’s filled me with a morbid dread. But with Sam’s guidance I came to realise that I truly was better off dead’ – Philip

‘The last words going though my mind were Sam’s advice to real inhale the vapours and count 100 paces before pressing the button on the jet pack’ – Buzz

The Mirror adds:

The 30 year-old Brit – one of the world’s most wanted women – is also thought to be helping the militants with their propaganda campaign. The widow of 7/7 bomber Germaine Lindsay, Lewthwaite took the name Sherafiyah when she converted to Islam.

Talented lady.

But how truthful is it?

She was also suspected of being involved in the massacre at the Westgate ­Shopping Centre in Nairobi last September, the Star on Sunday reports.

Can the widow of a 7/7 bomber be linked to every Islamist group?

But news of her involvement with ISIS will cause added concern in London and Washington, as she uses her extensive terrorist experience to assist the militants.

Sure. Because thousands of Death Cult loons – and how goes the care in the community programme in the Islamic State? –  are not enough. You need a white woman to give them the real fear factor.

And is that Samantha Lewthwaite in the IS head office? Can the jhihadis be certain it is she? As the Mail nods:

The hunt for one of the world’s most wanted terrorism suspects known as ‘The White Widow’ has gone cold after it emerged she has undergone plastic surgery to evade capture.

Is it a good disguise? Yeah. The 30-year-old should give Simon Cowell her surgeon’s number:

 Kenyan government has offered an all-expenses-paid holiday to a 15-year-old US teenager and her family after police mistook her for Samantha Lewthwaite, the British terrorist suspect nicknamed the ‘white widow’.

Is she a real ginger?

We discovered that 76 per cent of white British converts to radical Islam had red hair. In the Daily Mail archives, 69 per cent of white Brits lured into jihadism or the orbit of an extremist preacher were ginger. The number was similar for the Mirror and the Telegraph. The Guardian yielded a full 100 per cent redhead rate for the stories we sampled.

IS spooks unsure as to whether that British woman taking the Suicide Bombers Seminar is The White Widow can yell “blood-nut,” “fire-truck,” “matchstick” and “tampon” and see if she turns around or shoots them in the face…

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Fat Men Last Longest In Bed And Almost Finish Last Sat, 27 Sep 2014 09:27:30 +0000 PA 4296693 Fat Men Last Longest In Bed And Almost Finish Last

Sex Toys


BIG bellied men make the ebst lovers. Of course they do. Who wants to schtup a lump of gristle?

FAT sex experts atErciyes University in Kayseri, Turkey, tudeied 200 men. They wanted to link body mass index (BMI) and sexual performance.

Men who are overweight last an average of five minutes longer in bed than the skinny. And that’s just seven minutes. The skinny last a little over two minutes. Two. And the thin and fast are more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation, compared to those with a higher BMI.

The boffins speculate that the fat leads to increases the amount of estradiol, a female sex hormone which can delay orgasm.

What we don’t know is how vigorous the shagging was. The skinny could have ben operating at 70-humps-per-minute, while the fat managed two or three and the morbidly obese one.

And, of course, in the horizontal olympics, the fat man always comes last.

As Anorak’s resident fat man told his lover,” It’s not that big but it’s 21 stone backing it up.”

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What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story Fri, 26 Sep 2014 22:33:15 +0000 WHAT is the power of nightmares?

Argentinian cartoonist has created the delicious What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story.


 What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story

It is the same every night.

nightmares What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story

nightmares 1 What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story

nightmares 2 What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story

nightmares 3 What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story

nightmares 4 What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story

nightmares 5 What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story

nightmares 6 What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story

nightmares 7 What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story

 nightmares 8 What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story

nightmares 9 What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story



Spotter: BrainPickings

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Chemical X Make A Rainbow of Ecstasy For Your Entertainment Fri, 26 Sep 2014 17:01:02 +0000 2 Taste The Rainbow with artist Chemical X Make A Rainbow of Ecstasy For Your Entertainment


CHEMICAL X turns pills into art.


3 Taste The Rainbow pills1 Chemical X Make A Rainbow of Ecstasy For Your Entertainment



Nerdcore has a few photos of the creative process:


process Chemical X Make A Rainbow of Ecstasy For Your Entertainment



process 1 Chemical X Make A Rainbow of Ecstasy For Your Entertainment


process 2 Chemical X Make A Rainbow of Ecstasy For Your Entertainment


process 3 Chemical X Make A Rainbow of Ecstasy For Your Entertainment



The Skull is a composite blend of “6,607 micro cellulose, magnesium Sterate, MDMA & pigment embossed tablets set in, and encased by, 3 sheets of museum quality, non-reflecting, UV resistant acrylic. Framed in tulipwood”. It’s yours for 100,000 pounds.


LoveDeath Detail Chemical X Make A Rainbow of Ecstasy For Your Entertainment ChemicalX  Assistant B Chemical X Make A Rainbow of Ecstasy For Your Entertainment


drugs art 5 Chemical X Make A Rainbow of Ecstasy For Your Entertainment drugs art 3 Chemical X Make A Rainbow of Ecstasy For Your Entertainment


Buyer beware. Art is liable to attract police attention.

drugs art 2 Chemical X Make A Rainbow of Ecstasy For Your Entertainment drugs art 1 Chemical X Make A Rainbow of Ecstasy For Your Entertainment



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Police Support Officer Jailed Over Gatwick Money Scam Gets Longer Sentence Than Thieving Politicians Fri, 26 Sep 2014 11:00:20 +0000 Alexis scott Police Support Officer Jailed Over Gatwick Money Scam Gets Longer Sentence Than Thieving Politicians


THE most effective crimes are the simplest.

A police community support officer who conned air passengers out of thousands of pounds was told she will be separated from her baby as she was jailed for six-and-a-half years today. Alexis Scott told travellers departing from Gatwick that they could not take more than £1,000 in cash out of the country and even held out her hat for them to deposit money.

That is simply brilliant. Softened up by militaristic airport checks, warnings and fear, the uniform needs only ask one more thing: hand over your cash or be detained. Compliance is all.

The scam earned her £13,500.

Scott, 39, was told by the judge:

 “You preyed on [victims’] lack of sophistication and panic.”

Which is pretty much how authourity works, no?

“This is a case about an official PCSO using her uniform and her status to commit serious criminal offences herself. It is an exceptional and very unusual case. The implication is upon the police, the public trust and the international reputation of this country. People from other parts of the world find themselves being fleeced by a police officer. If that’s the impression that people leaving this country go away with then that’s a very serious matter.”

So. The punishment?

She got six-and-a-half years for misconduct in a public office, and two-and-a-half-year terms for each of the six counts of theft, to run concurrently.

Six years for robbing the cash.

That’s a lot:

Ex-Labour MP David Chaytor was jailed for 18 months for fraudulently claiming more than £20,000 in expenses. Jim Devine was jailed for 16 months for claiming more than £8,000.

Ex-environment minister Elliot Morley was sent to Ford open prison for fiddling to the tune of £30,000. Eric Illsley was released after just four months of a year-long sentence and claimed he was a “scapegoat”.

MP Margaret Moran was spared prison and given a supervision order instead. None of the imprisoned MPs has returned to politics

Lord Taylor of Warwick was sent down for 12 months after claiming more than £11,000 from the taxpayer.

And Moran:

Former MP Margaret Moran has been given a two-year supervision order by a court after falsely claiming more than £53,000 in expenses.

A judge had ruled the ex-Labour MP for Luton South was unfit to stand trial for mental health reasons and so could not receive a criminal conviction.

It turns out that you get more for robbing a foreigner than you do for robbing your own.

Who knew?

PS – the taxpapery picked up the bill. Sussex police paid Scott’s victims £15,000.

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Big Fat Targets: Christina Briggs Lives On A Diet Of Rotten Tomatoes Fri, 26 Sep 2014 09:38:21 +0000 Daily Star 26 9 2014 Big Fat Targets: Christina Briggs Lives On A Diet Of Rotten Tomatoes


CHRISTINA Briggs, 26, is fat. And flame-haired. She’s on benefits, too. Give her pair of NHS-supplied false breasts and a ciggie and Briggs would be the nation’s Aunt Sally with her own show on Channel 4. If she’s lucky, she could forge a career as Channel 5′s authentic face of the white working classes, like White Dee did with her stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

The Star leads with Briggs, the “25-stone SPONGER”.

The Star’s worry if that Christina aborbs cash the way she absorbs biscuits, the nation is in peril. And she wants more money. As the Star yells:

FURY erupted last night after a 25st mum who says she can only afford junk food on her £20,000-a-year benefits demanded bigger handouts so she can buy healthy fruit and veg… Christina Briggs, 26, hates being a size 26 but moans she is powerless to lose weight because all she can afford is takeaways, chocolate and crisps.

Middle-class readers wonder is chipotle and balamic hand-crafted crisps are cheaper than an organic heritage apple.

“It’s not easy being overweight and on benefits,” she said. “If I was well off I’d be able to buy fresh food and afford a gym membership. I tried swimming but it cost £22-a-month and meant I had to cut back on my favourite pizza and Chineses takeways. It’s not my fault. Healthy food is too expensive.”

The orange-haired, tattooed mum now raises her two children, who have different dads, on her own and fears unless she gets help she may not live long enough to see them grow up.

She said she cannot get a job because she needs to be at home to look after her youngsters one of whom has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

She adds:

“I’d like to get £1 for every pound I lose or healthy food vouchers. If the price of healthy food was lowered that would help, too. I need help, but I need it from the government.”

This story first appeared in Closer magazine. We heard Briggs say:

“I hate being overweight but it’s not my fault – healthy food is too expensive. A bag of apples costs the same as a multipack of crisps but I can’t afford both.”

But if she’s happy to stick herself in the stocks, fresh fruit will come her away just as soon as the tomatoes have ripened…

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Numan Haider: Show Me The Knife And Get Me Some IS Fast Food Fri, 26 Sep 2014 07:56:16 +0000 numan haider Numan Haider: Show Me The Knife And Get Me Some IS Fast Food


WHEN Numan Haider was shot dead by police in Australia, to some he became a martyr. To other, he was an 18-year-old Islamist and IS fan who’d stabbed one policeman in the neck and slashed another.

Alyse Edwards repots for ABC on abuse spray-painted across the entrance to an Indonesian community mosque in Rocklea, Brisbane. The graffiti opines:

“Muslims are evil and have no respect for our ways”.

We learn that a mosque at Mareeba in far north Queensland was vandalised last Friday. It’s terrible. Our ‘ways’ are those of tolerance, understanding and respect. The idiots smash what they claim to stand for. But what’s also interesting is Edwards, who reports:

On Wednesday afternoon, Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart called for calm and tolerance in response to growing concerns over the threat posed by the terrorist group Islamic State (IS). He was speaking after an incident in Melbourne on Tuesday night in which a man who was under investigation was shot dead by police, and after a number of counter-terrorism raids occurred in Sydney and south of Brisbane in recent weeks.

Well, Haider was on the police radar. They’d seized his passpoprt. But just before he was shot dead, he’d arranged to meet police, invited them outside the station because he didn’t fancy stepping inside, offered them a handshake and as they accepted, tried to murder them.

Why not state the facts?

The Green Left website is hit and miss:

Sean Brocklehurst, the Socialist Alliance’s candidate for Pascoe Vale, said: “Messages and even photos don’t prove that Numan Haider is a terrorist. These statements help cover up the facts behind his death. First, when Haider met the police, regardless of whether it was in the police station or in the park, he was technically under police custody and therefore, the police had a duty of care for him.”

No. He wasn’t. He’d not been cautioned. And, technically, he was armed.

“Second, even if we take at face value the ‘facts’ presented by police, it doesn’t explain the other aspects of the supposed investigation such as how much pressure was applied to him and his family. Why did the authorities cancel Haider’s passport?”

I guess, they thought he was dangerous?

“And third, why did Numan Haider have to die? Even if the police version is true, why wasn’t everything done to prevent the loss of someone’s life? Why did the police shoot to kill?”

Because the police shoot to kill. And maybe it deters copycats.

Was he alone?

Abdul Numan Haider, the 18-year-old shot dead by police in Melbourne on Tuesday night, may not have been alone when he stabbed two officers in the car park of the Endeavour Hills police station, according to the Victorian police commissioner.

Ken Lay told ABC radio 774 on Thursday morning that police had “some information” that Haider had been talking to other people around the time of the stabbing.

“I won’t say [they were] working with him, it’s just unclear to us at the moment, whether they dropped him off [at the station] or whether they were waiting for him,” he said.

The Herald Sun:

There were angry scenes when a member of the Afghan community, on leaving the house, blamed police.

“They should not have shot him — he was 18,” the woman screamed. “If you (the police) can’t protect yourself, how are you going to protect the nation? Did you make mistakes when you were 18?

“If someone makes a mistake, you can’t shoot him.”

To the idiots, of course, think they all look alike:

An innocent young man wrongly identified as teenage terror suspect Abdul Numan Haider says he cannot leave his house because he fears being branded a terrorist. Fairfax Media has apologised for mistakenly publishing a photo of Melbourne 18-year-old Abu Bakhar Alam on the front pages of The Age, the Canberra Times and the Sydney Morning Herald on Thursday.

The papers ran Mr Alam’s photo with headlines including “Teenage Terrorist”, “Teen Jihad” and “Teen Takes Terror to the Suburbs”, dubbing him a “schoolboy turned fanatic” who “set terror trap for police”.


The Alams lost a family member to a suicide bomber in Afghanistan and in 2007 were given safe haven under Australia’s humanitarian program. “We came here to live – have a happy life – not live in a country where we can’t live freely, have the freedom to express ourselves,” he said.

SBS has a few words with Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Australia, Nasir Andisha:

Mr Andisha says Numan Haider had joined up with people who had extremist ideas – with which his family had no connection – at a time when he was struggling.

“It seems that this man was disturbed, disillusioned, and he needed more help, guidance, counselling, a helping hand to help him out through this difficult, time, phase, period in his life and to be another ordinary person,” the ambassador says.

He says he believes some disillusioned young people are being attracted to the organisation calling itself Islamic State because it offers what he calls “a five-star jihad” which runs a sophisticated media campaign and offers access to the trappings of modern life .

“It attracts younger people and it basically has more facilities for them, they can take their families”, he says.

That’s in contrast with life among the Taliban and al Qaeda who lived in tribal compounds and caves in the wilderness.

“It’s nothing that a youngster from Manchester, or from Sydney, could endure, being in the caves, every time you have drones over you and intelligence agencies around you.. it was very difficult, it was a very hard-core fight. But on the contrast, being in Syria and Iraq they have much better facilities, the infrastructure is better, you have electricity, you have access to fast food.”

It’s a lifestyle choice…


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Mickey And Minnie Mouse Fight Heckler In Spanish Square Fri, 26 Sep 2014 07:07:58 +0000 mickey mouse fight Mickey And Minnie Mouse Fight Heckler In Spanish Square


“IT’S certainly not something you see every day,” said Aristobulo Olivarez. “He’d been heckling their balloon bending magic act for some time and it seems they’d had enough.”

‘They’ are Minnie and Mickey Mouse, aka Fazzio and Ticiana Yanez, who were entertining people in a Madrid square. A heckler goaed them. Yanez had heard enough. He ripped off his Mickey Mouse head and went for the heckler. Minnie then waded in.

As the police arrived, she told us: “We have a good children’s show but he just wouldn’t leave us alone.”

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Video: Idiot White Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Man Who Was Reaching For His Driving Licence Thu, 25 Sep 2014 16:01:36 +0000 IDIOT cop shoots man who was reaching for his driving licence:


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Thomas The Tanked-Up Engine: French Railway Workers Strike For Right To Booze On The Job Thu, 25 Sep 2014 11:59:56 +0000 Screen shot 2014 09 25 at 12.56.49 Thomas The Tanked Up Engine: French Railway Workers Strike For Right To Booze On The Job

FRENCH railtway workers are striking for the right to booze on the job.

Eight workers with state railyway network SNCF are in trouble for supping a rum, lemon and pepper punch while operating signals and points on a line north of Paris.

(The pepper masks the small of alcohol on the breath.)

In a video of the dinking, one worker says:  “The rum’s going to my head.”

Two workers have been suspended. Others await their fate.

But the Confédération Générale du Travail union says it’s all no big deal. In any case, the pepper had made the drink hot and “no one finished their glass”. The union members are victims of “executive repression”.

We British wonfer if the French are having a laugh. Is it all part of an elbaorate game to see who can strike for the most ridiculous reason?

Will pilots strike for legalised LSD; nurses for the right to smoke; and bar staff the right to charge treble for night and weekends?

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The Metro Imitates The Day Today: ‘It’s Time For A War On War’ Thu, 25 Sep 2014 08:22:47 +0000 LIFE imitates The Day Today as the Metro brigns its take on war in the Middle East:

“Obama: It’s tiem for a war on war”


Screen shot 2014 09 25 at 09.17.58 The Metro Imitates The Day Today: Its Time For A War On War




Spotter: @wonky_donky @JaspJackson

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