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7th, April Flashback

Circa 1780: Francis Gerber's Vampiryc Research Case

It was here he was introduced to a man, whose daughter had been murdered by what the villagerscalled a “Blood thief”. Gerber was escorted to a shallow grave where the killer lay, who had been caught and lynched, leaving his mangled corpse to the elements... More »

7th, April News

Surgeon Stuart Meloy Finds It Tough Raising Money For The Orgasm Button

STUART Meloy is the surgeon at Piedmont Anesthesia and Pain Consultants in Winston-Salem, North Carolina who when experiments with pain relief discovered the orgasm pill. He recalled the Eureka moment... More »

7th, April Celebrities

The Goonies Are To Return... Which No-One Really Wants

NOSTALGIA is a wonderful thing, provided you keep it where it is. 30somethings who have gone back to watch old cartoons they loved as kids are often found sobbing, depressed lumps sat in waterless baths, feeling cheated and hurt, like they'd summoned up a repressed abuse at the hands of school bullies.... More »

7th, April Celebrities

Peaches Geldof: Bob Geldof And His Wife TV Presenter Paula Yates Show Off Their Newborn Daughter In 1989

FLASHBACK to March 16 1989, a first look at Peaches Geldof... More »

7th, April Celebrities

Peaches Geldof Has Died. Now That Is Tragic

PEACHES Geldof has died aged 25. Peaches Geldof, the daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, has died at the age of 25... More »

7th, April Money 2

How Many People Do You Need To Colonize The Next Star System - 150 or 40,000?

THIS is an interesting little calculation that's been made about how many people you would need on your spaceship if you were to set off and try to colonise the next star system over. Well, OK, it's interesting to me as someone who imbibed so much SF and Fantasy stuff when in my long ago youth at least. And the answer is a very much larger number of people than you might think... More »

7th, April Flashback

The Incredible Cloth Womb Of 18th Century Midwife Angélique Marguerite Le Boursier du Coudray

TO combat high infant mortality rates and teach young mothers about giving birth in the 18th Century, midwife Angélique Marguerite Le Boursier du Coudray (1712-1790) created this fantastic full-size obstetric mannequin... More »

7th, April Sports

Spurs Balls: Tottenham Only Get A Great Manager When The Season Tickets Are Up For Renewal

SPURS are ready to demote Tim Sherwood, their English version of Andre Villa-Boas in a gillet. Many Spurs fans should be delighted. He is clearly out of his depth... More »

7th, April News

Manchester United Balls: Wayne Rooney Makes The Sun's Dream Team Even When He Doesn't Play

HOW good is Wayne Rooney? He's so good that when the dire Sun on Sunday came to picking their team of the week, they picked the Manchester United star to play up front with someone called “Rodellaga”, a possible relation to Hugo Rodallega.... More »

7th, April News 1

Birmingham Schools' Trojan Wars: Intolerant Liberals Fight Bigoted Muslims And Christians For Children's Minds

ANDREW Moffat has resigned his job as assistant head teacher at Chilwell Croft Academy, in Newtown, Birmingham. You may know him as the author of the handy guide Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools. That's CHIPS. (Does the acronym come before the policy?)... More »

7th, April Celebrities

Mickey Rooney Poses For A Promotional Photo At Age 5 In 1925

A star plays dress ups.... More »

7th, April News

Manchester Professor Films Real Fairies In Lancashire

UNIVERSITY lecturer John Hyatt claims to have photographed fairies flitting about Rossendale Valley, Lancashire. Mr Hyatt, who works at Manchester Metropolitan University, has showcased his discovery and said: “A lot of people who have seen them say they have brought a little bit of magic into their lives and there’s not enough of that around.”... More »

7th, April Sports

Manchester City Balls: Southampton's Luke Shaw Plays 'You Are The Ref' On Instagram

AT the Manchester City v Southampton match on Saturday, the officials made a howler... More »

7th, April Fashion

5 Highly Troubling Vintage Adverts

HERE is some free advice for up-and-coming marketing execs: Adverts should not make consumers feel nauseous or deeply uncomfortable. Nor should they cause consumers to experience waking nightmares or abdominal pain. You wouldn’t think this sort of instruction would be necessary, but here are five examples which demonstrate that it is. Please take notes... More »

7th, April Flashback

1492: Wound Man Was The Luckiest Man Alive In The Middle Ages

Captions beside the stoic figure describe the injuries and sometimes give prognoses: often precise distinctions are drawn between types of injuries, such as whether an arrow has embedded itself in a muscle or shot right through. (The latter is better – the arrowhead can be cut away and the shaft withdrawn smoothly, whilst the embedded arrow will tear the muscle with its barbs when pulled out.)... More »

7th, April Anorak TV

Thought For The Day: Champagne, By Jim Jarmusch

The last scene of 'Coffee and cigarettes' with Bill Rice and Taylor Mead, by Jim Jarmusch... More »

7th, April News 2

Yashika Bageerathi Needs To Murder Someone If She Wants To Remain In The Free And Fair UK

LAST week we learnt that Yashika Bageerathi, 19, is contrary to the public good. Yashika had hatched a plot to take A-level exams this summer. The authorities picked up chatter that Bageerathi was expected to "do well". It would be a "glorious day" if she "passed"... More »

7th, April Money

Man Gets Rich When Hyena Eats His Dick

CHAMANGENI Zulu is now surely on his way to riches. Currently in residence at Zambia's Chipata General Hospital in Zambia, near the Malawi border, Mr Zulu followed doctor's orders: he went into the bush and allowed / encouraged a hyena to eat his penis... More »

6th, April Sports

Thought Police Arrests Three Gillingham Fans For Allegedly Racially Abusing Rotherham's Scottish Manager

What price free speech now? More »

6th, April Books 2

The 1940 Reader: A Potato That Wasn't A Christian

IN 1940, the pamphlet A potato that wasn't a Christian hit the streets.. More »

6th, April Flashback 2

The 'Pacific Coast Nimrod' Seth Kinman And His Snapping Grizzly Bear Chairs Fit For Presidents

I would horrify them by telling them how the 'bar' tore Indian children to pieces, and how I finally trapped the 'bar' with a young dead Indian. Then the 'bar' was led out by a chain, and he would dance before he unbuttoned himself and out stepped a man... More »

6th, April The Consumer

Artist Jessica Harrison Makes Wonderful Blood And Bone China Statues

JESSICA Harrison makes the most fantastic art. Jessica, a graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art in 2000, holds a practice-led PhD in sculpture funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.. More »

6th, April Flashback 1

Vintage Sexism: The A.C. Gilbert 'Lab Technician Set For Girls' (1958)

IN 1958 New Haven-based toymaker A.C. Gilbert Company turned youngsters onto science with a new kit. The LAB TECHNICIAN SET was a "CAREER BUILDING SCIENCE" kit. And it was got Girls.... More »

6th, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Flanagan Goes Down In Slow Motion And Anthony Taylor Misses CCTV Footage Of Carroll's Assault

LIVERPOOL are top of the Premier League. They defeated West Ham United 2-1. They scored two penalties. The first was a pen. The second shouldn't have been. The Hammers' goalkeeper Adrian got to the ball first. We captured Jon Flanagan's tumble on camera... More »

6th, April Books

Boys' Fiction: Ripping Yarns From The Victorian and Edwardian Heyday of Public School Fiction

AT last, a welcome repeat of Michael Palin and Terry Jones’s Ripping Yarns – post-Python parodies of all things public school and derring-do... More »