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2nd, November Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Failing Steven Gerrard Needs To Join Manchester City

TRANSFER Balls: First Manchester City came for Chelsea's Frank Lamaprd. Now they are coming for Liverpool's Steven Gerrard... More »

2nd, November Celebrities

Tiger Woods' Lover Jamie Jungers Says Shagging Golfers Doesn't Pay

JAMIE Jungers was one of golfer Tiger's Woods' alleged extra-marital play arounds. After the story of Woods' sex life broke, he went into hiding, swapping his trademark red shirt for luminous orange and pink plaid and retreating into the golf pack... More »

2nd, November Technology

Virgian Galactic: Getting There Is Dangerous

“This was a test flight. This is what test flights are for. The desert around Mojave... More »

1st, November News 2

Israel: Appeasing Obama Hasn't Worked

APPEASING OBAMA has hurt Israel. Well, appeasement never works... More »

1st, November News

Boko Haram: 200 Kidnapped Schoolgirls Are Now Muslim Brides

WHAT happened to the 200 girls kidnapped by Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram?... More »

1st, November Politicians

Change: Manchester Police Admonish Ed Miliband For Given Money to A Beggar

Ed Miliband is all about change... More »

1st, November News

A Terrifying Video of Panda Bears Attacking Their Zoo Keeper

Eats, shoots and leaves... More »

1st, November Sports

Transfer Balls: Spurs Sell Lloris To Real Madrid But Barcelona Already Bought Him

TRANSFER Balls: Is Spurs 'keeper Hugo Lloris on his way to Real Madrid? The Daily Express has an "Exclusive" that says he is...maybe... More »

1st, November Liverpool

Liverpool And Manchester City Balls: Photos of Mario Balotelli's Post Fireworks Bathrrom

IN readiness for Bonfire Night, the The Daily Mail have obtained photos of Mario Balotelli’s bathroom... More »

1st, November Money

Weird sexual practices not so weird actually

More »

1st, November Arsenal

Arsenal Balls: £7m Reasons Why Pep Guardiola Will Head To Manchester United

THE London Evening Standard reports that "Arsenal will join race for former Barcelona boss when Spaniard leaves Bayern Munich". That former Barca boss is Pep Guardiola.... More »

31st, October manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Gary Neville Would Kill For Manchester City's Defence

MANCHESTER United great Gary Neville has made a name a talented TV pundit. His writing , however, is less pointed. In the Telegraph, Neville bemoans the lowering of Premier League defences... More »

31st, October News

Halloween Horror: Vicar Hands Out Terrifying Devil Pamphlet To Trick Or Treaters

"The devil is real and some witches worship him. They celebrate dark things..." More »

31st, October Sports

QPR Balls: Harry Redknapp Forgets Twitter A Year After He Was Trolled

COMPARE and contrast the wit and wisdom of QPR manager Harry Redknapp... More »

31st, October Strange But True 1

Woman Arrested For Having Sex With A Pitbull Dog

RSPCA Queensland says: ‘This isn’t something you’d normally expect, it’s quite unusual..." More »

31st, October News

The Funniest TV News Bloopers Of October 2014

We go live... More »

31st, October News

Have A Sexy Halloween: Artist Lampoons The Fashion For a Slutty Costume

What isn't sexy? More »

31st, October News

University of Wisconsin Bans White Blonde Princesses And Other Gangsters

THIS Halloween the University of Wisconsin want students to be compoliant. Dominic Lynch of The College Fix claims the following email was sent to students... More »

31st, October Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Steven Garrard And His Fans Could Sign For Manchester United, Everton Or Major League Soccer

NEWS from Liverpool FC is that Steven Gerrard is thinking about leaving. Would Liverpool fans mind if he went? Professional sport is a brutal business. And Gerrard is a fading force.... More »

31st, October News

Sugar Is A Legal High: Low Fat Makes You Fat And John Yudkin Was Right

REMEMBER the war on fat? Fat was bad. Now sugar is the target of the bansturbators. It's is like "crack cocaine".... More »

31st, October Strange But True

Fetch The Generator: A Huge Spot On The Sun Is Acting Weird

By the time the giant spot on the sun rotated into view on October 18, it was already 80,000 miles wide, big enough to fit all of Jupiter, big enough to lay 10 Earths, side by side, across. It is the largest spot the sun has harbored in 24 years... More »

31st, October Politicians 1

One In Every 7 Britons Under 25 Supports ISIS

One in seven young British adults has “warm feelings” towards Islamic State, according to a poll. Isis is riding a surge of “anti-politics” sentiment among disaffected under-35s who admire the jihadists’ courage, academics warn... More »

31st, October Sports

How To Be A BBC Football Reporter: John Motson's Great Advice To A Budding Journalist

IAN Dennis recalls advice the BBC's John Motson gave him 26 years ago More »

31st, October Music

Watching UB40 Is 'Like Waiting For A Coffin To Turn Up

STUART MacBeth reviews UB40 for the Oxford Mail... More »

31st, October Money 1

Apple's CEO Tim Cook Should Be Banned From Russia For Being Gay

More »