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AP Sets Lawyers On Photojournalism Blogger Snapped Shot

ASSOCIATED Press have sets the lawyers on blogger Snapped Shot, Brian Ledbetter. He writes on his now paused blog:

Snapped Shot is a site that deals with the criticism of photojournalism. The industry is inaccurate in its reporting, it falls for terrorist propaganda too easily, and in general, the photos that you see presented as “news” on a daily basis are nothing more than fluff. This site has, from the beginning, intended to correct that by presenting specific instances of bias or inaccuracy along with commentary as to why said photographs are inaccurate. I have never drawn a profit from this website, and have never received compensation for any of the “copyrighted” works that are owned by the AP. Furthermore, I have always been careful to give full credit to the wire photographers who have taken the pictures, and have even interacted cordially with a handful of them. What The?
So why is the AP seeking action against me? I am not making any money off of their work. I am not a mainstream “news” site ala Yahoo, Google, or Breitbart. So what’s the deal? Is the Associated Press uncomfortable with the content of this website? Have I struck a nerve too close to home?

Is this an example of the big media companies running scared?

NEW YORK (Reuters [photoshopping]) – Nearly 70 percent of Americans believe traditional journalism is out of touch, and nearly half are turning to the Internet to get their news, according to a new survey.

While most people think journalism is important to the quality of life, 64 percent are dissatisfied with the quality of journalism in their communities, a We Media/Zogby Interactive online poll showed.

Jule Crittenden calls it “Legal Jihad“. Atlas Shrugs says grandly: “Shutting Down the Truth Tellers.” The mockery goes:

Dear Mr. Ledbetter:

It has come to The Associated Press’ (”AP”) attention that you are reproducing and displaying AP’s images on the website (the “Website”). (Now how come this has come to your attention, but Muslim terrorists staging scenes of horrific barbarity perpetrated by U.S. Forces always seems to fly just under your radar? It’s the teddy bears they use isn’t it?)

A campaign begins.

Faked photos is nothing new. Some here. Faked photos did for Piers Morgan’s term as editor of the Daily Mirror.

Do you believe all you see?

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The Russian Election Thriller

THE RUSSIAN ELECTION at Siberian Light. Who’s gonna win..? God it’s tense…

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Jon Snow Has ‘No Contact With Ordinary Human Feeling’

JON Snow has in an instant shown what is wrong with the self-aggrandizing media elite:

Using the oldest and falsest royal chestnut, he accused the editors who had made the agreement of seeking knighthoods. He must know that, except for a few restricted orders in the Queen’s personal gift, honours come from a system controlled by the Prime Minister.

Then Snow claimed to be horrified that so much fuss was being made to do a special favour to “so small a thing as a prince”. What other free country would connive at such a cover-up, he wondered?

Why, he jeered, did Prince Harry have to be a soldier anyway? “He could do banking.” Were the press so servile, asked Snow, with an absurdity of bad taste, that “if he gets injured or shot dead, the papers wouldn’t report that”?

The three people on the show – the editor who had brokered the deal, a Tory MP and a man who had served recently in the Army – looked at Snow almost with incomprehension.

It was one of those moments when one realised that some media people have no contact with ordinary human feeling. Prince Harry was not being given a privilege. His situation was unique.

More here 

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Hunting With Harry: Prince Harry At Highgrove

prince-harry-hat.jpgPRINCE Harry’s War. Scene III. A room in highgrove house…

MAIL: (loudly) HARRY’S HOME. (Purses lips) Chelsy makes 200-mile dash for a romantic reunion.. and to talk about their relationship. (The clack of marmalade-coated tongues can be heard)
Were you so terribly lonely, Harry?

EXPRESS: Harry’s home and Chelsy’s waiting

Where the f*** have you been. Ten week’s I’ve been sat ‘ere!?

MIRROR: (Standing to attention and reading from a small black notebook) She “was out night-clubbing until the early hours before packing her stuff and dashing down the motorway to see Harry… The blonde danced the night away at Rio’s nightclub in the centre of Leeds with a group of mainly female friends until after 4am.

Harry stares at the wall 

She looked stunning in a black dress at the club, which costs £10 to get in. Under six hours later she emerged from her student digs in the city and dragged a huge blue case to her car.

Nothing moves, save for the TV images of Ross Kemp on Gangs 

Clutching hair straigheners and a folder of college work, she also placed her beloved mongrel puppy into the passenger seat.


STAR ON SUNDAY: Harry’s home

Harry’s back at Boujis

OBSERVER: (Wearing ‘We’re all Hezbollah’ now T-shirt) Harry tells of ‘anguish’ over injured heroes

Did you record it, Chelsy? What about the EastEnders omnibus?


SUNDAY MAIL: “There was outrage in Australia last week when Central Coast Mariners star Andre Gumprecht dressed up as Hitler at a club party. The 33-year-old German followed Prince Harry’s lead by turning up in a Nazi uniform and even went a step further by sporting a dodgy moustache.

Will they never leave him be. Why do they stare?!


A cave.

GEORGE GALLOWAY: Prince Harry was saying on TV that he was engaging the enemy. I don’t know about you, but I have no enemies in Afghanistan. The Taliban are not the enemy for me.

Lights dim. The sound of thunder and a white Fiat Uno starting up  

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Prince Harry And Jon Snow’s Enigma

PRINCE Harry and media padre Jon Snow’s reaction to news that young Baseball Cap was fighting in Afghanistan:

A question I’d like to put to Jon Snow, the chief news reader of Channel 4 news and usually a fairly cool-headed fellow, is whether he would have complied with any wartime requests to keep the Enigma achievement a secret, had he been a working journalist in the 1940s. Judging by his antics over the Prince Harry and Afghanistan episode, the answer to that question would be a no.

Anyone else like Snow to be sent to the frontline..?

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The Daily Mail Will Pay For Cheating, Thieving Rogarians

daily-wail2.jpgALEX Hilton says the Daily Mail “has a reputation for insidious racism and xenophobic propaganda”.

Is that all? What of cancer, fat people, ageing women, horror stories and Tom Utley’s family?

He claims the hereunder is a leaked email from features writer Diana Appleyard:

PUBLICATION: Daily Mail (Request for personal case study)
JOURNALIST: Diana Appleyard (staff)
DEADLINE: 14-February-2008 16:00
QUERY: I am urgently looking for anonymous horror stories of people who have employed Eastern European staff, only for them to steal from them, disappear, or have lied about their resident status. We can pay you £100 for taking part, and I promise it will be anonymous, just a quick phone call. Could you email me asap? Many thanks, Diana
Email: mailto:dianaappleyard@*******

An opportune moment to announce the engagement of Old Mr Anorak to his nurse Svetlana Biggins… 

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Quote Of The Day: Too Much Winter In New Hampshire

“WINTER carnival activities canceled,” says WCAX news, “Vermont’s Own”. But why?

Much of this week’s winter carnival in Gilford has been canceled, due to too much winter.

More weather to follow…

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Joan Collins On John McCain

FROM Joan Collins’ diary in The Spectator…

“John McCain really needs to do something about his pallor. His complexion is more translucent than Nicole Kidman’s”.


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Man Shoots Himself To Get Out Of Work Drugs Test

IN America, a man has been shot:

Franklin County Deputies respond to a drive-by shooting but soon find out that is just a story to get a man out of work. At first, the man claimed he was jogging when he was shot by someone in a black car. But, deputies soon found out that wasn’t the truth.
Franklin County Deputies responded to Lourdes Medical Center for the drive-by report.

The man, Daniel Kuch, said he was on the Pasco-Kahlotus highway, 3 miles north of Pasco, when he was shot. He claimed he was shot in the right shoulder by a passing car but soon detectives found out that just didn’t make sense. Kuch says he had actually planned the shooting as a way to get time off work and avoid a drug test. Kuch had his friend shoot him to create the injury so that he would be able to be out of work long enough to get any drugs out of his system.

The drugs are not working…

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The BBC’s Shaky Coverage Of That UK Earthquake

DAVE Lee sees the earthquake that shook the UK on Sky News within 15 minutes. He lives in Lincoln, close to the epicentre.

Meanwhile the BBC fails to even mention the UK earthquake a full half an hour after it happened.

This was the earthquake brought on by global warming

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Ellen DeGeneres Adopts A Human Pet Food

dog-eating.jpgSAYS Ellen DeGeneres: “Ours is all human grade. It’s all natural. And yes, you can eat it,” says DeGeneres.”

DeGeneres is bringing out her range of dog food. She says it’s so good that humans can eat it. Or, given the talk of what humans eat, its so bad that humans will eat it.

Question: What do dog farmers in Malaysia feed their livestock?

And is it safe for human consumption, or too good?

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Jennifer Lopez Twins

Jennifer Lopez’s Max And Emme

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The Nigerian Virgin Galactica Scam

“MY name is Mr.Moses Odiaka. I work in the credit and accounts department of Union Bank of NigeriaPlc,Lagos, Nigeria. I write you in respect of a foreign customer with a Virgin Galactica ticket. His name is Engineer Manfred Becker. He was among those who died in a plane crash here in Nigeria during the reign of late General Sani Abacha.

Since the demise of this our customer, Engineer Manfred Becker, who was an oil merchant/contractor, I have kept a close watch of the deposit records and accounts and since then nobody has come to claim the airmiles in this a/c as next of kin to the late Engineer. He had only 18.5mllion air miles in his a/c and the a/c is coded. It is only an insider that could produce the code or password of the deposit particulars. As it stands now,there is nobody in that position to produce the needed information other than my very self considering my position in the bank.”


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Hunting With Harry: The War On Terror Won, Prince Harry Returns Home

harry-hunting.pngPRINCE Harry’s War. Scene II: We rejoin the action on the tarmac at Brize Norton airbase. The UK Media Corps is discussing the news that Prince Harry is returned home a hero after winning the War on Terror.

Now read on…

ALL: THEY say Harry is back. He walks among us…

MEDIA CORPS: Tally-ban!


Shhh! Those “British fanatics” might hear you and take it as a call to arms

STAR (Private): HARRY IS TOP TERROR TARGET – Prince home but not safe

Quick! To Boujis. It’s a lock in. Hurry!


They say he is covered in a teflon coating and he has a heart twice the size of a normal man

THE TIMES (Major): The Prince returns a hero and an enemy

TELEGRAPH (Brigadier, retired): Let me go back, please Harry

But, Harry, it’s Boujis. You remmber, Boujis? Oh, how the war changes them

GUARDIAN (Peace Corps): Dirty Harry – dog of war, or prince of public relations?

Harry run. A price is on your head. Max Clifford and the Taliban are after you. Run, Harry, run…

Caption Contest – With a prize

Prince Harry

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Angelina Jolie Beats Obama


Angelina Jolie Plays The Battlefield in Iraq

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Prince William Already With Royal Navy In Afghanistan: Breaking

prince-william-harry.jpgPRINCE William is off to war.

With the spare retuned, the heir can now move freely about the enemy, slaughtering them at will. Hurrah!

The Sun says Wills is to serve aboard a Royal Navy warship. More details are not given.

We will need to wait for our allies in the US to pinpoint Wills’ exact location and make it public knowledge.

For any Taliban looking in, Anorak can revels that Afghanistan is a landlocked a country and Wills will be onboard a “frigate” or a “destroyer”.

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Should Sex Offenders, Tagging And ID Cards

IN the Derry Journal: “Sex offenders ‘should be tagged and forced to show their faces'”

CONVICTED sex offenders should be electronically tagged and have no rights to anonymity, says Strabane SDLP Councillor Eugene McMenamin.

Read the rest of this entry »

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One In 100 Americans Are in Jail

AMERICA, we have you in jail:

For the first time in the nation’s history, more than one in 100 American adults is behind bars, according to a new report.

Nationwide, the prison population grew by 25,000 last year, bringing it to almost 1.6 million. Another 723,000 people are in local jails. The number of American adults is about 230 million, meaning that one in every 99.1 adults is behind bars.

Incarceration rates are even higher for some groups. One in 36 Hispanic adults is behind bars, based on Justice Department figures for 2006. One in 15 black adults is, too, as is one in nine black men between the ages of 20 and 34.

The report, from the Pew Center on the States, also found that only one in 355 white women between the ages of 35 and 39 are behind bars but that one in 100 black women are.


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Jimmy Wales On Rachel Marsden On Wikipedia

AS reported: “JIMMY Wales loves to talk about “transparency” and “a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge.” Unless it’s about his scandal-prone girlfriend. Wales, who is divorcing his second wife Christine, has been secretly seeing conservative TV commentator Rachel Marsden since last fall, friends say. Wales apparently took notice of Marsden when Wikipedia users started an edit war over her page.”

Wales founded Wikipedia.

And: “Wikipedia’s rules prohibit anyone from posting about the affair on Wales’s page.”

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We Are The World In Japanese

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Worst Nude Movie Scenes of All Time

Paper Magazine’s Top 10 Worst Nude Film Scenes of all-time:

1. Philip Seymour Hoffman – Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
2. Patrick Dempsey – Some Girls
3. Terry Bradshaw – Failure To Launch
4. Donald Sutherland – Space Cowboys
5. Kathy Bates – At Play In The Fields Of The Lord

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Ron Paul Endorses Murray Sabrin

SAY Ron Paul ofr Dr Murray Sabrin: He “has devoted his entire career to promoting limited government and personal freedom, and I am proud to have known him and worked with him for more than 25 years,” said Paul. “He will not only be an outstanding representative of the people of New Jersey, but the greatest advocate of liberty and constitutional principles the US Senate has seen in decades. I am delighted to endorse him and encourage all Americans who believe in freedom to support him enthusiastically.”

Vote Sabrin for US Senate..

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Food Fight: Americans And War

AN abridged history of American-centric warfare, from WWII to present day, told through the foods of the countries in conflict:

I thought the UK were the kebabs, or at last a decent chicken tikka massala?

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Mike Taylor Apologises For Eduardo Pain

ARSENAL manger Arsene Wenger says Birmingham’s Martin Taylor apologised to him for the tackle which broke Gunners striker Eduardo’s leg.

Says Wenger: “After the game and said it was completely accidental.

“I thought about it and said if it was accidental I had to retract my comment.

“We do not want to be a club who is seen to be wanting revenge or anything. We try to play football in a fair way.”

It’s the fans you need to worry about…

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Matt Drudge Is An Idiot, So Too Jon Snow

AS Perry writes on Samizdata: “The Ministry of Defence is to be commended (not often I write that) for the way they have handled Prince Harry going to Afghanistan. Aware that knowledge of his presence would greatly increase the risk to him and those serving with him (killing a Royal Prince would be a propaganda coup for the Taliban), they hid the fact for ten weeks, which is no small feat in this day and age. Their tactic was to both appeal to reason and to in effect ‘buy off’ the highly competitive UK media by promising juicy photos of Harry if they kept their collective cakeholes shut whilst he was deployed… quite clever really and it is a credit to the wiser heads amongst the UK press that they could see there was no broader ‘public interest’ at stake here (quite the opposite in fact).”

I am all for the media and new media reporting the news and in particular news that the powers-that-be might be discomforted by. However reporting a wartime operation detail likely to increase the chance particular group of serving soldiers will attacked by the enemy (namely revealing the presence of a political ‘high value target’ in the war zone) fall way outside acceptable behaviour. Even if you oppose the war, such behaviour suggest you are not so much against the war as actually on the other side. It is at the very least socially despicable and quite frankly giving aid to an enemy in wartime. Unsurprisingly that is something far beyond the ken of a dim bulb like that self-important idiotarian ass Jon Snow.

MATT Drudge and the German Newspapers were not the first to mention where Prince Harry had been deployed, that dubious ‘honour’ goes to the Australian publication New Idea, who have at least expressed regret that they blew Prince Harry’s cover, suggesting they may be guilt of a lack of thought rather than callous disregard for someone’s safety in a war zone. The MoD kept quiet when New Ideafirst broke the story, suggesting they rather sensibly assumed an Australian woman’s magazine was probably not high on the reading list of many Muslim fundamentalists and indeed it took over a month for it to get picked up elsewhere. But the person who really moved this into wider circulation and got the story picked up globally was Matt Drudge. Although the Berliner Kurier and Bild also reported this, Drudge was at some point claiming this as an ‘exclusive’ and claiming the ‘credit’ for himself, so I willtake him at his word and call him an honourless shit in that case.

Perry is right. Drudge is a pillock. And Jon Snow is a fool…

Prince Harry Plays At Tabloid Soldiers: Matt Drudge Reads New Ideas

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