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6th, January News 1

Prince Andrew sex scandal: Sarah Ferguson, prostitutes and what the sex slave's lover saw

Last seen allegedly pimping Prince Andrew out in a New of The World scoop (“FERGIE sells Andy for £500,000”), good old Sarah is her to keep her former husband's stock high.... More »

6th, January Arsenal

Arsenal Balls: drive begins to get rid of smoking Wojciech Szczesny

How do Arsenal get rid of their failing goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny?... More »

5th, January Arsenal

Arsenal Transfer Balls: Gunners sign the 'new Pogba', the 'new Messi' and 31 others

More »

5th, January News

Westminster paedophiles: the ridiculous link to Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts

Westminster peadophiles: a look at news and views on the story of 'VIP paedos' in the 1970s and 1980s: Breitbart: "THE BRITISH PEOPLE MUST NOW TAKE CONTROL OF THE ESTABLISHMENT PAEDOPHILE SCANDAL"... More »

5th, January News 2

Ched Evans: The things you should be thinking about

There’s a big difference between sex with an underage, but sexually mature, teen and true pedophilia. But if the latter appeals to politicians, I suspect it’s because the methodology bears such a close relationship to that employed in dealing with the electorate... More »

5th, January Sports

18 Cracking Photos Of An FA Cup Institution: The Tin-Foil FA Cup

On Pies: 18 Cracking Photos Of An FA Cup Institution: The Tin-Foil FA Cup... More »

5th, January News

University of Virginia men yet to prove innocence over false rape story: the Scottsboro Boys sequel is go

The story about a gang rape on the University of Virginia campus was horrendous. It was a lie designed to prove a point and further an agenda. And it's not stopped... More »

5th, January Sports

Funny Foreigners Balls: Manchester City's Pelligrini will always be wrong

Seven minutes into Manchester City's FA Cup tie with Sheffiueld Wednesday, former England footballer Trevor Sinclair told BBC viewers... More »

5th, January Manchester City

Manchester City Transfer Balls: Ross Barkley for £45m, £200m Messi and 8 other news faces

Transfer Balls looks at players being linked to Manchester City in the January sale season. Rumour, speculation and downright balls are presented as fact by the mainstream media.... More »

5th, January Celebrities

Madonna uses dead black men to promote her Rebel Heart

If you're black, famous and dead you can promote Madonna's new album, Rebel Heart... More »

5th, January Books

Bike Shed Library: Pete Cave's Chopper

In the days when Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris was bestriding Stamford Bridge, another Chopper Harris was enthralling the juvenile delinquents of Great Britain with a different brand of violence.... More »

5th, January News 2

Prince Andrew sex scandal: Sky Roberts, the Queen's Virginia massage and Thailand calling

The story of Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts, the woman who alleges he shagged her when she was underage, rumbles on... More »

5th, January Strange But True

Zoo owner fed his thumb to pet crocodile Macca during feeding show

"He had a chicken in one hand, and he was trying to get the attention of Macca the crocodile with his hat, holding it in his left hand," says RACQ Careflight spokesman Brian Russell of Ian Jenkins... More »

5th, January Politicians

Nigel Farage Fail: Daily Express and Ukip join hunt for nurse who speak English 'not very good'

The Daily Express has news: "Nigel Farage: Ban doctors and nurse who can't speak 'very good English' from NHS'"... More »

5th, January Chelsea

Chelsea Transfer Balls: Raphael Varne for £20m, Pogba and Messi for £277 and more desperate reporting

The running total is now now 8... More »

5th, January manchester united 3

Transfer Balls: Manchester United sign Lloris from Spurs in 2019

Utter balls... More »

4th, January Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Paul Pogba heads to Arsenal for £37m less than Manchester United paid

Transfer Balls - a regular look at footballers being linked to the big clubs. There is rumour of Juventus and France star Paul Pogba. More »

4th, January News

Man arrested for eating the koran

Is the thinking that if the police don't stamp out a man's right to free expression, however stupid it is, others will think it a good idea and burn copies of the koran? Will jihadis use an idiot and his idiocy to further their own bloodthirtsty idiocy? More »

4th, January manchester united

Manchester United Transfer Balls: Arjen Robben makes it 20 new faces at Old Trafford

Transfer Balls - Manchester United: a look at players being linked by rumour, speculation and not a single shred of fact to Manchester United. As told by the mainstream media... More »

4th, January Key Posts 2

Prince Andrew sex scandal: chaste Virginia Roberts' sex tape and the Bill Clinton beats Benghazi

The story of Prince Andrew and the allegedly underage "sex slave" Virginia Roberts is back in the news. The front pages are full of lurid allegations against the Duke of York, formerly known as Randy Andy.... More »

4th, January Celebrities

Miley Cyrus in drugs and cider enema shocker

Fans of pop music wonder. Can it be true? Can it be that young, rich and famous Miley Cyrus isn't on drugs, that she actually listens to her music sober?!... More »

4th, January Arsenal

Arsenal Transfer Balls: Mats Hummels, Benedikt Howedes, Schneiderlin are Gunners bound (really)

Running total: 23 new signings in January! More »

3rd, January Chelsea

Chelsea Transfer Balls: Gareth Bale, Lionel Messi for £200m and other exclusives

More utter balls... More »

3rd, January News

The Duke lacrosse rape accuser is back in court: blame white males with money

“The Associated Press reports that Crystal Mangum, whose accusations of gang rape against Duke University lacrosse players were revealed to be fake, has appealed her conviction in the stabbing death of her boyfriend..." More »

3rd, January News

2014 in negatives: Dave Barry, Rod Liddle and Charlie Brooker do the year in review

How was 2014 for you? A few men in media recall the 12 months... More »