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20th, June Sports

Look Alike: England's Joe Hart Keeps Goal Like Russ Abbot

A READER writes... More »

20th, June Film

Straight Outta Central Casting: First Look At The Cast For The NWA Biopic

Straight outta central casting.... More »

20th, June Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Make Balotelli Captain Of Their All-Star A-Team

The A, B, C of Balls.. More »

20th, June Film

'The Same Animals…Only Functioning Less Perfectly:' The Five Most Underrated George A. Romero Movies

GEORGE Romero’s impressive movie-making career stretches back to the Pittsburgh area in the late 1960s and spans over forty years... More »

19th, June Flashback 2

Bumping Geriatric Balls in the 60s : The Album

THIS record is proof of a glitch in the Matrix. Life is an illusion, a computer simulation, created by aliens to harness our biologic energy.... it’s literally the only explanation for this record... More »

19th, June World Cup Watch

RATS! Joey Barton 1 - Bloody Luis Suarez 0

Rats! More »

19th, June Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Manchester United's Manchester United To Join Chelsea

Utter balls.... More »

19th, June Money

Better Hurry Down To The Supermarket With Your Rials And Bahts: The Foreign Change Scam

THE problem with machines is that they're just not as good as human beings at pattern recognition. This is true of humans looking at human faces as opposed to machines looking at them as it is of supermarket checkouts recognising coins... More »

19th, June News

Justin Bieber Fans Torture Iggy Pop And The Dalai Lama And Karl Lagerfeld Are Baldy Beaten

AMNESTY International’s new campaign features a tortured Iggy Pop saying “The future of rock is Justin Bieber"... More »

19th, June Sports

Washington Redskins To Lose Their 'Racist' Name

THERE'S been a long debate about the name of the Washington Redskins' name. The NFL team are famously the redskins, but few outside of America have really considered the meaning... More »

18th, June World Cup Watch

Tiki-Taka Tara: Photos Of Spain's Chile World Cup 2014 Exit

THE first team to leave the 2014 World Cup is Spain, beaten by Holland and Chile... More »

18th, June manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Van Gaal Ignores 14-Times Man Of The Match Alexander Buttner

MANCHESTER United's Alexander Buttner is leaving the club? He explains why... More »

18th, June Money

No More Boob Jobs On The NHS!

Cosmetic surgery should not be paid for by the taxpayer, Jeremy Hunt said today in a clampdown on NHS spending... More »

18th, June Music

The Beatles Go Back To Mono: Or Are They Just Trolling?

YOU may not know it, but The Beatles split-up in 1969. Since then, they've released more albums than when they were actually together... More »

18th, June Flashback

German Prisoners Help French Wounded To Reach Rear Lines On Stretchers During The Great War

FLASHBACK to 16 June 1914... More »

18th, June News

Face of the Day: Russians Holiday On The Crimea's Seized Beaches

WHAT did you do in the war, dad?... More »

18th, June Liverpool

Transfer Balls: Liverpool Make Adam Lallana And Lazar Markovic Their Number 1 Guys

TRANSFER Balls reserves a special place in the Hall of Balls for those football experts with a-shock-news-to-deadline who can contradict themselves. Today the honour is with the Mirror's Ben Burrows, who is talking about Liverpool and Southampton's Adam Lallana... More »

18th, June Strange But True

Man Becomes Human Pincushion After Slapping Porcupine He Thought WAs An Opossum

ANTONIO Rodrigues Mororó, 50, from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the Human Pincushion. His career as a sideshow freak began one night during a party at his home... More »

18th, June Celebrities

And Now For The Omni-Weather: Jeremy Paxman's 8 Best Newsnight Moments

Paxman became the best thing on Newsnight. He set its knowing, sneery tone. He'll be missed by many. So. Let's see his best 8 moments... More »

18th, June Strange But True

Villains Hold Up Gun And Booze Store With Fake Gun

THE GUN debate moves to El Cajon, California. It's 2:15pm. Hiram’s Guns & Spirits is open for business - because guns and booze are the perfect bedfellows... More »

18th, June Promotions 1

10 Worst TV Shows Of All Time

Sponsored post... More »

18th, June Flashback

Epic Banners: Juventus Fans Taunt Liverpool: 'You Are More Ugly Than Camilla'

EPIC banners harks back to April 13, 2005... More »

17th, June Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal To Sign Gonzalo Higuain (Just Like They Did Last Year)

TRANSFER Balls: it's been a busy Press for Arsenal's search for a top striker. So far, the trusty mainstream Press has had Arsenal signing Carlos Vela, Loic Remy, looking at Hulk, Antoine Griezmann, Mari Mandzukic, Karim Benzema, and have bid for Mario Balotelli... More »

17th, June Music


JLS have gocen to the EU's Boyband silo. But you can keep the magick alive with your... ...PERSONALISED ASTON JLS BIRTHDAY BADGE /FRIDGE MAGNET/MIRRORS... More »

17th, June Key Posts 2

The 20 Greatest Codas In Popular Music: The Song Goes From Average To Anthem

This is a subject that desperately deserves a list (after all, isn’t that what the Internet is for?). So, here are 20 of the greatest. But let's be clear: we’re not talking about the quality of the entire song - I'm only looking at this last bit. Lastly, please point out any glaring omissions in the comment section. Enjoy... More »