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The Human Virus: They Who Would Save Us All Through Sterilisation

“MEET the women who won’t have babies – because they’re not eco friendly,” says the Mail.

Meet them… But to what ends, other than to hear their views on how humanity is blowing carbon dioxide emissions right into Mother Nature’s face, and her with a baby and all.

Says the Mail: “Had Toni Vernelli gone ahead with her pregnancy ten years ago, she would know at first hand what it is like to cradle her own baby, to have a pair of innocent eyes gazing up at her with unconditional love, to feel a little hand slipping into hers – and a voice calling her Mummy.” (Hark: “Mum! Muuuum! Lemmy a fiver and shut up, you witch!”)

global warming religion The Human Virus: They Who Would Save Us All Through Sterilisation “But the very thought makes her shudder with horror.” Indeed.

Has she heard that babies grow up into Hoodies, alcopop munchers and Jade Goody? No. It’s: “Because when Toni terminated her pregnancy, she did so in the firm belief she was helping to save the planet. Toni Vernelli was sterilised at age 27 to reduce her carbon footprint.”

Says Ms Vernelli: “Having children is selfish. It’s all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet.”

Environmentalism is the new religion. Thou shalt not have children.

And then the clincher: “But nothing in Toni’s safe, middle- class upbringing gave any clues as to the views which would shape her adult life. The eldest of three daughters, she enjoyed a loving, close-knit family life.”

It is this upbringing one suspects that is the part of real interest to the Mail. Being middle-class is now all about feeling for the environment, buying organic and listening to scientists telling you what you should and should not do.

These are the people who nod along when former environment minister Michael Meacher says: “The lesson is that if we continue with activities which destroy our environment and undermine the conditions for our own survival, we are the virus.”

Thou Shalt Not Have Fun

And here’s Sarah: “Most young girls dream of marriage and babies. But Sarah dreamed of helping the environment – and as she agonised over the perils of climate change, the loss of animal species and destruction of wilderness, she came to the extraordinary decision never to have a child.”

She tells us: “I realised then that a baby would pollute the planet – and that never having a child was the most environmentally friendly thing I could do.”

And her fiancé Mark adds: “Sarah and I live as green a life a possible. We don’t have a car, cycle everywhere instead, and we never fly. We recycle, use low-energy light bulbs and eat only organic, locally produced food. In short, we do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. But all this would be undone if we had a child. That’s why I had a vasectomy. It would be morally wrong for me to add to climate change and the destruction of Earth.”

Of course they could do more – they could die and donate their bodies to the compost heap. Or they could turn to their parents and in best of planet-saving traditions scream: “I NEVER ASKED TO BE BORN!!!


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Why David Blunkett Says Lost Data Is Reason For ID Cards

DIZZY notes how losing the data of 25 million of us is, for David Blunkett, an argument for ID cards:

When the news about lost disc with 25 million child benefit records initially broke one of my first and instant reactions was that the incident, far from brining ID cards into question would actually be used as a justification for them. This didn’t take long to happen and today the former Home Secretary David Blunkett has written to the Times arguing the case in a letter riddled with fallacy and flawed analysis.

The first problem comes when he says that those using the loss of data to argue against ID cards is a “diversion by those who have never wanted ID cards anyway, and who do not appear to have ever understood them”. Wrong. The diversion Mr Blunkett is your attempt to dismiss their argument by playing the associative circumstantial man rather than the ball.

Whether someone has always been against ID cards or not is irrelevant when assessing the validity of their argument. Suggesting so is intellectually bankrupt. However it is when we get to his actual “argument” where it all falls apart for Blunkett. He says,

“The database is simply about identity — not about the plethora of information that already rests elsewhere. It will actually make it easier to protect your identity, including in circumstances such as these where information has gone missing. This is because it gives an absolutely robust form of identification that stops other people being able to pretend that they are you, simply because they’ve got hold of some of your personal details. It will allow a proper check to be made between your own biometric and that held on the database, giving greater protection”

Dear Lord! There are least two glaring problems with this argument. Firstly there is the false demarcation being made between ID cards and the HMRC issue on the basis of the content of the database. They are not separate issues at all, because at the core of the HMRC issue (and the core of the ID database) is the weakest point of any system, the user.

The ID database remains a simple database that has human beings entering data on to it. Errors in entry do and will occur as they do with any large-scale system. Data corruption and the consequent data cleansing required are standard operating practices of managing such information systems that contain millions of records.

The point to stress here is what happens to someone’s “identity” when data corruption occurs because of entry mistakes? Maintenance mistakes? Hardware failure and subsequent recovery of data? Network outages that mean querying is not possible? Or simply stupid people making stupid requests? Remember that if your biometric data is exposed you cannot apply for a new set.

What happens when you discover that your identity is not protected on the database because as far as the database is concerned – due to cock-up, not conspiracy – you either don’t exist or it says you are someone else? What happens when you go to the bank and they say “sorry Sir, you are trying to commit fraud, the Government says you’re lying we’re calling the Police”?

…The second, and frankly unbelievable claim that Blunkett has made is his use of the phrase “absolutey robust” in relation to biometrics. Absolutely robust? Those are very bold words given the last point made about managing data integrity, but worse still they perfectly illustrate why it is not those arguing against ID cards who don’t “understand” but rather the former Home Secretary and his ilk.

The argument is based upon the assumption that biometric data is impossible to workaround forever and ever in the world, the universe and time. Biometric data, for Blunkett, is impervious to fraud. It is impossible to pretend to be someone else ever because of this. This is not just nonsense; it is, to coin Bentham, “nonsense on stilts”.

…Given all the above, I’m not really sure I can pass much more comment on Blunkett’s closing words which says,

“That so few people understand this is the problem that government faces in persuading people that such a system will be better then any other, precisely because it will be robust, efficient and verifiable.”

Actually I lied, I can pass comment. Mr Blunkett, it is not those arguing against ID cards (for which there are clearly strong political argument too about autonomy of one’s own information) that do not understand the problem. It is you. Basically you’re talking bollocks.


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Spongebob In China

A COMMENT on us or them?

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Flying Into Bali For UN Conference On Climate Change

GLOBAL warming is big worry for the UN. The UN Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will talk about it, and talk about it:

Tempo Interaktif reports that Angkasa Pura – the management of Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport are concerned that the large number of additional private charter flights expected in Bali during the UN Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC) December 3-15, 2007, will exceed the carrying capacity of apron areas. To meet the added demand for aircraft storage officials are allocating “parking space” at other airports in Indonesia.

No space at the airport because the Al Goreans are in town…

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Blackpool Loses Casino Bid And Sinks

donkey Blackpool Loses Casino Bid And SinksTHE Blackpool Citizen has news of a “town hall slanging match”. Council activities are often dull affairs. But Blackpool is out of season and the locals are making their own entertainment.

The argument is over the future of conference facilities for Blackpool.

As reported, Councillor Doug Green, leader of the Lib Dems, wants new facilities. But the idea was shot down by opposition groups.

Council leader, Coun. Peter Callow, says: “The whole motion is utter nonsense, the timing is ridiculous. For a start there are still two years to run on the Leisure Parcs deal [owners of the Winter Gardens arena], and the Government have said that Blackpool needs a tramway system, a museum and a conference centre, and that they are going to help us achieve that. I don’t see Gordon Brown reneging on that at the moment.”

No, of course, Gordon Brown never changes his mind. It’s more of a blame-shifting exercise followed by a period of consultation, and ultimately openness. But what has this to do with casinos?

Well, Mr Callow says of the Lib Dem group: “They tried to smash our super-casino bid, which would have included a new conference centre, by supporting Manchester. It is an outrage they are now bringing this motion forward.”

“Total rubbish,” says Mr Green, saying only one party member objected to the super-casino, and it wasn’t him.

But we are wasting time. In the Sun, Dr John Collins, of Lancashire Climate Change Partnerships, says: “If you look at the worst-case scenario for existing climate sea-level predictions, a huge chunk of the west side of Lancashire ends up underwater.”

So Blackpool goes under. Someone get the lights…

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Steve McClaren Sacked: And Given A £2million Bonus

ON the BBC: “McClaren, 46, who had a four-year deal, is expected to be paid more than £2m in compensation and ex-Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho and Martin O’Neill are the bookies’ favourites to succeed him.”

A bonus for being rubbish… Imagine what he’d have got had England had purpose, direction, skill, shape, drive, ambition, teamwork and talent…

And on a really bright note: “Allardyce rules out England job”

Oh, never mind, ‘Big Sam’, England will have to muddle on without your branch of hoof-it-up-’em football…

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Heather Mills Raising Funds: ‘Treated Worse Than Murderer Or A Paedophile’

HEATHER Mills is now an honorary patron of the Trinity University Philosophical Society, Dublin.

Says Heather: “Sadly, you have to mix at a certain level of people to raise the level of funds you need to bring about the greater good. Because people are very snobby – these people who have lots of money, they’re either snobby or they’re stingy. If you have lots of money you have to be stingy because why would you that amount of money.”

And: “I don’t think anything can prepare you for being treated worse than a murderer or a paedophile when all you have done in 17 years is charity work.”Remind me how much money Heather wants from her estranged husband?

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Ken Livingstone On Aviation And A Slow Boat From India

KEN Livingstone on things green and global, as told by The Croydonian:

Let me make myself absolutely clear – I am firmly opposed to this expansion of Heathrow Airport as it runs contrary to all the growing evidence we now have on the impact of aviation on climate change

And yesterday, on his Indian junket:

The Mayor opened the new office as part of his official week-long visit to India entitled “London-India: Partners in Globalisation”, to promote London as a destination for business, tourism, studying and creative industries and to strengthen relationships between London and India“.

Perhaps the Indian business people, tourists, students etc will arrive by mule train.

Anyone but Ken….

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Government’s Media Monitoring Unit Monitors Blogs

DIZZY asks: “What should I ask the blog monitors next?”

Back in August, Iain Dale noticed an Financial Times report that said the Government’s Central Office of Information was setting up a blog monitoring team. Being ever so curious about the veracity of it all I decided to send a Freedom of Information request saying,

Please provide copies of briefing summaries for the past three months made by the COI Media Monitoring Unit which reference the political blog (Iain Dale)

I also sent one requesting copies of breifing summaries referencing Guido as well. For pure vanity reasons I asked about myself as well as I needed to have my ego shattered. However the CoI hasn’t provided any meaningful information in response, they said,

I am writing to advise you that the Department has decided not to disclose the information you requested on 25th October 2007.

The Media Monitoring Unit does not normally monitor blogs. Any extracts from blogs that may from time to time be picked up are already freely available in the public domain, and as a result are exempt from disclosure under Section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act – Information accessible by other means.

Great response huh? They’ve rather cleverly exploited a whole in my question and assumed that I want the content of what might have come from a blog rather than simply wanting to know when blogs might have been included in summaries. Guess I should change the question, any suggestions greatly welcomed.

PDF response

By Dizzy 

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Italian Teacher Anna Ciriani Is Porn Queen Madameweb

“A SCHOOL teacher in Italy has revealed that she works after hours as a web-based porn star. Anna Ciriani teaches Italian in the north-eastern town of Pordenone…But now she has publicly admitted that, once she leaves the school gates, she becomes the virtual porn star Madameweb. Her hard-core videos are scattered across more than a dozen websites, and her professional life is at risk of becoming a lot more complicated.”

So says the Independent.

Says a school colleague: “When I meet Madameweb, who has always been very kind to me to the extent that some of my colleagues tease me about it, you would never imagine this is a person who has sex with 100 men at a time, without condoms.” Madameweb took the bait, responding with a furious self-defence. “My behaviour at school has always been extremely professional and upright,” she declared, emphasising that her clothes were always modest in cut and her behaviour unprovocative.

Says she:

“It is true I am a schoolmistress but that doesn’t mean that what I am in private must change what I am in school or vice versa. I don’t publish my photos everywhere but only on sites which are forbidden to minors, in which consenting persons who share desires and sexual choices meet and talk.”


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Growing Up Fat With A Working Mum

IT’S “very alarming” says Bristol University’s Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder of her research that found mothers in full-time employment when their children are aged between fie and seven are 50 per cent more likely to “grow up fat”.

Such is the science…

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Suspect In Alexander Litvinenko Poisoning Mocks MI6

FORMER KGB operative Alexander Litvinenko was murdred in London:

MOSCOW (AP) – The former KGB officer named as a suspect in the murder of Alexander Litvinenko in London said Wednesday the British government’s case against him had collapsed and called the slain man a “traitor.”

In an interview with The Associated Press, Andrei Lugovoi, who is running for parliament in the Dec. 2 elections, said he expects his accusers to use the Nov. 23 anniversary of Litvinenko’s agonizing death from radiation poisoning to renew calls for his extradition.

But the 43-year-old multimillionaire said the Russian constitution prevents him being handed over, so he is not concerned about what British officials and Litvinenko’s friends might demand.

“I don’t give a damn about this raving and barking from across the channel,” Lugovoi said in his office in the Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel overlooking the Moscow River.

“Several times, Russia’s law enforcement system and I have asked the British to provide proof and the evidence against me,” he said. “So far, they have no proof of any kind, and everything about the Litvinenko case is politicized. I’m sure they will not provide anything to anyone, and will keep the issue hot to further discredit Russia on the international scene.”

Lugovoi also alleged the British were being egged on by fugitives wanted in Russia who are living in London, including billionaire Boris Berezovsky. “Britain has always been a country that allows all sorts of bastards to seek refuge on its territory,” he said.

As he has in the past, Lugovoi insisted he would have returned to Britain to discuss the allegations against him if he had been invited. He said the case against him had essentially collapsed.

“I congratulate MI6 and all British secret services with the loudest flop in their history,” he said.

Perhaps he’ll seek refuge here one day…


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It’s National Hairdressers’ Day

It is!

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BBC Good Food Show Featues Customs And Excise Cannabis Chocolate

ANOTHER press release form they who lose your data: “Smuggling under the spotlight at BBC Good Food Show – Birmingham.”

Chocolate bars containing cannabis and beer cans concealing cocaine are just two examples of recent smuggling devices used to bring drugs into the UK that will be on show at HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) exhibition stand at the BBC Good Food Show next week.

Visitors to this year’s show will have the opportunity to see a wide range of food items seized by Customs Officers that have been used for smuggling drugs including apples, oranges and onions.

Brilliant. So long as the Revenue doesn’t post them to the show, the stuff should turn up and we can all have good long sniff…

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Ministry Of Defence: Typhoon Update

FROM The Ministry Of Defence: RAF Typhoon – first bomb drop”

“The RAF’s newest and most versatile multi-role fighter, Eurofighter Typhoon has dropped its first in-service RAF bomb – and the weapon scored a direct hit on the target at sea off the Welsh coast”

Anglesey… Come in, Anglesey… Over!

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Hillary Clinton And The Disappearing Naked Man

HILLARY Clinton and the disappearing nude:

Censorship! That’s what some art lovers whispered during the Hillary Clinton fundraiser Nov. 5 at the Woodley Park home of Tony and Heather Podesta. The huge photograph of the nude man was missing from its usual spot on the living room wall, and some guests concluded that politically correct Clintonites had demanded that the naked guy disappear.

The Podestas are part of Washington’s Democratic elite: He’s a top lobbyist and brother of Clinton White House chief of staff John Podesta; she just launched her own lobbying firm. They’re also nationally known collectors of contemporary art, and one of their favorite pieces is “Soliloquy VII,” an eight-foot-tall color photo of a nude man lying on his back, by British artist Sam Taylor-Wood.

You’d think she’d never seen a naked man…


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ID Cards: Gender A Non-Issue In San Francisco

ID cards: “Next year, San Francisco will issue municipal identification cards showing the usual name, birthdate and photo.

“What the card won’t include: gender.”

When other cities considered issuing ID cards without regard to legal status, the debate was over illegal immigrants. In San Francisco, where the Board of Supervisors approved such an ID on Tuesday, transgender activists added gender to the discussion.

“Transgender” is a broad term for people who do not identify with their birth sex. Those who refer to themselves as transgender include cross-dressers and transsexuals.

“The card really makes gender a non-issue,” says Kristina Wertz, legal director of the Transgender Law Center in San Francisco.

One less piece of data to lose has to be a good thing…


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EBay: Two CDs For Sale, With Database

ONE of our databases is missing. And: “Two CD-R’s – Have data on them – some sort of database”

“What an eBay Auction!”

Hat Tip: Devils Kitchen


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Free Porn Hurts The Adult Film Business

FREE PORN on YouPorn, XTube, PornTube etc (you get the idea):

DVD sales are in free fall. Audiences are flocking to pornographic knockoffs of YouTube, especially a secretive site called YouPorn. And the amateurs are taking over. What’s happening to the adult-entertainment industry is exactly what’s happening to its Hollywood counterpart—only worse.

Big news:

As its name suggests, YouPorn lets users upload and watch a virtually unlimited selection of hardcore sex videos for free. The user-generated clips on YouPorn—like those on YouTube, the site it mimics—range from the grainiest amateur footage to the slickest professional product. Also, like YouTube, the site has far more traffic than income. Just nine months after going live, in September 2006, YouPorn was on pace to log about 15 million unique visitors in May, Jones told the Vivid executives, and its audience was growing at a rate of 37.5 percent a month. Today, YouPorn is the No. 1 adult site in the world;, a pay site, is ranked 5,061. According to Alexa, a website-ranking company, YouPorn’s overall rank is higher than (84), (114), and (195). (Those numbers are averages for the three-month period from mid-June to mid-September.)

Porn on the web..?


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You Can Truth A UN Scientist

AS Tim Blair spots: “The Washington Post reviews the work of top United Nations scientists, November 20:
The United Nations’ top AIDS scientists plan to acknowledge this week that they have long overestimated both the size and the course of the epidemic, which they now believe has been slowing for nearly a decade …

The same scientists who tell us about global warming…

The scientists 


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Gordon Brown Will Not Be At England V Croatia: Hoorah!

SCOTSMAN Gordon Brown shant’ be attending England’s match against Croatia.

The PM’s spokesman opines “that some people had argued that the Prime Minister had not necessarily been the best of omens so far but he would let others make that judgement.”

He’s been to three big games: England lose to Germany (football), to South Africa (rugby) and Scotland lose to Italy in the footy…

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Offical Hate Crime Statistics: More On Jews, Gays And Whites Than Muslims

Official FBI Hate Crime Statistics for 2006.Anti-Black 3,136
Anti-Jewish 1,027
Anti-White 1,008
Anti-Male Homosexual 881
Anti-Hispanic 770
Anti-Female Homosexual 192
Anti-Islamic 191



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Nadine Dorries MP Takes On A Blogger Over Her Daughter’s Language

NADINE Dorries MP writes on her blog:

Unfortunately, today’s blog is a rebuttal in defence of my family. As an MP I don’t mind it if people want to take a pop at me – it comes with the territory. However, not my kids.

Every young person I know has a Facebook profile, my daughters are no exception and use it to keep in touch with their friends. Unfortunately Alex Hilton, aka Recess Monkey, had no scruples about trawling through my daughter’s profile in order to damage her reputation.

My daughter’s face book account was the No 1item on his web site for a number of days.

A comment on my daughter’s site had been left by one of her best friends Chido Kawunda. Chido used the ‘N’ word when discussing this year’s Big Brother incident with Charlie.

Says Alex Hilton:

Accompanied by a photo, which is the visual equivalent of saying, “some of my best friends are black”, Nadine Dorries MP has written a piece on her blog which Recess Monkey finds deeply distressing.

It is at this point that I would probably refer to Ms Dorries as “Mad Nad”, not – of course – because of her mental state, on which I am unqualified to comment – but because of her campaign for the return of back-street abortions by equally unqualified doctors. Fortunately, Nadine says on her blog, “As an MP, I don’t mind if people want to take a pop at me” – so she probably won’t sue me for that.

Sadly, Nadine doesn’t allow comments on her blog so I can’t respond to her on her own page, where she suggests this website is somehow state funded (I wish) and makes somewhat darker inferences about me. She doesn’t mention of course that her very-definitely state funded website is adorned with multiple pictures of her daughters, so presumably it’s ok for them to be used for PR purposes when needed.

Nadine, I thought this story had sunk into the depths of blog archivedom and here you are dredging it up for more publicity than I could ever achieve, not least by drawing the attention of Iain Dale.

So now I know you’re a reader Nadine, tell me again when you think it’s appropriate for privileged white girls to use the “N” word?

The Nigger World was here

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Britney Spears’ Grandmother Suicide At Daughter’s Grave

AS reported: “A shocking expose by the magazine US Weekly claims that Britney Spears’ paternal grandmother killed herself because she could not get over her daughter’s death.

“Britney’s grandmother shot herself at her daughter’s grave long before Britney was born, reports. In fact, the pop diva’s father was just a child when this tragedy took place.

“‘Britney’s paternal grandmother actually suffered from depression; she had lost her three-day-old baby and actually shot herself to death at the child’s graveside,’ said Jil Martin, the magazine’s reporter”

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Muslim Man Marries His Teenage Daughter

ON the BBC: “A Muslim who married his 15-year-old daughter and made her pregnant had to be rescued from angry villagers in the Indian state of West Bengal, police say.”

Afazuddin Ali, 36, has five children – three of them daughters.

A few months ago Ali married his eldest daughter, telling his wife Sakina that Allah had ordained him to do so.

Not convinced by his story, his angry neighbours in Kasiajhiora village nearly lynched him for what they said was a clear case of incest.

Marriage within the nuclear family is forbidden in Islam.

“He is a deeply religious man and will never lie in the name of Allah,” Sakina told a court in the northern district of Jalpaiguri.

“I agreed to his marriage with our eldest daughter when he invoked divine sanction,” she said.

But this story has failed to impress the other villagers.

“We didn’t know she was married so when we confronted his wife, she told us about the bizarre marriage six months ago,” Sheikh Ramzan, a village leader at Kasiajhiora, said.

“We wanted to smash his head, we were so angry.”


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