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Lindsay Lohan Is Queen Of England

THE “craze” going on in the United Kingdom involves people take pictures of themselves partially covered with folded banknotes. At least so say the American site Freaking News.

(Has anyone seen anyone doing this?)

The result is this:


American Royalty…

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Yasser Arafat’s Post 9/11 Fake Blood Donating Act

YASSER Arafat gave: “Joel Pollak (no relation) reports on his blog that Charles Enderlin, the France 2 television reporter implicated in the Mohammed al-Dura fabrication, admitted at a talk at Harvard last night that the famous scenes of Yasser Arafat donating blood after the 9/11 attacks were, like the footage of the IDF killing al-Dura, staged:

Enderlin said the event had been staged for the media to counteract the embarrassing television images of Palestinians celebrating in the streets after the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.

The blood donation story made headlines around the world. It was reported by esteemed news agencies like the BBC, and photographs of Arafat lying with an outstretched arm ran on many front pages. But the whole scene was staged, Enderlin said. Arafat didn’t like needles, and so the doctor put a needle near his arm and agitated a bag of blood. The reporters took the requisite photographs.


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Hezbollah Collects Israeli Body Parts

THIS is revolting: “Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah says his armed group has body parts of Israeli soldiers killed in Lebanon during the 2006 conflict.

Sheikh Nasrallah told the crowds: “Our fighters were fighting and confronting these Zionists. They were killing them and collecting the remains of their bodies.

“I am not talking about insignificant bodily remains. I tell the Israelis we have heads, hands, legs of your soldiers. We also have a nearly intact cadaver from the head down to the pelvis.”

How would the UK reacts if this were the IRA saying this?

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The Hills TV Show Might Not Be Real

THE HILLS on TV today:

10:55 T4: The Hills Reality series following former Laguna Beach star Lauren Scott as she moves to Los Angeles to study fashion and work as an intern at Teen Vogue magazine. She finds it’s harder than expected to juggle work, school and partying, especially when her unpredictable room-mate sabotages one of her projects (888)

11.25am T4: The Hills Lauren must deal with the fallout of the Teen Vogue party. Meanwhile, Heidi lands an interview for her dream job and considers leaving school permanently (888)

And a health warning before the episodes:

‘The following programme may contain scenes that have been created purely for entertainment purposes.”

They hope…

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The Cockpit Recording Of The Heathrow Crash

PPRuNe the Professional Pilots Rumour Network site has this posting from Corsair.

It is the alleged cockpit recording after flight BA 038 Boeing 777’s rather unusual arrival on its return from Shanghai crash landing almost on the runway at Heathrow on Thursday.

Just received this exclusive transcript of the last couple of minutes on the CVR.

12:42:35 ALL Sound of metal scraping on concrete.

12:42:40 CAM 1 It’s stopped, well done but what the hell happened?

12:42:45 CAM 2 I’m not sure but I think the (unintelligible) stretched the glide (unintelligble) hit quite hard (unintelligible)

12:42:50 CAM 1 You’re right and if the (unintelligible) and (unintelligible). We were (non relevant comment deleted). That was damm good flying Number one.

12:42:55 CAM 3 Well done guys, I thought we were cooked for sure.

12:43:05 CAM 2 I can’t wait to see what they have to say about this on pprune. Should be good. (laughing)

12:43:15 CAM 2 Yeah, the ‘experts’ will be out in force. Danny will have his work cut out for him.

12:43:20 ALL Sound of laughter.

12:43: 24 CAM 3 Hey lads, I have the laptop. I’ll log on and see what they’re saying.

12:43:33 CAM 1 Great.

Read on

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The Media Messengers And The Media Message


Yet Andy Marr fathering a child with Alice Miles whilst married to Jackie Ashley goes unreported. Across newsrooms, at Islington and Hampstead dinner parties it has been common knowledge for years. These three journalists are at the heart of the politico-media nexus that constitutes the new ruling class. The producers and editors who are the media gate-keepers would not be keen to dish the dirt on their own… despite the fact that it would be of huge interest to the public.

Rumours of unattractive people having sex – discuss… Or ignore… Are the messsengers as important as the message?

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Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Classes Of Poultry

IN ‘Poultry is not a class issue, old Etonian Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall tell us about chicken:

But a commercially produced free range bird, not organic, can be had in most supermarkets for a little over £5. And there is another – cheaper – higher welfare option provided by the RSPCA’s Freedom Foods method of poultry rearing. All the major supermarkets offer this bird or an own-brand equivalent, and these typically sell for about £4. As one of these birds will easily feed a family of four – twice, in the hands of a keen and resourceful cook – you could even say they are a bargain.

You could. Only:

And be in no doubt, these birds may be reared inside but they have, through lower stocking levels and an enriched environment, certainly led more comfortable and less stressful lives than the “two for a fiver” birds piled beside them in the supermarket chill cabinet. The irresistible pressure on many shoppers to buy cheap chicken arises not because higher welfare birds are expensive, but because standard factory farmed poultry is aggressively, artificially and, I would say, shamefully cheap.

I would say a bargain…

I believe that there is a continued need for a domestic poultry industry that can deliver good value chicken at a keen price for a massive popular market. But basic welfare reform is an urgent matter. If something like the RSPCA standards were adopted as a new starting point for the industry, it would add only 50p to the cost of raising a bird. That includes a fairer price for the farmers, who are struggling to stay in business as their grim product sells for insultingly low prices.

Let’s hear it for more expensive chicken!


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Victoria Beckham Is Sick On Stage?

becks-sick.jpgRUMOURS on the web that Victoria Beckham has enlivened a Spice Girls concert in London by vomiting on stage.

Probably rubbish. But we do recall when the Beckhams did everything alike – knickers, hair, puking…

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Paper Airplane Launched Into Space

WILL it carry paper people? “Researchers from the University of Tokyo have teamed up with members of the Japan Origami Airplane Association to develop a paper aircraft capable of surviving the flight from the International Space Station to the Earth’s surface.”

The researchers are scheduled to begin testing the strength and heat resistance of an 8 centimeter (3.1 in) long prototype on January 17 in an ultra-high-speed wind tunnel at the University of Tokyo’s Okashiwa campus (Chiba prefecture). In the tests, the origami glider — which is shaped like the Space Shuttle and has been treated to withstand intense heat — will be subjected to wind speeds of Mach 7, or about 8,600 kilometers (5,300 miles) per hour…

No launch date has been set for the paper spaceplane, but Shinji Suzuki, an aerospace engineering professor at the University of Tokyo, is thinking ahead. “We hope the space station crew will write a message of peace on the plane before they launch it,” says Suzuki. “We don’t know where in the world the plane will land, but it would be nice to send a message to whoever finds it.”

Who would not want to find that?


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We All Own Cyberlaw

CYBERLAW against Law: Whjen lawyer argue – bliss:

Eric Menhart may call himself a cyberlawyer, but we think he has a lot of learn about cyberlaw — and common sense. Menhart is the author of a blog about cyberlaw issues called, logically if not innovatively, “Cyberlawg.” (As he says in the top right corner, “Cyberlawg = Cyberlaw + blog.”) And he is “principal attorney” in a firm called “CyberLaw P.C.” OK, OK, we get it, he practices technology law. Based on this, he’s applied for a trademark on the use of the term “cyberlaw” in connection with the practice of, um, cyberlaw. That’s like a soda company claiming a trademark in the use of the word soda in connection with the sale of soda. Or an apple farmer claiming a trademark in the use of the term apple in connection with the sale of apples. Or … well, you get the picture.

What is worse, he’s threatening other lawyers with legal action based on this silly “mark.” Menhart has demanded that attorney Michael Grossman change the title of his blog about technology law, “CyberBlawg.” Presumably Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society, with its Cyberlaw Clinic, as well as the Berkman’s Center for Internet and Society, and Elliot Zimmerman’s blog,, are in Menhart’s sights as well.

Lawyers. More lawyers. Enough lawyers…

Q: Why did God make snakes just before lawyers?
A: To practice.

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George Clooney Is A UN Messenger Of Peace

GEORGE Clooney a messenger of peace. How do you get these jobs? Who decides this stuff?  We fawn over clebs and hate politicians. Maybe it works best this way?

18 January 2008 – United States actor, filmmaker and human rights advocate George Clooney has been designated by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, to raise awareness of the world body’s peacekeeping efforts. Mr. Clooney, who will join eight other internationally renowned individuals as Messengers to advocate on behalf of the UN and focus global attention on its efforts to improve the lives of billions of people, has been recognized for his work to focus public attention on crucial international political and social issues.

We focus on it. And then what?

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Life After People: Some May Dream

WE’RE DOOMED. Doomed, I tell ye: “What would happen to planet earth if the human race were to suddenly disappear forever? Would ecosystems thrive? What remnants of our industrialized world would survive? What would crumble fastest? From the ruins of ancient civilizations to present day cities devastated by natural disasters, history gives us clues to these questions and many more in the visually stunning and thought-provoking new special LIFE AFTER PEOPLE, premiering Monday, January 21st, 2008 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The History Channel®.”

You’re history, I tell ye, etc,. etc.


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Lindsay Lohan Morgue Job

LINDSAY Lohan is to work at a morgue as part of her punishment for misdemeanor drunken driving.

She has also spent two months in rehabilitation and has done some community service, Berk said at a hearing on her progress toward fulfilling the terms of her plea bargain.

Her two four-hour days at the morgue are part of a court-ordered program to show drivers the real-life consequences of drinking and driving. She must also spend two days working in a hospital emergency room.

Lohan was arrested twice last year on DUI charges and pleaded guilty in August to misdemeanor drunken driving and cocaine charges. She has already served 84 minutes in jail as part of the plea deal.

A place of stiff people with otherworldly and motionless faces. In Los Angeles..?


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Obama V Clinton At The Casino

ALL eyes on Las Vegas.

Barack Obama is warning on the dangers of gambling. He says it carries a “moral and social cost” that could “devastate” poor communities.

On Saturday, Nevada, which holds its presidential nominating caucuses. And odd ting to say of an insuitry that gies so mnay local voters an income.

Obama’s agonist Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton sees the good in the gaming industry.

“There’s a fundamental question here,” said the Rev. Tom Grey, executive director of the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling to the LA Times. “Until this point, Obama’s statements seemed to suggest that he did not buy into the industry arguments that this is a product like golf or Starbucks that should just go on Main Street. And Hillary, by attacking him, seems to have come down clearly on the side of the industry that this is economic development.”

Casino cold be a vote decider. And in Nevada, Clinton ahs the deep stack.

In an interview Thursday with The LAT, Clinton described the gambling industry as an “economic development tool” and said that “for many places in the country, it seems to be an important part of what they are trying to do to revive and maintain an economic base.”

Of the downside, said she: “Any human activity has social costs, really…Life is filled with trade-offs, and you have to do the best you can to balance the pluses and the minuses.”

And decide for yourself…

You can play casino online and qualify for a bonus with Anorak…

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Shane Warne’s Casino Text Message

SHANE Warne is in trouble for texting. Again.

Cricket fans will recall how in 2005, Warne is reported to have sent a text message to Kerrie Collimore reading: “It was amazing? How good was our sex f—ing very hot! My turn to come please tell me how I should think of you!”

Now Warne is in this native Australia, playing as poker pro in his first tournament, the Aussie Millions at Melbourne’s Crown Casino. Eyes down. Warne is texting on his mobile.

Spotted, he was duly forced to sit out for five minutes.

“You are not supposed to be text messaging at the table,” says Paul McGuire, of Poker News.

“He has to sit out of the tournament for five minutes. Essentially he misses all action. He missed his blind and he missed the opportunity to get a really good hand.”

The Devil makes work for idle hands. And fingers…


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Pirate Posting On The High Seas

THE Sea Shepherd and the whales:

For two days now, two crew members of a Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel have been held on a Japanese whaling ship, which they boarded in the Southern Ocean. They were delivering a letter informing the captain that his ship was in violation of both Australian and international conservation law.

Delivering a letter by boarding a boat? How very innocent, Jim Lad…


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Stephen Kinnock, Neil’s Boy, On British Culture

NEIL Kinnock’s son works for a junket. Notes Trixy:
“Consider me unsurprised at the latest behaviour of the Clan Kinnock.”

Stephen Kinnock, the director of the St Petersburg office of the British cultural centre, was stopped by police on suspicion of drink-driving after his car was followed home on Tuesday night. Mr Kinnock was detained in his car for an hour after pleading diplomatic immunity against a breath test, until the British Consul-General arrived to secure his release.

“I am always filled with disgust when I think of that family. Neil Kinnock who was part of the Santer Commission which resigned en masse for being shitty, corrupt fuckers now heads up the British Council.”

Kinnock. Gravy. Train.

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Britney Spears Gets Paps Clamped

IN Los Angeles, Britney Spears is being chased:

Four paparazzi have been arrested on suspicion of reckless driving while chasing Britney Spears’ car in the San Fernando Valley, police said.

Roberto Maciel, 31, Leandro Gomes, 30, Filipi Teixeira, 27, and Eduardo Ravalah, 34, were booked for investigation of reckless driving and released early Thursday on $5,000 bail each, said Officer Jason Lee, a police spokesman.

THE LA police are clamping down on the paparazzi:

“Their numbers — and aggressiveness — have grown exponentially,” said Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore, who cited a case this week in which West Hollywood sheriff’s deputies were called to a gym after paparazzi brought traffic on Melrose Avenue to a standstill as they jostled to photograph Jessica Alba.

Both the Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles Police Department have begun keeping a running record of complaints about paparazzi, including names and the agencies that employ problem photographers. The Sheriff’s Department has even started photographing some celebrity photographers, hoping to document bad behavior.

The LAPD is developing its own “zero tolerance” policy, using the state vehicle code and traffic and loitering laws to cite photographers who block traffic and lay siege to neighborhoods.

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Page 3 Girls And ‘I’

THE Sun Page 3 finalists are exposed for readers’ to judge.

Amy (“keen dancer”) shows promise but one feel as though she needs to embrace her calling and ask herself not what she would do but what Amii would do. So too Kimberley needs to channel hr inner Kymberlii.

As such, the early winner must be Kamila, with a silent ‘y’…

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Study Of The Day: Short Men And Suicide

THE Karolinska Institute in Stockholm found that male babies who are born short in height are more prone to commit suicide than those born at normal height. 

As Earthtimes notes:

The Swedish study involved 713,000 people of whom 320,000 were males. The researchers tracked the date of birth, attempted suicide if any, death or emigration from the country till the year 1999. The researchers used national registries in order to track down these men.

Surprisingly researchers found that shorter babies with a height of 47 cm or less were more likely to attempt suicide as adults. This statistic was independent of what height they eventually reached as adults. Furthermore men who were short of height as adults were also 56 percent more likely than their taller counterparts to attempt suicide.

Attempt suicide by jumping, right?

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Mike Huckabee On Marriage In The Bible

MIKE Huckabee is a professional Christian, but, as Volokh notes:

From a Beliefnet interview:

And the same thing would be true of marriage. Marriage has historically, as long as there’s been human history, meant a man and a woman in a relationship for life. Once we change that definition, then where does it go from there?

“Christians and modern Jews do not approve of polygamy, but surely anyone who believes in the Bible has to acknowledge that it attests to the widespread existence of marriage between a man and multiple women. (Nor is Huckabee just saying ‘a man and a woman’ as a slip for ‘heterosexual'; immediately after this, he goes on to distinguish ‘a man and three women.’)

Huckabee is so certain of the history of marriage. So certin that he can only be wrong…

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Sex And The City Get Carried Away

THE Sex And The City film is upon us. And there is a tagline: Get Carried Away.

One of the harpies is called Carrie. She goes shopping and gets carrier bags. Geddit?

It is the worst tagline ever, but entiely suited to this vapid rubbish…

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Terrorism Is Paedophilia

paedo.gifSAYS Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary: “We are already working closely with the communications industry to take action against paedophiles. I believe we should also take action against those who groom vulnerable people for the purposes of violent extremism.”

Smith was saying just that as the International Centre for Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence - “the first truly global centre for knowledge and leadership in the area of radicalisation and political violence”. Possibly the last, too.

Listen up, Osama. You are no longer a mad mullah, a Teddy Bear Taliban or a jihadist. You are now a paedo.

Each car bombing will be punctuated by news that the victims’ children are now exposed to the dangers of paedophiles. “Perverts stalk Basra,” will say the headlines. Lock your doors, Iraq. Cancel that table at the Tapas restaurant. The paedos are in town.

“I’m sure it is happening. It’s a perfect opportunity for these guys to move in,” says Unicef’s director of child protection in Iraq. Well, it’s what his colleague said after the tsunami hit Indonesia.

Forget being blown to bits. It’s the paedos who really scare us.

If there is one thing guaranteed to get headlines more than celebrity, football and the War On Terror it is paedophiles. Heather Mills was not treated worse than a Muslim fundamentalist, she was treated worse than a paedophile.

Muslim, Christian, Jew, hawk or dove we can call form a consensus on paedos. And some of these paedos are offering the kids sweetners – like bombs and virgins…

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Rolling Stones Move New Album From EMI

EMI: “Guy Hands’ attempts to prevent an exodus of talent from EMI have suffered a blow with the Rolling Stones’ decision to release their new album through rival Universal Music.

“The album, Shine A Light, will be released in March, and will accompany a Martin Scorsese film of the same name that features two live shows the band performed in New York in 2006.”

Yeah, what a blow. Does anyone buy a new Rolling Stones album?

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EMI, Fruit, Flowers And Crap Music

EMI faces a rebellion:

But it is hard not to sympathise with the new bosses’ surprise at discovering entries in EMI’s accounts such as £200,000 for fresh fruit and flowers – a well-known industry euphemism for artists’ partying requirements – or the fact that 30% of the advances they hand out never result in an album being made, let alone one that people want to buy. But you do not need to audit a major record label’s accounts to know that there is a serious problem – just listen to Radio 1. Talk to anyone in the music industry, and they will admit that the parallel themes of gross profligacy and crap records are not unconnected.

Take a look at what they produce…

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