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2nd, April Celebrities

1953: Strippers Margie Hart, Lili St. Cyr and Gypsy Rose Lee Are Showcased at Boston's Old Howard Theater

Left to Right, Strippers Margie Hart, Lili St. Cyr and Gypsy Rose Lee. All were showcased at Boston's Old Howard Theater... More »

1st, April News

Starbucks Wrongly Apologises For Daubing A Pentogram and 666 On Woman's Cup Of Satanic Coffee

TO Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where a Starbucks barista has used caramel sauce to draw a pentagram and 666 in a customer's coffee... More »

1st, April Flashback

Police And British Football Hooligans – 1980 to 1990

Mayhem at the match... More »

1st, April Flashback

Manchester United And Frank Munn 1928: The Player's Cigarette Card V The Player

FLASHBACK to September 1 1928: How much did Manchester United footballer Frank Munn resemble his player's cigarette card? The card in 1929... More »

1st, April In Pictures

Seven Life-Clarifying Quotes From Famous Philosophers

SEVEN philosophers will now brighten up your day. Or not... More »

1st, April Music

Free Downlad Of De La Soul Mixtape Smell the Da.I.S.Y.

WE told you De La Soul were marking their 25th anniversary of their great album 3 Feet High and Rising by releasing a free download nearly their entire back catalog.... More »

1st, April Film

Dis Hollywood: Artist Brings Disney Stars Into The Cruel Real World

As the artist says: "Welcome to my Sick World."... More »

1st, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Luis Suarez Let's His Jaws Do The Talking

The Reds are top if the Premier League. The Liverpool Echo's Kristian Walsh reacts by commenting on Luis Suarez's performance in a 4-0 win over a poor Spurs side... More »

1st, April Flashback

1989: Prince Edward DJs At A Disco In Basildon, Essex

Go-ahead Prince Edward was aged 24 at the time. One day all the cool kids would be wearing double-breasted suits and cufflinks... More »

1st, April Flashback

1987: When Charming Hans Klein Danced With Big Haired Elke Koska

FLASHBACK to November 14 1987... More »

1st, April manchester united 2

Manchester United Balls: Class Of '92 And Qatari Oil Cash Buys Salford City?

COMPARE and contrast these stories on Manchester United's 'Class of '92'. The Sun produced this scoop on March 27, 2014... More »

1st, April manchester united

Manchester United Balls: David Moyes Stuck On Robbie Savage's Revolving Door

Mr consistency... More »

1st, April News 3

Aberdeen Woman Decorates Dog Poos With Strawberries And Cream

WHEN THERESA Ritchie spots a dog poo on an Aberdeen street she decorates it in strawberries and cream, or icing sugar and Nutella, which she keeps in her handbag... More »

1st, April Fashion 2

These 1970s Onesie Bodysuits Got Men 'Into Something New'

MEN'S fashion is an endless source of point-and-laugh fun. In this instalment, we hard back to the 1970s, wherein the Onesie For Him was knocking them bandy in the boardroom and bedroom... More »

1st, April Flashback 5

Spoonfuls of Horror: The Worst Breakfast Cereals Of All Time

THE worst cereal of all time, for me, has always been Grape-Nuts (AKA aquarium gravel). Yet, as I grew older, I actually came to like these granular pellets which look like they belong at the bottom of a fish tank. Tastes evolve. I say this to underscore the fact that this list is purely subjective. Yet, it's still fun to poke through the vast arrays of breakfast cereals from years past and single out the worst of the worst. I apologize up front if I am besmirching your cherished childhood favorite, but it simply must be done. And so here they are – the definitive list of the absolute worst breakfast cereals of all time (in no particular order). Enjoy... More »

1st, April Music

Unreleased Material Tragedy: Michael Jackson's Rubbish Offcuts of Offal Pop Anyone?

op deaths mean Unreleased Material Time! UMT sees tracks that weren't finished or deemed too poor to be issued in the artist's lifetime, stuck onto albums that no-one pays for anymore, possibly with a guest rap from Pitbull or something involving a children's choir. Failing that, just get a load of no-marks to remix a load of stuff you like into something you like considerably less... More »

31st, March In Pictures

Faces of The Venezuela Uprising: Poor And Huntry People Raped By The Corrupt State React

VENEZUELA is reeling. The current wave of unrest started in San Cristobal on 4 February, when students took to the streets to protest against the alleged attempted rape of a university student... More »

31st, March Cars

1920: Police Use Model T Ford To Slow Traffic In London

FLASHBACK to October 12 1920: Police use a Ford Model T car to regulate slow moving traffic in the East End of London... More »

31st, March Flashback

Camoflauged Ships Of World Wars One And Two: The Norman Wilkinson Dazzle

It's not easy to make 1000s of tons of steel vanish from view with paint. But you can try... More »

31st, March Film

1970: Kate O'Mara And Keith Prowse Horror of Frankenstein Playing Cards

YOU can buy Horror of Frankenstein playing cards, reliving the Hammer House of Horror 1970 blood and babes fest in the comfort of your own game of Patience... More »

31st, March Celebrities

David Hasselhoff Sells Huge Statue Of Himself Dressed As A Lifeguard (Photos)

DAVID Hasselhoff is so rock and roll. And now you can roll him into your room and rock him gentle as you straddle his back and surf along to his greatest hits as a woman in red tosses salty water in your face. You see, David Hasselhoff is selling a David Hasselhoff statue he owns at a Beverly Hills auction... More »

31st, March Music

Copyright Law Result: Tonight We're Going To Legally Burn CDs Like It's 1999

That's right; the incredibly up-to-date government has put through some legislation to update copyright law which means, from June 1st, people in the UK will be at their ease when copying music music and media purchased on one device, but intended for use on another... More »

31st, March In Pictures

The Scottish Tattoo Convention 2014 - The Photos

Shirt and tie optional... More »

31st, March Film

Hammer House Of Horror - It Was All About These Buxom Babes In Peril

HAMMER Horror films were British-made between the 1950s and the early '70s. They featured, blood, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Gothic settings, vampires, monsters and lots and lots of cleavage... More »

31st, March Sports

Chelsea Balls: Jose Mourinho Explores Sewing Dog Ears To A Crystal Palace Ballboy's Head

THERE is something unsettling about Jose Mourinho, the Chelsea manager now in his second coming to the Blues. A successful man in his chosen field of expertise, Mourinho would be expected to be confident enough to play it straight. But instead he has all the grandeur of a puppy sat next to a pile of poo... More »