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The commercial impact of the World Cup

The commercial impact of the World Cup

It’s safe to day that the World Cup is one of the greatest shows on earth. With a global audience measured in the billions rather than millions, almost half of the planet has tuned into this years’ competition, and records have been set in countries like England, where over 23 million (not including those in pubs and fans zones) tuned in to their quarter final appearance against Sweden. With so many eyes on the pitch, the opportunity for businesses to share their message with a ridiculous number of people at once has turned the World Cup into a highly commercial affair.

From the pitch-side hoardings to the adverts that run during the half time break, international football’s biggest tournament becomes something of a circus for advertisers. It’s estimated that an additional $2.4 billion is added to the global advertising market thanks to the World Cup, and brands in England can expect to pay as high as £500,000 for a 30 second spot should the English national team make it to the final. Then there’s the official tie ins, including official beer, official TV set, and even official chocolate bar. Even brands that aren’t associated with FIFA (or indeed football) tend to jump on the World Cup bandwagon too, using the tournament to get some publicity and exposure.

One of the largest advertising deals of the World Cup has come from InBev, the company behind beer brand Budweiser. The ubiquitous ‘Light up the World Cup’ campaign has seen Budweiser become the most exposed beer of the tournament, and when news emerged of the massive spending associated with the World Cup campaign, share prices rose by a staggering 2.1%.

Football-mad consumers may be allowing non-football organisations to boost profits, but for companies who make money out of football year-round, the World Cup can be something of a cornerstone. Sports betting companies can see some of their biggest profits as both regulars and new customers look to try and make some cash from their predictions, and the number of betting adverts tends to rocket in countries with developed gambling industries. It’s not just sports betting where opportunities arise either, and other parts of the gambling world can take advantage of such a huge demographic. Take slots games for example, for a gambling company to feature a slot game on their site that revolves around football at this time of year is an easy way to drive traffic to the website, with football fans potentially enticed by the opportunity to play a fun new game that has a theme to match their interests. The Champion’s Goal online slots game at sites like does precisely this, there are plenty of unique features that capture the interest of football fans, as well as those that don’t know much about the game. Players can get involved from as little as 20p and wager a maximum of £100, this is the beauty of online slots, they cater for a wide range of people and budgets. Jumping on the bandwagon in this way can be a hugely successful business technique, and one that can only be admired. 

In domestic football tournaments, kit sponsors often dominate player’s clothing, but it’s the kit manufacturers who can cash in at the World Cup, with no other advertising allowed on both home and change shirts. This means big money for national teams, with kit brands paying big money for the chance to have their equipment shown off during games. Nigeria may have stolen the limelight with their best-selling kit from Nike, but France were the biggest winners, with the team walking away with a gigantic $54 million this year from their Nike deal.

Players are also the big winners at each World Cup. The opportunity for businesses that come from associating their product to a sporting superstar rocket during the tournament, especially if the particular players manage to go far in the tournament. From former England goalkeeper Joe Hart advertising shampoo to Lionel Messi drinking a deeply unhealthy Pepsi after a game of freestyle soccer, the opportunity to cash in is massive for bigger names. It’s no surprise that Messi is one of the highest paid players at the tournament, and his share of Argentina’s £5.04 million collective team salary will certainly top up the bonuses he’ll receive for advertising during his short time at this years’ tournament.

For the host nation Russia, the World Cup has been seen as a great opportunity to boost the country’s economy. With millions of fans flocking to stadiums and fan zones all over the country and of course hundreds of thousands of international fans paying to see their teams play, the opportunity for improved tourism is of course a valuable income stream. But what about the legacy once the football has finished?

Russia has spent an estimated $11 billion (a 6th of their 2016 defence budget) on preparations for the World Cup, which includes several new stadia and infrastructure, but whether this new hardware is enough to create a long-lasting economic effect remains to be seen. After Brazil hosted the tournament in 2014, sad images appeared of the shiny new Maracana stadium in a state of disrepair, with not enough money remaining to maintain the little-used World Cup arenas. With Russia’s economy not exactly in the strongest place right now and 70% of the $11 billion budget coming from public spending, we may end up seeing a World Cup which actually has a negative effect on the economy.

The biggest winners at the World Cup however are FIFA. The tournament organisers may have been through a (still unresolved) period of corruption, bribery and general controversies plagued by greed, but money is still the number one priority, with football more of an afterthought. With Western companies like Mastercard avoiding the toxic FIFA brand this year, Chinese companies have filled the gap (despite China not appearing at the World Cup), and a mammoth $6.1 billion is expected to line FIFA’s coffers by the time the tournament is over, even after the $400 million prize money has been dished out. Naturally, none of this goes back into grass roots football, begging the question of who is really benefitting from this vast sum of money.

With this years’ World Cup generating so much money, the World Cup is going to continue being just as much about the commercials as it is about the football. The World Cup adverts from the likes of Adidas have indeed become part of the fun, and advertising is now just part of the World Cup experience. It’s also easy to forget that domestic leagues are just as commercial, and with record-breaking Premier League TV rights of £3.5 billion this year plus hundreds of billions made by the clubs in it, the World Cup actually seems like a reasonable little tournament…

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Cancerians win more awards than any other star sign

This infographic below shows winning trends for 236 celebrated individuals in film, music, sport and more. If you’re going to play online slots check out if the planets are aligned.

Betway looked at the star signs of winners of the world’s most prestigious awards in TV and film, music and sports, theatre and literature. Can a trend be found? Are Leos as successful as they think they are? Or are we living in the age of the crab?



cancer star sign winning


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What Does the Future of Online Gambling Have in Store?

What Does the Future of Online Gambling Have in Store?

Gambling online, especially casinos, are an increasingly established part of the UK gambling scene, and are attracting more people all the time. As the UK’s Gambling Commission reported in 2016, online gambling has eclipsed older forms like betting shops and the Lottery, generating £2.6 billion in revenue that year, a figure which has only grown since.

From figures like that, it would seem that the UK’s online casino sector is flourishing, but what does the future actually hold, and what can customers expect when they sign up to gamble online in the next few years? Much will happen the over next decade, that’s for sure!

Much due to that the UK market is getting crowded, and new gambling operators will have to bring something new to the table to be able to reach out. There are several promising fine tech start-ups with the vision to change the future of online gambling. The company launched a new dynamic and personalised casino platform, that for sure will be interesting to follow. went another way and focused on the approach towards customers with transparency and fairness, instead of the fine tech enhancement. Some focus on new innovative bonus rewards. Others stick to the old concept, and the questions is if they will survive this tough start-up climate.

So, what can we expect to see in the future?

VR is going to become mainstream

At the moment, some sites allow members to play card games with video croupiers, creating an immersive atmosphere which comes pretty close to classic casinos. But this kind of experience is going to look old fashioned fairly quickly.

VR has been promising to reshape casinos for a while, but real changes are on the horizon. Expect online casinos to create virtual lobbies where players can access their favourite games, as well as VR card tables where you’ll be able to interact with your fellow players.

Support will also be enhanced, with VR-trained staff on hand to advise members about the games on offer, how to stay safe, and how to experience everything the casino has to offer.

Get ready for a currency revolution

The other major trend in online casinos is the steady advance of crypto-currencies as a means of payment. Currencies like Bitcoin are likely to be favoured by gamers because they allow an unprecedented degree of anonymity (particularly in jurisdictions where laws make gambling difficult).

Crypto-currencies are also aiding in the globalisation of online casinos. Because they can be converted anywhere in the world at very little cost, they allow casinos to operate almost anywhere. And with no banks acting as middlemen, the cost of processing gambling transactions should be lower.

The only drawback is the air of suspicion surrounding these currencies. However, in places like the UK, we can expect legislation to normalise the use of crypto-currencies, and their extension to online casinos seems inevitable.

That’s not everything, of course. As mobile phones become more powerful, players can expect faster, more feature-rich user interfaces, and slots which pack in incredible amounts of audio and visual content. It might not pan out like this, of course, but the future is exciting and casinos which capitalise on these trends will be the ones we hear about in 5 years time.

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Music matters – setting the right environment for trading

Every year, there are more and more of us getting into Forex trading. No longer is it seen as beyond the reach of the hobby investor, the home worker or the student who wants to earn a little money on the side. Today, we have trading apps that are free to download, supported by trading tutorials that show us how to use them.

Is it really that easy? Of course it’s not, if it was, everyone would be doing it and driving Ferraris, and unfortunately, life just doesn’t work that way. The point is, there are lots of ways to make money trading, but in the currency market more than others, there is a real sense of yin and yang. When you make money trading, for example, GBP/USD, that means someone somewhere has lost money trading USD/GBP.


More than just the finance


The natural conclusion is that you need to make sure you are on the right side of the trade. That’s true enough, and it demands expertise. When anyone poses the question “How can I become a successful Forex trader?” The immediate answer they are likely to get is to put in long hours learning their trade, analysing the markets and understanding the various financial indicators and Forex tools they will need to use.

That’s certainly good advice, and you will not get far as a trader without doing so, but there is more to it than that. The currency markets are subject to such subtle changes, and can be influenced by so many variables, that sometimes you need what can only be defined as intuition in order to make the right calls at the right times.

You can have all the knowledge and training in the world, but if your mind is not in the right place, and you are not fully focussed on what you are doing, your profits will ultimately suffer, of that there is no doubt. So how can you channel your inner trader and optimise your performance? For a start, you need to be working in the right environment.


Music and mindset

If you are sitting on the sofa with a half eaten pizza at your side and Bloomberg running all day long on the tube, you probably feel as if you are cutting the right dash as a serious trader. You couldn’t be more wrong. For a start, the guys and girls on the screen will predominantly be saying the same old things over and over, and for another, you need to be focussed on what you are doing, not what some journalists and commentators are saying.

By all means get your fix first thing in the morning as you drink your coffee, and maybe again later in the day over that pizza, but otherwise, switch the TV off and get some music playing.

Now this is dangerous territory, as musical taste is a very personal thing, and what works well to focus one person can be the world’s biggest distraction and irritant to another. So with that caveat in mind, let’s find out what the researchers think.

Scientists over at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York spent months assessing the effects of music on our concentration, mental function, perception and satisfaction while working. Sadly, there is no detailed explanation of the research itself, but one can only assume that it subjected test groups to everything from Mozart to Motörhead and asked them to concentrate on complex tasks, which must have been a wonderful spectacle to witness.

They concluded that sounds of nature, such as chirping birds or running water proved to be the most beneficial according to all the test parameters, provided that the sounds were not looped or repetitive.

They also found that as a general trend, instrumental music was more conducive to focus and productivity than words. Intuitively this makes sense, as when we are hearing words, we will listen to and mentally process them. This confirmed previous findings by another team of researchers at an engineering college in Bangalore, who went so far as to conclude that music played at a tempo of 60 BPM was most conducive to relaxation, stress reduction and mental clarity.


Other considerations

Music is important, but is not the only environmental factor to consider. As a trader, you might think that all you need is your smartphone, so you can conduct your trading from anywhere, but this is never going to deliver the best results. The phone app is great for keeping an eye on things on the go, but when you need to seriously focus, a large screen and a traditional keyboard are the tools of choice.

Also, ensure you are in an environment that benefits from as much natural light as possible, and invest some money in a proper chair and desk. With these in place, you will have the optimum operating environment to be fully attuned to what you are doing and make the most of your innermost skills, as well as exercising the expertise you have picked up through those hours of study.

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Sponsored Post: Casinos Revisited

Casinos revisited

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A Chinese clickfarmer at work on her apple iPhones

clickfarmer china iphone


If you’re too busy to tweet yourself, you can outsource the task and others to the woman above. She’s a clickfamer installing apps on a screen of Apple iphones. The more installs an app has the higher it ranks on Apple’s marketplace.

For a $11,000 one-off payment – plus  $65,000-a-week for upkeep – you too can ensure your crappy appy hits the Top 10 of free apps. You can hire a cheat / marketeer to game the system on China’s Taobao.

The original photo was tweeted on Weibo with the caption, “Hard-working App Store ranking manipulation employee.”

Apple tries to prevent PC-based iPhone emulation programs (bots) made for this purpose and bans apps that use them, so manual labor is the best way to ensure the closest simulation of actual users.

A search for “app store ranking manipulation” (刷榜 app store) on Taobao, China’s most popular C2C ecommerce site, reveals dozens upon dozens of vendors selling similar services. Their prices are listed as one yuan, but it’s more likely that the real negotiations take place through direct chat.

Can you hire out your iPhone for the day to do this? Asking for a friend.

Spotter: JWZ

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Sponsored Post: Ray Parlour and Amy Chiles play the Blackjack Strategy Guide

Blackjack is the most popular casino card game in the world because it’s fast, simple and you most likely first played it as a child. Like all games of chances, it’s odds-based. Before you play it’s vital to know these odds and how to use them. you might call it skill, but it’s just knowledge and recognising when to minimise risk. One good place to start is the Blackjack Strategy Guide at online casino

Helping to promote Blackjack are Ray Parlour, aka the Romford Pele, and pre-pregnant assisted-ginger Amy Chiles. Electrodes were placed on the seats of both players and one bad call resulted in the dealer pressing the buzzer and delivering shock therapy.

Parlour was cautious, as you’d expect from the former footballer whose first room-mate at Arsenal was Paul Merson. Parlour says they were “gambling every day”, but unlike his addict team-mate he never lost more than he could afford to. That’s a strategy everyone should adhere to.


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Be an England team mascot with the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK

The Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK and online fundraising platform Givergy are offering you the chance to be an England team mascot for the World Cup qualifiers. England will play Malta, Spain and Scotland at Wembley stadium, and every player will be accompanied by a mascot.

Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK is a charity set up by Stephanie Moore MBE in memory of the World Cup winning captain. It raises money to help with research and treatment of bowel cancer.

To be in with a chance of becoming a mascot – you must be child aged 7-11 – enter here.

For more information visit


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How to Stay on Top of your Finances this Christmas

How to Stay on Top of your Finances this Christmas

While Christmas is undoubtedly a fabulous time of year, it’s also an expensive one! Some people start planning and saving in January, let alone October, especially when they’re part of a large family with lots of gifts to buy and mouths to feed. It’s essential that, when the festive period comes around, you stay in control of what you spend and keep an eye on your finances so that you’re not suffering once it’s all done and dusted.

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Lily Allen’s Lost Baby Used To Market The Fertility Show: PR Hell

LILY Allen has lost her baby. Her bereavement is public property as celebs and tabloid media battle to show who cares the most on Twitter and in print. But they look noble compared to the Fertility Show’s PR team which see a marketing opportunity in a couple’s crisis:

“As Lily Allen announces her second miscarriage in just 3 years, ‘recurrent miscarriage’ is tackled by experts at this week’s Fertility Show.”

Nice. And what’s recurent miscarriage , then? Lily Allen has miscarried twice:

Recurrent miscarriage (ie when miscarriage occurs 3 or more times) is highly distressing…

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Teachers Use Nominative Determinism To Label A Child

tucker-bennyPRESS Release of the day comes from a parenting club that tells us that 49% of teachers make assumptions about a child by their name. Yeah, only 49%. All that hard work endured by mum and dad as they try to name their bundle is not all that important.

Also, 57% of the teachers say the naughtier children, the Jacks and the Chardonnays, tend to be more popular with their peers than the Lionels, Hyacinths and Nevilles.

More than a third of teachers said the naughtiest pupils were often the brightest and the more sensitive; while two–thirds said they often were not.

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Poker Is Not A Sport Of Courage, Conviction And Confidence

ACCORDING to the Poker Stars advert poker “is a sport of courage, conviction and confidence.”

Yeah, poker is a sport. Who knew that those slobs sat round a table counting bits of plastic were sportsmen?

The Advertising Standards Authority sees the ad and begs to differ.

The ASA tells the poker operator to take the posters down, leaving us to wonder which bit of their claim was the most ludicrous?

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Spare Rib: German Butchers Say Eat More Women

SAYS the sign on the side of the butcher’s van: “Meat Products, Fresh Service”. The legend is illustrated by the image of a naked woman.

Germany’s national advertising council says the adverts by G&M Fleischwaren Frischdienst are degrading and anti-woman.

“Such an advert blatantly violates the council’s codes on discrimination and degradation in advertising,” says the council. “

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The World’s Best Anti-Ageing Cream

TAKE a look at this picture for Dermitage anti-ageing cream.

Before the woman was line free and youthful.

After, she has a face like a camer’s scrotum in a sandstorm.

Tip: Better to use the foreskin than the scrotum, as Oprah Winfrey assures us.

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EDF Energy Sells You Not Electricity But The Brand

EDF Energy has increased its marketing spend by 25%.

According to comparison site uSwitch, the average increase in the cost of gas has been 28%, while electricity prices have shot up by 20%.

Says EDF:

EDF defended its spending hike, saying energy had ‘moved from being a commodity to being a brand’

You’re not being fleeced for electricity. Your buying into the brand…

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Wayne Rooney’s Non-Sequitur Of The Day

WAYNE Rooney, we and readers of the News of the World learn, is “at it five times a night”.

It turns out to be “playing FIFA ’08”, a video game that features a picture of Wayne in full rant on the cover.

After that coincidence (surely shameless plug? – ed), the NOTW then delivers one of the best non-sequiturs ever:

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Master Kong Con: Chinese Bottled Water Is Polluted Tap

IN China, the Master Kong bottled water is on sale. It’s dee-lish-ooos.

The TV advert says the mineral water, sold in Beijing for 1.5 yuan a bottle, is made of “high-quality water source” (优质水源).

The “high-quality water source” is also known as tap water. But there is a twist: you have to boil the wonder product before it”s safe to drink.

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Madeleine McCann: GMTV Tears To Entertain, Jade Goody And Clarence Mitchell PR

MADDIE WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann

DAILY MIRROR: “Real victims who reduced me to tears”

Fiona Philips‘the woman with the whitest teeth and yellowest hair in daytime telly’ – “on GMTV heartaches and meltdowns”

Fiona Philips is fighting the tears as Helen Newlove, whose husband Garry has been murdered, is sat on the sofa to tell her story.

Tears are the new laughter.

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Peta Is Off Its Head: Greyhound Cannibal Strikes Blow For Animal Rights

A MAN has been beheaded on a Greyhound bus in Canada. In Canda, no-one can hear you scream. It’s like living in a chicken shed, only bigger, colder and without Jamie Oliver.

Peta, the animals rights militants have not claimed responsibility for the killing, but they are using it to further their cause. They are running an advert. It goes:

 “His struggles and cries are ignored … the man with the knife shows no emotion … the victim is slaughtered and his head cut off … his flesh is eaten

“If this ad leaves a bad taste in your mouth, please give a thought to what sensitive animals think and feel when they come to the end of their frightening journey and see, hear and smell the slaughterhouse.”

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Amy Winehouse Is Six Times More Boring Than The Credit Crunch

CREDIT Crunch watch – making debt into a tabloid news story…

AMY Winehouse is six times more boring then the credit crunch. It’s in a survey. It’s a fact:

Stephen Waddington, managing director of Rainier PR, said: “At a time when many people are watching the pennies, it’s not surprising that the public have become tired of news about rock stars being odd, and pampered celebrities holidaying in exotic locations. The fact that Amy Winehouse is seen as six times more boring than the economy this summer illustrates this perfectly.”

Have drugs gotten cheaper yet..?

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Midgets In Advertising: The Banzai Wild Waves Water Park

MIDGETS get work in advertising children’s toys:


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Nancy Pelosi Purges Amazon

NANCY Pelosi has written a book. You can buy it through Amazon. It’s called Know Your Power…

Pelosi adheres to her illiberal fascism in every aspect of her life. It seems she wields her totalitarian “fairness doctrine” far and wide. Lone Pony is reporting that she is scrubbing Amazon of bad reviews – were there any other kind?


Nancy Pelosi had over 100  BAD reviews of her failed  book disappeared from Amazon’s site yesterday!

Well, Amazon is in the business of selling books. And who buys a book knowing it will be crap? Ahem – I did once buy Learning To Fly by Victoria Beckham. And it was…


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Innocent Smoothies Not So Innocent

INNOCENT smoothies for green smoothies:

Innocent Smoothies tells consumers on its website that “fruit always travels by boat or rail” because these methods use less fossil fuel than air or road transport per kilo of fruit. Customers are also told the drinks are produced in the UK.

However, the Daily Telegraph can reveal that the drinks are blended on the continent before being driven in dozens of tanker lorries hundreds of miles across Europe for bottling in the UK.

To mix the contents just so…

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Guinness Viral Group Sex Ad

DIAGEO demands that YouTube remove a “fake” Guinness viral advert, in which a girl balances a bottle of the black stuff on her back during a group sex session.

The 60-second viral shows two different male hands taking the drink, which is precariously balanced on the small of the woman’s back, before another woman reaches up and grabs it.

Enjoy the marketing…

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McDonald’s Yaas Open

THE perfect McDonald’s pudding after this:

Spotter: Ed B.

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