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Video: Baltimore teenager charged with attempting to beat classmate to death

Sean Johnson baltimore


What would you do if you saw Sean Johnson, a burly, 17-year-old sportsman, beating a classmate before stamping on his face in the school cafeteria in Baltimore? Would you film it?

This video of Johnson beating his target is shocking:



The Root says:

A student at Baltimore’s Frederick Douglass High School is facing attempted-murder charges in a violent attack on his football teammate who he believed stole a piece from his football helmet… Sean approached his teammate asking if he stole the visor from his football helmet, which the victim denied. Nonetheless, authorities allege, Sean began “hitting [the teen] in the face causing him to fall to the floor unconscious.

The Baltimore Sun offers more context:

…city schools CEO Gregory Thornton and Douglass staff walked among the throng of students chatting and waiting for their buses. Students did not seem jarred by Wednesday’s attack, Thornton said, adding, “Unfortunately, they see it as normal.”

That’s entertainment….

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Haringey’s new logo lolz: ‘more than just a place. It is an attitude’

haringey logo


The London borough of Haringey has invested £86,000 on a new logo – their first new design for eight years. The new sign “communicates who we are today”. 

Haringey is “more than just a place. It is an attitude.”

Spotter: Standard


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Alexander Levlovich: turning a Jewish man’s death into a word game

The New York Times tells readers about the death of Alexander Levlovich, 64.

Jewish Man Dies as Rocks Pelt His Car in East Jerusalem

The headline originally stated another location:


nytimes hadid


Diaa Hadid continues – her emphasis continues to be on the dead man’s race (he is not just any man; he is a ‘Jewish man’):

A Jewish man died early Monday morning after attackers pelted the road he was driving on with rocks as he was returning home from a dinner celebrating Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, the Israeli authorities said. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an emergency meeting to discuss rock-throwing, mostly by Palestinian youths.

But who tossed the stones at the Jewish man’s car? Is their ethnicity as important as it was in defining the man’s death?

Words matter in a place where nuances and context are important. Is Hadid guilty of telling and not showing?

Kevin D Williamson muses:

MEMO FROM: Copy desk

TO: New York Times Foreign desk

RE: Diaa Hadid for AM international; mark-up attached

HEAD: Jewish Man Dies as Rocks Pelt His Car in East Jerusalem [ED: “As rocks pelt his car”? How exactly did the rocks go about doing this? Are these special angry Palestinian rocks that get up off the ground and hurl themselves at Jews? Unless we’re talking about The Rock, in which case he’s going by “Dwayne Johnson” these days, I don’t think a rock is capable of committing an act of violence on its own.]

BYLINE: Diaa Hadid DATELINE: Ramallah, West Bank, 14 September 2015

COPY:  A Jewish man died [ED: “was killed.”] early Monday morning after attackers pelted the road [ED: “pelted the road”? They were aiming at the pavement? Please clarify.] he was driving on with rocks as he was returning home from a dinner celebrating Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, the Israeli authorities said. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an emergency meeting to discuss rock-throwing, mostly [ED: “mostly”? Which other rock-throwers were discussed at the emergency meeting?] by Palestinian youths.

Neither reports are unweighted – although, unlike Hadid, Williamson is not presenting himself as a impartial reporter. Both are practising the journalism of attachment, the trend to present everything in terms of black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. And the journalist of a attachment is always on the side of the good.

Alexander Levlovich

Alexander Levlovich

An official version of event is told by the Israeli government:

Alexander Levlovich, 64, was returning home to the Armon Hanetziv neighborhood in Jerusalem at approximately 11 p.m. after a Rosh Hashana holiday dinner when his car was struck by rocks thrown by Arab youths on Asher Viner Street. He lost control of his vehicle, apparently also suffering a heart attack, and was critically injured when it struck a pole. Two passengers in the car were lightly injured. Alexander was evacuated to hospital and died shortly afterwards.

Levlovich, a divorced father of three, was born in Jerusalem and lived in the city his entire life. He was the manager of a residence for disabled people in Jerusalem’s Gilo neighborhood. Shimon Zurieli, Director General of ILAN, the Israeli Foundation for Handicapped Children, said: “He was a man of gold, with hands of gold and a heart of gold” who, with virtually no budget, found ways to make life easier for the residents. He was also an avid van of the Hapoel Jerusalem basketball team.

Facts. When an issue is emotive, it’s always useful to stick to them.

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Helen Mirren: the not so secret beauty regime

helen mirren face


Helen Mirren has been talking with Bella Blissett for the Daily Mail. When not selling Rubber Gloves, Dame Helen works for anyone company. Can you guess which one it is – and, no, the Mail didn’t see fit to label it’s article an ‘advertorial’:

The 70-year-old actress has four Emmy awards, five Baftas and two Golden Globes to her name, and received a damehood in 2003. In sum, she’s the epitome of a ‘national treasure’…

In sum, she’s the epitome of a ‘national treasure’…

Ok, we get it. Move on…

“I’m pretty laissez faire about my beauty routine… Yesterday, I whacked on L’Oréal Paris Excellence Age Perfect Hair Colour in Light Beige Blonde [shade 9.31] for 25 minutes, then washed it off – job done.’

Who is her ‘beauty hero”?

“I love cleansers and body creams that make me feel clean and fresh, but my absolute favourite is L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Classic Night Cream.

Blissett reveals the answer to our question:

Helen is a spokesperson for L’Oréal Paris Excellence Age Perfect Hair Colour, available nationwide


Who knew?


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Ahmed’s clock: Steve Wozniak makes a ‘bomb’ and Stephen Amell call time

ahmed'a clock


Ahmed Mohamed wants his clock back. Police in Irving, Texas, are satisfied that the 14-year-old’ clock is not a bomb. Ahmed Mohamed tells Good Morning America:

“The clock is still in the custody of the police. I want it back with my humility,” 

As Ahmed waits for his clock, Apple inventor Steve Wozniak shares a memory:


Apple inventor Steve Wozniak bomb


Ahmed only got a hug from Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton. But someone else faired worse.

“Arrow” star Stephen Amell said Wednesday that he will “go away for a bit” in the wake of controversial comments made on Twitter about Texas teenager Ahmed Mohamed.

What did he say?

“Didn’t mean to offend anyone today,” Amell said in a video posted on Facebook. “Wasn’t trying to equate things that are very, very different. Was simply trying to say that two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Amell was blasted on Twitter earlier Wednesday after tweeting “Stereotyping Texas isn’t any better than stereotyping Ahmed. Just so we’re clear.”

And that was it.



Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 08.56.00


We live at a time when any thought not bang in line with the conservative view is shouted down. You can set your clock by it.

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School suspends 11-year-old pupil who thought he had marijuana but didn’t



You know how it goes. You want to be with the cool kids but you’re a naif berk. You’ve heard that marijuana is great for looking grown up. You tell the big boys you can get some. You might even buy some from them. Problem is that it’s not weed – it’s tea / oregano/ your mum’s Bizzy Lizzy. And in the US of A that means trouble:

The student, the 11-year-old son of two school teachers, had to enroll in the district’s alternative education program and be homeschooled. He was evaluated by a psychiatrist for substance abuse problems, and charged with marijuana possession in juvenile court. In the months since September, he’s become withdrawn, depressed, and he suffers from panic attacks. He is worried his life is over, according to his mother, and that he will never get into college.

The only problem? The “leaf” found in the student’s backpack wasn’t what authorities thought it was — it tested negative for marijuana three separate times.


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Corbyn’s feminists: Labour MP Jess Phillips tells Diane Abbott to ‘fuck off’

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 18.22.45Thanks to Labour MP Jess Phillips we now know that women – portrayed by many as irony-proof, reactionary, weak and victims-in-waiting – can handle themselves. Phillips’ contribution to womanhood was to tell fellow Labour MP Diane Abbott to “fuck off” during a heated debate at a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP).

Phillip, MP for Birmingham Yardley MP, is upset that the four top jobs in party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s team have gone to men. She wanted a woman to get one or more of them, perhaps a woman like her – a woman who in the heat of diplomacy told Ms Abbott what to do. As she says:

“I roundly told her to fuck off.”

After which, according to Ms Phillips, Abbott “fucked off”.

Future Foreign Secretary Phillips tells the HuffPost:

“People said to me they had always wanted to say that to her, and I don’t know why they don’t as the opportunity presents itself every other minute. I said: ‘Who the fuck do you think you are?’”

The tableau only gets more lovely when we realise that Mr Corbyn and Ms Abbott, appointed Shadow International Development Secretary by the new Labour leader, were lovers in the 1970s.

It might also offer an explanation as to who daubed the graffiti on a wall in Stoke Newington Church Street, where Abbott is MP. For years the legend declared:

“Diane Abbott is a Slag”

Ms Phillips is not done. She adds:

 “It was nothing to do with the fact they were lovers.”

She then writes in The Huffington Post:

“Whilst our start was cordially disharmonious, perhaps me and Jeremy Corbyn can take this journey together. Me a new MP, him a new leader.”

She had us right up to’ journey’. Jeremy would put you inside your own special carriage, with all the other, strident, foul-mouthed women.


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As seen on Facebook: Ice Cube converts to Islam, joins ISIS and heads to Birmingham from Syria in a rubber dingy

Have you heard the news that ICE Cube, immensely likeable star of rap outfit NWA and Hollywood blockbusters, has joined Islamic State? We saw it on Facebook – so it must be true!




Balsall Heath – get ready to rumble….

Update: thanks to the massive error in this post, we’ve corrected it and had the writer deported to Ice T’s North Korean compound.

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Jim Gilmore’s big night in: the candidate CNN and you ignored

How many retweets?

How many retweets?


Dana Milbank has a great story on the Republican presidential candidate not invited to appear on CNN’s debate. Fifteen got the invitation. One did not. His name is Jim Gilmore.

“I’m very disappointed,” the former Virginia governor told me when I reached him on Wednesday. He paused, as if reflecting on his word choice. “Uh, actually, I’m angry,” he revised. In fact, “I’m really upset about this…

“It’s wrong and against the public interest. I just am rebelling against the unfairness of it all and the wrongness of it all. CNN is not being faithful to the stewardship they’ve taken on.”

So how did Gilmore spend his evening?

And so the former governor, Republican National Committee chairman and chairman of a national homeland-security commission did the only thing he could do: While the other candidates reached tens of millions of Americans on the airwaves, Gilmore went to his campaign office in Alexandria, Va., and tweeted out his own answers to his 1,500 followers using the hashtag #GOPDebate:

Was it a hit? Did it trend? No. After a few tweets were pretty much ignore, he tweeted that it was “all process and nothing to tweet about.”

Milbank got in touch.

Could he say how much money he has raised?

“Nope, can’t do that,” he answered. (He has not yet had to file a report to the Federal Election Commission.)

Would he run ads?

“We’ll augment our strategy with ads if we raise enough money to run ads,” he replied.

How about campaign staff?

“Okay, let me count,” he replied. “Dan. Dick. . . . Alex. Um, let’s see here. Um, Jeff. . . . I think seven at this point,” although “some are part time.”

Read it all.


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Bassem Eid has a message for the bigots, anti-Semites and the BDS movement

Bassem Eid, director of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group, has lived in the Shu’afat refugee camp. He wants to to talk about the man and woman in the street, the “average” Palestinian. In his view the Islamists, anti-Semites and the censorious Boycott Divestment Sanction (BDS) movement have hijacked the Palestinians, using them as devices through which these knowing can display their superior morals and dislike of the barbaric Israeli Jew.

Palestine is occupied by monocular Westerners who know best.

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Facebook should sue the parent who let his 11-year-old open an account



Hear the one about the 11-year-old on Facebook? Not exactly nicking porn mags from the newsagents or drinking fags in the boozer, but it’s enough to shock and amaze today’s worriers.

The story is that when a father from Northern Ireland learned that his 11-year-old daughter had created Facebook accounts and uploaded sexual photos she was exposed to messages of “entirely inappropriate sexual nature” from men. Dad was so upset he sued the website. He reasoned that Facebook should have enforced its age restrictions policies – only over-13s are allowed their own accounts.

Facebook did shut down her account when it realised her age. But she continued to create news ones.

The Mail says Facebook settled outside of court with the man for an undisclosed sum.

Like you, we’re confused. Under 16s – so those legit 13-year-olds with Facebook accounts – are underage. Why is it ok for them to have an account and not for an 11-year-old? Is Facebook’s age policy based on the Bar Mitzvah factor – you become an adult at 13? Says the father:

“My own personal view is that Facebook isn’t suitable for under-18s, but the company isn’t even able to uphold its own policy of keeping under-13s out. An age check, like asking for a passport number, would be a simple measure for Facebook to implement.”

The Sunday Times notes that Facebook allows parents to report any accounts of individuals under the age of 13. Facebook adds:

“We are generally forbidden by privacy laws against giving unauthorized access to someone who is not an account holder. We encourage parents to exercise any discretion they can on their own computers and in overseeing their kids’ internet use. Please talk to your kids, educate them about internet safety, and ask them to use our extensive privacy settings.”


Well, yeah. What about parental responsibility. Facebook should sue.

PS – what self-respecting child is on Facebook when SnapChat and Instagram are soooooo much cooler?

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Police warning: large ‘egg-shaped’ white man broke in looking for drugs

egg man crimePolice Bulletin: Cops in Ontario, Canada are looking for two men who pepper sprayed the occupants of a local home and robbed them.

One of the victims gave chase. He describes one villain as being around 20 years of age with a large bandage around his hand. The other criminal is an “egg-shaped” white man, about six feet tall and 65 to 70 years old. He has a grey beard, grey hair and was wearing a light coloured “Tilley-style” hat.

The men had ran around the property demanding drugs. It’s not know whether they found any.


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Eat yer heart out Google cars – drunk cowboy says his horse knows the way home

google cars horse


Google cars, eat yer heart out. Jake Williams has supped a fill at the local ‘daiquiri shop’ and now it’s time to mosey along home. So he gets on his horse Sugar and heads along Highway 16 in Watson, Louisiana.

And that’s when he got pulled over.

“I was riding my horse down the side of 16,” says Williams, “when I was issued a ticket for being drunk in public. When you get a little too much to drink, why not ride a horse? It’s safer that way. The horse knows the way home.”

So. About those cutting-edge driverless cars..?

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These spoof Tesco wine labels are better than the real thing

To Tesco , where a marketing wag has replaced the usual product information guff with rare insight and wit.

Malbec wine is: ‘Full of tangy clagnuts with a smooth hint of disco and funk. Great with Jaffa Cakes. Taste guide: Studio 54.’

Tesco prankster Source: Flickr  LB:

Tesco prankster Source: Flickr LB:

Tesco prankster Source: Flickr  LB:

Tesco prankster Source: Flickr LB:

Tesco prankster Source: Flickr  LB:

Tesco prankster Source: Flickr LB:

Tesco prankster Source: Flickr  LB:

Tesco prankster Source: Flickr LB:


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Ahmed the hoax bomber’s dad ‘occasionally returns to Sudan to run for president’

Mohamed-Elhassan-Mohamed ahmed hoax

You’ve read about Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old pinched for taking a homemade clock into school – staff and Texas police thought it was a bomb and arrested him.

Well, the Dallas News report features a few works on Ahmed’s dad.

He just wants to invent good things for mankind,” said Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, who immigrated from Sudan and occasionally returns there to run for president. “But because his name is Mohamed and because of Sept. 11, I think my son got mistreated.”

Does eveyrone get a turn, like jury service?


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Ahmed builds a clock, shows it to teachers, gets arrested for having a ‘bomb’

ahmed bomb dallasTo Irving, Texas, where 9th-grad Irving MacArthur High student Ahmed Mohamed, 14, is being sent to juvenile detention. Police are looking to charge him with making a hoax bomb.

Ahmed Mohamed didn’t make a bomb. He didn’t pretend to make a bomb. Ahmed made a clock. He told everyone it was a clock.

But he got suspended.

Ahmed says he showed his homemade clock to one teacher:

“He was like, ‘That’s really nice. I would advise you not to show any other teachers.’”

But in English class it beeped. The teacher asked him to show what was in his bag. “She was like, it looks like a bomb,” he said. “I told her, ‘It doesn’t look like a bomb to me.’”

The teacher kept the clock.

Then the police turned up. Five of them. Ahmed says one them looked at him and said:

“Yup. That’s who I thought it was.”

Al Jazeera hints at racism:

US Muslim student arrested over ‘hoax bomb’ clock – Al Jazeera

Says Ahmed:

“They were like, ‘So you tried to make a bomb?’ I told them no, I was trying to make a clock. He said, ‘It looks like a movie bomb to me.’”

Police spokesman James McLellanis unconvinced:

“We have no information that he claimed it was a bomb. He kept maintaining it was a clock, but there was no broader explanation… It could reasonably be mistaken as a device if left in a bathroom or under a car. The concern was, what was this thing built for? Do we take him into custody?”

So while the police worked out what it was and wasn’t, they handcuffed Ahmed and stuck him in the holding bay. He’s now at home – doing time:


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Terrible fashion: the BlueBella ‘Unwrap Me’ Body Bow £16.00

BlueBella 'Unwrap Me' Body Bow

BlueBella ‘Unwrap Me’ Body Bow



Women are being old the BlueBella ‘Unwrap Me’ Body Bow for £16.00.

Body Bow by BlueBella
Satin ribbon
Oversized design
Can be tied in a number of ways
Presented in a mesh gift pouch
Hand wash
100% Polyester

What other ways can it be tied?






British lingerie label BlueBella was founded with a mission to inspire female confidence.

And it’s not the only one.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.34.00


If one day your self-esteem is low, putting this on will help it rise and rise.

But only if you pull the bow up very, very tight to your chin.



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Rocket Man: when Elton John met Vladimir Putin it was dark

Casting his 'rod'

Casting his ‘rod’

For a moment Bono was worried. No less a colossus of diplomacy than Sir Elton John had received a personal call from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

At which we all scream: ‘Knew it! Knew he was gay! No-one that upset by homosexuals can be straight! The topless shots! The love of close-contact wrestling! Putin was the last to know.’

But then the vision of new alliances gets murky. The story goes that Elton thinks he met with Putin but the Putin he met with was an imposter, a Sham Putin – a man only pretending to be the macho leader. Well, so says his spokesman. On Instagram, Elton thanks the Russian:

 “Thank you to President Vladimir Putin for reaching out and speaking via telephone with me today. I look forward to meeting with you face-to-face to discuss LGBT equality in Russia.”

But Mr Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, says no meeting ever took place. “Putin did not have a conversation with Elton John and, more importantly, we did not receive any kind of offer about a meeting,” Mr Peskov told reporters. “If there will be such a wish, I don’t doubt that the president will be ready to meet, including with Elton John.”

No word yet from Mr Putin, aka jobbing Putin ‘look-alike’ ‘@RocketMan’….

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Sentence for woman who wrapped boyfriend’s penis in red-hot hair straighteners

meat sex revenge hairBronwyn Joy Parker, 22, pleads guilty to recklessly causing serious harm to her lover’s penis by burning it with hair straighteners.

The boyfriend suffered third degree burns to each side of his bellend at her home in Mount Barker, South Australia.

District Court Judge Paul Muscat said Parker’s crime was one of the “most unusual” he had encountered during his time in court.  “In short, his penis will be scarred for life and he will suffer from a number of issues, including the proper function of his penis, not to mention the cosmetic and psychological problems associated with the scarring to such a sensitive site,” Judge Muscat added.

The branding was triggered by Parker’s jealousy – and a promise that if he cheated, there would be a punishment. As Muscat notes:

“You regularly abused him, including physically, if you suspected, or, if he admitted to being unfaithful to you. You were particularly jealous of his association with his ex-girlfriend… He was unfaithful to you and had spent two nights with his ex-girlfriend and had sex with her. When you found out about that, you reminded him of his promise to you. He asked you ‘What about it?’ referring to the promise he had previously made. You told him to remove his penis from his shorts, which he did. He said that you could ‘tap it’ with the straighteners after he removed his penis, after you said that you were not going to burn his testicles…

“You took his penis in your hand and then, with the other, you placed the straighteners on either side of the shaft of his penis before squeezing them momentarily. I need not here say anything of the pain and shock which he then experienced.”

Says Parker:

“To start off with, it looked brown around the outside and it didn’t look too bad, it just looked as if you had cooked a piece of meat.”

Judge Muscat sentenced Parker to nine months’ jail but suspended that sentence upon her entering an 18-month good behaviour bond.

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Jeremy Corbyn gets stage fright at Battle Of Britain sing-along: recalls John Redwood horror

corbyn sings


What’s Jeremy Corbyn been up to, then? It’s more what he’s not been up to. He’s not been singing the National Anthem in public. On this occasion Corbyn did not sing the anthem at an event to mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Still. It’s not as bad this, surely. In 1993, John Redwood, in addition to being MP for the Planet Zog South constituency, was also Secretary of State for Wales. Not that you would have guessed it from his rendition of Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau…

A history of national anthem disasters

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Bullseye! The 1980s Spellers Who Put A ‘SEQUIN’ On TV Darts

Sky One has returned gameshow darts to the TV schedules. One Hundred and Eighty features darts “legends” taking on contestants and challenges for prizes. Before this there was Bullseye, the show fronted by super-smashing-great Jim Bowen, a man for whom no superlative was overlooked. Losers took home a ‘Bendy Bully’, a rubbery smiling bull toy dressed in darts nylons. Winners scored “kiddies” toys, state-of-the-art VHS video recorders and “Bully’s Star Prize”, which on at least one occasion was a white fur coat.

One highlight of many was the spelling round, in which the non-dartist half of one of three two-persons contesting teams would attempt to spell a tricky word. It was only round 1. The darts players threw one dart at a board in which each sector represented a different category of question (such as Pot Luck, Faces, Places, Sport, Showbiz, Affairs, History, Books, Words, Britain, Spelling). In the white heat of a Birmingham TV studio, extempore spelling was a devilish test of nerve.

Let’s take a look a few of the words and spellers:


tumblr_m3037ymMna1r2n2xeo1_500 (1)


tumblr_mneu3styOK1r2n2xeo1_500 tumblr_mstju9YweF1r2n2xeo1_500 tumblr_nm8hh0MvYs1r2n2xeo1_500 tumblr_nt1f9qOxNR1r2n2xeo2_500 tumblr_nt1f9qOxNR1r2n2xeo1_500 tumblr_ntt6d6dgJ51r2n2xeo1_500 tumblr_nu5krkcHPV1r2n2xeo1_500 tumblr_nugl21Xnk61r2n2xeo1_500


Spotter: BullsEyeContestants

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Lisa Borch: sexualising the underage, evil, blonde, angelic killer

borch-2Lisa Borch, 15, and Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla, 29, murdered the teenager’s mother Tina Holtegaard at the family home in rural Denmark.  Abdullah, who met Borch at the a refugee centre near to her home, will serve 13 years before being deported. She’s been sentenced to nine years prison.

Borch’s stepfather tells Danish tab newspaper Ekstra Bladet:

“She is likely to develop into a very dangerous person in prison. She needs help and professional treatment. But there is, unfortunately, no prospect for that.”

Borch’s first boyfriend was from the same refugee centre. He left her for his wife and children in Sweden. Borch’s step-father refers to him in comments he made to Denmark’s BT paper:

“There is no doubt that she was in very bad company when she began to hang out with him. He affected her negatively. It was when she was with him, that she began to take an interest in IS (Isil). He has somehow radicalised her, and I think that’s where you have to find a large part of the explanation of why we are where we are today.”

The Sun says it’s too late, branding Borch ‘evil’:

Evil Lisa Borch, 15, knifed Tina Holtegaard 20 times after spending hours watching sick footage of Jihadi John kill David Haines and Alan Henning with her Iraqi refugee boyfriend Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla.

Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla,The Mirror emphasises the British angle:

The ISIS-obsessed 15-year-old girl murdered her mum with kitchen knife after watching Jihadi John behead British hostages online.

Why persist in calling a killer by a pet name? Three times the Mirror refers to ‘Jihadi John’ –  not once using his actual name: Mohammed Emwazi.

The Independent looks at a different angle:

Lisa’s twin sister told the court she had previously moved out of the family house due to the constant arguing between Borch and her mother.

The court heard it was “the endless rowing which cost the mother her life” and that the majority of their arguments concerned Borch and Abdullah’s relationship.

Over in the Daily Mail, the key fact about Borch is not her young age, her apparent ‘evil’, her older lover nor her habit of watching snuff movies; it’s the fact she’s the “blonde”.

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 03.23.00


Is the shock that a blonde can be a murderer? Isn’t calling a 15-year-old “the blonde” sexualising her? The Telegraph says she’s but a “girl”.

In the Edmonton Sun, there’s more on that theme:

Angel-faced teen murders mom

Because angels are blonde and blue-eyed right?

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Head case: woman who bit into man’s testicles charged with malicious castration

Martinne Patricia Delavega


To North Carolina, where Martinne Patricia Delavega, 51, of Jacksonville, has been charged with malicious castration and assault causing serious bodily injury. She bit a man’s genitals, causing his testicles to tear open.


What happened to her head is not known. But you can make your own puns…

See the video here.

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Jeremy Corbyn: his little Jewish problem

corbyn jews


More on Jeremy Corbyn and the Jews is a rambling column from Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. The headline comes in the form of an order:

Fling mud if you must, but don’t call Jeremy Corbyn an anti-Semite

And the teaser:

Some of the people the left-wing hopeful has been closest to are conscientious and ethical British Jews

What about the lazy and amoral Jews? Is Corbyn being over picky in selecting his Jews?

Is Jeremy Corbyn the enemy of Israel and British Jews? That is what the The Jewish Chronicle, some MPs and various sections of the media would have us believe. It is an accusation that is both absurd and menacing. The right, Blairites and hard Zionists have formed the most unholy of alliances to slay the reputation of the next likely leader of the Labour Party.

The Jewish Chronicle has not labelled Corbyn a racist. What it said was:

…although there is no direct evidence that he has an issue himself with Jews, there is overwhelming evidence of his association with, support for — and even in one case, alleged funding of — Holocaust deniers, terrorists and some outright antisemites.

Alan Johnson MP has also highlighted a few of Corbyn’s associates.

You can read some of words said against Corbyn here. You can read of people he has addressed as “friends“. Not all of his friends are “ethical Jews”. He’s very much the social mixer.

What evidence have his detractors produced to “prove” that he is anti-Semitic?

No, the JC has not proven anything. It asked questions:

The JC rarely claims to speak for anyone other than ourselves. We are just a newspaper. But in this rare instance we are certain that we speak for the vast majority of British Jews in expressing deep foreboding at the prospect of Mr Corbyn’s election as Labour leader… If Mr Corbyn is not to be regarded from the day of his election as an enemy of Britain’s Jewish community, he has a number of questions which he must answer in full and immediately. The JC asked him earlier this week to respond. No response has been forthcoming.

1. Did you donate, as alleged by its founder, to Deir Yassin Remembered (DYR), a group that publishes open antisemitism, run by Holocaust denier Paul Eisen — an organisation so extreme that even the Palestine Solidarity Campaign refuses to associate with it?

4. Why did you write to the Church of England authorities to defend Rev Stephen Sizer, a vicar banned from social media because of his habit of posting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, telling them that Rev Sizer was “under attack” because he had “dared to speak out over Zionism”?

5. Why do you associate with Hamas and Hezbollah and refer to them as your “friends”?

7. Why did you describe Raead Salah, a man convicted of the blood libel, as an ‘honoured citizen’?

No “proof” has been offered. It’s not a witch-hunt. But questions have been asked. Words do matter. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown should know that. When she commented on a LibDem peer she noted:

Baroness Jenny Tonge is savaged by Zionists and her own party for saying that nation “is not going to be there forever in its present form”.


What Tonge actually said was:

“Beware Israel. Israel is not going to be there for ever in its present form. One day, the United States of America will get sick of giving £70bn a year to Israel to support what I call America’s aircraft carrier in the Middle East – that is Israel. One day, the American people are going to say to the Israel lobby in the USA: enough is enough… Israel will lose support and then they will reap what they have sown.”

(Other words from Tonge produce a context: “The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the western world, its financial grips. I think they’ve probably got a grip on our party.”)

As Howard Jacobson puts it:

Magnanimity is by definition unilateral, but it takes two for it to be more than a suicidal gesture. And the question has to be asked whether a Jewish state, however magnanimous and conciliatory, will ever be accepted in the Middle East.

So much for the words. Brown adds:

That he has appeared on Press TV, the Iranian-funded station? Well, until late 2009, the Telegraph journalist Andrew Gilligan presented a fortnightly programme on that channel. Is Gilligan therefore also a Jew-hater? Of course not. Next: Corbyn shared a platform with Carlos Latuff, the Brazilian-Arab cartoonist who condemned Israel’s oppressive policies in Palestine.

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre has declared Latuff anti-Semitic but Eddy Portnoy, writing in the Jewish daily Forward, claims he is a “furious” critic of the state of Israel, not an anti-Semite. So no consensus there.

Who knew that not all Jews agreed on everything? What we don’t get to know is what Yasmin Alibhai-Brown thinks of the cartoons?

As for sharing spaces: many of us speak at conferences where some speakers turn out to have nasty views about various ethnic and religious groups. That is the complex and argumentative world we live in. To talk to those we violently disagree with is surely an obligation.

The Guardian’s Ian Black accuses Latuff of “drawing, without inhibition, on judeophobic stereotypes in the service of the anti-globalisation movement.”

“Some of the people Corbyn has been closest to are conscientious and ethical British Jews. The late Mike Marqusee, a Marxist, New York secular Jew who migrated to the UK, was his friend. So, too, is Ken Loach, a liberal British Jew and fierce defender of Palestinian rights.”

Ken Loach is Jewish?!

Richard Millett:

At a meeting she chaired in 2012, in which the ex-BBC journalist Tim Llewlynn claimed that “Zionists are scattered at strategic points throughout British business”, Alibhai-Brown told the audience that Professor Hugh Blaschko had complained to her that “Israel will bring the worst out in us Jewish people.”

It’s a shame that Alibhai-Brown attaches so much respect to the likes of Marqusee, Loach and Blaschko by dint of their Jewishness. Is she really saying that Jews supportive of Israel, the vast majority, are unethical? That’s the sad implication from someone who should be concerned with racial harmony considering her forced flight from her homeland of Uganda.

And no Jew has a problem with Loach for being “a fierce defender of Palestinian rights”. The problem Jews have with Loach is that, just like Jeremy Corbyn, he seems to want the only Jewish state finished, destroyed, dead. Most reasonable people don’t see that as a “conscientious and ethical” position.

As for Corbyn, Forward writes:

Jeremy Corbyn, was unable to respond to questions from the Forward in time for this article. Previously, Corbyn has said that he has “no recollection” of donating to Deir Yassin Remembered and that Eisen’s “position on the Holocaust is wrong and reprehensible.” As for referring to Hamas and Hezbollah as ‘friends’ and Salah as a ‘very honored citizen,’ this was “diplomatic language in the context of dialogue, not an endorsement of a particular set of views.”

Such are the facts.

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WATCH: Dennis Skinner MP loses it on BBC News – walks off with microphone

Labour MP Dennis Skinner loses it on BBC News, then casually wanders off with his mic on.

It is, says  “wonderful lunchtime viewing”.


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