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20th, February Key Posts

We'll sing what we want to: Celtic, Rangers and all fans should unite to fight Scotland's war on football

The Sun reports that former Liverpool and Aston Villa striker Stan Collymore will not be offering his pundity to BT Sport's Glasgow Rangers match. He doesn't like the songs the fans sing. At which point any self-respecting Rangers fan will sing them louder. And fans of other clubs - and that includes Glasgow Celtic - should support them... More »

20th, February Celebrities

The Daily Mail invades Julia Roberts' grief for her dead mother

Julia Roberts' mother has died. Roberts is an actress. Her mother wasn't. Her mother was not a public figure. This is a moment of private grief for a private person. So. How does the Daily Mail report it... More »

20th, February Chelsea 7

Chelsea in Paris and UKIP: how one stupid moment blew up Josh Parsons life

As he rode the Paris Metro for Chelsea FC's Champions' League match, Josh Parsons, 21, was just one of the fans on a night out. Then it happened. A man named Souleymane S tried to board the train.... More »

19th, February Arsenal

Talking balls: Benedikt Howede's goal is not to play for Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United or any English team

More utter balls in the Daily Mirror... More »

19th, February manchester united

Transfer balls: Spurs' Kyle Walker moves from Real Madrid to Manchester United

Transfer Balls: Is Spurs defender Kyle Wallker heading to Manchester United?... More »

19th, February Arsenal

Transfer balls: Arsenal sign Lars Bender for the second time

More utter balls... More »

19th, February Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal target Martinez wants to play for Spurs, Liverpool and any other Italian club

Transfer Balls: a look at players linked with Arsenal, Liveprool and Spurs by the thin thread of speculation, rumour and utter nonsense. .. More »

19th, February News 1

Channel 4: in 100 days all Nazi Jews will support UKIP

The dire Channel 4 drama about the UK Independence Party, UKIP, the first 100 days, never did find someone to murder Nigel Farage, as Channel 4 once fantacised about the killing of George Bush. Maybe they're saving that for the sequel?.. More »

19th, February News

Alleged unstable busstop knifer Terrence Lavaron Thomas might be a Muslim

More »

19th, February News

Campus censorship and feminism: Oregon students banned from college for resembling classmate's rapist

Harvard Law professor Janet Halley writes in the Harvard Law Review that she “recently assisted” a student who had been “ordered to stay away from a fellow student (cutting him off from his housing, his campus job, and educational opportunity) — all because he reminded her of the man who had raped her months before and thousands of miles away.”... More »

19th, February News

Daily Mail scoop: Kate Middleton's grey hair proves she's not a lizard

Kate Middleton news now. And the Daily Mail leads with the story of Kate's roots. No, not her humble 'doors-to-manual' air hostess mum, tattooed unclear and Jewish grandpa, rather her hair roots, which are greying.... More »

19th, February Chelsea

David Cameron and the elite should thank the Chelsea racists for their Paris show

More »

19th, February News

Daily Express becomes the world's first news-free newspaper

The Daily Express - "THE WORLD'S GREATEST NEWSPAPER" - has created a front page with no news. It's the world's first post-news newspapers, an organ that needs no journalists... More »

18th, February Gifs

Artist captures her phobias in quirky gifs

Petra Švajger, an artist in Ljubljana, Slovenia, has made these quirky gifs to illustrate phobias. She writes: When choosing the aspect of myself I wanted to portray, I chose my anxiety issues that I have. I didn't want to make a morbid, sad GIF series - I wanted it to show how silly my fears actually are. I also made flip books for the semester exhibition... More »

18th, February In Pictures

Artist carves wood into intricately detailed figures in the likeness of men and women

Bruno Walpoth: As a child, but especially in adolescence, I always liked to spend time in solitude looking for the silence in nature. Today, those moments perhaps can be found in my creations.... More »

18th, February Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Fernando Llorente lines up for Arsenal but will play for Spurs

So far, Arsenal will this coming summer sign James Milner, Daniel Alves, Morgan Schneiderlin, Nabil Fakir, Guillermo Ochoa and Bernd Leno. Now the Metro says Arsenal will sign Fernando Llorente. And the bigger news is that they WILL pay his wages!... More »

18th, February Sports

Racist Chelsea fans show us what real bigots look like: white, working class football fans

What does a racist look like? The Chelsea fans abusing a black man on the Paris Metro and celebrating their racism fit the bill. They are white, shaven-headed, dressed in man-made fibres and above above all football fans, members of what the elite portray as a race riot waiting to happen.... More »

18th, February News

Free speech: feminist and LGBT groups run scared of University of North Carolina abortion debate

Campus life is an intoletant place. Kaitlyn Schallhorn looks at the story of one femail Pro Life student's dealing with feminist and LGBT organizations at the University of North Carolina - Wilmington... More »

18th, February News

Skilled police smell marijuana inside drug driver's anus

It was 12:30am in Gainesville, USA, when police spotted a car. The driver, one Winfred Alphonso McAllister Jr., 23, had moved his red Mitsubishi Galant into the left turn-only lane and back into his original lane twice, according to a police report... More »

18th, February Chelsea

Chelsea fans celebrate their racism on Paris Metro (video)

Chelsea fans roll back the years... More »

18th, February Chelsea 3

Transfer balls: Pail Pogba 'snubs' Manchester United, stays at Juventus, thrives at Real Madrid and plays for Chelsea

TRANSFER Balls: Today the Daily Express has news on Paul Pogba. Or, rather, it has no news. But that dons't stop the Express from making a report... More »

18th, February News

Baby throttling in Boots is ok so long as you don't shoplift

The Daily Mirror leads with the terrifying news that the "BOOTS BABY STRANGLER" is at large... More »

18th, February Key Posts

Can we talk about Muslim anti-semitism?

Karen Armstrong, once a nun and the "respected author of bestsellers like A History of God and The Case for God, answers the question whether religion is the principal cause of violence". A few choice cuts from her interview with cause eyebrows to be raised: “There was nothing in the Muslim world like antisemitism..." More »

17th, February News

Peter Oborne quits the Daily Telegraph with a tweeted jump shot into Jason Seiken's news bin

With the General Election looming, the Daily Telegraph waves goodbye to its political commentator Peter Oborne. The Telegraph is all about digital balls and listicles.... More »

17th, February News

Daily Mail scare stories: Asian-induced heart attacks and other 'crimes'

It's Death Tuesday in the Daily Mail: let's get looking for new ways to fall ill and die. Last week the Mail was full of questions and disasters that "may" happen... More »