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Global Warming Predators Invade Antarctica

THE Discover Channel reports:

Global warming is setting the stage for an invasion of predators on the sea floor around Antarctica, the likes of which have not been there for more than 40 million years.

The animals are coming back…

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Somoan Infant Dies At US Airport

THIS isn’t good:

The baby had been flown to Honolulu for emergency heart surgery. He died while detained inside a customs’ room at the Honolulu airport with his mother and a nurse.


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Coco Is Real To The Touch, And Ice-T

ICE T and his lover Coco are in covnersation with Playboy:

on what Ice-T likes her to wear during sex:

He loves heels — it’s gotta be some freak heels. I wear them in bed all the time. I actually keep a pair of shoes next to the bed, just in case I don’t have them on and we start gettin’ busy…I can throw them on. When I get a new pair of shoes I’m gonna have them right next to the bed, because that’s the first place I’m gonna wear them.”

on her favorite position:

I love doggy style. But he gets to see more of it, so I like mirrors. We have a wall of mirrors facing the bed. He’s always got a better view; so sometimes he’ll take pictures for me, so I can see it from his view. We get aroused by that stuff.

on her oral sex skills:

“I think it’s an art. I have my way of using my hands, my head, my hair — my whole body. I’m actually making a performance out of it; I like performing. So if he’s doing it to me I can’t really give a performance like if I’m doing it to him.”

on her ass being fake:

“My butt of course is a hundred percent au naturel. We’ll do tests; [Ice] will let women touch my butt, feel it, grab it, whatever they want to do, to prove that there’s nothing in there.”

on her favorite music to get freaky to:

“Yeah, Keith Sweat has a really nice beat.”

on sex in unusual places:

We’ll do it in club bathrooms, and there’s usually bodyguards around — we’re doing a lot of appearances at clubs, so ya know. ”

on her pet names for Ice-T:

“I call him Baby Poo. He calls me, “Bitch, get over here.”

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Urban Exercises In Toledo Fall To Mayor Nimby

URBAN exercises in Toledo. Not In My Back Yard:

There is intense anger over Mayor Carty Finkbeiner’s decision to halt planned urban exercises in Downtown Toledo by the U.S. Marines — and the horrible way in which he implemented his decision, waiting until after the advance team had already arrived to tell them to “go home.”

After the outrage expressed by many, he refused to apologize, insisting he’d do exactly the same again while using everything from citizens being “scared” to “it’s for the children” as his excuse.

To further demonstrate his complete and utter lack of understanding, he told WJR radio in Detroit that he doesn’t believe this incident has negatively impacted Toledo’s reputation.

In the meantime, just about every national news agency has carried the story, with posts on multiple blog sites such as Drudge Report, Instapundit, Little Green Footballs and Michelle Malkin. Even Web sites such as ESPN and the New Orleans Saints have featured posts in their forums expressing dismay and disgust with the actions of our mayor.

Though there are a few who agree with his decision, I don’t think there’s anyone who agrees with the way the decision was carried out, or with the public relations nightmare Carty started because of his last-minute order to prohibit the exercises.

Adding insult to injury, he refused to meet with an officer of the company to see if any alternatives could be worked out, contributing to the indignation over the way the U.S. Marines were treated.

Can the US Marines practice shooting and blowing things up in Plymouth. I’ve just been…


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Day Gecko Begs Insect For Its Dinner

THE day gecko, which lives in the forests of Madagascar, has been recorded begging a bug for its dinner.

The lizard repeatedly nods its head at the insect, called a plant hopper, until it flicks over small balls of honeydew for the gecko to dine upon.

What does the bug get in return, besides a sense of power and control?

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Throwing Up With Barack Obama

BARACK Obama. Yes we can. Press the flesh. Touch the sleeve. Walk in the shadow:

Dear Barack:

I know it’s kind of lame to break up with you on Valentine’s Day. And on the Internet to boot. But it’s also kind of ironic. And that’s what I need to tell you. As an ironic, contrarian, so-hip-it-hurts Gen X-er, I just can’t love you anymore. I can’t like you because … because, well, everyone else does. And suddenly supporting you just seems soooo last week.

Last week, my hip friends were all thronging stadiums and manning phone banks for you. Now they’re all blogging against you and downing water and Tylenol like they’ve just done 12 Obama shooters in 20 minutes and then barfed in the cloakroom.


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Reforming Sharia Law Before It Can Be Exported

rowanwilliams6.jpgTHE Archbishop of Canterbury speaks. And speaks. And Ziauddin Sardar responds:

The archbishop is a fine philosopher and an enlightened theologian. He can be convoluted, a trifle too pedantic on occasion, but I don’t hold this against him. That he has acquired a string of enemies in the Anglican Church and among mindlessly patriotic politicians and journalists on left and right makes me a fan. However, his latest attempt to champion the Muslim cause is disingenuous.

Sardar thinks sharia “needs to be reformed totally before it can be implemented anywhere“.

Like in Saudi Arabia. They say witches live there…

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Mars ‘Too Salty’ For Life

DR Andrew Knoll, a member of the Mars rover team, a biologist at Harvard University, is speaking at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Boston.

Says he of early Mars: “It was really salty – in fact, it was salty enough that only a handful of known terrestrial organisms would have a ghost of a chance of surviving there when conditions were at their best.”

File under food additives

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Believing The Attorney General In Pakistan

IN Pakistan: “In a tape released by a US-based rights group Pakistan Attorney General Malik Qayyum says polls in Pakistan will be heavily rigged, TV reports. The Human Rights watch says their source is impeccable and reliable and that delay in releasing the tape was due to stringent cross-checking“. Source


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Daily Express Supports Romany Gypsies

caravan.jpgTHE Daily Express’s almost daily focus on the lives of gypsies has turned readers on to the wandering lifestyle.

Today the Express offers its readers the chance to win a Campervan.

The mobile home is worth £32,995 (on the road, on the ferry and on a patch of land by the A31). It features the last word in Romany chic.

The prize comes with four wheels, those much sought-after British number plates and a handy phrase book for connecting with your inner Rogarian, and conversing with other Express readers.

Phrases like: “Why do they stare?”, “Richard Desmond, he very nice man, please, my daughter need job on Television X to buy nappies for grandmother” and “We eat blonde children” will be yours to conjure with.

Only in the caring Daily Express…

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A Simple Answer To Chez Pazienza’s Lement

THE answer to this questiosn about Chez Pazienza’s is ‘No':

Should journalists be permitted to maintain personal — and highly opinionated — blogs on their own time? Chez Pazienza, a senior producer for CNN’s “American Morning,” says the network fired him on Tuesday on the grounds that he violated its standards for journalists through his blog, Deus Ex Malcontent.

Mr. Pazienza announced that he had been fired through — what else — a blog post on Wednesday. “What was the reason for my abrupt and untimely dismissal?” he wrote. “You’re reading it. More to come soon.”


“CNN has a policy that says employees must first get permission to write for a non-CNN outlet.”

He contends that the policy had not been made clear to employees and was overly vague. “It’s purposely set up so they can be subjective,” he said. “Does that mean I can’t post on a MySpace blog that my friends read? Does that mean I can’t post something online to my wife?”

Dunno. Why don’t you ask someone, be an investigative reporter and investigate…

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The Depressing Barack Obama

BARACK Obama’s depressing message by Daniel Henninger:

Unhinge yourself from the mesmerizing voice. What one hears is a message that is largely negative, illustrated with anecdotes of unremitting bleakness. Heavy with class warfare, it is a speech that could have been delivered by a Democrat in 1968, or even 1928.

[OMITTED: Henninger’s edit of Obama’s Madison speech.]

Unease about the economy is real, but Sen. Obama is selling more than that. He is selling deep grievance over the structure of American society….

Whatever else, Barack Obama isn’t talking sunshine in America. He’s talking fast and furious. People not yet baptized into Obamamania may start to look past the dazzling theatrics to see a vision of the United States that is quite grim and could wear thin in the general election.

Look past him? No chance. Get him in and then rubbish him – that’s the plan, right?

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Americans Can Slim Down With Insects And Roadkill

KELLY Trueman says Americans have a bias against eating bugs and roadkill. Eat more WASPS…

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China Offered Kissinger 10million Women

HENRY Kissinger is in conversation with Chinese leader Mao Zedong:

You know, China is a very poor country,” Mao said, according to a document released by the State Department’s historian office.

“We don’t have much. What we have in excess is women. So if you want them we can give a few of those to you, some tens of thousands.”

A few minutes later, Mao circled back to the offer. “Do you want our Chinese women?” he asked. “We can give you 10 million.”

After Kissinger noted Mao was “improving his offer,” the chairman said, “We have too many women. … They give birth to children and our children are too many.”

“It is such a novel proposition,” Kissinger replied in his discussion with Mao in Beijing. “We will have to study it.”

Now American women line up to take home Chinese babies…

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RAMS Decide Race For The Whitehouse


Douglas Schoen, a former advisor to Bill Clinton and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, recently wrote a piece for the Washington Post in which he claims that this year’s election may be decided by a block of voters he calls “restless and anxious moderates,” or RAMs. “Most come from the third of the electorate that identifies itself as independent, but some Democrats and Republicans have also joined this new bloc,” Schoen writes…

Pollsters love to come up with fancy new names for this year’s swing voters, who usually are not that much different from swing voters in previous elections. They are political sporks, people who can’t make up their minds if they are really Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives, whether they are called yuppies, Reagan Democrats, soccer moms, security moms, NASCAR dads or office park dads.

Worcester Woman – the witch who won the 1997 election for Tony Blair…

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Withcraft In Saudi Arabia: Abdallah Al-Bishi Waits To Execute

MEANWHILE in Saudi Arabia: “A leading international human rights organisation is calling on Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah to halt the planned execution of a woman accused of ‘witchcraft’.”

They say she made a man impotent. They say a divorced woman reportedly returned to her ex-husband during the month predicted by the witch said to have cast the spell.

“The fact that Saudi judges still conduct trials for unprovable crimes like ‘witchcraft’ underscores their inability to carry out objective criminal investigations,” says Joe Stork, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.

“Fawza Falih’s case is an example of how the authorities failed to comply even with existing safeguards in the Saudi justice system.”

The judges are said to have relied on Fawza Falih’s coerced confession and on the statements of witnesses who said she had “bewitched” them to convict her in April 2006.

Falih retracted her confession in court, claiming it was extracted under duress. She said that as an illiterate woman she did not understand the document she was forced to fingerprint.

She also stated in her appeal that her interrogators beat her during her 35 days in detention at the hands.

They say in Saudi Arabia it is 2008. But it’s just talk…

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Global Warming: Look How Cold It Is

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Global Warming Means More Asthma

GLOBAL warming story of the day:

Global warming increases asthma


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South Korean Company Clones Pet Dogs

WOOF! Woof!! A South Korean company says it has taken its first order for the cloning of a pet dog.

A woman from the United States wants her dead pitbull terrier – called Booger – re-created.

RNL Bio is charging the woman, from California, $150,000 (£76,000) to clone the pitbull using tissue extracted from its ear before it died.

The work will be carried out by a team from Seoul National University, where the first dog was cloned in 2005.

Dinner in Malaysia. Seconds…

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Rioting In Denmark

Rioting in Denmark!
“Immigrant” youths are torching cars and schools.
An elementary school was torched in the violence.


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Guns In America: They Work

CRIME prevention in America-:

Investigators say they were definitely going to rob him – possibly even kill him.

But an 80-year-old North Texan wasn’t about to let that happen, so he took action.

One of the suspects is in the hospital and both are facing charges.

Two men obviously thought James Pickett, 80, was an easy target when they showed up at his home on Saturday with a knife. . . .

What the men didn’t know is Picket had taken a pistol and put it in his pocket before opening the door.

“He jumped and turned and I shot him,” Picket said.

The two brothers, Paul and Holden Perry, ran but didn’t get far before calling an ambulance.

A bullet just missed Paul Perry’s spine.

“The only problem was I run out of bullets,” Picket said.

In the meantime, he could cosh ‘em with the gun…

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George Bush, Waterboarding And 7/7

SAYS GEORGE Bush: “I suspect the families of those victims understand the nature of killers. What people gotta understand is that we’ll make decisions based upon law. We’re a nation of law.”

Why suspect? Why not ask the families of those killed in the July 7 attacks on London what they think?

Read the rest of this entry »

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Tony Benn’s EU Referendum Letter

This is the text of a letter sent by Tony Benn to every Westminster MP.

Dear Member of Parliament,I am writing to ask you to make it possible for me – and every elector in Britain – to vote on the Lisbon Treaty in a referendum. For the Lisbon Treaty transfers important powers which belong to us, to others in Europe we do not elect, cannot remove, and who therefore do not have to listen to us in the way that MPs listen to their constituents.

Britain must work closely with its European neighbours, but if this cooperation is to succeed, the arrangements must be democratically approved by all the people of Europe.

There is a case for a fully federal Europe. But surely those who take that view should, as democrats, want to win a majority for it in a referendum. That is why this decision must be made by the British people as a whole, because it will affect us all irrevocably and the Lisbon Treaty can never be amended or repealed by any future government that we elect.

Moreover, if three-line whips are imposed, telling any MPs how they must vote, it could not then even be argued that parliament had decided the matter freely. For all these reasons I hope you yourself will feel able to vote for a referendum, thus safeguarding the rights of your electors.

Tony Benn


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Anorak’s Eazy 3 Machine Can Rebuild Jordan For Bacon Week

bacon-sandwhich-porn.jpgWITH a reduced Jordan now looking less like Jordan than a Kate Andre – and who the hell is she? – the country needs a news glamour model.

The new Jordan will be less created then moulded. Into Anorak’s Eazy3 steps young Nicola and with the addition of some vowels, GGs latex and sunset orange colouring (now in a handy spray) out steps Nikii.

The Eazy3 machine should be able to turn out at least 10 Jordans a day.

Nothing is perfect, though, and the seconds will go to the Daily Sport.

The Sport knows what it is. While the Sun has Nikkala, happy to talk about world economic issues and celebrity, the Sport has a “FREE BABE SANDWICH POSTER”.

Before that, readers get a “BONUS” babe” a kind of two-for-one deal, offcuts formed into a Sam, from Rotherham.

But it is the centre pages that draw the readers in like a rutting salmon to its spawning grounds. And there is the Star’s model du jour eating a bacon sandwich and allowing the tomato ketchup to cascade seductively down her bosom. It’s National Bacon Week.

It’s a piece of meat. With sauce, no less. But only half person. No legs, see. No feet. No page 3 backside.

They broke the mould when they made Jordan. But with the Anorak’s Eazy3, we can rebuild…

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Archbishop Of Canterbury, Religious Fascists And A Clitoris

clitoris-islam.JPGHOW do the Americans see the Rowan Williams mess? This in the American Spectator:

In his wonderfully wooly-headed interview, derived from a public lecture delivered by him at the Royal Courts of Justice, Dr. Williams called on his countrymen to arrive at “constructive accommodation” with Islamic sharia law. According to his calculations, the inclusion of sharia law into the British code of law is “unavoidable.” Thus if you are visiting London in the future and you appear in a British court, do not be surprised if it is presided over by a smiling mullah.


Since the 1930s many in the church’s leadership have been classic appeasers. They appeased the fascists. Why would we not expect them to appease religious fascists?

In the Independent, Johann Hari makes the point:

In his lecture, he worries that this could harm women – before serving up a theological gloop, saying that sharia could be reinterpreted in a way compatible with the rights of women. But if that happens, why would you need different courts? What would be the point?

Rowan Williams has singled out a group for special treatment. His views are divisive. They neglect the rights of the individual to make a choice, to interpret as they see fit.

Sticking Two Fingers Up To Rowan Williams’ Islamophilia
Archbishop Of Canterbury: Do The Lambeth Walk, Inbred Muslims And Synodding Heads
Archbishop of Canterbury: UK Adopts Aspects Of Sharia Law


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